UNC Student Sets Fire, Injures Professor, Says ‘Hug a Tree’

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) The Orange County, North Carolina police department filed felony charges yesterday against the former University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student accused of causing an explosion that seriously injured a professor.

Police arrested Joshua Daniel Edwards, 24, for “detonating a small device” on Nov. 2 under the Davie Poplar tree, which was planted during the school’s founding, WRAL reported.

As police escorted Edwards into the Orange County magistrate’s office, he repeated the phrase, “please, hug a tree.”

Watch Edwards’ strange behavior in WRAL’s video at 0:37.

Officials have not identified a motive in the case, but mental health problems appear to have had a significant role. Edwards has undergone an evaluation since the incident.

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Eyewitnesses told WTVD they saw Edwards taking off his clothes and could hear him saying, “Hail Satan!”

He is charged with malicious use of explosives to inflict injury; malicious use of explosives to damage property; assembling a weapon of mass destruction; setting fire to grass or a grassland; assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury; and filing a false police report.

Physics and astronomy professor Dan Reichart saw a fire under the Davie Poplar tree earlier this month, ran over to it, and began trying to stomp it out.

That’s when the device — which officials now believe was a gas can — exploded. Reichart’s face and arms suffered first- and second-degree burns, WTVD reported.

A bystander took a video of Reichart attempting to extinguish the fire and the subsequent explosion:

Reichart said he doesn’t feel animosity toward Edwards.

“I’ll be keeping an eye on this. I want him to get the help he needs, but he also has to face up to what he did. There has to be judicial repercussions for him,” Reichart said, according to ABC 11.

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While Edwards remains in jail on a $200,000 bond facing six criminal charges, with serious questions about his mental state, some good has come from the incident.

Reichart’s burned face made it painful to shave, so he decided to participate in No-Shave November, a program that raises money for cancer research.

People who stop shaving during November take the money they would have spent on razors, shaving cream, running water, etc. and donate it to a cancer charity of their choice.

So far he has raised $8,000.

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  • Kathryn Jordan

    This is the type of actions of a mental deranged person that concerns me. A mental deranged person should never be able to get his/her hands on explosives of any kind or even guns. With their state of mind, who knows what kind of damage they could do. I hope some good can come out of this in terms of the UNC student who set used explosives and injured a professor. I’d like to see some judicial justice done and then have the student get some kind of help. I don’t want to see a “Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity” verdict.

    • chasaragdy

      Kathryn: Your point is well taken. However, problems this your premise present issues of being pro-active. How do you–we, as in society–prevent one, anyone, from purchasing gasoline…in can for lawnmowers, boat motors, gasoline yard equipment, etc??

      A better theory is that parents must have more, sane, rational, and legal handle on the rearing their offspring! And, the re-installation of religion, prayer, the Ten Commandants,and the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools! I’m not a religious zealot, though I am a Christian. But, something is missing in society–honor, trust, humanity and humility, responsibility and respect for law and order. Allowing disrespect for law and order should not be tolerated.

      There are solutions. The problem is having society, the neighborhood, parents and the courts accept those solutions.

      • Naval Lint

        We need to restore common sense and common courtesy to the society. That alone will accomplish a great deal. Courtesy and sense come from proper rearing (NOT Harvard-style) in a loving and COMPLETE family structure.

        • Papa Bear

          Navy Common sense is non existent in the left In order to restore common sense to America we must declare lieberalism Illegal and ENFORCE that law!!!

          • IrreverentOne

            “we must declare lieberalism illegal”. Do you have any idea just how close to Nazism that statement is? You profess to be a believer in law and order yet your statement resembles AntiFa speech.

          • Papa Bear

            Apparently you have trouble comprehending sarcasm.. Would my statement have as mush impact if I said don’t vote for any democrat?

            FYI my family (what was left of it) escaped Nazi Germany in 1942 arriving here in America in 1943 so I don’t need a lecture from anyone who has’t been an eye witness or a victim of Nazism.

          • Fed up!

