YouTube Censors Conservative’s Video About Racist Black Tenn. Shooter

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) YouTube personality Mark Dice says the online media channel has censored his video (“again,” he says) because of its content that broke the media’s left-wing narrative.

YouTube removed the video, titled “Black Man Shoots up White Church — Media Ignores Anti-White Hate Crime.” YouTube says it took down the video because it violated their community guidelines. YouTube has since restored the video.

Watch it here:

In the video, Dice describes how a black shooter opened fire in a Tennessee church, injuring six people and killing one, and how it was mostly ignored by the national legacy media.


“I mean, you would think that when a psycho walks into a church and tries to kill a bunch of people because they’re a different race than him, that might be actually mainstream news,” Dice said. “Well, not in this case, for a bunch of reasons. One of which we know from watching CNN: That black people can’t be racist and they don’t harbor any hatred toward white people at all. Only white people are racist and commit hate crimes.”

The rest of the story does not fit with the media’s narrative of hate crimes, either. The shooter was a black immigrant from Sudan, and the shooting was cut short due to the heroism of a law-abiding gun owner.

Dice explained the censorship he experienced by YouTube in a video published on the site today:

This follows a trend in which YouTube has taken down conservative content. The most recent example was Mike Rowe’s video that compared going to college with going straight to work after high school. Rowe suggested that more high school graduates go into work or on-the-job training. YouTube removed the video for violating its standards, but the chanel eventually restored it: