Weiner Admits Sexting NC Teen; Major State Newspapers Don’t Think It’s a Big Deal

(Paul Chesser, Liberty Headlines) The blockbuster story of Friday was that former NY Congressman Anthony Weiner, at the center of the Hillary Clinton email scandal and joked about nationwide for his sexual proclivities, would admit guilt to sexting with a 15-year-old girl in a suburban county outside Charlotte.

But at 2 p.m. that afternoon it was either old news — or not news — to the state’s two largest market newspapers and considered by many the sources of record for breaking political news.

The oversight might be mildly excusable, except the victim lives in the Charlotte Observer‘s back yard of Gaston County, just west of the city. Here’s what the home Web page of the newspaper looked like Friday afternoon:

Weiner Admits Sexting NC Teen; Major State Newspapers Don't Think It's a Big Deal 4

As you can see, there is no sign of Weiner – until you scroll down midway through the page – where the Congressman’s story appears in the lower left corner:

Weiner Admits Sexting NC Teen; Major State Newspapers Don't Think It's a Big Deal 1

As for the Raleigh News & Observer, which covers more politics in the state than any other media organization, the Weiner development was a total non-story by 2 p.m. Friday:

Weiner Admits Sexting NC Teen; Major State Newspapers Don't Think It's a Big Deal 2

News of the congressman’s guilty plea did not appear anywhere on the state capital newspaper’s home Web page. That might be forgivable except the Charlotte and Raleigh papers and their Web sites, owned by McClatchy, share content all the time, regardless of whether it’s in the other’s market – especially articles of national significance.

Anthony Weiner photo

Photo by baslow (CC)

Again, this is a North Carolina child that was the victim of a nationally-known, high profile political figure at the center of a major scandal — one who lives in the Charlotte Observer‘s distribution area. And Weiner basically confessed to pedophilia tendencies, if not actions, in his guilty plea.

But there was another factor: Weiner is a Democrat. If he was a Republican, or God forbid, Donald Trump…

Charlotte and the Raleigh News & Observer are two of the most liberal rags in the country right now,” said NC Lt. Gov. Dan Forest nearly a year ago. “It’s pretty much leftist, propaganda arms anymore.”

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  • midogman

    may their offices be destroyed by an act of nature.

    • Ski

      It has! It is called a printing press of their bs lib way!

  • omikehawk

    I wonder, does she get charged if she was sexting him too?

    • Ski

      I wonder about u? Sad comment!

      • omikehawk

        Asking a valid question! If an 11 or 12 year old can be charged as adults for certain crimes, why not a 15 year old? Not condoning what he did, that artiqunie should be castrated.

        • movingwaters

          Do you want to run that vain and silly thought by your brain again? Parents should teach their children how dangerous sexting really is. Everything you say and do in the digital world is recorded. But most people wouldn’t consider that a 15 year old sexting is the equivalent of a 15 year old who, say, engages in violent crime.

    • lark2

      She was 15 for God’s sake! Are you actually trying to find some way to make a victim of Weiner? You Liberals get more sick every day..

  • jcrawdad

    Weiner Admits Sexting NC Teen; Major State Newspapers Don’t Think It’s a Big Deal

    Well if the Big Weiner was playing around with one of their Granddaughters ,!! Do you think it would then be a Big Deal . ?

    • Janis Garvey Hewes

      naw they wouldn’t they would just start selling her to other politicians or giving her in return for favors..that is how SICK our Gov’t has become..

  • lark2

    I have lost ALL respect for media people and politicians. They are LIARS! I wish I knew what to do about it because we need an honorable and honest media. What we actually have is shocking and a lot of the blame falls upon the dishonorable professors in the J-Schools who educate these dishonorable people.

  • Victor Smith

    another rabid dog liberal has bit the dust—goodbye mr liberal-scum bag-big mouth-progressive-nutcase.

  • mike-mcdonald

    bill’o the retardo fired from fix news billo the sex-offender is finale off the air //ding dong roger ailles sex-offender dead both in 2017 two victories in 2017 during the long national nightmare in the white house and both houses of congress