Victim, Suspects in Brutal NC Murder Were All Likely Illegals

Deceased was stabbed 26 times…

Victim, Suspects in Brutal NC Murder Were All Likely Illegals

Doris Maribel Alvarado-Peraza

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) A 28-year-old man was stabbed 59 times in Gaston County, North Carolina, and the suspected killers — who have holds on their bonds due to immigration concerns — are likely illegal citizens.

Miguel Angel Valle Romero’s body was discovered in the woods in the Mallard Crossing subdivision off Crowders Creek Road by a bypasser riding his ATV in December.

He was stabbed 26 times in the back and neck; 13 times in the torso; five times in the head; four times in the left arm or shoulder; twice on the opposite side; once in the left thigh; and another eight times in the chest, according to the report by the Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner’s Office.

The suspects, Doris Maribel Alvarado-Peraza, Elmer Alexander Lopez, and Maynor Hernan Ortega each have a hold on his or her bond due to immigration concerns, according to the Gaston County Police Department.

Alvarado-Peraza and Ortega were arrested following a traffic stop in Jeff Davis County, Georgia, and Lopez was captured by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police at a residence on Orr Road.

All four lived in Charlotte, police say.

“We feel like we have a strong case if that tells you anything, with all the forensics we have found,” said Gaston County Police Capt. Curtis Rosselle.

Violent murders like Romero’s are likely to be committed by illegal immigrants, according to a Fox News report.

Illegal immigrants are three times as likely to be convicted of murder as members of the general population.


Former Department of Justice attorney J. Christian Adams called illegal immigrant crime a “wave of staggering proportions.”

Last fall, the House passed the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act and Kate’s Law to tighten immigration enforcement and prevent illegal immigrants from committing violent crimes.

Both stem from the tragic 2015 murder of Kate Steinle by an illegal alien after he had been deported multiple times.

“Every one [of the recent cases] was preventable through better border security and enforcing immigration laws,” Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies told Fox News. “They should have been sent back to their home country instead of being allowed to stay here and have the opportunity to kill Americans.”