            Your correct, till you walk in a man boots, you have no idea what he been through. I laugh at blacks who today have know idea what it was like being a slave, having colored only lines. These blacks are a joke when they knee for racism. I and most of today people can’t be gain to know what your family went through and I hope no one has to again. That is why we are fighting liberals, commies and Muslims. God Bless and have a Nice Thanksgiving!

          • Papa Bear

            Many blacks back then despite all the restrictions lived better lives I remember because I was a kid in the 40’s and lived the times. There were no gangs shooting each other no hoods kids had fathers and did well in school and basically lived like all other folks. I’d bet 90% of blacks would consider living in those times. At least they wouldn’t be profiled as they are today as the crime rate was inconsequential. Today we have 16% of the population committing 70% of the crimes. nearly 90% are on dope 40% are responsible for Black on Black violence and they wonder why they are profiled?

          • IrreverentOne

            IF that is true, you of all people should never be in favor of silencing someone because you don’t agree with what they say. What we, as Americans, have because of our Constitution is something no other country on Earth can provide. If we, as Conservatives, cannot convince a majority of the electorate that our belief system is better than what the leftists are proposing then we are failing the country.

          • Papa Bear

            It is obvious that you cannot discern sarcasm either!! I am neither a republican nor a democrat I am A FISCAL CONSERVATIVE and CONSTITUTIONALIST. This means I want America to operate under THE RULE OF LAW which for calling for limited government and compliance with constitutional statute

          • Naval Lint

            Wasn’t there a country in South America that did so? Seems like it worked out well for them. I’d be OK with swapping our Liberals for Christians from the E.U. and the North Atlantic countries.

          • Papa Bear

            If there was I have yet to hear of it. Possibly but I don’t know

          • Naval Lint

            Seems like it was in South or Central America. I STILL think it’s a GOOD IDEA. Otherwise, they’re likely going to end up causing unnecessary violence and then end up dead. Just sayin’….

          • Papa Bear

            Yes I can see that as well.

        • Kathryn Jordan

          I totally agree with you. These days, you don’t find that “proper” rearing in a loving, stable and complete family structure. Divorce is at its all time high; it seems as though parents are not taking the problems their children are experiencing seriously. I think we can be thankful that our parents reared us to use common sense and common courtesy.

      • Kathryn Jordan

        I do agree that parents must take a more productive action in rearing their offspring. When you don’t take your responsibility as parents seriously, you wind up with children getting into trouble. I really wish that the Pledge of Allegiance was back in schools. I don’t remember the last time I said the pledge in school. I know that when I lived in Bangkok, Thailand and went to an International School, I didn’t say the pledge. When I moved back to California in 1979, I was in 7th grade. Never said the Pledge from that time on. I don’t remember prayer in school when I was a child. Maybe a moment of silence due to the multiple religions we have in the United States would be good. I wish society, our neighborhoods, parents, and the courts would accept these solutions. I honestly believe that we really need the Pledge back in our schools BIG TIME. At least that way, our children will understand why we have that pledge and why it is so important to Americans.

        • Kc Heller

          not going to happen with the education that is now going on out there

          • Kathryn Jordan

            I wish I could use an iron skillet and pound some sense into them. The Pledge is something to be proud of. Our children must know what it is and why it is so important to Americans.

        • Papa Bear

          Kathryn Sadly not only are our lieberal “friends” but MOST of America are products of socialist liberal progressive one dimensional regressive hypocritical politically correct lieberal idiot-ological indoctrination camps that masquerade as public schools.
          These INDOCTRINATION CAMPS are and have been inculcating our youths to accept every degenerate and/or multi-cultural or amoral crap they can feed them instead of instructing them on what they need to know to be productive and responsible citizens.
          According to the Government all we need to know is contained within those walls where they brainwash those who are most impressionable, the age of five through eighteen in what the government wants them to know to blindly follow the further inculcation of the “professors” at lieberal colleges.
          These perfect little automatons are devoid of all essential knowledge and awareness and ready to do the government’s bidding Illiteracy doesn’t only affect the minorities but most everyone else as well. Since these indoctrination camps inculcate our youths to accept every crap they are fed they have bought into the GPA (Government Propaganda Agency’s) AKA the Lame Stream Media (LSM) falgracarb and are devoid of common sense, morals, ethics, and personal responsibility, so we as a nation have become intellectually and morally bankrupt!!!

