VICTIM’S DAD: Jerry Brown Can Go to Hell Over Sanctuary Status

Don Rosenberg had appealed to the Governor not to sign the bill making California a full sanctuary state…

(Daily Caller News Foundation) The father of a young man killed by an illegal immigrant slammed California’s sanctuary state law on “Fox and Friends” Wednesday, and said Democratic Governor Jerry Brown should go straight “to hell.”

“I wish he would get on the bullet train, first stop to hell, and he should get off and stay there,” Don Rosenberg said. “His concern for criminals, be they legal or not, is outrageous and has cost the live of many Californians.”

Rosenberg’s son, Drew Rosenberg, was killed by Roberto Galo in 2010, an illegal immigrant from Honduras.

Drew was on his motorcycle in San Francisco, when Galo made a last-second turn and collided with him.

Galo continuously ran over Drew’s body in an attempt to flee, before finally jumping out of his car and running away.

Galo was stopped by the San Francisco Police months earlier for driving without a license and going the wrong way down a one-way street.

Instead of being arrested, Galo was cited and released, according to CBS News.

Rosenberg said the charge against Galo was originally vehicular homicide, but was then reduced to misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter.

Galo only spent 43 days in jail for killing Drew, and was allowed to continue living in the United States for two more years until he was deported.

“When Obama was president we couldn’t even talk to anybody,” Rosenberg said. “There was no response whatsoever.”


He also expressed concern over a potential deal on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and said the government should fix the rest of the immigration system before addressing the issue.

“Our position is you don’t do anything about DACA until you take care of everything else with illegal immigration and I’m very nervous about that one,” Rosenberg said.

San Francisco is a sanctuary city, and recently came under fire for finding Jose Ines Garcia Zarate not guilty for the murder of Kate Steinle.

A jury found the illegal immigrant not guilty on all counts, except for felony possession of a weapon.

Steinle’s murder sparked a national debate about the legality of sanctuary cities and the politicization of immigration.

Rosenberg appeared in a television ad in May where he referenced Steinle and his son, saying “California should be a sanctuary, for Californians.”

He appealed to Brown not to sign the bill making California a full sanctuary state, but Senate Democrats passed the bill on a party line vote and Brown signed the bill into law in October.

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  • Yosemite Sam

    CA governor Jerry Brown, aka MoonBeam, will forever have spilled American red blood on his hands. This is a fact which is indefensible. Jerry Brown has always planted himself firmly on the wiring side of history . . .

  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    Congress needs to get busy and make sanctuary cities and states illegal.

  • just care

    Jerry can go to h€ll for a whole lot of reasons. This is one of them.

  • Yosemite Sam

    Jerry Brown has transformed California neighborhoods, plummeting rapidly towards third world status. Many today resemble the; “Ho Chi Minh Trail“.