UC-Berkeley Sued for Disallowing Pro-Freedom Student Group

School says Young Americans for Liberty is ‘too similar to Cal Libertarians’…

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U. of Calif.-Berkeley riots/PHOTO: Twitter

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) A pro-liberty student organization is suing the University of California-Berkeley for refusing to allow a chapter on its campus.

Young Americans for Liberty claimed UC-Berkeley is discriminating against its pro-freedom beliefs, and that the university is supposed to cultivate a “marketplace of ideas” for students.

The school, however, argued YAL is “too similar to Cal Libertarians.”

Alliance Defending Freedom, a nonprofit litigation group representing YAL, said similarity should not be the determining factor in which groups are allowed on campus.


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The lawsuit notes that UC-Berkeley already has numerous liberal groups with seemingly redundant purposes.

Because UC-Berkeley denied the group club status, YAL will not be able to receive benefits all other campus clubs receive, like school funding, the ability to host speakers, and a reserved space on campus.

“It is absurd to think that other Berkeley groups are lighting the campus on fire and throwing rocks through windows, but YAL’s efforts to peaceably promote the message of liberty are being shunned by university administrators,” said Cliff Maloney, president of YAL. “All students, regardless of ideology, should be guaranteed their First Amendment right to free speech.”