US & Japan Analysts: N. Korea Has Developed Nuclear Missile Warheads

(Breitbart) A grim milestone appears to be passing, as both U.S. and Japanese intelligence analysts believe North Korea has developed the technology to miniaturize nuclear warheads and fit them inside long-range missiles, years ahead of schedule.

North Korea photo

Photo by (stephan) (CC)

Japan’s annual defense review, released on Tuesday morning, described the threat from North Korea’s nuclear missile program as “acute.”

“It is conceivable that North Korea’s nuclear weapons program has already considerably advanced and it is possible that North Korea has already achieved the miniaturization of nuclear weapons and has acquired nuclear warheads,” the white paper warned. “Since last year, when it forcibly implemented two nuclear tests and more than 20 ballistic missile launches, the security threats have entered a new stage.”

Accordingly, the BBC reported that Japan has begun its first civilian air-raid drills since the end of World War II, evidently stepping up a program revealed earlier this year which taught civilians in certain towns how to deal with an errant North Korean test missile (or perhaps a weapon fired at American military installations in Japan) falling in a populated area.

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“We’re told to hit the ground or hide behind the wall, but will that really help? Will that really protect us if a missile really falls here, I wonder?” asked one Japanese citizen interviewed by the BBC.

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday afternoon that U.S. analysts at the Defense Intelligence Agency reached similar conclusions about North Korea’s capabilities in a confidential assessment prepared last month….

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  • gideonrockwell

    If they can do what they have so far in building nuclear devices, what would stop them from building a number of man portable devices and smuggling them into the U.S.? Tom Clancy was almost like a prophet concerning such things, remember “The sum of All Fears? We need to deal with this psycho tin horn dictator now, such as a nuclear tipped missile through his front door.

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  • mlstephens


  • Kenn Talbot

    Nuclear warheads and a nuclear s**thead with his finger on the trigger. That is a deadly situation. We need a covert comic-book type hero to take him out.

    • Right View

      Soon or later the Loony fat Un
      will nail the US, we have no choice but to defend ourself & our allies from this fat dreamer, go Mr Loony Trump defend your home land

  • Richard Muccillo MDDCM

    need to quit posting this crap–fatty will soon be destroyed

  • ECwashr

    Thanks to Bill Clinton and Obama, the Kings of Appeasers!!

    • Jon Blake

      Hillary twice flew into KN with suitcases of the Taxpayers money to appease them. This is the result of all that failed ideologies.

      • Alicebclark


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    • jscarano7

      don’t for get bush

    • richjack4

      Yep, Korea had them and Obama knew it and did nothing. Left it for the next president to deal with. Maybe that should be the legacy he so desires!

  • Reflect

    President Trump: give free reign to the CIA,as it works in Asia……

  • barnjoer

    I think what ever gets shot at us we have something that will take it out of the air before it gets very close to the US.

  • GymS

    Japan will handle this and we will assist. One less threat from something obama couldn’t handle.

  • Jon Blake

    I hate to say it we’re going to have to send in Bombers and disabled their Launch Pads and production Plant for at least 100 Days.. (we know where they are)

  • Junior1950

    Now more than ever, a move MUST BE MADE to STOP THE FAT LITTLE MAD MAN Kim Jong Un IN HIS TRACKS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jon Blake

    NK is sizing up Guam as its first Target. We need to act now,

  • awaitingtherapture

    Evacuate our troops, then make the capital of North Korea glow in the dark, and drop hundreds of the MOAB’s on their artillery stations. Believe me, know where each and every one of them are.

    • Alberto Bencivenga

      Be careful, because if you drop on them the mother of all bombs, they will retaliate dropping on you the mother-in-law of all bombs!

  • Jere Crouse

    We better nuke this idiot ASAP.

