World Series Winner Didn’t Want to Visit Obama White House

(Paul Chesser, Liberty Headlines) As the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots visited Donald Trump at the White House yesterday, much of the mainstream media focused on how many team members refused to attend — some (but not all) because of political differences with the President.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia photo

Photo by Keith Allison (CC)

But in an interview published yesterday by Boston sports talk radio station WEEI, former Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia revealed that he would not have attended — or at least would have been extremely conflicted about visiting — the White House when President Obama was in office.

“Everyone has got their own opinion,” Saltalamacchia, who is now with the Toronto Blue Jays, told the radio station. “I’ll be honest with you, I probably wouldn’t have went because Obama was in. I didn’t agree with a lot of his political beliefs and the way he ran the country. I honestly probably wouldn’t have went.”

In an era when sensational quotes and politically partisan comments rifle around news Web sites and social media — regardless of point of view — WEEI’s interview with Saltalamacchia was ignored by the rest of the media.

According to reporter Rob Bradford, over the course of the interview, it became clear that while the 31-year-old Major League Baseball veteran would have not wanted to attend a ceremony hosted by President Obama, he was conflicted with sentiments of loyalty to his 2013 Red Sox teammates and respect for the highest office in the land. The season was also marked by the terrorist attacks at the Boston Marathon, which heightened fans’ emotional support of the baseball team as a rallying point for overcoming the tragedy.

“Talking to it beforehand, talking about it now, I feel the same way,” Saltalamacchia said. “I still respect my country. I probably would have went just because of that reason alone. I respect my country and it’s an honor to go to our country’s capital.”

Saltalamacchia ultimately did not have to make the difficult choice in 2014 because the following season, when the Red Sox visited the White House, he had become a member of the Miami Marlins. A conflict with his new team’s game schedule made the decision moot.

But that didn’t make Saltalamacchia reluctant to express his feelings to WEEI about President Obama and his policies.

“It would have been tough just because of my thoughts on Obama and his belief system,” the catcher said. “I feel like he did a lot of things completely opposite of what this country believes in. … I just think he didn’t do a lot for our veterans. That’s my beliefs.”

Saltalamacchia said he understood why some New England players decided not to visit the Trump White House.

“I’m sure those those Patriots players are doing what their beliefs are,” he said. “I understand it and that’s what is so great about our country, the freedom to make that choice.”

It appeared that most of Saltalamacchia’s problems with Obama had to do with respect for our country and for members of the military.

“Regardless of what you think of the President, he’s the President, so you have to honor that even if you feel he didn’t honor America,” he told WEEI. “It’s tough. I think there’s a lot of military buddies I have in the Seals who don’t believe in a lot of what Obama did, but they still have to do their job and their duty in protecting our country….

“What happened last year, [with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick] kneeling down, to me that upset me more than anything because it’s like, you know what, our brothers and sisters are across seas fighting for our freedom to be able to do something like that and you can’t even respect them enough to stand for our National Anthem. People who die before us and fought for us.”

As for the New England Patriots, they have taken a lot of heat because Owner Robert Kraft, Head Coach Bill Belichick, and future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady all are friends with President Trump. While the media have tried to emphasize how many players skipped the White House trip, team officials have said the absences are in line with past visits to the nation’s capital.

“Every time we’ve had the privilege of going to the White House, a dozen of our players don’t go,” Kraft said on “The Today Show” in February. “This is the first time it’s gotten any media attention.”

Yesterday the New York Times further attempted to embarrass Trump and the Patriots on Twitter, by comparing photos from their visit in 2015 with President Obama and yesterday’s visit. The older image appears to show more team players and staff at the White House than this year, with stairwells on either side of the president’s podium filled in 2015, but not in 2017:

But the Patriots called the Times’ comparison a deception:

According to the Patriots, the total number of players who attended dropped from 50 to 34 from 2015 to 2017, but the total delegation from the team was about the same. Attendance drops were the same back in 2002, 2004, and 2005 after the Patriots won Super Bowls, when some players didn’t feel the need to visit multiple times within just a few years.

  • Tim Wilde

    The NYT again spinning the obama popularity contest BS! Even though this past November they were shown just how popular he was!! And that’s all that matters!

    • Ski

      When u never make tough decisions and when u do it so as not to be unliked ur a failed leader! Trump is making things happen and tackling things that need fixing! He can care less about being popular. He knows he has to do this for our countries sake!

