Washington Post: Stop Using ‘Tainted’ Term ‘Fake News’

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(Breitbart) Writing at the Washington Post, Margaret Sullivan bemoans the fact that conservatives have flipped the meaning of “fake news” from a term used by the mainstream media to attack stories that are troublesome for progressives to a label to call out the media’s false narratives:

But though the term hasn’t been around long, its meaning already is lost. Faster than you could say “Pizzagate,” the label has been co-opted to mean any number of completely different things: Liberal claptrap. Or opinion from left-of-center. Or simply anything in the realm of news that the observer doesn’t like to hear.

“The speed with which the term became polarized and in fact a rhetorical weapon illustrates how efficient the conservative media machine has become,” said George Washington University professor Nikki Usher.

As Jeremy Peters wrote in the New York Times: “Conservative cable and radio personalities, top Republicans and even Mr. Trump himself . . . have appropriated the term and turned it against any news they see as hostile to their agenda.”

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  • CCblogging

    Looks like the left’s lies have boomeranged.

    • Bandit

      Their lies usually do boomerang back on them.

      • Mathew Molk

        Everything they tried against President Trump blew up in their commie faces and only made him look stronger.

  • Ken McBee

    Rather than describing “Fake News” as a political tool for Trump, why not maintain it as a term describing bogus news intended to deceive. Just because conservatives didn’t leave “Fake News” to the liberals only doesn’t mean its a useless term. It very accurately depicts use of the media to present a point of view independent from the facts. MSM is the primary culprit and creat

    • Kevin Watson

      How many “media” would be closed down if they were exposed as worthless mouthpieces? That’s why they’re all upset….

      • tnetcenter

        Hopefully ALL of them!! It might take a little while, but if we ALL push back against the LYING LIBERAL AGENDA – it will fold under it’s own weight!

    • The duck

      We use to call fake news ‘propaganda’ which of course is news to mislead. Yeah the term is a good one and needs to be attached to the Liberal Press releases as such. I vote to keep it. the only thing to come from the liberal side that makes sense.

      • Everything that comes out of the Trump propaganda machine is false. His current persona is completely manufactured by his propagandists. The truth is that America has elected a lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue to POTUS. He is further to the left than his friend’s the Clinton’s.

        • wandamurline

          And you my friend need to go and troll on MSNBC….they will appreciate you there.

          • They do not appreciate lifetime far right conservative Republicans like me. Do your research and do not remain ignorant of Trump’s leftist history.

          • Gary

            Then Trump saw the light, & switched over from your twisted Leftist “Dark Side”. Too bad for chump sore losers like you, eh?

          • All America has lost by electing another lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue in Trump.

          • Gary

            It’s only the stupid Libs that are the ones crying & whining. Too bad for you, sore loser. Bwawawawa! Your Hildabeast is history. Drain that swamp, President Trump! Bye bye, Obozo!

          • Mathew Molk

            Gary, Don’t feed the trolls.

          • Gary

            Don’t worry, Matt. I’m not feeding you.

          • stevenlehar

            Busy little Troll aren’t we? Cant just leave peaceful folk alone? We are ON to you “Lifetime Far-Right Conservative” imposter. Why, you’re about as honest as Hillary Clinton! No – you’re as honest as the Clinton Foundation! No – you’re as honest as an Obama promise! Troll-Be-Gone! Your sort is not welcome around here!

          • Gary

            You Lib loons are the only ones who’ve lost, LOL!!

          • That puts you firmly in the category of a “Lib loon”. You might want to look in a mirror as it is you that voted for a lifetime far left liberal Democrat for POTUS.

          • Gary

            As a true Lib loon yourself, why are you whining so much? You should be happy Trump won then. According to your twisted thinking, he’s a Lib loon, just like you. The fact that you are so upset proves me right. You give yourself away as just another sour grapes, sore losing, Lib loon whiner. Bwawawawa! Bwawawawa! Maybe you should head back to your safe space for a while, little snowflake.

