Wall St. Dems Say They’ll Support Trump if Pocahontas is the Nominee

‘I want to help the party, but she’s going to hurt me…’

Elizabeth Warren Wars Against Dem 'Centrists' at Nutty Netroots Conference

Elizabeth Warren/IMAGE: YouTube

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Democratic business donors are threatening to vote for President Trump in 2020 if Democrats nominate Elizabeth Warren, an anti-big business, pro-regulation candidate who has threatened to clean out Wall Street throughout her campaign.

Warren’s campaign has continued to gain momentum as Joe Biden, the current frontrunner, wrestles with the consequences of the Ukraine scandal.

But Warren is not an option for Wall Street.

“You’re in a box because you’re a Democrat and you’re thinking, ‘I want to help the party, but she’s going to hurt me, so I’m going to help President Trump,’” a senior private-equity executive told CNBC.


Warren has proposed a string of policies that would hurt big business, including a wealth tax of 2 percent non families with $50 million in assets, and the Stop Wall Street Looting Act, which targets private-equity firms and attempts to hold them responsible for the debts and pension obligations of smaller firms that they purchase.

“They will not support her. It would be like shutting down their industry,” an executive at one of the nation’s largest banks told CNBC.

Some Wall Street executives have begun rallying to Trump already because Warren has “got to be stopped.”

For her part, Warren doesn’t seem fazed.

In fact, she’s doubled down on her anti-Wall Street policies.