Women on Capitol Hill Tell of ‘Sex Trade,’ ‘Creep List’ of Lawmakers

(Breitbart) Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are so predatory that female staffers are advised not to ride in elevators alone with them, according to accounts compiled by CNN.

DC Congress photo

Photo by DHuiz (CC)

Females are also admonished to be careful of male lawmakers who sleep in their offices — another “unwritten” rule that women on Capitol Hill live by, according to the outlet.

The outlet spoke to more than 50 lawmakers, current and former staffers, and other political veterans, who revealed a culture so rife with sexual harassment that there is an informal “creep list” of lawmakers to avoid.

The allegations come after dozens of high-powered Hollywood figures like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., and political journalists have been outed as rapists, predators, and perverts who have subjected men and women to sexual assault for decades.

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The story noted: “On Capitol Hill, it’s not clear that a similar a day of reckoning is soon coming to one of the country’s most important institutions.”

“Multiple women” told CNN that elevators on Capitol Hill are a place where “staff and members prey on women.” One former staffer remembers a senator — who is still in office — stroking the inside of her palm in a suggestive way, when she was introduced to him by her male boss, another senator.

The “creep list” of male lawmakers — mostly in the House of Representatives but also in the Senate — are “notorious for inappropriate or predatory behavior,” according to the story. A female congresswoman said “half are harassers,” of her male counterparts, before quickly adding, only “some are harassers…”

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  • Louie Rey

    Really? This has been going on for however long and it’s just coming out now? I’m not apologizing for this abhorrent behavior but why is all of this suddenly coming to the fore? These women hold office so it’s not like if they complained when it actually happened that they’d automatically lose their jobs. This smells like opportunism to me.

    • Fed up!

      No it’s called attack Conservatives in any party. Bannon went on record saying he will take McConnel out of the Senate, these false allegations against Moore and it will be any future Conservative Candidate, McConnel aka commie will secretly have false allegations at any conservative. Not sure how to beat the Rinos, dirt nap might be necessary. Any ideas?

  • jmortensen

    If this is true, it has been going on for years .. why.. Time to clean the swamp.. looks like it is more then just crooks !

    • Born Again Southern Pride

      Why? Because the ends justify the means…

    • C. LeSaint

      Sounds like Capitol Hill needs to be prayed for in tongues to rebuke the demons that inhabit the place. If I were there I would carry the Bible with me and rebuke anyone who looked cross eyed at me.

    • Joel Morris

      Our problem is who will police the police?

  • 83Bulldog

    Publish the “Creep List”.

    • Polly Dreitzler

      Yes!! Let’s do that!!

      • Thomas

        I agree, get them out in the open, use the liberal medias tactic, and say it’s an UNNAMED source that leaked the story.

      • will

        one thing what if his accuser is a liar – he could be ruined

        • Polly Dreitzler

          He would have the same “3 strikes and you’re out” that everyone else has. It’s unlikely he could get 3 convictions from the same liar.

        • blogengeezer

          Nah. Only if a conservative. Groping and stuff is fully acceptable…. but Only when the pawing Joe Bidens of the Govt carry out physically, their own fantasies.

        • dennis w

          exactly……but of course. WOMEN NEVER LIE…….DUH….
          YOU BETCHA……..!!!!!!!

          • ch

            That is a hiTLIARy tactic. Bill says that hiTLIARy has had more woman than him.

  • yehudabendavid

    The nation of America has been put on the Psychologists couch. Members of Media and movies and politicians are now fresh meat for the PC left-wing crowds who will devour their own.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    But these “big shots” are better than we peons are should be held to a different standard. They think they should be allowed to get away with anything. i think they should be held to a stricter standard and get no special perks like special health care and lifetime salaries after one term.

    • Donovan Blaylock


    • Ms. Sam Haddock

      I’m an ex junkie, prostitute, welfare queen and a plain old sinner to the core; today I’m an ordained minister. I would have never thought that the changes and redemption that happened in my life would barely equal others let alone surpass anyone. I was so ashamed of my life and life style. I did whatever others wanted, and it always left me dissatisfied, ashamed, and destructive to my life, my kids’ lives, my family’s life and most of all, an outcast of God’s Kingdom. There are no special perks for God’s followers, I understand the point you are making, but even the saved struggle day-to-day with doing the right thing and being repentant over it all. Just for today, I am saved for a life eternal, but I can lose it all by being a predator on anyone else who’s will isn’t strong enough to resist. These people take advantage of those with low self-esteem, who feel the the need to climb the corporate ladder, and have the willingness to be of pleasure to others despite their beliefs. .

