‘I Will Name Names’: Infighting At EPA Drives Top Official To Resign

(Daily Caller News Foundation) A senior member of the Trump administration’s beachhead team at the EPA unexpectedly resigned over concerns of the “integrity” of political appointees and career employees.

‘I Will Name Names’: Infighting At EPA Drives Top Official To Resign

David Schnare

David Schnare was expected to take a top post at EPA, but he abruptly resigned March 15. It wasn’t for personal reasons, but over what he called a “question of integrity.” Schnare resigned with the title of assistant deputy administrator.

“This wasn’t about me being angry or upset,” Schnare told The Daily Caller News Foundation, saying his resignation had a “much deeper story” than he was willing to disclose at the time.

Schnare didn’t go into detail, but said he would soon write about the events that led to his resignation. His comments, however, suggested infighting at EPA between transition officials, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s inner circle and career employees.

“When the time comes I will name names and go into specifics, “ Schnare said. When asked if the details would be “eye-opening,” he responded: “Oh, I think so.”

While Schnare gave few details to TheDCNF aside from agency officials lacking “integrity,” InsideEPA reported he’d become “increasingly frustrated with what he described as endless infighting at the agency.”

Schnare said the White House is looking into the circumstances surrounding his resignation. The EPA did not respond to TheDCNF’s request for comment.

Reports already suggested tension between President Donald Trump’s political appointees and EPA career staff.

An unnamed career staffer told Politico that EPA employees will “fight actions they deem ill-advised or illegal by quietly providing information of what is happening inside their agencies to advocacy groups and the media.”

A small group of EPA staffers began using encryption apps, like Signal, to communicate in a way that can’t be tracked by the White House. The actions may violate federal records law.

Other government employees may have started “rogue” Twitter accounts to attack the Trump administration over social media, and a former EPA official suggested agency employees would boycott Trump if he ever came to visit the agency.

Schnare’s resignation suggests infighting between EPA transition officials and Pruitt’s inner circle over the direction of the agency. He told InsideEPA Pruitt had frozen out members of the beachhead team placed at the agency by Trump’s transition team. As one of the most experienced members of the transition team, he’s an attorney and environmental scientist who previously worked at EPA for more than 30 years. Most recently, Schnare was general counsel for the Energy & Environment Legal Institute.

He was a key player during the transition and played a substantial role in crafting the administration’s “action plan” to reform the agency.

Schnare said Pruitt never read the transition team’s “action plan” and that the administrator lacks “interest in major policy matters” and an “understanding of how the agency operates,” according to InsideEPA.

All that seemed to change after the Senate confirmed Pruitt in February. Schnare told InsideEPA Pruitt excluded beachhead members from meetings. A source told InsideEPA that was false.

TheDCNF, however, learned Schnare was shut out meetings with top officials shortly before his resignation. Even InsideEPA’s source conceded Schnare may have been “shut out from very senior meetings.”

The White House recommended a 31 percent, or $2.5 billion, cut to EPA’s budget and reducing its workforce by 3,200 employees as part of the administration’s “skinny budget.”

“EPA would primarily support States and Tribes in their important role protecting air, land, and water in the 21st Century,” reads a White House summary of EPA’s budget.

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  • Mark A Smith

    Time to clean house at the EPA if they cannot make the transition.
    Send in the “A team” to make changes.

  • Paul Williamson

    Pruitt is a moron that doesn’t understand science (a lawyer!!) environmental protection in the US, and has surrounded himself with Trump yes-men that are even stupider than he is. Yes, it is time to clean house, get rid of Trump’s political hacks and put in a team that actually cares about the future health of the citizens of the US, including our children and grandchildren..

    • If you were at EPA Paul, you would be a huge part of the swamp. EPA is riddled with left wing idiots who go around doing garbage to the country , the law and common sense. Caring about humanity is not an exclusive thing owned by democraps. One can care about the planet and still be conservative. People like you are so stuck in the left wing mold that you cannot get out of the chains around your mind. Get rid of all at EPA and form a new agency of INTELLIGENT thinkers who will get out of the restrictive democrap box and advise states on conservation ideas that aren’t frozen in a so- called ” Liberal ” mindset so that States can plan programs that fit their individual needs…

    • Jeff Z

      You sound like a real genius yourself. Another libtard to block. Lemming.

    • stopspending4

      yes, we Trump supporters want to destroy our own environment and of course, push granny off the hill. There is a BIG difference between protecting the environment and pushing a doomsday sceniario to control businesses and development. BTW, exactly what are you doing to protect the climate? Your computer run on solar/wind power? Your house totally off the grid? ride a bike or walk every where you go? did you answer yes to all those things or do you just want to mandate that the REST of us do them? Do as I say , not as I do.

