Univ. Activists Demand US Flag No Longer Fly Above State Flag

Hawaii activist: ‘Our identity has been erased, beaten, battered and thrown to the side…’

Hawaii American flag photo

Photo by scazon (CC)

(The College Fix) This past Wednesday, a group of about 15 University of Hawaii-Maui Native Hawaiian students and activists stole US and Hawaii state flags from around campus to protest the United States’ “historical oppression of the islands.”

Specifically, they say the US flag should not fly above the Hawaiian state flag.

“Our identity has been erased, beaten, battered and thrown to the side,” a man wrapped in a Hawaiian flag said to those assembled before UH Chancellor Lui Hokoana.

“We’re here today to say, ‘No, we’re still here.’ We’re here to communicate to the leadership at MCC that the American flag cannot fly above the Hawaiian flag any longer because of its symbolic oppression of the illegal overthrow” of Hawaii.

UH President David Lassner and campus chancellors agreed to implement a “two-flag approach” that, The Maui News reports, is already used at the State Capitol and other UH campuses: The US and Hawaii flags will be flown on separate poles at the same height.

You mean … that’s it?

Hokoana said he has been trying to get a second flagpole constructed, but the work has not been completed. In the interim, the college will not use its current flagpole and instead post the two flags on separate 7-foot indoor poles outside the Wong Conference Room.

The college will use this flag standard until the construction of the second flag pole is completed, Hokoana said…Original Source

  • Naval Lint

    Hawaii seemed ECSTATIC to have a US flag flying over their state, when Japan was a serious threat. Perhaps we should have let Japan take over Hawaii during WW2. They COULD now be speaking Japanese, with their entire culture and people TOTALLY ERASED! The Empire of Japan was NOT kind to subjugated people at that time…

  • Born Again Southern Pride

    There is a legitimate arguement to be made on how and why the sovereign territory was admitted. They do need their day in court.

  • metalchristian

    I say we SELL Hawaii to the Chinese and see how these Kahunas like being slaves to the Chinese Empire! They aren’t Americans anyway!

  • Washington Watchdog

    Americans need to get their heads screwed on right. We are becoming a laughing stock by some of the antics of our university students.