          • I am a far right lifetime conservative Republican ideologue. IOW’s I am the exact opposite in ideology as you and Trump. Do a little research on Trump’s being a far left liberal Democrat ideologue until he registered as a Republican to run for the presidency. Trump’s best friends are the Clinton’s and Soros. It is Donald Trump that gave America Obama with his money and influence as a Democrat kingmaker. After getting Obama elected he gloatingly called Obama a “great President”. You are proof tht the dumbing down of America is complete by the left. You are their poster child.

          • Mathew Molk

            If this snotball is a conservative I’m the friggin Pope.

          • Gary

            @Matt-Well HELLO there Pope Snotball Mathew!

          • Mathew Molk

            Hillery who? – Never heard of her.

          • stevenlehar

            Oh be quiet! Nobody is fooled Troll! “Lifetime far right conservative Republican” my A$$! Your screeching doesn’t work around here any more. Everyone has learned to recognize a Troll when they see one. No point debating you, better to just SHOUT YOU DOWN! Troll-Be-Gone! Away with you! Back to the shady crackhouse crevice from which you crawled forth!

        • stevenlehar

          Troll alert! Troll alert! Don’t feed the trolls! It only makes them think people care about their brain-dead opinions. Go back to the rock where your kind is welcome, Troll! This place is for adult discussion. Be off with you!

          • I understand that you and others who supported this lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue cannot handle the truth. As a lifelong conservative Republican I ask that you do some research where my claims will be verified. You do not have to remain ignorant and a pawn for the ideological left.

          • undeRGRound
          • mikey2046

            No thinking person will mistake Donald Trump for a conservative. However, many of the things he wants to accomplish coincide with what conservatives want to do. Given that his opponent was the female criminal Clinton (to differentiate her from the male criminal Clinton), who would double down on Obama’s socialist, weaken-America-further programs, it was an easy choice. We now have a four-year reprieve that will allow conservatives to regroup and promote our conservative agenda further.

          • Mathew Molk

            Who’s Obama.?

          • Marie Saqueton

            The trolls are all in denial because they are afraid to face the truth and wake up to reality. Either that or they are just narcissistic ignoramus’.

          • Mathew Molk

            Absolutely correct. let’s all block this troll.

        • GrizzMann

          Life in a make believe world must be incredible.

        • Daniel Brofford

          I don’t think so and we know he’s not nearly as corrupt as the clintons. Just watch when the DOJ arrest them you will be able to watch their entire trail on e- span.

          • Brent

            OMG…i’m seriously looking forward to that day.

          • Daniel Brofford

            I would take some vacation days. That would be the best vacation I’ve ever had lol.

          • Mathew Molk

            We are having an end of the Half Honkey oparty at the bar next Friday. Come on out.

          • Daniel Brofford

            If I lived close I’m sure I would. Thanks for the invite anyway.

          • Gary

            Have room for one more?

          • Do you really believe that Trump will allow his best friends to be arrested. The Donald and Bill have too much history together to cast stones at one another like going to Brian Epstein’s pedophile island to be with underage girl. Trump was sued by two of these girls in the last year that claimed that the Donald had raped them when they were minors. He paid them off to shut them up.


          • Daniel Brofford

            The woman that accused Trump dropped the law suit and then did not show up for a news conference. Why do you think she didn’t show up? I think it was because she was lieing and didn’t want to get caught up in it. She also was referred to as Jane Doe in the suit. If someone did something like that you put it out there don’t try to do it anonymous. I’ve never seen anything that showed where Trump had ever been to orgy island. There is a record showing Bill being there at least 20 times and Hillary at least 6 times. So look at all the facts not just people putting lies out there. I could lie on you and to start with it would be just my word against yours. So don’t do that to people. If the others want to lie and spread rumors that’s on them but we should not try to help them.

          • She was obviously well paid to go away. As a child rape victim I am confident that a public appearance would be a shameful experience and only would relive her trauma of being raped as a child.

          • Daniel Brofford

            Who is it obvious too. Not to me. I’ve never seen any proof of her being payed. Why would you wait until he’s running for president to bring these claims? He’s had money forever so why would you not have sued him a long time. Also why did she never tell anyone as a child. It just all looks funny. Look at all the women who came out a while ago and they’ve all disappeared. You can believe what you want be until I see some type of proof it’s at this point BS.