      • wornhall

        I LOVE your change. But, you are not saved until you leave this mortal plane, to be judged for your life and beliefs which must follow the teachings of God the Father and Christ, his son.

        • Ms. Sam Haddock

          Something I strive for on a daily basis. Today…I’m saved….so far! I have no guarantee of salvation expect the life I live. The more I know, the more I am responsible for. God expects me to reach others on their level, not mine. I serve Him daily, repent daily, and sleep really good in His abundant Grace and forgiveness. Thank you for the comment, be careful that you are not guilty of judging others, only our Lord and Savior can do that.

          Thank the Lord that I have access to Him directly, and nothing I talk to Him about is ever filtered or discarded without the input of the Holy Spirit. When I am wrong, I accept the consequences and repent immediately. When I am right, I am in the presence of the Holy Spirit and I trust Him for the outcome. God, not man, leads me everyday.

          • wornhall

            You are truly on the path to salvation.

          • Mary Ellen Helveston Ahrens

            You do have a guarantee of salvation. If you have given your life over to Jesus it is forever. It is not our ability to hold onto Him, it’s His ability to hold on to us and He will do that.

          • notaclue

            you go girl thats awsome no GODS

      • Ladypyro

        Congratulations on your change. Every day we are face with the challenges of being a moral person, whoever we are. I am a firm believer of paying it forward. It’s a wonderful feeling when you do something nice for another person without expecting something back.
        That is what is lacking in DC, morality and doing the right thing. DC has become a cesspool of corruption. It will take years to clean it all out. Maybe we should just dump them all and restart from the beginning.

    • ingerson

      think of Plato’s Republic – they’re living their dream – of course the Founding Father’s avoided Plato and his philosophy

  • anonymous

    Let’s make the creep list public.

    • Polly Dreitzler

      Yes!! Let’s do!!!!

      • backtofront


    • wornhall

      Right! Out the list.

    • ch

      Not only publish the list, but publish who spent our 15.2 million in taxpayer dollars to settle their claims and make them pay it back and use this towards the wall or the national debt.

      • Daniel FX Dravot

        Speaking of walls, I suspect that the Republic would benefit greatly if, after a fair trial & conviction, the worst offenders are stood up against a wall and offered blindfolds.

        I also suspect that 480 people selected at random from the ‘phone book could do a better job in Congress – House & Senate – than the parasites currently in office.

        • ch

          I agree, there are a few good men and women left, but not many. I
          would run and clean house, I just don’t have the money to do so. I am
          NOT politically correct and not afraid to let people know my feelings.
          If it makes you butt hurt–tough. I am a 65 yo woman.

          • pinnie

            Me too I agree. How much more do we have to take??

          • sweetqueen777

            Me, too. It has been suggested to me as well, BUT…I have skeletons that I would prefer to keep locked in my own personal closet. Things happened many years ago, and most of us have grown and matured, and been saved by the Grace of Jesus Christ. That being said, there are many in the country, who, by virtue of their own experiences and elder wisdom, would make great judges or legislators. Too bad that the Press seems to control our Politics, these days.

        • Chi Sam

          Why 480…given that there currently are (and have long been) 535 combined members of the House and Senate?

          Does the number 480 signify something pertinent or, as I suspect…are you simply stupid?

          • Daniel FX Dravot

            You are correct. The combined total of Senators and Representatives is 585. Apparently multitasking is not my forte. I entered a number related to something else entirely. Apologies and thank you for bringing this mistake to my attention.

            Returning the favor, are you aware that gratuitous insult, boorishness and rudeness are forms of stupidity? Bad behavior is far more difficult to correct than a numerical typo.

          • Chi Sam

            You could have saved much typing by writing ‘The latter’.

            Your final statement is simply ridiculous. I was rude and discourteous entirely by decision, thus I can just as readily be polite and charming when it suits me.

            If incompetence were easily corrected, no one would willingly be incompetent.

            You needn’t attempt to ‘save face’ in a venue where no one knows your face.

            You failed to draw a link to ‘480’. Are you a wacky numerologist, or simply an easily-befuddled retired union electrician?

      • esqualido

        I’ll settle for living by the same laws they pass for everyone else

      • slk5

        i want to upvote you again, but can only do it once…someone help me out!!!