    • kbfallon

      And here I thought the common Ding-a-Ling was extinct….!

      • Libs R Loons

        It’s nothing but a paid Soros troll talking chit.

        • Daniel Yingling

          Nice. They can never defend their positions with facts, only labels.

    • Daniel Yingling

      Obama used new regulations and the Hitler DOJ under Obama who ignored the constitution and rule of law, to sue corporations for millions under the guise the poor and minority groups were suffering from their pollution.
      The problem is ZERO money went to the supposed victims. Instead it went to a slush fund and distributed to non-profits that supported his Socialist Utopian world with one dictator meaning him. EPA’S is a farce.

      FYI, I just read that since the change in Ocean currents, the temperature dropped around the planet. Which means no increase in global temperatures in at least 18 years. Study was done by the liberal UK scientists who were previously calling increases in temp doomsday.
      Man has nothing to do with it.

  • John Dudley

    “EPA employees will “fight actions they deem ill-advised or illegal” Is that like the EPA Rule that says if it rains and it creates a mud puddle then that land falls under EPA control and the land owner loses all rights his/her land? They need to go. Drain the Swamp President Trump, Drain the Swamp.

  • The Capatin

    Eliminate the EPA!

    • Wayne The Seine

      Wait!….. they haven’t polluted all of the rivers in Colorado yet….give um some time there are many more mine dams for them to break.

    • Christine Gavlick


  • Sam

    Fire them all and start over again with true patriots instead of activists!

    • Blair

      Or simply just fire them all.

      • My2PenneysWorth

        That is almost impossible with a federal employee unlee you can prove they committed a felony or an act of treason and I’m not sure that would be cause enough in present day D.C.
        The only way you can go it is by defunding the department and closing it

        • omni

          then close it

          • My2PenneysWorth

            Good suggestion

        • kbfallon

          Lets see how long they work……..with no paycheck!

          • My2PenneysWorth

            Better suggestion

        • Wayne The Seine

          Cut their jobs and tell them, “we have a position available in Antarctica….take it or leave.”

          • My2PenneysWorth

            Best suggestion

          • Daniel F. Melton

            No polar bears in Antarctica. Send ’em to the Arctic Ocean. They can watch the ice melt (or not), and run from the bears.

          • gimpynerdse

            What if they reveal that top secret alien base in Antarctica? We can’t have that, now…=D=D=D

        • Daniel F. Melton

          ***The only way you can go it is by defunding the department and closing it***

          Works for me.

  • Mynickelsworth

    I’m not sure that the EPA has a real function since the earthwarming/climatechange/environmentalprotection out of the UN has been exposed as a farce. They admitted that the whole thing had only one final goal and that was to destroy capitalism, is short, destroy the USA.
    All the UN stuff should be stopped immediately and supporters of such should be dismissed from the agency. It its goal is changed to be something like controlling flood damage, leaking poisons from chemical plant accidents, protecting the water system, etc. Then IT MIGHT be Worthwhile.

    • kbfallon

      As soon as they realized that Trump was gonna wreck their little sandcastles–they have been hiding parework on who does what and so on…its been in the news since the election-just in fine print. And of course Obammie has his hands in this.

  • Larry

    Anything and ANYONE left over from the slobbo regime should be disposed of… and I mean DISPOSED of !!!

  • Robert H. Hardin, Jr.

    This is hardly unexpected…if you can’t support the administration’s agenda resign or get fired…it’s really that simple. The EPA will have the toughest time with employee loyalty. For decades the Agency has been consistently staffed with Climate Change fear-mongering hoaxers…no climate change deniers in that group. Obama: “Elections have Consequences”.

  • Jerry Wyatt

    Schnare gives me the strong impression that he is “holding off” to build sales for his upcoming book. The EPA cannot be a credible organization if any of the current employees are retained. They are accustomed to having their own way and pitch a “hissyfit” when the little snowflakes don’t get it. The Obama administration was rife withe these ignoramuses and constitute a large measure of the problems of current America. We would be better off if every one of the butthurt babies took a walk.

    • June Burgess

      well that was one way of obama draining our finances, the more the merrier, more money down the tubes and the higher the deficit, the faster the U.S. goes broke.

  • GA-LAW-75

    Most of those posting are correct – simply eliminate the current EPA in total.

    The overwhelming farce of “climate control” is, and has been exposed for what it has always been: a political agenda of globalism seeking power to eliminate independent national sovereignty, and population control.