          • The two young prostitutes working for Trump’s good friend Jeffrey Epstein. Perhaps she was ashamed for being a prostitute and at the time she was very young. The incidents did not happen a long time ago but just a few years ago. Obviously the young girls mother and or father were complicit to their being prostitutes for the wealthy pedophiles like Trump, Clinton and Epstein. As long as Trump is paying them off to go away under threat their will be no other proof than we already have which in my opinion is more than enough to convict him in one’s rational mind. Where there is a lot of smoke there is usually fire.

          • Marie Saqueton

            You are an incurable liar for a pastor as you claimed to be.

          • I have no idea as to what you are claiming I lied about. I have told you once before that I am not nor have I ever been a pastor. I am instead a retired academician. Your reading comprehension is obviously woefully compromised.

          • Marie Saqueton

            Evidence is your own post of retiring from the military and went to pastoral school paid by the VA. Read your past posts …..LIAR.

          • You reading comprehension is deplorably poor. I have never said that I retired from the military. I did use VA benefits to finish my theological education. I have never claimed to be a pastor nor have I ever been a pastor. I was instead an academician. I am a priest and I am a former professor in a Jesuit seminary. You are the one lying to discredit me but nothing you have said is true. That makes you the …..”LIAR”!

          • Marie Saqueton

            Your posts says a lot about you, so I do not have to tell you what you are anymore, the people in this forum know you already, and no one here agrees with you. You cannot even decipher from my posts that I am not a leftist? That shows how analytically inept you are. go back to school and study Psychology 101.

          • Actually by your support of the lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue Trump all doubt as to your ideology is revealed. You even lie just like this charlatan and Trojan Horse who has deceived himself into the Presidency. God help America.

          • Marie Saqueton

            I am not a leftist Liberal, I am a very conservative independent voter, who looks for what this country needs and not what serves me. I am a retired business woman who never took a job from anyone but employed many people, that is why I understand where Trump is going with our Trade agreements. Business people look for ROI, whereas politicians look for how long they can stay in office and get rich from lobbyists, like Hillary.

          • When you support lifetime leftist ideologues for POTUS that strongly purports that you are indeed a leftist. Do you understand that just a day ago he promised that the first thing that he will do as POTUS is nationalize the healthcare industry with free for all universal healthcare which was one of his four foundational campaign promises like increasing abortion through the funding of “Planned Parenthood”, mandating a national registration of gun owners that will lead to gun confiscation. He has not been inaugurated and is already threatening Americans with his leftist promises. How much do you think a persons taxes will increase with free healthcare for everyone. One other thing Trump really is not much of a business man. Without his fathers support and after his father died George Soros support Trump would be a garbage man in Manhattan. But I do pray that Trump runs the office of President better than his bankrupted businesses. God help America led by this charlatan and Trojan Horse Trump.

          • Marie Saqueton

            I read that and Trump was proven to be out of the country when she said it happened. It was all lies concocted by the DNC operatives and they confessed it in this video “Project Veritas action” by James Okeefe. Google it.

          • ROFLOL! The pedophile island of Jeffrey Epstein was indeed out of the country. The Donald was a far left liberal Democrat when the rape occurred.


          • Daniel Brofford

            Oh and by the way there is no evidence that Trump gave them any money so there again just lies.

          • Marie Saqueton

            Just because they attended each other’s functions that does not mean they are best friends as Cristoiglesia tkaes it. Politicians and businessman always tries to acommodate invitations for the sake of ‘GOODWILL” Don’t be myopic in your take on things normal.

          • The chances of Trump indicting his best friends is zero.

          • Daniel Brofford

            We will see about that. If Trump and the clintons are really good friends like some people are saying then we will see that soon enough. The way he talked about he durning the election and the way they acted at the debates it didn’t look like to me that they were friends. Like I said time will tell.

          • If I was you I would research Trump’s historical past which is of being a lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue.

          • You obviously have done no research on Trump and especially his friendship with the Clinton’s that goes back decades. Donald gave the Clinton’s the honor of being his guests of honor at his last wedding.