      • Karma


      • ted towny

        ABSOLUTELY if all this kind of Crap was exposed they wouldn’t be talking tax break, but total eliminations of taxes, What a fricking wast of OUR money.

        • Chi Sam

          The simple word waste requires five letters. Any less makes it a different word, or in your case, stupid…not a word at all.

          • Tony B

            Who appointed you the spelling and grammar cop? By the way insulting people has been show to adequately reflect the instituter’s own inequity. And often exactly describes the offenders personal problem of which they speak. Grow up Chi Sam. Try adding some true value to the conversation.

          • Chi Sam

            That would, of course, be ‘shown’, you Ebonically-challenged ignoramus.

            Simple verb tense ought not be a challenge for any adult.

          • goodnessalwayswins


          • Chi Sam

            Are you saying he is dumb because he is a Negro?

            I did not not pick up on that…but you’re probably right.

          • goodnessalwayswins

            What a POS u are. I can’t wait till they arrest people like u n give u the mandatory decency therapy training u need. U must not have much of a life. Sad.

          • Chi Sam

            You liberals all want to force Soviet style reprogramming on those who disagree with you.

            Liberals are evil sociopaths…every last one of you.

          • goodnessalwayswins

            No. Have some courage to admit the truth. Liberals care about poor people, the right doesn’t. Repubs have tricked alot of rural white poor people into thinking they support them. It’s a trick. They almost always vote to hurt poor people and to help rich people. That’s the truth. Not one person on the stage running for Repub president in 2016 out of the ten there said they would raise minimum wage one penny. U r tricked or have no courage.

            And by the way when I said u could go to Russia I was kidding. I would never wish that on anyone. I was just trying to talk your language to u so u could see how it feels because that’s the kind of thing people on the right have been sayingfor years. FYI people in the left never say that. Because they care and they know better. It really truly is people on the right whoare way more sociopathic than the left.

            Figures u took it seriously. Because u aren’t thinking straight.

            Take care n good luck.

          • Chi Sam

            Were it not for Liberals, we would not share our food. Were it not for Conservatives, we would not have enough food to share.

            There is a good reason we are split essentially 50/50. Equilibrium.

          • goodnessalwayswins

            Hate speech and being a humiliator, especially for something that someone can’t help being or doing and especially for the nature of who they are is not a small crime. It can cause suicide. It can cause people to have low self-esteem that ruins their life. It’s a kind of bullying that also turns people towards murdering or domestic or other violence. Alot of the school shooters were bullied in school.

            Bullying for something someone can’t easily help or that’s against someone’s nature is total cowardice.

            Alot of u who are humiliators on comment forums, especially racially need to think about what yr doing. Maybe u have never had the chance to be friends with the type of person u bully, that’s a shame. I’m sure if u tried to u would get along good. I think alot of u are angry at the government who’s abandoned u and are taking it out on black people because it’s easier to. Don’t continue to.

            It puts u one hundred percent in the wrong and it’s unbelievably bad karma. Everyone deserves respect, and there’s a big difference in complaining about something someone can help (a justified complaint) and something someone can’t help (an unjustified complaint). U need to distinguish between the two and when u have a feeling that a type of person is bad in someway u really need to try hard to be truly fair.

            Humiliation hurts people terribly in unerasable ways and u must admit that and act very responsibly. When u don’t u are accountable for all the harm u cause.

            If you’re angry at someone u should examine closely for what the real problem is and try not to blame people when it’s really not their fault. That should be part of a mental check and balance system everyone chooses to live by. Because otherwise alot of people get hurt, including the perpetrators of the abuse.

          • Chi Sam

            I didn’t read that, but “alot” sort of jumps off the page.

            What do you suppose causes your brain to believe that is a word, given that you’ve not seen such a word in any legitimate publication over the course of your entire adult lifetime?

            The odds against you having a word in your vocabulary that no intelligent person has ever used must be astronomical.

          • Tony B

            Again you prove my points.

          • Chi Sam

            Then you are correct. Feel free to publicly celebrate being right.

            There may even be a balloon drop.

          • Chi Sam

            Who appointed you Internet Hero, you hypocritical as****e?

            What a silly fraud.

          • Ted Paine

            He can’t grow up he has the “Peter pan” disease so visable in the Marxist, leftist, commie, socialistic, democrat (but i repeat myself) ranks.