    True concern for our environment could be addressed by other agencies, with a more restricted practical, reasonable, and common sense approach.

    • Libs R Loons

      I had the same thought before I saw your post….great minds think alike!

    • kbfallon

      Like everything else in their little worlds that they think they control…its all about $$$$$$$$$.

  • GrumpyGrandpa

    President Ronald Reagan, America’s greatest president so far, FIRED all the air traffic controllers during his Administration. It was tough for airlines and flying travelers for a while, but America survived just fine. I think President Trump could and should FIRE large groups of the trouble-makers (probably over politics) at any and all agencies that cause problems. In addition, every state has an EPA also, so one can assume there is talent and knowledge available, in case the entire agency needs to be abolished. Draining the swamp means getting rid of the Gators, not just the water.

  • King Goulet

    Sounds like a lot more of Draining the SWAMP is necessary .
    This is one of the largest groups to not have a check and balance
    the way it has been operating.They make the rules for themselves
    ,enforce there own rules.Like having the fox guard the hen house.

    • Christine Gavlick

      I know for a FACT the EPA is nothing but a strong-arm branch of the Communist Party (formerly Dem Party). In 2010,they were fining businesses 100k a week for not using a biofuel that was NOT EVEN CREATED YET! They are being used by Valerie Jarrett (the Iranian wench -SENIOR ADVISOR TO OBAMA–whose father was arrested for his KGB ties and his Communist Party affiliations) Obama (WHOSE OWN GRANDPARENTS WERE LIFELONG COMMUNIST PARTY MEMBERS AND ASSOCIATES OF VALERIE’S PARENTS IN CHICAGO , Hillary and the rest of the pseudo-Communists (it’s OK to say it because that IS what they ARE by their own admission–SEE VAN JONES– and associations) THESE PEOPLE DIDN’T JUST MEET AT WORK–THEY HAVE BEEN IN CAHOOTS FOR YEARS! They are using EVERY GOVERNMENT OFFICE THEY CAN FOR THEIR OWN, PERSONAL AGENDA AND IT ISN’T GOOD FOR YOU, ME OR THE COUNTRY! I cannot fathom how or WHY the information about their backgrounds has been suppressed for so long and why no one is DEMANDING the TRUTH BE TOLD AND THESE PEOPLE BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE!

  • richjack4

    Time that all personal electronics be prohibited from within federal buildings. They get placed in lockers much like those at airports, and use agency provided technology while in the building. They want to act like potential criminals, then they get treated as such every time they walk in the door to work. Scanned and checked.

  • Nevadavoter1

    I believe that every State has their own EPA or equivalent… does anyone else smell redundancy? Drain the swamp!

  • Bob Gant

    The EPA serves no legitimate purpose anymore. Save the money!!

    • kbfallon

      There you go! Have them build the wall if they want to continue working for the govt. and use their budget for it!

  • Libs R Loons

    The EPA had its use back in the 1970s, but over the decades it’s turned into basically an extortionist agency that doesn’t follow its own dictates.
    On that note, with the “climate change” fraud going on, nobody’s addressing China, India, and other countries who are the worst polluters on the planet and have no regard for cleaning up THEIR act, nor do they have “pesky” agencies like the EPA telling them to.

  • omni

    lack of integrity at the EPA? Say it isn’t so!!!!

    • Libs R Loons

      LOL! ^^^
      I could say it isn’t so, but that would make me a liar! :-/

  • freepetta

    Well the EPA has been a crooked money vacuum for years. They make exorbitant salaries, do nothing but put fear into private citizens by taking away their properties for ridiculous reasons.

    Up here in upstate NY they have managed to close down family farms which were actively feeding the community for decades. The entire area is depressed due to these new regulations and standards. Abandoned farms litter the entire area. It is sad to see.

    They have been given an over reach of power by Barry Soetero.

    As far as I’m concerned defund the EPA!

  • kbfallon

    Seems as though the “inmates” think they can run the asylum.

  • Daniel Yingling

    This might be the most polluted swamp in DC. Defund it, shut it down and start a new agency with a new name and mission.

  • Centurion

    Well, well, well. The swamp is starting to drain.

  • Libs R Loons

    I didn’t see anything wrong with your comment, and I’ve been put on “hold” myself while Disqus reviews it. Seems they didn’t like anyone calling Michael- I mean- “Michelle” Obama a “Mooch” for awhile.

  • therealworld

    Shut Down The EPA. The states can do better and save money.