          • Kathryn Jordan

            You are right when you say that our nation has become intellectually and morally bankrupt. It is time for ethics to be taught in every class going from first grand to the senior year in college. With so much unrest on college campuses, people forget to use any kind of common sense much less common decency. When we can’t even get our children to say the Pledge at the beginning of class everyday, it is down right shameful. The children of today have no appreciation of what those soldiers did to make this country a free nation; they still have no appreciation for what our armed forced do each and every day today — fight for our freedoms.

          • Papa Bear

            Kathryn. I first came to America via boat landing at Ellis Island in 1943 We learned to read and speak English and promised to ASSIMILATE into America’s culture. Over the past eight decades I have seen the steady decay of America ALL AT THE HANDS OF DEMOCRATS!!!

            The reason that no one appreciates anything is because of the socialism that runs rampant in America (welfare Food Stamps and all the other social programs) In short people are SELFISH and only care for what they can get.

            In 1964, President Johnson and feminists declared fathers unnecessary for the make up of a family which was the initial step for the government took over that role. On January 8, 1964 President Johnson in his state of the union address declared a “war on poverty” then signed legislation for what was the beginning of “cradle to grave” social programs which have yet to produce any tangible results. On an open mic Johnson was heard to say in signing this bill “we will have those Ni**ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years”!! Instead, these social programs have grown to monstrous proportions because human nature opts for the easy way out.

            In 1973, the Supreme Court found, out of thin air, the ”right” to kill your unborn baby. In my opinion, those two decisions lead to the breakdown of society and the eventual destruction of America as we once knew it. Now we have the products of these insipid decisions running the streets completely miserable and as misery loves company these fools are not happy ( their version of being happy) unless all the rest of us are like them–Miserable as well!! It’s really very sad as I have seen the constant deterioration of Morals Patriotism and Self Worth!!!

          • Kathryn Jordan

            I agree with some of what you said. Food Stamps are good for people who ACTUALLY need it. When I was a cashier, I saw people who had WIC, food stamps, credit cards, and checks. Sometimes those people had everyone of these and would take up most of my time on lane. There would be times I would spend up to 15 minutes just on one person who had all of these. I feel that if you truly need food stamps (sometimes people who are on Social Security Disability need food stamps) then you should get them. If there is abuse of them, then the food stamps should be taken away. Medicare and Medicaid are useful for those who are retired, on disability or at the federal poverty level that medicaid is the only insurance they can get. I never did like President Johnson (still call him “power hungry”).

          • Papa Bear

            Kathryn ALL of us are where we are because we WANT to be where we are. Not everyone is motivated BECAUSE they know the government will take care of them.

            The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. Michelangelo

            I am a legal immigrant. My family and I came her with only what we could carry. No one offered us anything so we knew if we were to survive we would need to fend for ourselves as there were no welfare or food stamp programs.

            After nearly six decades I was able to obtain (through many years of hard work and sacrifice) I finally reached my goal of being self sufficient!
            Some would call it being rich

            Too many people do not have motivation as there will always be someone (or program) to provide what they think they need keeping them enslaved to a system that only wants to keep them where they are and most importantly VOTE to keep their masters in power!!!

            I for one REFUSE to live as a slave to the system. The reason most people are envious is because they settled for less while I didn’t for Hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy.!!! Most people have talent they know nothing of because they are afraid of failure not knowing they have talent but refuse to apply it. That is the definition of failure!

          • Kathryn Jordan

            As a person who is disabled, I was on Food Stamps for a while. I am not on them now. I knew I had to do something to get myself off Food Stamps. Those are people I can see helping. Illegals; no way. They do not have the motivation to get off their duff and do anything.