            The Donald and Bill traveled often together to Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island to be with underage girls. You really do not have to remain ignorant and a fool. learn to use the internet and do some research instead of appearing a fool. Trump was recently sued by two of those young girls he allegedly raped.

          • Daniel Brofford

            If you think this hasson guy is telling the truth Then you are lucky me and you didn’t know each other before Jesus changed my life. You seem pretty easy to take advantage of. Do you really believe that the MSM gave Trump a pass on something like that. They lied on him in any and every way they could but the reason they did not run this is because he would have sued their pants off lol. Quit believing this kind of nonsense. You should only believe what can be proved.

        • Brent

          Most of us are fully aware of some of Trumps old leftist agreements and ideas. We’re aware the old ideas of his are not necessarily dead. The continued existance of the idea that obozocare needs to be “REPLACED” is one of them that many like myself are watching. Sadly, there’s still a sizable portion of the population that agrees with it, so it’s probably a moot point.

          But your post is absolutely absurd to say he’s more “left” than Clinton. In fact, I doubt he’s any more signifigantly left than ANY of the other Republican candidates were/are. You’re either a leftist troll, or a mindless Cruz-Bot that is full of sour grapes.

          • Marie Saqueton

            They have to abolish the ACA or commonly known as Obamacare, because it was passed in a fraudulent misrepresentation that the Democrat Senate majority did with the leadership of Sen. Reid. The original bill passed by Congress is not ACA and has nothing to do with health care at all, but was totally replaced with ACA which the Senate CANNOT do, that is why no Republican Senator signed on it as it is a violation of the Constitution. When the Supreme Court made them change the word PENALTY into TAXES BECAUSE THE HOUSE CANNOT PENALIZE BUT CAN ONLY TAX, they should have returned it back to Congress and get the new bill voted on and passed before the Democratic Senate majority “ratified” and passed it. The problem is the misinformation why this Obamacare cannot survive because it is an ILLEGAL LAW according to the provision of our CONSTITUTION. tHE SENATE CAN ONLY RATIFY A BILL THAT IS FIRST PASSED BY CONGRESS and cannot change the purpose and entirety of the bill. They cannot replace the true purpose of the bill passed by Congress, but the Democrat majority in the Senate at that time did just that….REPLACED THE BILL WITH OBAMACARE. The DEMOCRATS IGNORED OUR CONSTITUTION AGAIN…. this will be the reason why it will be replaced,.not because they do not like Obama but because it was illegally passed by the Democrats without the proper Constitutional process. Any replacement will again go back to the House of Congress for votes, if passed will go forward to the Senate for ratification. Now, we see which party adheres to our Constitution. Never vote for any politician who is not well versed in our Constitution’s Provisions, because we will have scenarios like this again and again. And also because the mainstream media are now in the pocket of the Left and are bent on misleading the public. Study the USA Constitution, and research in the unbiased midia not M/M.

          • Daniel Brofford

            Great post

          • Yes Trump is strongly in favor of universal healthcare similar to the Canadian system. He wants healthcare to be free to all citizens and paid for by tax revenue. Certainly taxes for all Americans will increase exponentially under Trump’s plan. If he decides to build that wall to incarcerate all Americans that will be another huge tax burden for Americans as well.

          • I have never been a far left liberal Democrat like Trump was yesterday before he decided to become POTUS. I am a far right lifetime conservative Republican. IOW, I am the opposite in ideology from you and Trump.

          • Mathew Molk

            You can say that again…I’m am a hard core constitutionalist and I have put my life on the line and shed blood to prove it. 180 degrees from you, commie.

            Go away troll. we don’t need your BS here.

          • I am Marine Corps Vietnam veteran who fought in a place called Khe Sanh in the Republic of Vietnam in late 1967-68. Wounded twice with a Chinese bayonet in my back and a concussion injury that made me deaf for months. Just for a reality check it is you whom is supporting the far left liberal Democrat Trump who was a draft dodger during Vietnam.

          • Daniel Brofford

            I look at it like he’s Just an American.

