Walgreens Exec Now Will Help Trump Axe Obamacare After Helping Expand It

IMAGE: YouTube

IMAGE: YouTube

(Paul Chesser, Liberty Headlines) Three years after assisting former President Barack Obama with the promotion of health care exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, the executive chairman of Walgreens’s parent company said he’s willing to work with President Donald Trump to help repeal and replace “Obamacare.”

While he did not provide any detailed plans, Chairman James Skinner said at the annual meeting of the Walgreens Boots Alliance that the company would meet with the new administration to help come up with solutions to the nation’s disastrous health care law. On Thursday Skinner was put on the spot about his position on health care reform by Justin Danhof, director of the Free Enterprise Project at the National Center for Public Policy Research, which is a shareholder in Walgreens Boots.

Video of the exchange can be viewed here:

“While the response from Walgreens leaders lacked specifics, I am encouraged the company seems willing to move on from ObamaCare,” said Danhof. “By promoting Obamacare, Walgreens contributed to the vast destruction it caused. Millions of Americans who lost their doctors and insurance plans are right to blame corporations such as Walgreens for supporting former President Obama’s top-down health care scheme.”

In July 2013 Walgreens and Blue Cross/Blue Shield agreed to help promote the health care exchanges under ACA for the Obama administration, in the face of strong public skepticism about the law and its mandates. The pharmacy chain and the insurer jointly set up an “educational Web site,” and informational literature was distributed through Walgreens’s roughly 8,000 stores. Bloomberg reported at the time:

The campaign is aimed at encouraging people without insurance to use the government exchanges to shop for subsidized health plans.

The announcement may provide a lift two weeks after the National Football League threw water on the idea of becoming a partner with the Obama administration, which has struggled to sell the law’s benefits amid roadblocks by Republican opponents. The Walgreen-Blue Cross effort would be the largest by private industry to promote the 2010 health-care law.

Two months following the announcement of the alliance, Walgreens shifted 160,000 of its employees to private exchanges, forcing them to pay for more of their costs. The Wall Street Journal reported, “Aside from rising health-care costs, the company cited compliance-related expenses associated with the new law as a reason for the switch.”

NCPPR’s Danhof challenged Walgreens’s Skinner to make good for his employees, after the company’s poor judgment in promoting Obamacare.

“Leading from behind was a strategy for the previous administration,” Danhof said in a press release. “The new leadership in the White House is looking for quick and decisive action, and Walgreens owes it to their employees and the communities it serves to come to the table with plans to help reform the government’s broken health care infrastructure.”