          • Papa Bear

            Kathy KUDOS to you!!I know of several people who are disabled who refuse to take charity perhaps it’s the era we grew up in. I know I am one who absolutely needs to pay my own way.

            I also know there are more than enough jobs available but as you said seems that most don’t have the motivation or believe the work offered is beneath them.

          • Kathryn Jordan

            Work is work. It looks good on the resume. I’ve cut back on my expenses that I don’t need food stamps which makes me feel good. I know that there are people who think they need those food stamps when they really don’t.
            If people get off their duff and put in an application for work, they just might get off those food stamps. so the work may be “beneath” them, they should be thankful for having a job.

          • Papa Bear

            Many people are just plain LAZY and refuse to act for themselves. Unfortunately I have met several. The lieberal mindset has infected what little brain they might have had.

            Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the democrats believe every day is April 15. — Ronald Reagan

            So the left has this YOU OWE ME attitude and are constantly letting us know about it.

          • Kathryn Jordan

            That is so TRUE. there are many people who are so LAZY and refuse to work so they think they deserve a handout. I don’t believe that even though I am a Democrat. I believe that one should work and be thankful that you have a job. You have to look at life the way you describe — the Fourth of July. I would rather not think of April 15th. I was so thankful that I had a job for 20 years until I had to go onto disability. I want to go back, but I have to go at it slowly. Even if I could work from home, I would be thankful. I have not had the attitude of “you owe me” since I was put onto disability in 2009. Who knows what the left will think next year when the midterms happens. We can only wait and see. When I see so many people sitting on their duffs and being lazy, I want to kick them so hard and scream at them.

          • Papa Bear

            Kathryn Kudos for you wanting to support yourself But I just have to ask why you are a democrat

            Democrats are always trying to change the constitution one usurpetive bill at a time they do not believe in the rule of law. The past eight years were a prime example.

            Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties. And not to Democrats alone do I make this appeal, but to all who love these great and true principles.—Abraham Lincoln

            What I don’t understand is the immorality of the Democratic Party. The acceptance of and promotion of abominable behavior and infanticide 1 million abortions a year.

            Then there are the social programs we have partially discussed. In 1964, President Johnson and feminists declared fathers unnecessary for the make up of a family which was the initial step for the government took over that role. On January 8, 1964 President Johnson in his state of the union address declared a “war on poverty” then signed legislation for what was the beginning of “cradle to grave” social programs which have yet to produce any tangible results. On an open mic Johnson was heard to say in signing this bill “we will have those Ni**ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years”!! Instead, these social programs have grown to monstrous proportions because human nature opts for the easy way out.

            In 1973, the Supreme Court found, out of thin air, the ”right” to kill your unborn baby. In my opinion, those two decisions lead to the breakdown of society and the eventual destruction of America as we once knew it. Now we have the products of these insipid decisions running the streets completely miserable and as misery loves company these fools are not happy ( their version of being happy) unless all the rest of us are like them–Miserable as well!! It’s really very sad!

            What does voting for a lieberal say about you as a citizen?

            It says you support voter fraud – Support Illegal’s being treated better than US Citizens – Support Violations of our Constitutional rights – Support murders and rapists but not their victims – Support Communism – Support our enemies but not our veterans and most of all it says you aren’t much of an American citizen

            I am a FISCAL Conservative and Constitutionalist I believe that EVERYONE must pull their own weight. I believe in LEGAL Immigration and that ALL who come here ASSIMILATE (as I have) into the customs and culture

            I DO NOT FAVOR ALLOWING THOSE WHO REFUSE TO FOLLOW OUR LAWS AND CUSTOMS — THAT MEANS MUSLIMS WHO WANT AMERICA TO ACCEPT SHARIA LAW OVER OUR CONSTITUTION !! This is what you Democrats favor and it is treasonous!!! NOT the least bit patriotic. Perhaps you should take a few minutes to explore your parties policies.

            I have spent a great deal of time conducting my own research on all parties I am a fiscal conservative and constitutionalist and am registered as an independent I am totally disappointed and irritated with the RINOS within the GOP I am equally irritated with the establishment and those who keep electing them into office.