  • Gregg Parker

    Okay let’s try this again… Let’s just show him what real nuke power is really about. The two North Koreans left can cry for the loss of their leader and the rest of the population. Killing folks just because you can carries a massive price

  • hangout4900

    Who is still supplying North Korea with the material and supplies to all of a sudden be able to have Nuclear Missile Warheads ? When just last year they were only shooting off Giant Bottle Rockets ?

    • 7818TD


      • hangout4900

        Well I guess its not just North Korea we have to worry about it is China too. Possibily North Korea might be China’s decoy to start a war wtih the US.

        • 7818TD

          Possibility, no easy answer here. Kicking the can down the road to a man strong enough to handle it, was damn unfair, but it is, what it is.

    • Lord Layton

      Iran. Remember the $150 BILLION Obozo flew there just before leaving office? Traitor!

  • theframerswereright

    Take KJU out now. There’s no time to waste…

  • Warren Blum

    Hey n. Korea! Want to try one out? Send it to San fran. Wait till we tell u jerry brown and Pelosi are there first

  • Falcon Aviator

    Here We go Again !!! After the Iraq War which was based on the so called ” Arm of Mass Destruction” now the so called ” US Intelligence ” is now paving the way to another human catastrophe.
    Since the election of President Trump,the Washington DC Swamp that includes all Corrupt Professional Politicians (Congress & Senate ) and the corrupt Administrative support left behind by Obomo, are doing everything to stall President Trump efforts to MAKE America Great Again!!!.
    Before it was the so called Russia involvement in America Election. Now the so called US Intelligence is dragging President Trump into another dangerous path. I truly hope that President Trump will use his own intellectual judgment to make his own decision and NOT to believe in those FAKE NEWS of Washington Post and their FAKE Japanese Allies….
    For those Wars Mongers who are advocating for Wars from their Bedsides, I tell them that they never experienced any single wars hence do not know what they are BARKING FOR. So many of our Brave Men and Women have died in wars which were NOT ALL of US interest . So to those WHO ARE BARKING FOR WARS FROM THEIR BEDSIDES, I would ask them to FIRST ENROLL in the US Forces BEFORE opening their FAKE MOUTHS .

  • Alberto Bencivenga

    If nuclear weapons are outlawed by the United Nations, nobody should be permitted to have them, but without this rule, Andorra, the San Marino Republic and the Vatican Swiss Guards too have the right to have them!

    • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

      The UN is the most useless thing ever. Even worse than a liberal mindset. They have no standing and no power, they are just an America hating waste of US tax dollars. We need to stop funding them and kick them out ASAP.

      • Alberto Bencivenga

        Don’t say nonsenses! Enough of them are already coming out of your dangerous country every day, so that there is no need of increasing them!

        • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

          If you like the UN so much invite them to invade your country and your tax dollars can support them. We don’t want the UN in the US.

  • clymer

    If China doesn’t step up and put some pressure on this jerk, then the people of this nation should immediately start boycotting all Chinese products. If they don’t want to help, then screw them!

  • faithhopelove123

    Total collusion between media and all branches of government. They’re going for it and if successful we will no longer be the country we “thought” we were. This will seal the deal. If people don’t stand now, they never will. Americans are complacent and lazy.

  • Louie Rey

    This is what happens when yo kick the can down the road through a thoroughly pathetic concept known as appeasement. What that little punk Kim is doing is following the game plan set in motion by his grandfather. North Korea rattles some sabers, America comes calling and says if you promise to stop the saber rattling we’ll give you millions of dollars. North Korea abides by that deal until they run a little short on money and the cycle begins all over. Wash, rinse, repeat. If we had put our foot down 50 years ago we wouldn’t be on the verge of nuclear decimation. The problem is that Kim is insane enough to not know what he’d be inciting. Don’t look now but I see a mushroom cloud in our not too distant future. Hopefully, that mushroom cloud won’t be over a major American city.

  • Build a burger

    Why would they be “years ahead of schedule”?
    The Clinton’s gave China how much of our nuke warhead technology???