Protestors’ Fights Against ICE Cooperation Succeed in Liberal Strongholds

‘They believe it’s putting your thumb in the eye of the current administration…’

Trump Sees Political Win in Some Dems’ Calls to Abolish ICE(Michael Barnes, Liberty Headlines) While left-wing calls to “abolish ICE” amount to little more than fantasy, progressive activists have been able to significantly undermine Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities across the country.

ICE relies on local law enforcement agencies to arrest criminal illegal aliens and to notify them of undocumented criminal release dates. In many cases, police officers and sheriff’s deputies also participate in federal immigration enforcement activities.

Targeting the local-federal partnerships has been the goal of activists, with protesters taking to the streets to defend criminal aliens not just from ICE, but by doubly pressuring local law enforcement officials.

The tactic is proving successful.

According to The Washington Post, protesters have lodged victories in at least a dozen communities — most, if not all, of which are Democratic strongholds where illegal immigrants tend to receive favorable treatment.

They include Fairfax County, Virginia, which dropped an ICE contract from its county jail; and Hudson County, New Jersey, where officials announced in September a plan to drop their jail contract with ICE.

In Contra Costa County, California, the sheriff canceled an ICE contract in July, after at least 1,000 protesters marched on the local jail.

More recently, Philadelphia city officials opted to stop sharing arrest information with ICE after protestors camped out for weeks in front of Philadelphia City Hall.

Currently, activists in Alexandria, Virginia, are pressuring the sheriff to drop an ICE partnership agreement to detain criminal illegal migrants.

In some cases, local officials are actually working with anti-ICE protestors.

Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia actively pushed to end his local jail’s contract with ICE, saying, “We don’t want to be part of Trump’s policy of separating families and rounding up immigrants,” according to the Post.

But not everyone sees the issue as a political game.

Speaking of progressive protestors and supportive elected Democrats in her jurisdiction, Alexandria Sheriff Dana Lawhorne said, “They believe it’s putting your thumb in the eye of the current administration.”

“That’s politics,” Lawhorne continued. “I will not play politics in my office when it comes to public safety.”