  • Libs R Loons

    David Schnare needs to look into hiring a 24-hr bodyguard service to make sure he does live long enough to “name names”.
    I can recommend a friend in Philly whose company provides professional bodyguards for celebrities, politicians, and wealthy travelers.

  • Daniel Yingling

    This guy looks like the typical left wing, gay male who’s upset his run of young men has come to an end. Can’t wait to hear the BS from this moron.

  • rennyangel2

    Cut the EPA in half and lower it to a bureau under Interior.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      Cut ’em to a quarter and put ’em under FEMA.

  • Bob Ellison

    Fire the lot of EPA ‘career’ employees and start over. They’ve overstepped their boundaries and are, as I see it, mostly corrupt.

  • John

    The Deep State bureaucratic operatives are neither elected nor appointed and yet feel entitled to impose their political agenda contrary to the will of the people and often against the rule of law.
    POTUS Trumps Secretaries need to get into place with their full staff,so they can get this going in the right direction. The Senate Dems have been “doing the dog ” as much as they can to slow things down. In 2018 I bet there will be a lot less of them there and in the house.
    Until then ,Mr President ,tell these lame morons “YOU’RE FIRED!!!!

  • magno et malo lupo

    ELIMINATE yes Start over?? NO!!!

  • 83ragtop50

    Glad he is gone.

    • Shecky


      • 83ragtop50

        The Trump Administration needs dedicated people to help deal with the runaway EPA. I am assuming that by his resignation Mr. Schnare does not possess the personal characteristics required to deal with it. I hold no personal disrespect for Mr. Schnare. In fact, I respect him for admitting his inability to function in that environment.

        • Shecky

          Fair enough, just was wondering why you were glad.

  • Wayne The Seine

    Cut it another 30%….NOW!

  • Kenny Albert

    Fire everyone who was at the EPA before January 20th. Get rid of the Obama rats.

  • Christopher Vaughn

    well then the ax falls with the 31 pct cuts coming this year many of the obama holdovers will be fired. anyone breaking the laws as noted in the article should be both fired and prosecuted. it seems several federal agencies in the executive have this same issue with rogue activist employees leaking info and worse.

  • dux nobis28

    All democratic or OBozo appointed employees must be immediately fired even if a replacement is not yet available better an empty position than one manned by a traitor!

  • Daniel F. Melton

    With the history of egregiously dictatorial actions by the epa, it is tempting to eliminate the agency’s employees, but terminating their employment is more socially acceptable.

  • Amethyst_2012

    Exactly. It is pretty easy to administer a skill testing questionnaire to all potential employees to weed out the kooks. From those questionnaires Trump Team can put together a new team for EPA or such other name as they may want to call it. Would also like to see the leakers face a judge in a court of law and the leakers assessed damages. Who do these low level workers think they are.

  • Jon Blake

    The EPA hasnt acted in the benefit of the People it served since it’s inception. It has been hijacked politically and undermining the best interest of America.

  • Man on the street

    The EPA was formed to protect America and Americans from polluters. A noble agenda, but, like everything else in this country it’s agenda became a political vehicle for extreme leftists. Union, is another example. It was formed to protect the workers from tyrannical / abuser managements, but, it became a political vehicle for extreme leftists. The education system was created to create a uniform standards for our youngsters to learn, but, quickly was used as political vehicle for leftist propaganda. The EPA cannot be cleaned easily just as the other two examples because the ideologies have been deeply seared into the brains for many generations.

  • Man on the street

    I have recieved information that an electric utility in Florida will be decommissioning its huge coal fired plant, which has a great scrubber, that I helped desig to clean the sulfur emissions. Of course that is a huge financial loss, which was sold to the utility managers by radical leftists consultants lawyers, and environmental activists. To me if you have a clean burning coal plant, which is paid for, there is no reason to go into debts to build solar plants just to please the environmental activists. Here we see how a manager is not loyal to the financial interest of his own company when he is faced with an Ashly Judd type on its board of director.

    To take back America, we must take back the information apparatus.

  • TheTruthBurns

    Bomb the EPA & then award a contract for Cleanup – now there’s a Real EPA issue.

  • Laughing at you

    Social media is the new EPA so go ahead and junk the old one.

  • Mark Pascucci

    The E.P.A. is Richard Nixon’s monster. He helped set it up, giving it unconstitutional powers and privileges. It makes up its own rules and regulations and imposes them on The People, without due process. It’s about time this monster is made civilized by breaking its will.

  • Gary Von Neida

    The E.P.A. has been used as a weapon against American interests. Restrictive and often near impossible standards have forced business off shore—-many of these have hurt National Security.