          • Chi Sam

            Visable is not a word, you stupid mouth-running jerk.

            No wonder you get so agitated by people calling out dummies.

          • Sardonic Grinner

            That describes Sessions in body and Trump in spirit

          • Chi Sam

            What does your brain believe “instituter” might possibly mean?

            Have some more gin, you incompetent alcoholic.

          • Chi Sam

            I laughed when I saw your original draft (that is used for email notification) and read “show” instead of “shown”. I’ll bet you scrambled to fix that!

            I can only guess what your brain believes the odd word choice “instituter” means. Perhaps you mean ‘instigator’?

          • sweetqueen777

            So wonderful to have someone here, who NEVER makes a typing mistake. How about dealing with the topic? I guess this sort of schoolteacher red ink makes you feel superior. Pathetic.

      • Fred

        Pay the money back or kick them out of congress, or both

        • ch


      • Kathryn Jordan

        That’s a good one. I love to see it go toward bringing our national debt down. Our tax dollars should not be used to settle their claims. It should come out of their own pockets especially with the salaries they give themselves.

    • slk5

      enough with the bs, i want names!!!

    • A_Nobody

      Yep…..without names it’s just propaganda. BUT a caveat is we also need a list of accusers….some claim harassment because you looked in their direction.

      • sweetqueen777

        Every corporation and business has a similar practice, between the older and newer hires. You quickly figure out how and who to avoid. Try working in a large hospital. Some doctors and administrators seem to think that the nurses are there to serve them.

    • Kathryn Jordan

      Amen to that.

  • Polly Dreitzler

    This is why they keep coming after the conservatives. It’s their own sins showing up. Their cause? “Let’s make it look like everybody does it and then we won’t look so guilty”

  • kate777

    Until names of the men and women (women can be just as predatory as men) who have misbehaved in Congress-Staff and all are named by their names, nothing can be done-the ugly swamp remains. Stories can be told but unless it is backed up by names and proof, what good does it do. Are we to wait 40 years before someone comes forth to name a name where proof no longer can be gotten, just the allegation which is not proof. Lies are just as convenient when one wants to destroy another’s reputation or position or to prevent one from gaining an Office, which we have seen in the past as well as present. But like Hollywood, Congress/Staff fear for their job so remain silent. Their silence just add to the problem. Courage is the least thing they wish to possess.

    • Fed up!

      Careful Kate your saying only allegations, no proof. It’s only 40yrs ago. McConnel allegations women are his proof to bring down Judge Moore reputation. The Republican Elites aka Rinos are behind these allegations agenda. Moore and Steve Bannon are a threat to the Rinos.

      • kate777

        I would also allege the Democrats/Dark State might have an occasion to add their two cents worth (wonder what they are up to while all the focus on Judge Roy Moore) since the Alabama election in December is important.

        • Ladypyro

          Part of the problem is that the women fear retaliation and will lose their jobs. If they talk then they’re treated even worse. Even tho there are laws against it. I would like to see the list of offenders and a list of the cases.

  • Joseph111

    sorry, but you wanted to be part of the “man’s world” – this is just a part of it, so strap on a pair and toughen up
    not all men are that pathetic, but men are men. If you can’t stand the heat , get out of the kitchen

    • Ed Price

      You are an idiot Joseph111

      • Joseph111

        Thanks! I always feel justified when the messenger is attacked, not the message!

        • Ed Price

          Proves my point!

          • Joseph111


    • Karen

      Your a loser!

      • Joseph111

        I think you mean “you’re”, and its typical for a liberal like you to attack the messenger when you can’t attack the message, so thank you!

  • Robert Burns

    Pictures or GTFO..lol

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    There are no saints in DC! Coruption is where you find it!

  • Dale P Patterson

    Congressional Republicans are calling for someone to quit his Congressional race for the Senate based on word alone, no proof, no trial, just accusations from former staffers of Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign and some of the accusers are of questionable honesty, at best.
    If those Congressmen can expect that from someone then they have no recourse but to resign when facing similar charges, however hypocrisy is a one way street and those calling for him to step down have shown that they are RINOs, liars, and have earned the title hypocrite.

    • MS_Steve

      I heard from a reputable source that Mitch McConnell hangs out at a DC pet shop, and when no one is looking – he licks the bottom shell of the turtles (at the back end)

  • Donovan Blaylock

    Dress like a ho, act like a ho and smell like a ho-GUESS WHAT

    • GreatWarVet

      Nature is a funny thing.

