‘UNFAIR:’ Miss USA Contestant’s Recollections of Trump Disputed

Former Miss New Jersey remembers dressing room visit quite differently from accuser…

(PhillyVoice.com) A woman who has accused President Donald Trump of ogling her and other contestants in a private dressing room before the 2006 Miss USA Pageant recalled her story Monday on Megyn Kelly’s NBC morning show.

But NBC10 Philadelphia traffic reporter Jessica Boyington disputed Samantha Holvey’s version of Trump’s interactions with the contestants in a segment aired on the station Tuesday.

“He comes in like he owns the place. And like he owns you,” Holvey, who was Miss North Carolina USA that year, said on Megyn Kelly Today, adding that contestants were wearing robes with nothing on underneath.

“He’s just looking at us, eyeing us up and down, and then walked into the dressing room where we have two big security guards to make sure nobody but the girls and our female chaperones can get into the dressing room, and he just walks right in.”

But Boyington, who represented New Jersey in the competition, told NBC10 that Trump and now-First Lady Melania Trump were due to enter the dressing room about one hour in advance, saying they were given plenty of notice.

“They said, ‘Mr. Trump is going to enter the room now. He wants to talk to you guys,'” Boyington said.

“They pretty much called us forward to go stand in front of the dressing room. So we all came forward and stood there. He walked in, he said ‘Hello. Good job. How are you? Good luck.’ Something very simple, very fast. Then Melania said a few words, and then they walked out.”…

“I just want to speak about my experience and my truth because I was a person that was there,” Boyington said. “When I see something that I feel is a little unfair in terms of honesty, I feel it’s my job to say something.”…

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  • Cancel_NPR

    Wow —- Former Miss New Jersey, Samantha Holvey, LIED ??
    Surely not…

    • David Kledzik

      Samantha Holvey, Miss North Carolina. Boynton was Miss New Jersey.

  • Steve G.

    I think by this point we can pretty much ignore any allegations against Trump due to all the lies and especially what the FBI did. Miss North Carolina never mentioned that Melania was there too, and another accuser said he put his hand on her behind while Melania is in the room. Do you really think Trump would do this in front of his wife? I think not.

  • jcrawdad

    Former Miss New Jersey remembers dressing room visit quite differently from accuser

    THIS SEXUAL INNUENDOS IS JUST WHAT I THOUGHT IT WAS. this is nothing but the Liberals trying to make up stories to turn voters against Trump to ether push Him from Office or vote Him out. What Trumps people should be all over this proving it’s all a scam .They had to show the voters there was a pattern by blaming other Political people to make it look real . If they want to investigate something , they should look into each case , and if proven false , have jail time ready .

  • Mike

    This article of course ignores that Donald Trump has in the past gone on the Howard Stern show and bragged that he was able to walk into the dressing room and look at the Miss America contestants in various states of undress. Of course do not let that stop you Trump sheeple in defending this ridiculous President.

    • 2399molly

      I believe that recording someone without their knowledge is illegal. Since I have worked around men all my life, I heard worse things that I considered to be brags between men and never heard one of them following through. You men are going to regret going along with this political correctness. Talk about sheeple.!!!!

      • Mike

        he was on Howard Stern’s radio show as a guest so he has no expectation of privacy.

        • Bielsabub

          And Mickey, your expectation of privacy will be gone when mommy makes you move out of the basement.
          Hope your sock gets washed before it gets harder than you could ever hope to be.

      • Jackalyn Morrison


    • Ed Price

      First, he did not own the Miss america brand – it was Miss USA and we’ve all said things we wish we did not. saying and doing are two completely different things. Now, Franken was a doer!

      • Mike

        he said he did it. that is an action.

        • Bielsabub

          Mickey, Mickey.
          I have money that says you bragged to your one pal about all the action you were getting, with your athletic sock you named Gretchen

          • Mike

            Yes when I was a teenager not as an adult and no one adult I know has, especially not 60 year olds like Trump was on the access Hollywood tape.

        • Lee Martinsen

          The Fake media said he said it. The tape was bull hookie, just like MSM stories.

          • Mike

            the crazy thing is that you actually believe that recordings of the President are fake. There truly is no hope for that level of stupidity. I am sorry the public school system has failed you so badly.

      • Codygunn

        With pictures no less and is still working??

      • Jackalyn Morrison

        Good comment thanks

    • Bielsabub

      The one thing that really pi$$es me off is that morons like you Mickey are also getting the 401K benefits that President Trump has wrought while your drunken Trollope, her pedifile hubby and swhoop gangster
      EX – president laughs behind the high walls of his Sheitcongo Mansion.