      • oldfatguy

        Umm–you say you’re Christian, yet reference the 10 commandments. The 10 commandments was God’s covenant with the children of Israel, whom He’d rescued from Egypt. In Matthew, first book of the New Testament, Jesus reveals his 2 commandments–the new covenant which Christians would embrace. Actually, it was intended that the jews embrace the new covenant, relinquishing the old covenant. Insistence on clinging to the old covenant would carry no hope of salvation. You can read this in Hebrews, also in the New Testament.

        • Kathryn Jordan

          You are right about the 10 Commandments. However, the 10 Commandments are also directed toward Christians as well. the 2 commandments that Jesus reveals in Matthew Christians embrace. Yes, it was also intended for the Jews to embrace; remember they were under the control of Rome and they did not believe that Jesus was the Son of God.

          • oldfatguy

            I have long suspected that the priest class DID know He was the Son of God, as they certainly had access to scriptures foretelling his arrival. I think He was seen as a threat to their influence and prestige, and didn’t want the people turning away with their tithes and sacrificial animals. There were no obvious repercussions when John the Baptist was killed, and believe they figured there’d be none following the crucifixion of Jesus.

          • Kathryn Jordan

            Boy were these people wrong; weren’t they? The followers of Jesus increased after Pentecost and kept increasing everywhere the apostles went. I think you are right that the priest class did have an idea that Jesus was the Son of God yet didn’t really want to accept it; what you said about the threat to their influence I believe you are correct. Jesus did tell the people “Give to Cesar what is Cesar’s and Give to God what is God’s”. When we pray to God, we are giving what is God’s.

      • Kathryn Jordan

        We can’t prevent anyone from purchasing gasoline in a can for lawnmowers, boat motors and gasoline yard equipment, etc. The one person who can do that is someone who is not deranged. And yes, parents must do more in rational and legal handling and rearing of their children. With divorce at its all time high, the breakdown of the family structure is shameful. Children get into trouble if they are not in a stable and loving environment.
        I wish the Pledge of Allegiance would be re-installed into our schools. With so many religions here in the United States, I could go for a moment of silence being installed into our schools. I don’t remember the 10 Commandments ever being read in any or my schools (would not have heard that at an International School when I lived in Bangkok, Thailand from 1977-1979). We do NEED law and order. We NEED respect for law and order. What is missing in our society right now is a sense of honor, trust, respect. humanity, responsibility.

        I hope that society begins to see this breakdown and the need for this, and allow things to be reinstalled into our schools (Lord, my mother would be screaming at me over this; if you wanted to meet a liberal, she was one)

    • Joe samo

      I agree no mental deranged person should be able to get their hands on any device that could cause danger to another person. So I propose: everyone register with a political organization. Any one who registered as a communist, fascist, or democrat is restricted to their access to such devices…no weapons of any kind…guns, vehicles, bats, knives, rocks, gas cans, or bottles that can be filled with pee.

      • Papa Bear

        Yes there are laws against murder assault drug usage and even drunk driving and guess what despite all these laws these things continue, now why is that??

        And does enacting more laws make things any better or safer?. EVERYONE is a mouthpiece but does NOTHING wanting others to act.

        Case in point the San Bernardino shooting could have been prevented HAD the neighbor said something to the police BUT Political Correctness stopped her because she didn’t want to be labeled as an Islamophobe (Nice going lieberals)

    • Francisco Machado

      It isn’t possible to keep dangerous materials out of people’s hands because they’re used for a lot of day-to-day things, like chlorine and muriatic acid for swimming pools, lye to clear drains, gasoline, wasp spray or LPG for gas grills. It’s the people who are a problem, and the ones that are pathologically driven to mayhem will find a way to cause it.

      • Papa Bear

        Certainly someone saw what Edwards was doing and again no one said anything for fear of being labeled something by the left

      • Kathryn Jordan

        Agreed. Now we have to find a way to deal with that problem so we combat the mayhem. I am so tired of hearing about another “shooting” either here in America or elsewhere. It’s like people are “picking” their targets just one at a time.