  • Ed Price

    We want to know who these secret “creepers” are. 15 million paid out as hush money. Why are the standards different on Capitol Hill? I want to see the dollar amounts for each individual that the money was paid out. I am sure there has to be some accounting method that indicates who got paid off and for what. Why should that be confidential. The public needs to know if we have sexual deviants that are serving in Congress or their staffers. 15 million to our Senators and Congressman is a mere bag of shells but to us, the American pubic, it is substantial. We want a detailed list, with dollar amounts and the transgression that was paid for!!

  • Janthony132

    I’ll bet the majority are Democrats.

    • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

      I generally side with the non-rino republicans but I would not take that bet. The swamp rats are on both sides of the aisle.

  • Spike

    Just another story that indicates where this Country is headed………Sodomite America, no saving her, soon to be on the scrap heap of History where God himself uses Nations more wicked than she to destroy her. The greatest shame is she has a church on every corner and Bibles in every bookstore but she has become a baby butchering, sodomite endorsing, anti-God, Satan worshipping Nation. Don’t think she will survive a minute after the Christians are gone. The American people who have forgotten God will reap the whirlwind of judgment. The only thing saving America right now is God’s mercy and the fact that his children are here. Yes, that is right folks, wicked are blessed because of the presence of the righteous! Beware America when the (true) Christians are gone………….

  • Al Chemist

    So far, it’s “He said. She said.” Let’s have some proof. At least Monica was smart enough to have the evidence to “out” one sexual predator. Of course, he was a democrat, so that’s okay. If you don’t want the advances, ladies, say so. And, it is possible to nail the (bleeps) with evidence if you are smart enough.

  • TPS12

    If you want it to stop name names, and No more taxpayer funded payoffs might help as well.

  • R M

    Is there a creep list for the females in congress on capitol hill too????????????????

  • minefinder624

    Don’t forget that the Congressional rules allow for insider stock trading by elected members whereas non members who trade on insider info go to jail. Why would sexual harassment be any different? Rules are made by those who make certain they (the rule makers) can do whatever they like and any penalties will be paid by the taxpayers. ie the millions paid out in hush money. Why has not a word been said re: the hush money until now when, apparently, sexual harassment is the current flavor of the day topic of discussion ? It’s not as though somebody (probably many) didn’t know about it .

    • Richard J. Garfunkel

      Where did you read that fiction?

  • Lana Dorsey

    Lie detector tests should be given to all who are accused and those who are the accusers. Let the truth be told. “BTW, you look beautiful today” , is not a harassment. Either is, a proposition or invitation. This BS has to stop. The word “Harassment” has gone so far, and is such bull crap, it needs to be defined, very specifically and proven. A compliment is not harassment. This has become so political it makes me sick.

    • Fed up!

      Nice post, Opps! Did not mean to harass you. 😁

    • Listener

      Good point, because “…you look beautiful today” can get you hauled up in front of Human Resources for “inappropriate behavior” or worse. I know. Been there. I don’t say anything about anyone’s appearance or outfit anymore. Arms length. No hugs. Don’t even pat a child on the head. Cold as ice. Sad but necessary.

    • Ladypyro

      To true. Asking for a date is not harassment. However if the person says no, accept it and move on. It’s the repetitive asking that become harassing.

  • GreatWarVet

    These are guilty. In Judge Moore’s case it’s unproved allegations. Double standards and hypocrisies.

  • Nancy Wood

    Where is the names of these harassers?? Get them out in the open where we can see who they are. If you want to go after Moore, let us go after all of them. Sounds like you don’t want us to know the culprits in the House & Senate. Maybe you need to clean out those people before you start trying to go after someone else!!!

  • Maxine Albritton

    it is getting worse and worse but no surprise there were previous presidents that would have made the creep list.

  • Upward Trend

    Need good morals and ethics. About the women, who prostituted themselves for political favor and then claim harassment??? Chopping block also. Just as nasty and as corrupt.

  • Gregg Parker

    Now there’s a factual and clear article… and we learned exactly what? Who were they who are they and what did they do… no info … no action… more innuendo against a while body? Where are the names?