      • herb portere

        “he can care less” should be “he couldn’t care less”…but I agree!

        • Donna Troy

          Is that all you found wrong in that statement?

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    Funny I take an Obama every morning and wipe my Schumer with some sanders and flush it down my pelosi

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      I really hate it when I find myself laughing at stuff like that. LOL, darn it

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      You mispelled Obummer ,Scummer, and Pelousy’s names.

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      Sounds like you had to pass it, to see what’s in it.

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  • BrokedownMarine

    Regarding the article about the Boston pitcher who was conflicted about attending a ceramony at the Obama White House, I agree with his reasons but wish he had spent more time and attention in English class. His statement ” I honestly probably would not have went” really puts a spotlight on our education system in the U.S. Teachers don’t want to be judged on the test scores of their students, I can understand why, when you see the graduates on the streets being asked basic questions. I watch Jesse Waters and he asks people questions like where is Iraq and one answered “On a map” It’s just sad.

    • Ski

      I guess the same could of been said about obama! Ah huh ah every other word when he was TelePrompTer free!

      • jmark72

        And ObaMao stated there are 57 States in the U.S.A.!
        And ObaMao pronounced a Marine corpsman as a corpse-man! IDIOT!

        • Jerry Kimbro

          Yeah, and the lamestream media ignored it and they dogged Bush on every little error in speech.

    • Craig Vandertie

      Most likely stepped into way too many fast balls getting hit in the head each time, that does tend to kill brain cells.

  • richjack4

    I wonder the ethnic demographics of those that did not attend from the Patriots. All I hear from the liberal left is how racist the president is. It’s quite humorous considering I do not know one thing he has done that in anyway, shape, or form that can be considered racist. Securing this country from illegal aliens is not a form of racism!

    • herb portere

      He’s White!…that’s why he’s automatically a racist!

      • richjack4

        Of course. The ridiculous object argument is that only the majority can be racist!

    • Craig Vandertie

      Racist because he wants those blood suck Cockroach Mexicans out of here and ensure they stay out of here,, as for the “Moonie Muslimes,” who as far as I am concerned all should be stripped of their citizenship and deported, all immigrants and refugees such as CAIR the same, all sent back to the Middle East, Mr. Trump does not see the big picture in regards to the “Moonie Muslimes,” but hopefully will soon, oh, am I being racist, no way only being patriotic and law abiding something that the Lamestream media is incapable of.

      • Grumpyvet65

        Why do you say that Mexicans are cockroaches, I am Mexican and I bet that I can claim that I am more American than you,I was born here in the USA as were my mother and father and I also have some Indian heritage along with some French on my mothers side, I also served my country in the military honorably for 6 years, have you invested any time into looking into your own heritage and in my opinion you are the poster child for a RACIST.

        • Louie Rey

          I’m familiar with Craig and although his post is somewhat harsh I think he’s just referring to the Mexicans that are here illegally that, through their illegal actions, are benefiting from the largesse of this country. I’m sure he didn’t have you, a second generation Mexican American, in mind when he said what he said. With regard to Mexicans he’s railing against their drain on the American taxpayer but keep in mind, he also mentioned Muslims and their penchant for, you know, beheading people which is something that we here in this country can do without. Oh, and one more thing, I also happen to be Hispanic and tend to agree with his points. As far as you’re concerned, you’re as American as they come and I don’t think Craig has a single problem with that, nor I for that matter.

        • DrBarbara

          So your grandparents came from Mexico? In that case you are not Mexican, you are of Hispanic family line. One group of my grandparents came from Ireland many years ago, and the other group were American Indian. I don’t call myself Irish nor Indian. I am American…..period. And you are American……period.

          And I can’t thank you enough for your service to MY and YOUR country! We are blessed to have a wonderful mixture of different legacies serving in our military. It’s one of the things that make the USA the strongest country on the planet throughout history.

        • Craig Vandertie

          Did you have more children that you could support on your own, if no then the term does not apply to you, that was/is my meaning, besides did I not make the same comment about the “Moonie Muslimes,” or do you believe that Muhammad and allah are 2 entirely different entities?, that is a lie, the 2 aforementioned have always been 1 and the same.

        • Craig Vandertie

          My dad who graduated way back in 1950 had a classmate, a 1 Janet Fernandez, nice lady, does not speak with an accent so thick you need a LASER to cut through it.

