Univ. Pledges to Keep Giving Financial Aid to Student Illegals

(Daily Caller News Foundation) Wake Forest University promised in a Monday statement to continue giving financial aid to illegal immigrant students.

Wake Forest University photo

Wake Forest University/Photo by almassengale (CC)

The university offered counseling services and safe spaces in the letter sent in preparation for President Donald Trump’s termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which enables some illegal immigrants that entered the U.S. as minors to apply for a work permit and obtain a renewable two-year period of deferred actions.

“Wake Forest is here to support all our students, including those who are not U.S. citizens,” the university said. “We are a campus that welcomes diverse people and viewpoints. Our campus is richer for our diverse population and we will continue to provide financial aid, support services, and connection to legal resources for undocumented students.”

“You belong here and you are welcome here,” Wake Forest’s statement added.

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The university cites a statement by its president, Nathan O. Hatch, in which Hatch says that Wake Forest community members protect one another from discrimination. The school also states its provision of counseling services, as well as spaces for “reflection and solace.”

Wake Forest’s statement is authored by interim chief diversity officer José A. Villalba, intercultural center director Johnathan McElderry, LGBTQ center director Angela Mazaris, and women’s center director Paige Meltzer.

Several other universities have avowed their support for DACA and called upon Trump to preserve it.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement labels schools, along with churches, health care facilities, ceremonies like funerals and weddings, and public demonstrations as “sensitive locations” at which it is less likely to take enforcement actions.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to Wake Forest University for comment, but received none in time for publication.

Republished with permission from Daily Caller News Foundation via iCopyright license.

  • putterlady

    Taking up space a America, could have. We welcome all kind of diverse people, unless they are conservative.

  • Bergbau

    It is one thing to welcome a diversity of people, but it is another thing to stand contrary to our constitutional laws. I think a way can be forged to help these DACA students, but you show them no favors by encouraging rebellion against the law. When anarchy prevails you will bear some of the guilt. You most likely already do through your so-called “liberal” education.

  • rick meek

    Don’t you just LOVE higher education……

    • kep

      Our school systems have been hijacked by the liberals decades ago. Our public schools are now liberal indoctrination camps.

      • Naval Lint

        Which is why I ALWAYS encourage young parents to home-school their children.The DoE has proven itself to be aligned with anti-American philosophies.

      • rick meek

        I’m aware – I’ve been fighting to bring back Vo-Tech high schools and trade schools ever since they removed their funding and shifted to getting kids into college and a hefty education bill…..

        • kep

          Real domestic terrorists that were with groups like the weatherman, and black panthers are now college professors teaching political science. Is it any wonder why kids come out of college hating America and ALL she stands for?

  • scout finch

    My son could NOT get financial aid because he worked as a WAITER (which MUST be on the list of the least paying top 10 jobs)! But, illegals getting it is just fine with University?? I hate liberals so much…I could…well, I could!!

  • Bill Harrison

    Stop supporting these school with your money and they will change their tune specially if state support is curtailed.

    • honestynow

      True, but this one is private. Alumni- listen up.

  • Duke615

    I remember Wake Forest as a CONSERVATIVE Baptist university. How times have changed! OLD timers should remember when a visiting ballet troupe (dancing!) was not allowed to perform on campus, but had to perform in downtown Winston-Salem.

  • Thomas in Jacksonville

    Is it a state supported school? If not then it is up to those that give money to the school to protest this. I would support the state and federal governments cutting off all funds they may be giving to the school, even through student aid programs.

  • cooldela1966

    Wake Forest is in a race to become the most liberal college.

  • Terry L Walker

    Folks, there is an easy solution to this; stop sending your children to this University. Boycott all sporting events and ensure not one dine of your money goes to support this institution.

    Now if it were a public university I would be calling my Congressman this morning! But this is a private university and they have every right to go broke.

  • Bonita Beach Babe

    Yup, they get their financial aid, get their degree, go home and never pay their loans.