UK to Trigger Article 50 to Leave E.U. on March 29 

(The Guardian) Theresa May has informed the European council that she will trigger article 50 on Wednesday 29 March, but European sources have made clear that Britain could be forced to wait until June to embark on formal talks.

UK to Trigger Article 50 to Leave E.U. on March 29  1

The prime minister’s decision to name the date on which the two-year Brexit clock will start ticking down came as her official spokesman also quashed speculation about an early general election.

Instead he made clear that the government’s focus was set to turn solidly towards the country’s EU exit, which is now guaranteed to be complete by the end of March 2019.

The president of the European council, Donald Tusk, responded quickly to say that he would distribute his response to the British government within 48 hours of next Wednesday. But sources made clear that it would take “four to six weeks” for the other 27 countries in the EU to reach consensus and start the more formal process.

May’s decision to spell out the starting date came after Jean-Claude Juncker claimed that “Britain’s example will make everyone else realise that it’s not worth leaving”.

And lead negotiator, Michel Barnier, hinted on Twitter that the EU27 were preparing to impose customs controls, despite May’s determination to secure “frictionless trade”.

  • Bravo to what’s left of the British Empire for having the intestinal fortitude to embark on determining their own destiny. Sounds like 1776.

    • Devasahayam the Deplored

      Actually, more like 1965 (when UK experienced, the wrong way, something similar — from Ian Smith of Rhodesia) than 1776….

  • Deplorable wizard

    It appears to be that the hard core socialist leftist one worlders want to make it as hard for a nation to stand alone as it does for an individual.

    More left wing schizophrenia – “freedom, liberty, happiness, equality”, unless you disagree with them, then it’s financial oppression, international ridicule, and worse.

    This world needs nationalism. It is global diversity. It is what made the world strong after ww2. It’s what is preached by liberals on the people, but so hated in their ignorance at global levels.

    God bless Donald Trump, God bless the Queen and her prime minister. God bless the USA and the UK.

    • Devasahayam the Deplored

      Another point — globalism is man’s disobedience to God, first displayed at Babel Gen 11:1-9); nation-states and nationalism were God’s response to it (which is why globalism still epic-fails).

    • Angelswatchingoverme

      Sorry the Royal Family is part of the Global Elite….they hate us with a passion….Prince Phillip said could have been in the 80’s that he hoped to come back as a deadly virus…to wipe out world populations.

      • Deplorable wizard

        Wow, truthcontrol sounds like a uk version of infowars, both seem to be very insightful and poignant FICTION peddling sites full of bullsh!t and conspiracy propaganda.

        I found the claim that The Queen is related, by blood, to mohamad especially hilarious.

        You and the 12 other subscribers to that site could make a profit if you were to sell it to COMEDY CENTRAL.

        • Brent

          Yeah, I didn’t give that one much credibility or seriousness, but Prince Charles is certainly a globalist, and a muslim appeaser.

          • Deplorable wizard

            I’ll give you that, Charles has always been a weakling. The Queen, on the other hand, has learned in Her time on the throne that the English people are her greatest strength. As odd as they can be to us, the majority of them are a strong people.

  • Devasahayam the Deplored

    “European sources…wait till June for formal talks” — reality-check, UK has had experience (1965, the wrong way — from Rhodesia’s Ian Smith) on such, all they have to do is channel that, then the formal talks are totally irrelevant unless they are about when the rest of EU will self-dissolve!