      • Mike

        Yes the stock market has continued to improve under Trump. It has continued to break records- records set by Obama, but yes the stock market has done well. Of course not to worry his tax cuts will lead to a short increase again and then a crash as they always do.

        • Lee Martinsen

          The only records set by Buhrok Osama were for lows, you MORON.

          • Mike

            President Obama oversaw the third largest increase in the stock market in our history and it was at a record high when he left office. President Trump has broken that record and he should be commended for that.

    • DCII

      Apparently there is a witness that was there as well that says this wasn’t one of those instances. Seems like a pretty strong defense unless your blinded by hate.

      • Mike

        President Trump admitted to doing this very thing in an interview on the Howard Stern show. I would say an admission of guilt is more powerful unless you are a blind Trump sheeple.

        • DCII

          Not in this instance, apparently very easy to prove Melanie was there, an announcement was made prior, came in and they both said some nice words and left. Dismissed.

          • Mike

            Sure dismissed as long as you ignore the women who made the allegations and Trump’s own words that he did the exact thing he was accused of. Of course you are a good Trump sheeple and will do exactly that. Well done once again the conman Trump has pulled the wool over your eyes sheeple.

          • DCII

            What part of-not in this instance-are you not comprehending? X this one off the list, quit crying- there’s still more to go blindy. Maybe you’ll get to high five your Hillary buddies later.

          • Mike

            Again as long as you ignore the contestants who have said the opposite as only one has come forward and said it is untrue. Also once again you need to ignore Trump’s own words. Of course as a sheeple that is what you do. You must because your “values” told you to vote for a man completely unfit to be President in our toddler in chief Trump.

          • Carol

            He won Mr. dumass!

          • Mike

            Absolutely he won. Congratulations you put aside your supposed “values” to elect a man who is completely unfit to lead. A racist who as far back as the 1970s was sued for racial discrimination. A man who conned thousands with Trump University and who stole from hundreds of middle class businesses. A man with no morals. Yes he won. Again congratulations for putting an unqualified buffoon into the Presidency.

          • Carol

            Since I don’t believe any of what you think, thanks for the congrats, I will take it. You see I would like to see a tax break for my kids. I want secure borders. I believe in extreme vetting. I like that he respects our military and first responders. Most of all I like his strong will. Putting America and the citizens first. Has tremendous respect from leaders of other countries. I like his toughness, he doesn’t back down. Many many other things. At least for the next three years he is our President, deal with it. Btw if you end up with a tax cut, I think you personally should give it back. MAGA!

          • Mike

            You are aware outside of people like Putin Trump does not have the respect of world leaders. Many of our greatest allies such as Britain, Germany and Australia have come out and stated they can no longer rely on the United States for help if needed. That is as damning as it can be in stating that they no longer have confidence in the leadership of the United States. We have always had extreme vetting despite what Trump has stated. It takes an individual from the Middle East upwards of two years to emigrate into this country. Trump has done nothing to improve or change the vetting process and he will not be able to. Why? This is because we ALREADY have the strongest vetting program in the world. Trump respects the military? A man who dodged the draft, called out a POW war hero, insulted a widow when he called her and insulted a Gold Star Family. Tell me what exactly is respect to you because my definition does not include any of that. As for the GOP tax plan based on the previous projections I was one of the 10 to 20% of middle class families that would be seeing a tax increase. Ten to twenty percent of middle class families will see their taxes go up so President Trump and his billionaire friends can get a huge tax break along with corporations which actual tax rate is much lower than the corporate rate of 35%. You have done nothing to educate yourself on actual issues which is how a conman like President Trump can get to be President. Again congratulations for having no values.

          • Carol

            I and you saw how respected he was during the Asian trip. The rest of your comment is your opinion. I probably won’t see much of a difference with the tax cuts either but I want it for my kids. I’m fine. Your beliefs about extreme vetting is bulsht. What about the diversity lottery? Now we have to deal with DACA. Their parents are here illegally. Extreme vetting, we don’t have that in place now. People that come into the country legally are a different story. Not talking about those people. As far as the rest of your post, who gives a crap! He won! Get over it.

          • Carol

            Oh and one more thing. Putin was giving a year end speech to his people yesterday and he weighed in on our President and what is going on in America. He got it right 100%! Have you seen the video? Couldn’t have said it better! Wish more people in this country would see things as they are instead of spewing hate and fake news which messes with the stock market. Knock it off people!