  • Jack Scarpon


    • will

      Watching politicians being arrested is almost as rewarding as watching kids wake on Christmas morning

  • intheknow

    I agree I don’t think that all of democrats are bad nor do I believe that all republicans are good. there are scumbags on both sides of the Isle. I agree with the person who said “it’s just part of draining the cesspool in Washington, so let’s get started”. I say out them all and see who is telling the truth.
    There would have to be proof just like any thing else that would stand up in court. You can’t just have people making accusations against people with no evidence or way to prove or disprove what they are saying. If this law that states the House and Senate can settle sexual harassment cases in secret so that there is no way to trace the guilty parties is really true. I for one would like to find out when this happened. Who introduced the legislation. when it was voted on, who voted in favor and who voted against. That should all be on record.
    They meaning the government officials we elect to represent us in Washington have not been doing their jobs for far to long. This is just like when they voted on Obama Care. They had no idea what was actually in the legislation they passed. The only way they could get it to pass was by exempting themselves from it. That is well know and never mentioned at all in public. The House of Representatives and the Senate both exempted themselves from the Obama care mandate and the insurance requirements that go with Obama Care. They liked their old insurance so they kept it. If you don’t believe me ask or look it up any where you want to. So my question is if Obama care was such a great thing for all of us why did they exempt themselves from it. Correct it was just the liars in Washington doing what they always do lie to us and protect themselves at all cost. Trump ,is out to get rid of this and it’s roots run very, VERY DEEP. It’s like trying to clean out all the problems in a city with the population of Chicago. Then realize that 1 maybe 2 out of 10 is all that’s going to be left. How hard do you think that’s going to be to get accomplished. why do you think all these Republicans are not coming to Trumps defense and helping him most if not all of the ones who are coming out against him are just as dirty as the Democrats / Progressives Communists that we need to get out of Washington.

    • Chi Sam

      An isle is a small land mass completely surrounded by water. You, idiot, are a complete ignoramus.

      How stupid must one be to not know the common word ‘aisle’?

  • Ms. Sam Haddock

    Disclose these perps! I don’t care what party they are affiliated with, they have to be told that their favors do NOT extend to female staffers….or male staffers. Obedience to God’s law comes first, even before our Constitutional law. This is wrong and they have no right to use their power to entice or seduce others to do their unlawful bidding. It’s sort of like adultery, fortification, pimping or prostitution….ALL are wrong. Oh Lordy! we really need God in our government, our leaders and our beliefs in this country. I remember hearing a minister on the radio building his sermon around the fact that those who leave God out are those who will be left out. Where is their shame? Not only have these perps disrespected God, they have disrespected the voters as well. I’m taking names!!

    • will

      ditto if we get rid of them Trump would be able to continue MAGA

    • Fed up!

      All for a list. But you better dam have proof or no list. Judge Moore reputation has been ruined with no dam proof. Judge has every right to sue the women and Washington Post.

  • Don

    I sincerely hope that all allegations that have been made are all true. One false allegation will cast doubt on others.

  • mary ann

    If this is true, she should have given names. Until then it means nothing.

  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    But, I suppose that there are no ladies in these circles who use their sexuality to move up the ladder, is there?

    • Fed up!

      Nah, that would not happen. Not even in Hollywood. Everyone that additions are great actors or actresses

  • Sandra

    Folks these are our elected officials “above the law men” that we have elected to one of the most important offices in our land. Please give us the name of the perverts so we can get them out of office.

  • ingerson

    apparently innuendo gets more attention – unless it’s a conservative right person – then names fly freely – at one time a neighbor of ours was a WH driver – under the Carter admin he’d get home by 3-4AM – after dropping off the various hookers – when Reagan become President he was getting home by 11PM on a late night. Of course slick rewrote the rules – and of course jj and big al – all white people were predators. We’ve to take back our nation – and it won’t happen while the witch hunts continue by the media and leftest members of our society on both sides of the asile.

  • ch

    In my day if some man made an unwanted advance you would just deck him. Conversation and advances over.

  • BatGuanna

    This started way before Bill Clinton, but he did enhance the Democratic Party with men / perverts like him when he told us I did not have sox with that woman; and pointed out is was not cheating on your wife to have oral sox with another woman! Hence the Democratic male explosion! Just a Pun!

  • Fleur

    Yes, let’s make all lists like this Public!

  • Hope

    I wonder if any of the people calling for Roy Moore to step down from the Alabama Senate Race are on that list? No hypocrisy in DC, right?

  • Bill Meeker

    It should also be pointed out that Members of Congress exercise the same rights as citizens when they “settle out of court.” We also have that right and can avoid prosecution by paying someone off with “our” money, just like Members of Congress pay folks off with “our” money.