          The 1st place us Vanderties settled after arriving here was the mainland of the Door peninsula of Door County, all Limestone bedrock, part of the Niagara Escarpment, good for growing cherry and apple trees for a period of possibly 90 years 40% of the county was covered by cherry and apple orchards, I know that many people from Mexico and the Caribbean islands would arrive just before harvest time to harvest the yearly crop, I would imagine that that is when the Fernandez family 1st arrived and after a time decided that simply staying was the wise choice.

          Janet’s brother Chris ran his own painting business for years, like Janet most likely retired now, but let me summarize, the Fernandez family always has been liked and respected among the people of Door County.

          My mother’s maternal paternal’s lineage is French Canadian, the LaViolets sometime in the later part of the 17th century a LaViolet in my family married woman with native blood may have been Canadian Chippewa, not sure.

          My mother’s father’s family arrived on this continent in 1885, my father’s parents both family lines arrived on this continent 1856.

          I too am most grateful for your service, thank you.

          As for military service among my own family, a Seraphim LaViolet fought in the Civil War, my dad has, or had a 1st cousin who was a Japanese prisoner of war.

          My brother Todd was in the U.S. Army for 27 years as a Communications Specialist, after retiring he went back to college, was awarded an MBA through Loyola College, MD.

          Todd works for AT&T their Government Solutions division at U.S. Cyber Command and NSA Headquarters at Fort Meade, MD, I have 4 nephews in the military, 1 is a sniper and possibly a Ranger as well.

          As Louie said, my words may come off as severe, but my intent was not to criticize all Latinos, I have no qualms with people who obey the law and are contributing members of society.

          My sincere and most heartfelt apologies for offending you, my comments were not intended to cause you grief.

    • Louie Rey

      You’re not missing anything because he has NOT done or said anything racist. The problem is that the Left just makes crap up and with the obedient media on their side their false allegations are furthered along. And just in case you hadn’t heard, he’s also xenophobic, sexist, probably an alcoholic, etc. You know, everything that he isn’t he is according to the media. Yeah, wanting to enforce Federal Law is such an awful, criminal thing for anyone to do especially The President of the United States. That sound you hear is our Founding Fathers spinning in their graves.

  • TheTruthBurns

    Less Ghetto Trash in The WHITE HOUSE Not Playuz All Up In D CRACK HOUSE. It’s OK – The Press Still doesn’t know that Islama is GONE & Hitlery went INSANE. MSM has been tongue up Islamas Azz & Munchin on Hitlery’s Klit for so long it caused even more Dain Bramage.

  • John

    While I truly do understand the whole need to express your political beliefs and all but it’s still the President and the White House. I would go even if it were exPresident Failure.

    • Jerry Kimbro

      I would have gone so that I could refuse to shake his hand.(Obummer’s hand, that is).

  • temporary guest

    “I’ll be honest with you, I probably wouldn’t have went because Obama was in. I didn’t agree with a lot of his political beliefs and the way he ran the country. I honestly probably wouldn’t have went.” ~ Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia

    The left would not call that attitude “honest”. They would have called it “racist” … and they will also tell you that any player who supports Trump is also “racist”

    The simple truth is that the left (democrat party) in this country has become public enemy number one. it’s a rotten, gangrenous infection. It’s just downright evil.

  • Jerry Kimbro

    The reason those players did not go was they probably all were black and most blacks are racist.

  • Grim Reaper

    Not wanting to be anywhere near Obama is certainly understandable as he is a complete and total traitor.

  • Elfego

    There is no place in Sports for partiality and politics. It should be in or out. Not in between.

  • dux nobis28

    I am concerned with the inclusion of neo con Jews in the Trump administration thereis even a former Goddman Sachs employee can billions of dollars in aid to Israel be far behind ? What happened to America first I like Ivanka but her marrying a Jew is her problem not ours

  • komandante

    It looks like Baseball and NFL has been politicized w/c should not be the case. Sports should be free from politics.

  • Louie Rey

    Oh thank God there’s no liberal bias in the media, NOT! The fact that there were a number of Patriots that didn’t want to attend because of their dislike of Trump and/or his politics was shouted from just about every media outlet. Yet, when another professional athlete has the same objections regarding Hussein then it takes four years for that story to see the light of day. Meanwhile, I bet you that at least half of the Patriots that didn’t show up at The White House couldn’t give you a cogent or legitimate reason for them not being there other than they’re Black and somehow have construed President Trump as being a racist. They must have read it somewhere because they’re most likely incapable of coming to that conclusion on their own. Pathetic.

  • Mike Jackson