          • Mike

            Yes Putin sang his praises. The sad part is that individuals like you are not intelligent enough to see the problem in that. I am impressed you believe it is wonderful to have a President that is Putin’s puppet. Again well done.

          • Carol

            Putin certainly did not sing him praises! Did you even listen to him? President Trump is not his puppet, that is your feeling/ opinion which is what you will only hear from your fake news networks. I’m not intelligent enough? Why don’t you stop replying to me because certainly my stupidity is insulting to your oh so superior knowledge of all things.

          • Mike

            He praised our economy and Trump’s handling of the economy so yes he did praise President Trump. Trump is his puppet as he is the only leader that Trump will not confront. He has no difficulty confronting our allies, but Putin Trump gives a pass. It is sad that you take so little time to research any issue, but that is the mantra of the Trump uneducated voter. My expectations I believe should not be so high for a voter in this great country.

          • Carol

            President Trump deserves praise for the economy. That’s not the part of Putin’s message I’m talking about. Putin said people in this country are trying anything to get President Trump out of office, which is disrespectful of him and the people that voted him in . Putin has much more insight than you do and he’s suppose to be the bad guy. How ironic. I think both Putin and Trump are very strong and strongwilled leaders and they know that about one another, not trusting each other but cautiously respectful. Don’t see anything wrong with that. Doesn’t mean one is the others puppet, don’t believe that at all!

          • DCII

            One-has said it’s untrue in this instance, already disputed-so easy to be able to prove if Melanie was there, if there was a prior announcement, they both said a few nice words and left. It’s over for this one, this will go nowhere-sorry to dash your high hopes. Wipe the blood off your fangs blindy. I have no regrets voting for trump, I’m sleeping good while your making yourself sick with revenge.

          • Mike

            i never believed you would have regrets for voting for Trump. Individuals like yourself with no values or morals would never have regret for voting someone like Trump who also has no morals or values as President.

          • DCII

            Sure-you anti Trumpers have such great morals and values claiming all Trumpers are racist, your violent protest burning buildings, cars, breaking and smashing public and private property. Going on people’s land and destroying or stealing their Trump signs and households, beating up or violently assaulting someone wearing a Trump button or such. Blocking streets so people can’t get to work, doctors, or groceries. Holding protest signs that read rape Melanie. On and on with your violent hate that can only instigate one outcome-your creation blindy, your people.

  • 2399molly

    I believe it is time for the lyrics of Gloria Allred should be discounted and she should be disbarred. I want proof from now on. Is she paid by the Soros group lead by Brock. This enquiring voter wants to know. I also want to know why Soros who is wanted by Hungary can give money to the DNC and why he is allowed two citizenship’s and funds every terrorist groupie. It is time to send him back to Hungary as they want him.

    • Jackalyn Morrison

      I am with you one hundred percent

    • Ron S.

      ” Is she paid by the Soros group lead by Brock”… Brock Lesnar???

      • slk5

        where’s he hiding!!!

    • Dan

      Got that right !!!!

    • Name

      Soros is also wanted in Russia for war crimes.

    • Tagdogs

      I say execute Soros and put his billions of dollars towards health care.

      • Pablo


      • 2399molly

        Great idea.

      • BIGOTIST

        what? they have billions of $’s~

      • kimbi

        I’ll second third fourth fifth……. that

        Now. About that healthcare. Americans ONLY!

      • JB

        You said it all I agree with 100%! I’m glad someone else feels like me.

    • kimbi

      Russia has a million dollar bounty on his ugly head.

    • slk5

      anything allred is a big red flag!!!

    • richjack4

      Absolutely!with today’s technology, if a woman is going to come forth publicly with an accusation, she better have some type of proof to support it. This crap about taking every word of every “victim” is total BS.

    • Corinne Simpson

      She’s nothing but a money hungry witch that wants her name flashing to boost her ego. She is certainly not a lawyer that I would employ. She is a low-life creature that needs to crawl back under her rock.

  • jcmarlton

    so meygan kelly there is nothing here to smear Trump with-get off your bandwagon before you never work in media again.

  • Jerry Hughes

    Wonder how much her story cost Soros?

  • Dowlena Pitts

    How much was she paid to lie?!?

  • Codygunn

    Snow flake or just plain flake. Take the money the DNC,GOP and Soros paid you and forget the lies and leave already!!

  • Jmanjo

    Lying wenches! She wanted that to have happened but it didn’t!