          • I am amazed at so many people that are star struck by Trump that they did not research his well known leftist past. The fact that Obama was POTUS as the result of Trump’s money and influence should have sent up red flags with every informed person but most people ignore the fact that Trump gave the US Obama. After Trump got Obama elected he called him a “great President in gloating for his efforts.



          • I am hardly mindless but keep myself informed. I have never been a leftist but instead I am a lifetime far right conservative Republican ideologue. IOW, I am the polar opposite of Trump. Indeed Trump’s positions were and are to the left of Hillary. Trump is the most far left candidate to ever run for POTUS in my lifetime and likely the furthest to the left in history.

        • rocquedog

          Hey libturd. Go back and suck on your crack pipe or boyfriend or whatever you turds like to put your mouth on. That’s all they’re good for because your rant isn’t worth squat and your logic is even worse.

          • Do not blame me for you being woefully uninformed and starstruck by Trumps celebrity. Do some actual research on his far left liberal Democrat history.

          • rocquedog

            Everybody hopefully, will grow up sometime or another. In my own case, I used to think that abortion and pot smoking was ok. Then I grew up and learned the ramifications of said activities. Trump grew up. Now he’s a conservative patriot. Some libturds will never grow up as they stay stuck on stupid and high on crack.

          • Trump has NEVER been a conservative but remains a lifetime far left liberal Democrat ideologue.

    • Marie Saqueton

      Just this morning on ABC when Trump denied a CNN reporter a time of day and called him out on their lies and refused to entertain any question from him, the liberal mainstream media again distorted the way Trump did it and trashed Trump as usual, so who could believe CNN anymore? As long as the Oligarchy’s money and George Soros’ money is funding the M/M, nothing truthful will come out of their reporter’s mouth…so lets just trash them. The propaganda they spit out is from their financial ‘PUPPETEERS” to dumb the mediocre minds, just like what the NAZIS did. The mainstream media is no longer credible.

    • tnetcenter



      We DON’T NEED SNOPES! IN FACT THEY ARE PART OF THE #FAKENEWS infrastructure that needs to be torn down!

  • Tim Wilde

    All liberal news is fake! Whether a lie by omission or with intent! Their opinions only matter to the brain dead that watch them!!

  • William Daskiewich

    I love it!!!!! This better than McDs all day breakfast!!!! Everyday more people are paying attention to the man behind the curtain…And the liberals can’t stand it because they have been peddling fake news for 40+ years. And when most Americans finally figure it out…They will be completely out of business!!!! I love it!!!

  • bill14729 .

    He Liberal Bias News Washington Post, Start printing the Truth. We get more truth from Trumps tweets than from You

  • David Carpenter

    You gotta love the irony in this article!

  • Crazy Barry

    If you want to know what the looneytoon lefties are up to, just listen to what they are accusing conservatives of doing. “Fake News”, is one good example.

  • Alan

    Yeah guys, after all these years, we finally learned that sometimes one has to use ones opponents own tactics against them.
    So MSM, how does it feel?

    • tnetcenter

      Ask them in a year!

  • cgretired

    “…from a term used by the mainstream media to attack stories that are troublesome for progressives”

    So, they admit backing “progressives” (ie. communists and socialists)

    • tnetcenter

      Is there ANY real doubt?

  • chris VN

    Block this troll ” cristoiglesia “, it’s probably ” Dumph Trumf’s ” new profile?

    • tnetcenter

      BLOCK USER works WELL! It cuts way down on the garbage that appears! I use it to block SPAMMERS as well!


  • BornAgainSouthernPride

    Liberals don’t like it when you point out their news sources as bogus or biased. They think only the Conservative media is fake. Shame when the right forces them to look in the mirror at themselves.

    • Marie Saqueton

      They have no soul or conscience because they are COMMUNISTS.

  • Gary

    Shows they like to hand it out, but can’t take it themselves. Wimps! Wonder why they’re called “The Washington Compost”, LOL!

  • Miyako

    Well ,The ‘Bolshevik News’ In America Has Been seen”. It Is Controlled By The Left and is Communist Inspired.

    • Marie Saqueton

      I concur, just look at who sponsors them to mislead the masses. The best weapon of the Communists is their taking over the mainstream media to brainwash the simpletons.