    • Papa Bear

      Wanna bet If one is motivated enough then one can accomplish anything. Too bad the majority of Americans are not motivated to work and become productive citizens they prefer other do their work for them. Same thing is true with politics and people being motivated to conduct THEIR OWN RESEARCH instead of listening to the media

      • Kathryn Jordan

        I agree. I can understand people who are disabled and are unable to work. If someone who is disabled and is allowed to work 20 hours, that is being a productive citizen. I do not like it when people just sit on their “duff” and prefer to have others do their work for them. Politics and others not wanting to conducting their own research is amazing. It is also disgusting.

        • Papa Bear

          Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work!!!

          The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. Michelangelo

          Hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy.

          I am rather well off and people are often envious of my success. The reason they are envious is because they settled for less while I didn’t!!!

          Unlike today’s lieberal I didn’t sit on my behind waiting for the government to make me rich I got up ans applied myself sacrificing much and working harder than everyone else

          A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Winston Churchill

  • bdcorvette

    Hug your cellmate, you dumb a&&.

  • Yarbles

    Well, that was stupid.

  • SA Ander

    Hope he gets hugged alot in prison.

  • Askjrsk

    Today discussed the new tax plan, with a Calif resident . The Bay Area resident trashed it, as he claimed it taxes the poor. I disagreed. He got mad. He a retired college administrator. That told me everything. He accused me of getting my news from FOX—

    • Gregg Parker

      When he gets his info from liars, their lies then become his truths and he presents them with conviction. Happening everywhere (just like the bible says…)

      • Papa Bear

        Gregg Josef Goebbels said “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it Then any ensuing lie is deemed the truth. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

        When Lieberals lie loud enough, and long enough, feeble minds believe them

        • Gregg Parker

          I am familiar with his quote and I understand what you posted. The component which is missing is that the very nature of the human condition, not influenced by the will of the Father, prefers to be lied too. An alternative reality is much more easy to accept and a more comfortable place to be mentally. The world bares witness to what I say. They routinely consider the truth and are very pridefully dismissive and consciously ignoring of it’s possibility…
          Your Brother

          • Papa Bear

            Gregg you are indeed correct Satan has too great an influence on the weak so they love the lies
            Dein Bruder

      • Askjrsk

        I was supposed to be impressed that he was a college administrator. Intimidated? When I laughed it was the best. He would have gone ballistic very easily. Sad thing we couldn’t get to any facts and mature discussion after the FOX thing.

  • Gregg Parker

    Hail Satan!!!??? Oh no! …he’s chanting “Yes we can” backwards!!! You know how that turnes out the last time they chanted that….

  • Liz

    Maybe he would have accomplished more if he had been hugging the tree he put explosives under.

  • Rolpho Signetti

    Stay off the pipe MORON!

  • Rolpho Signetti

    And don’t squeeze the Charming!

  • potusYUGE

    Just make him quietly disappear!

    • Papa Bear


  • cunning

    Just another irresponsible safe space, Hillery antfa crying liberal looser, unemployable no nothing unemployable collage student acting out, because he can, who,s lawyers will claim insanity.
    this idiot needs 10 years.

    • Papa Bear

      Not on my dime! This MORON might have killed some one and IMHO should be planted not jailed

  • Papa Bear

    The familiar alarm clock of death from liberty headlined (how ironic) our first amendment rights stripped I guess they don’t like links to other pages

    VETERAN PSYCHIATRIST SAYS LIBERALS ARE MENTALLY ILL http ://www.wnd. com/2008/11/56494/ just copy from hto/ paste to word the close the gaps copy and paste to your browser

  • chasaragdy

    Katie: You reference “…this young man has symptoms of mental illness…” in your comment, directed to my (user name) comment. Exactly to whom are you referring to with “symptoms of mental illness”? And, kindly offer your reasons for your unsolicited opinion. I’m a big boy, and I am not young.

  • Louie Rey

    Oh, so he’s crazy. I thought it was just a simple case of snowflake alert. Wait, that’s redundant. Never mind.