  • RealAmerican407

    These stories will NEVER hit the mainstream. Vilifying Trump 24×7 is all they care about.

  • Raymond Miller

    Thank you Jessica, for coming forward and telling the truth. you are a great example of what America needs right now, with liars coming out of the wood work to attack anyone they don’t agree with for any reason what so ever. In particular Megyn Kelly’s show where she is the purveyor of half truths and out right lies.

  • Dan

    This will never hit mainstream media. Their only objective is to try and destroy Trump.

  • Betty Sakai

    Real men tell me they are afraid to work around women without on site cameras and strict standards being enforced. Women stand will lose a lot going down this pathway. 99% of the claims would disappear if no money were involved.

  • CommonSenseReborn

    Any woman right now could bring charges of sexual impropriety to any man she wants and the guys guilty guilty guilty no matter what!
    The idea that someone is innocent until proven guilty is out the window.
    Really really sad that our country has stoop this low.

    • Mountain_Dew_518

      One day the men will start blaming the women of sexual improprieties and then will they get the same treatment as men? If the women are accused they should viewed as guilty just like they treat the men. Guilty until proven innocent. Give them the same punishment that the men receive no matter who they are.

      • BIGOTIST

        That’s true. Many women make advances and throw their
        legs in the air for men to their advantage. Been there~

        • Mountain_Dew_518

          My comment is being held up but nothing ugly was said. Could it be I am female?

          • BIGOTIST

            I think your asking the wrong person, but being a female shouldn’t matter?
            I’ve been banned from yahoo for using the word ‘jew’- who’d a thunk?

          • Mountain_Dew_518

            I know it I was just throwing that in just for the heck of it to see if they would go ahead and post it. Apparently not because it has disappeared. I would have sent the news clippings but I knew they would not allow that because of the names and towns but no minors names were mentioned in paper or articles only the adult names that were charged and sentenced. I didn’t even call names or town. If I get knocked off you will know I won’t be back.

          • BIGOTIST

            I never realized this “liberty’ site was so restrictive,
            but the PC police are everywhere. The next major fiasco will be the abolishment of the 1st amendment-
            Happy Holidays~

          • Mountain_Dew_518

            They are sure trying to take away our free speech (1st Amendment rights). Hope you and yours have a safe and Happy Holidays as well.

          • Jaye Miller


          • BIGOTIST

            And to you also🎄

  • Criers

    Wow, someone lying to get national fame, how unusual.

  • Fred Barton

    I don’t think she mentioned that Trump was wearing x-ray glasses that let him see more. I appreciate this lady speaking up, We are in a sexual revolution hanging spree, and will be until someone defines adequately just what sexual harrassment and abuse are. Perhaps we could hang a few witches since we are in the mood.

  • Don’t know when “miss compost heap” made her dnc worded statement, but I believe Ms. Boyingtons version being that she has a successful job and therefore something to lose if she does lie.

  • daanerud

    Is it lawful to undo a legal ellection in the USA?

    • Zardoz

      ??? What ???

  • Carole

    The corrupt DNC and Clinton paid millions for the fake Trump DOSSIER and the FBI used it to get the warrant which led Obama to spy on the Trump Campaign folks. Who thinks these women were not paid really well by the same people to LIE their pants off??

  • John

    It’s not surprising that the accusers are lying on thePOTUS, the financial motivation, political benefits and lure of fame are huge ,UGE, factors with these women and the propagandists and lefties that handle and coach them. After their defeat of Moore thanks to the brigade of false accusers, the Dems will have casting calls for “wronged” women to go against various Republicans and POTUS.

  • myfordtruck

    All those that accused Trump and Moore should be call in and sworn in and prove there claims and be checked out to see if they had any sudden income

  • Steven Giese

    I am so proud of Jessica speaking truth, when it would have been easy to just be silent. Ms. Jessica Boyington is a very rare woman of Character that is refusing to stand by and see our great President, or anyone, be falsely accused by women looking for personal gain like this Samantha Holvey woman. This is a perfect example of the dishonesty being put forth, so let for financial gain, a few minutes of notoriety, and really bad people making false allegations against the president at any cost. Women OR men caught red handed like this woman should be prosecuted for their attempted defamation. You heard Mr. Trumps WIFE was with him. When are people going to start facing consequences for their malious actions.
    Thank you Mrs Boyington for your Strength of Character and your sense of right and wrong. Many Americans are proud of you. Very very Proud of you young lady!

    • Zardoz

      Bravo Zulu!