  • Kirk Kahler

    I would like to know who these creeps are ! in fact I think all of America should know who they are ! I don’t want to sound rude bit if they are in office we need to know who they are so they can be called out for there crime and be removed from office !!

  • JWB

    No wonder, just one more reason, that these “Honorable” congressmen don’t ever, do their job, get anything meaningful accomplished, as they are overly concerned with their “flesh lust”.
    Disgusting, dishonorable and unforgivable!

  • pinnie

    We want names. We have to pay these HUMPS??? We want names . All of them

  • Strait Arrow

    Don’t forget Edward Kennedy (Too late ) . Chris Dodd, Barney Frank! They were notorious. All protected!

  • Richard J. Garfunkel

    Talking of Creeps- aside from the King of Self aka the Moron in Chief who is serial adulterer and a sexual predator, how about former Judge Roy Moore (removed twice from the bench!) Now 7 women are accusing him of different sexual improprieties. Any comments from the right? More on Roy Moore, a public disgrace!
    Richard J. Garfunkel
    In the last few weeks, we have learned that the Republican nominee for the US Senate from Alabama, one Roy Moore, who is seeking the seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, is a liar, an accused pedophile, a hypocritical holy-roller, a misogynist, a homophobe, and accepted a donation from a neo-Nazi, Willis Carto, who is a notorious holocaust denier. His positions as a judge in the State of Alabama caused him to be removed from the bench twice. He is a confirmed opponent of the “Separation of Church and State,” and because of that view was removed from the bench the first time. Of course, the people of Alabama couldn’t care less about parts of the US Constitution their candidates and they oppose. Moore, after being defeated in primary after primary for statewide office, was elected this time as Alabama’s Chief Judge. It didn’t take long before he would start to violate his oath and the law. On May 6, 2016, the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission (JIC) forwarded a list of six charges of ethical violations by Moore to the Alabama Court of the Judiciary. Moore was suspended from the Alabama Supreme Court pending trial and ruling. Moore faced removal from office over the charges, which were more serious than those which removed him from office in 2003. The JIC’s complaint charged Moore with violating the Alabama Canon of Judicial Ethics by:
    1. for disregarding a federal injunction.
    2. demonstrated unwillingness to follow clear law.
    3. abuse of administrative authority.
    4. substituting his judgment for the judgement of the entire Alabama Supreme Court, including failure to abstain from public comment about a pending proceeding in his own court.
    5. interference with legal process and remedies in the United States District Court and/or Alabama Supreme Court related to proceedings in which Alabama probate judges were involved.
    6. failure to recuse himself from pending proceedings in the Alabama Supreme Court after making public comment and placing his impartiality into question.
    What else is new?

    But, if his judicial conduct is not bad enough, he has been using his foundation to supplement his and his family’s income. In October 2017, however, The Washington Post reported that Moore had arranged an annual salary of $180,000 for himself from the foundation. From 2007 to 2012, he collected more than $1 million; a number that far surpasses what the nonprofit declared in its public tax filings. Furthermore, The Washington Post reported that Moore arranged the salary and that, in 2012 when the charity could not pay his full salary, Moore received a note promising that he would get the salary in back pay or a stake in the assets of the foundation. The foundation also paid for Moore’s health-care benefits, travel expenses, and bodyguard, and the foundation’s website has regularly promoted Moore’s speaking arrangements and book. Furthermore, the foundation employed Moore’s wife and at least two of Moore’s children. The Washington Post also noted that there was considerable overlap between the charity and Moore’s political activities, with previous top officials of the charity leading Moore’s 2017 Senate campaign and with the charity using the same fundraising firm as Moore’s campaigns. From 2005 through 2013, Roy Moore and his family drew $1,030,875 from the Foundation for Moral Law. In 2016, Kayla Moore earned more than $10,000 as president of the foundation. As of August 2017, the Foundation for Moral Law had not filed a Form 990 for 2015 or 2016, as required by law. How much can one steal or abuse?

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Well he never buggered a boy !

  • John

    EVERY LAST ONE OF THESE CREEPY HYPOCRITICAL BASTAGES( Johnny Dangerously) and staffers ,need to be given lie detector exams to give up their sick behavior. They may not be convicted but they would be run out of D.C. And wear a type of Scarlet letter. It would also scare of creeps away from running for office.