      • It certainly seems to have worked on you. You re so far to the left that you should be speaking Russian or Chinese.

        • Marie Saqueton

          i speak five languages and owned my own businesses for 50 years, how about you….you sound like you are on Welfare and a pathological liar and intellectually bankrupt. Vaya con el demonio amigo,porque eres muy mentiroso…..sinugaling ka, utikon ka, dai kang supog.

          • Like most far left liberal ideologues you are ignorant and prone to personal attacks and never addressing the issues. You cannot support your claim to be intellectually superior to others with reason and decorum. Like most Trump followers you are profoundly ignorant, delusional and arrogantly self deceived. I really pity people like you who cannot support their own views and just remain blindly in their ignorance.

  • PatriotAttack

    Is only so long people can put up with lies aka #fakemedia

  • Brent

    “The speed with which the term became polarized and in fact a rhetorical weapon illustrates how efficient the conservative media machine has become,”

    ROFLMAO…That’s funny as heck! No, the speed with which it’s become useless is a testament to how made-up/fake-/useless it was to begin with.

    Ahhh……the “left.” Useless minds trying to grasp at any straw they can.

  • Ron C

    University professor Nikki Usher, uses the term “news” loosely, I believe the term fake news propagandist’s would be a much more accurate term for what the MSM networks are slinging, and falsely terming it as news! Let us NOT forget what was reveled in the DNC leak about how the MSM was totally in the tank for the DNC…like we couldn’t tell with our own lying eyes!

    • tnetcenter

      It’s FAKE NEWS! It doesn’t need to be called ANYTHING other than what it IS!!

      It’s meaning is SELF-EXPLANATORY and as long as it’s used properly, it cuts through ALL of the BULL!

      That’s why LIEBERALS are shooting themselves in the foot over it – they couldn’t really afford to give US the tools to tear them down, but they did anyway!

      THANKS moe-rons!

  • Bernie

    And when are they going to stop using the word “progressives” when we all know they are anything but that?

    • tnetcenter

      Whenever you see the word Progressive used in any context, just substitute the word COMMUNIST and see what the TRUE meaning of the statement IS!!!

      THAT INCLUDES Progressive Insurance co. which literally SUPPORTS the LIEBERAL agenda DIRECTLY through their sales and likely sales from The General Insurance co. which appears to be a FRONT Co. for Progressive Ins. designed to appeal to patriots and veterans!

      I personally switched Insurance companies IMMEDIATELY when I found out that by buying their insurance, I was helping liberals and their agenda! I was not about to let THAT continue any longer than I absolutely had to!!

      • Mathew Molk

        YOu have any place i can verify that. I have had Progressive insurance for years (and yea, I’m a Vet)

        I would hate to have to change agents as we have had an excellent relationship for many years, but id they are total supporters of liberal causes i’ll drop them like a hot rock.

      • Bernie

        If you’re a veteran, switch to USSA insurance.
        I saved a ton of money!!

  • bendej

    As indicated below by The Duck, “fake news” is related to “propaganda.” The term propaganda comes from the progressive, and “father of PR”, Edward Bernays who wrote a book by that name. Essentially, the point of propaganda was like PR, it is intended to use bits and pieces of information (some possibly factual) to weave a narrative creating a certain impression appealing not to logic, but to emotions. There is no intent to be reporting news in the sense of objective provable, or at least supported by credible evidence, fact(s). The intent is to achieve a certain response by the consumers in order to get approval of one’s underlying goal(s) whatever that may be. With the Nazis Ministry of Propaganda (at least the label was truthful) under Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda approach was discredited. After WW II and with the Cold War, there was a concerted effort to avoid it in journalism. However, with the 1960’s and the radicalization of academia and the anti-war feelings amongst even established journalists, it came back.
    By the 1990’s this became known as “spin.” In other words, an ends justify the means approach. Propaganda and spin can have some elements of truth involved, though the conclusions try to sound like deductive reasoning when they are really derived from certain underlying unproven assumptions. I would think fake news takes things a step farther to the point of having literally no factual foundation with essentially fairy tale conclusions derived from a series of often disproven claims and assumptions (at best opinions). In other words, pretty much a large portion of so-called reporting by the MSM.
    Basically, what I have noticed over 50 years of watching and reading “news” is the substantially increased use of adjectives in order to create an emotional response from the consumer and often assign a motive to the person/group the reporter has concluded is a bad actor. Over the course of 30 years or so this lead to spin where some of the information had some basis in fact. However, spin didn’t create the intended effect as both sides could be effective spinners. Thus, we have crossed over to just simply making stuff up and/or completely ignoring inconvenient credible counter evidence. The problem the MSM has had is that the counter information and deductive conclusions are readily available on the internet.
    This is why Obama originally wanted to have executive control of the internet. This would have given him the ability to shut-down the counter information. Similar to Woodrow Wilson’s use of the post office where he shut-down publications by having the post office not distribute the opposing publications. Yes, what we see today is really nothing new, the progressives and liberals have been at it for a long time.