  • Jenn_Gener

    There are still good people with courage to stand for what is right.

  • sfgolfer

    Again as long as you ignore the contestants who have said the opposite as only one has come forward and said it is untrue. Also once again you need to ignore Trump’s own words. Of course as a sheeple that is what you do. You must because your “values” told you to vote for a man completely unfit to be President in our toddler in chief Trump

    • Bill Johnson

      I suppose you would rather be under the previous president while the USA was going down the tube with ‘free-loading’ immigrants rushing if from countries they did not like and try to destroy our country. I will agree President Trump has a big ego, but I am very pleased with the economy ( most working people are happy to see their 401K account growing ), draining of the swamp of politicians who care nothing for the USA but are there for their own power and money ! Do you really think those politicians are not bought and continually paid by special interests ??. If a doctor has the worst bed-side manner in the world but heals you, you would be “STUPID” to complain !!!!

    • omikehawk

      sfgofer, do you actually believe that the Sea Hag was a better choice? You must be a Hildebeeple!

  • sweetqueen777

    He DOES own the pageant,, and you ARE pieces of meat. VOLUNTARILY. In the hopes of winning a boatload of money and opportunities to be “discovered”. So, STFU.

  • Jenni B

    Thank you for your honesty. In this world of fake news and liars ready to make a name for themselves, it is very refreshing to hear the truth. God bless you!!

  • Rudy Rude

    Gloria’s war on Patriot s and Americans every where and jeffe sessions is where fire this swamp rat now we need Justice

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Trump never had a complaint against him until he crossed hillary and the swamp.

  • 2 cents

    Anybody who spent most of their life on their knees has no credibility, she should go back on her knees and do what she does best and blow her bosses whistle.

  • Louie Rey

    Shows you what a complete idiot she is. He DOES own the place for Christ’s sake! It’s his pageant. I don’t think you need to hear anymore from her. And Kelly’s an idiot also for not even bringing that up.

  • Zardoz

    I feel bad/sad for the other inhabitants of of her fair state, as she represented NC to the rest of the nation. If she felt that way about all the males (including me) that watch the Miss USA contest, then she should not have been there. I, like the judges there take in the inner/outer beauty and mind of each contestant, to see how the judges line up with my estimate about who should be 1st/2nd/3rd. Or is she saying the future President Trump was not judging them all or was mentally “feeling them up”? Get over yourself miss NC. Too bad you can’t grow a pair, you need them to shore up your self-esteem/self-worth, which appears to be sadly lacking.

  • JB

    The former Miss North Carolina is full of it! I lived in North Carolina for over 20 years and one thing I can tell you they are to face hypocrites and liars who hide behind Christianity! I believe former Mr. jersey, she makes more sense in her statements about Pres. Trump.

    If the former Miss North Carolina felt like she was a piece of meat then why we she and a Miss USA pageant parading around in skimpy outfits in baiting suits in front of millions of people watching TV as well as thousands in the audience! Also, why did it take this long for her to come out and make her statements against Pres. Trump? If she didn’t want to feel like a piece of meat and why did she parade around on stage with barely any clothing if she’s that modesty she should have never entered the Miss USA pageant! But it’s obvious she liked the attention and now she wants the attention due to political reasons I’m sure I’d like to know if she’s being paid off in any way?

  • Rolpho Signetti

    Just another “lost her looks, over the hill” beauty queen that has been selling her body since the 7th grade “mommy made me do it” baby shows.

    She is just trying to get a little of the limelight back into her life.
    Quite understandable, after all what is better for a left leaning brat… then to try to smear the Prez

    You go get that 15 minutes back…. GRRRRRLLL!

  • Maggietish

    Allred and her daughter should be disbarred. Allred Has sucked the very life out of her clients just sucked the very life out of her clients for her own publicity and benefit. She is the poster child for corruption. In addition, evidence has just been disclosed and reported that Allred’s daughter was bribing women to accuse President Trump. One woman’s house was paid off and another one was offered up to $750,000 if she would lie against the President Trump.

  • Teresa Nazareth

    When are Soros, Clintons, Obama, Deep State going to acknowledge that an election was held and President Trump won it! The American people WILL NOT stand for this dishonest, fraudulent bunch of ……. trying to harm our President. They should start doing an honest day’s work and earn an honest Dollar..

  • Ken

    So he walks in with his beautiful new wife and ogles you? And I am the King of England.. Miss New Jersey sounds much more credible. But now days it isn’t about the truth it’s about sensationalism.