    Yes I think Moore and his accusers should have it done too.

  • gvette

    I find it interesting that most people have know for a lot of years, how Washington is, and has been a sexual cesspool.

  • Listener

    Excuse me, but do you all think that Trump is “just the man to get this job done” here?” Clear out the swamp? Not gonna happen. Heck, he’s one of them! It’s an attitude, a mindset, a cultural sickness that has pervaded our society for many generations. You heard Trump’s recording of a telephone call in which he spoke in “men’s locker room” talk. It’s going to take a lot more than posting the creep list to make a dent in this problem. There has to be a fundamental and clearly defined line over which one does not step with regard to male treatment of women.,

  • Alan404

    The seeming virility of some of these older gentlemen is quite amazing. What is their secret?

  • Cliona

    This is not a new problem, it has gone on almost since we became a country. I love American History and was a great admirer of our country’s founding fathers, especially Benjamin Franklin. I remember how crushed I was when my professor informed our class that Franklin had fathered 17 children out of wedlock. There is no denying his great contributions to our country. However, were it within my power, I would have had the SOB castrated. Just another monster.

  • Ladypyro

    And these creeps are suppose to be representing our interests? It seems like they get voted in, go to DC and are instantly corrupted. They become arrogant, self-serving, party line driven in the good old boys network. The women in this corrupt setting need to speak out. The “sexual harassment training” will be ignored because these men fell that they are “deserving” of being apart from following the law.

  • Jeff Scott

    Do those women on Capital Hill and in Hollywood, really think they got there on their intelligence ?

  • sophie bonner

    So NOW the perpetrator’s are holding meetings on the rules of sexual harassment? The very foxes that are abusing the hens? What a total joke. Everyone of the known abusers need to be exposed for their despicable behavior. NOW is the time for the victims to speak up… do not be bought off for your silence from the Taxpayer Silence Fund. Speak up! No matter who they are.

  • Sunny

    the guy stroked her palm while being introduced!? What!? Honestly, my knee-jerk reaction would have been felt.

  • Weatherby62

    How about maybe these women start hitting back. Be great to see a congressman getting off the elevator with a black eye and having to explain it.

  • Mike W

    The Democrats believed Hillary when she said she was an advocate for women – not only did she do everything in her power to destroy all of the women who had the audacity to stand up for themselves against Bill’s rapes – look at who her friends are?

  • Col C

    I say all those on the creep list be suspended without pay, pending a full investigation, with at least two private organizations that have nothing to do with government. This needs to stop now!

  • Mike W

    Maybe they should be taking down the statue of George Washington.


    It would be interesting to see who these creeps are and what party they are affiliated with wouldn’t it????

  • MS_Steve

    If we can’t have TERM LIMITS…. this may help ridding ourselves of these lecherous lice. Start naming names. I’ll start:
    Bill the serial predator Clinton

  • Eric Backens

    Term Limits

  • Cy Sh

    Name and shame every one of the baboons with bill boards of faces and names plastered on all major HWY’s in America. Perpetrators will think twice before bothering a child or woman again!

  • dubbldee

    Stroking her palm in a suggestive way? Are you shi!!ing me? A real firing squad offense (on some planets). Don’t write the article if that’s the best you can come up with!

  • Db

    I want to know when that freak al franken is going to be arrested and prosecuted for sexual assault! 😆

  • ch

    Just block him end of his stupid remarks

  • Kathryn Jordan

    I am glad that Al Franken has taken responsibility for his actions. That is one one the list. He has asked for an ethics investigation on himself which does show integrity. I just wish this kind of behavior did not happen. Of course wishing and reality are two different things. Reality is, we have sexual predators even in Washington besides Hollywood. I say, we need better rules of ethics in place for sexual harassment at our nation’s capitol. If I had the money, I would run for office against my republican rep from my district.

  • Paula McCauley

    Give America a list of names so that we can clean house, I want every single one of these corrupt. liars, thieves, treasonous criminals, and perverted MF’s exposed to the world in broad daylight. I would prefer to oust this entire House and Senate and start over. It’s time for America to believe that this is an option to the PEOPLE, and this action comes highly recommended by our founding fathers when our elected (especially by fraud) no longer represent the will of the people, only special interest and the billionaire Illuminati and their NWO AGENDA which is the most Anti-American, unconstitutional and FASCISTS agenda there is!!!

  • william g munson