    • tnetcenter

      That’s a nice long blown out description of what LIES are!

      I say call it what it is!!


  • Karll

    The left stream media had dealt solely in “fake” news for a couple of decades now and it is designed to brainwash the weak minded.
    Calling the very few right wing news sources “fake” is just the usual, desperate projection of the left.

    • tnetcenter

      DESPERATE being the KEY word!!

  • Tomahawk

    Not exactly. But we did take their term and use it against them, in the same context it was used against us, which challenged them. And we won. They can’t stand fair play. Nor can they stand losing.

  • Jeff Z

    They can call it whatever they wish….no one reads or watches them anymore (except libtards, and they dont matter anyways).


    Trump just yelled at a reporter and called him Fake News. It was too funny!

    • Marie Saqueton

      Funny and refreshing to call the CNN reporter for what they are…dishonest and ignored him. It made my day.

  • Del Bauman

    Donald Trump is an idiot. Why are we even discussing this trivia?

    • tnetcenter

      You are the ID10T! We are discussing this because it’s important! Crawl back under your rock TROLL!

  • Wenda Kennedy

    We used to call these fake stories simply gossip and we dismissed them out of hand. We used to call people with socialist leaning, a communist. We fought them for how many years? We used to call the Ultra-Left a bunch of people off their rockers. They were crazies who didn’t fit into our capitalist system. We hated people who burned our flag and spit on our values — it was us against them. When did we become so politically correct that we started to accept all this as normal?

    • tnetcenter

      They are ALL the same people and have been doing the same thing for decades now! It’s just that we are finally catching up to how badly they’ve screwed things up and THEY are so desperate that they have dropped all of the pretenses that they used to use!!

      With a little bit of luck and whole lot of prodding by us, we should be able to destroy much of the LIEBERAL MEDIA through their OWN machinations!

      Just keep in mind, gossip w/o supporting evidence is LIES! LIEBERALS rarely if ever provide the evidence! Usually because the “evidence” doesn’t EXIST!!

  • tnetcenter

    #FAKENEWS is SELF EXPLANATORY!! It doesn’t need to be “co-opted” by anyone! It’s meaning is CRYSTAL CLEAR TO EVERYONE READING IT!!!



  • tnetcenter

    He has a HISTORY of successfully running his businesses in spite of the liberal agenda! Of one thing there can be no doubt – HE LOVES AMERICA and wants to see it succeed!! That is more than ANY LIEBERAL has EVER done other than maybe JFK!

    He’s NOT the most Conservative person around, but he IS A CONSERVATIVE to the point that the RNC has been asking him to run for President since the early ’80’s!!

  • Fake news, like fake news, by any other name is still “fake news.”

  • James Ruddy

    Turned it against any news that they see as hostile to their agenda…Nooooooo, they pointed it in the proper direction against fake news. It is hostile to their agenda and persons, but it’s also a lot of lies. Democrats don’t operate in the arena of ideas, they’d get clobbered, so what they do is spread misinformation and outright lies instead, and that’s what ‘fake news’ is.

  • 2 cents

    These are the same idiots that reported the Orlando shooter came from Canada and that he was Canadian. They got what they deserved!GO TRUMP GO! The best news conference ever.