US Soldier Killed In Syria

The U.S.A. is entering a new & dangerous phase in the Syrian war…

(Zero Hedge) Two coalition personnel, including an American, were killed and five others wounded late on March 29, when a roadside bomb exploded in northern Syria, the U.S. military said Friday.


While the military did not say where the attack took place or give the nationalities of the other casualties, it came hours after a local Syrian official said that a roadside bomb exploded in the Arab-Kurdish town of Manbij, not far from the border with Turkey.

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A Department of Defense official in Washington said one of the two killed was an American service member and the other was of another nationality that the official would not specify. The killed American was the fourth US military member killed in Syria since the US became officially involved under the pretext of fighting ISIS in 2014.

Commenting on the attack, Charles Lister of the Middle East Institute said that “this is a *very* significant development ” adding that “location (as yet undetermined) is key in determining perpetrator & implications” and as a result “we’re entering a new & dangerous phase.”

The U.S. military statement said the attack happened Thursday night and that the wounded were being evacuated for further medical treatment; details were being withheld for the time being pending further investigation.

According to AP, no other information about the deceased American was immediately available…

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