US Military Caught Between LGBT and ‘Breaking Things’

( Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, known for his blunt talk on social issues, once remarked that the purpose of a military is to “kill people and break things.”

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The U.S. military’s reason for existence is now in view as it deals with the social-engineering that took place under President Obama.

The Military Times points out that President Trump’s defense secretary, Jim Mattis, has urged being “very careful that we do not undercut battlefield effectiveness with shortsighted social programs.” But he also has said he has “no plan to oppose women serving in any aspect in our military” and that he “never cared much about two consenting adults and who they go to bed with.”

The Times said promoters of social engineering are working hard to sway Mattis’ judgment. But under the new defense chief, the military already has reversed Obama’s transgender measure for military schools.

Under Obama, students were granted full access to restrooms and showers that align with their “gender identity.” When Mattis took over, the policy of allowing military school principals to deal with such matters on a case-by-case basis was restored.

Also, a coalition of nearly 100 leaders under the banner of the Conservative Action Project have called for the Department of Defense to pull back from the “costly and distracting social engineering” and instead pursue “America’s military readiness.”

“The process of strengthening our military will not succeed, however, if military service personnel have to contend with problematic military/social policies imposed by the Obama administration – policies that actually impede mission readiness, command proficiency, and combat effectiveness,” the 85 leaders said in an open letter.

“Conservative leaders urgently suggest that the Trump administration review and rescind the Obama-era policies that hinder military readiness and overall effectiveness. Politically correct policies have been imposed largely through administrative fiat. They can be removed in like manner while further study and congressional guidance is obtained. The most problematic policies in this category are those addressing the presence of transgender individuals in the military.”

Signatories include former Attorney General Edwin Meese III, Lt. Gen. William Boykin, Rep. Bob McEwen and Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness.

On Donnelly’s website, she expanded on the topic, warning that following the Obama outline would be expensive and would distract from the main purpose of the military.

“Aaron Belkin, who heads an LGBT activist group called the Michael D. Palm Center, expects the military medical system to provide specialized medical care, including surgery, to personnel who are confused about their sexual identity. Some sources estimate transgender medical procedures and hospitalization to cost between $125,000 and $150,000, but Belkin guesses that average costs within the military health system would be a mere $30,000,” Donnelly explained.

“The disingenuous low-ball estimate probably does not include commanding officers’ time diverted to manage complex cases, the impact of displacing other patients, losses due to treatment-related non-deployability, and lifelong hormone therapy to sustain transgender delusions. Estimates aside, medical costs are the least of it.

Donnelly said mandates from President Obama and Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter “are forcing the armed forces to assume the risks of retaining and recruiting a cohort of persons who are suffering from gender dysphoria, one of several psychological conditions that affect personal readiness.”

“Gender dysphoria requires long-term medical treatments and sometimes surgery, with uncertain results and higher risks of depression and suicide,” she said.

She suggested, like the coalition letter signers, the military should not be in the business of promoting “gay” events and celebrations, military doctors should not be forced to do sex-change “transition” treatments and the Pentagon needs to “assign highest priority to mission readiness and combat lethality.”

“CMR has analyzed the full array of Defense Department directives, instructions, guidebooks, training presentations, handbooks, roadmaps, and toolkits issued to make radical transgender policies ‘work,’” she wrote. “The set includes a 2016 directive and subsequent mandates derived from it, which deliberately turned priorities upside down, from military necessity to political correctness.”

She explained that things like a 2016 instruction that “explicitly states that military commanders, doctors, and nurses must approve, participate in, or perform body-altering surgeries that many consider contrary to medical ethics or an affront to their own personal convictions or religious beliefs” should be overturned.

She said it’s a simple matter of science, contrary to LGBT groups that teach “gender identity is ‘assigned’ at birth and can be altered by changing a person’s official ‘gender marker.’”

“On the contrary, science says that gender is identified at birth, not assigned. Every person’s unique DNA exists in every cell of their human body. A person’s true gender markers, known as XX or XY chromosomes, cannot be altered with changes in hair and clothing, hormone treatments, or body-altering surgeries.”

The military, she said, should be improving “mission readiness and combat lethality – the paramount goals that incoming Secretary of Defense James Mattis said he would pursue as his highest priority.”

She identifies the handicaps to the military under an LGBT social agenda: soldiers out of action for medical treatment and more, disruptions from the “Real Life Experience” of cross-dressing, how commanders must react when “‘Marty’ announces he is pregnant” and how the agenda “makes it clear that women who have minimal expectations of privacy in close quarters should accept biological men and ‘gender pretenders’ entering women-only facilities such as showers.”

She continued: “These issues are not about PC causes or social ties, they are about harmful policies that assign higher priority to political and ideological goals, not military readiness. President Trump and Secretary Mattis can strengthen our military by restoring sound priorities that are long overdue.”

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