UK Patriots Rip into Leftists at Muslim Terror Site 

(Infowars) Tommy Robinson, one of the boldest anti-Islam advocates in Britain, tore into Islamapologists and leftists who interrupted an interview he was delivering to Rebel Media at the site of Wednesday’s jihadist attack in London.

Robinson was speaking with an equally impassioned Caolan Robertson about the day’s horrific events, of which Robinson has warned constantly for years, as the Islamization of Britain continues unchecked.

“This isn’t a shock to me – I don’t understand people who are surprised by this… we are at war,” he began. “We have over 3,000 Muslims who are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at the cost of nine billion pounds a year.”

“We’re following them, waiting for them to do this.”

“We have had 450 ISIS fighters [who have] been allowed to return to our country,” he continued. “They’ve gone and fought for ISIS; they’ve been in training camps; they’ve been beheading people; they’ve been raping people, and they’re walking the streets of our capital city – they’re living with us.”

A crowd had formed around Robinson and Robertson, and a reporter came forward to challenge Robinson, asking how he could be so “quick” to determine the massacre was an act of terrorism…

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