Yale Students Demand School Disarm Campus Police, Give to Black Lives Matter

‘Armed campus police are a risk to the students they are sworn to protect…’

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Yale University/ PHOTO: m01229 (CC)

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Yale University students are demanding that the school disarm campus police and donate to Black Lives Matter after officers shot and injured a woman connected to an attempted armed robbery.

“Armed campus police are a risk to the students they are sworn to protect and to the communities in which schools reside,” students wrote in a petition circulating the school.

The students claimed that they were responding to an “epidemic of police violence” with their demands.

“This shooting all too tragically shows that Yale is not immune to this issue,” said the petition, being promoted by the school’s Black Men’s Union and Black Women’s Coalition.

The shooting occurred last week when two officers opened fire on Stephanie Washington, a passenger in a vehicle that police said was connected to an attempted armed robbery of a newspaper delivery employee at a Hamden, Conn., gas station.

Yale officer Terrance Pollock was also injured in the exchange, and the university placed him on leave pending the investigation’s conclusion.

“We will not allow the Yale Police Department to contribute to this epidemic by acting violently against members of the community that we have chosen from all over this country and the world,” they continued.

The petition demands Pollock’s termination for promoting “state-sanctioned violence.”

Campus police are “neither transparent nor held accountable to the people they serve,” the student groups said in a joint statement via Facebook.

Protesters camped outside of Yale President Peter Salovey’s house on Wednesday, screaming for him to come out, according to the Hartford Courant.

“Who do you protect? Who do you serve?” the protesters shouted. “Yale police, off our streets.”

More than 100 Black Lives Matter members stormed the New Haven police department headquarters Tuesday, according to the New Haven Independent.

“Yale police officers are trained to interact with community members in a respectful and professional manner,” Yale said in a statement. “Many of our officers are from the New Haven community, and all of them take great pride in how they engage with the community, both on and off duty.”