Two ‘Angels’ Run for Congress Advocating Strong Border Policies

‘You have no idea the hell I have endured the last three months learning about his release…’

Two 'Angels' Run for Congress Advocating Strong Border Policies

Agnes Gibboney / IMAGE: Fox News

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Two Angels, American citizens who lost family members to the violence of illegal aliens, are running for Congress in California and Pennsylvania.

Agnes Gibboney, a Republican candidate for California’s 31st district, lost her son Ronald when he was 29 years old. An illegal alien gang member, who was previously deported, shot and killed him in 2002.

Gibboney fiercely criticized California’s politicians and Gov. Gavin Newsom for the release of her son’s murderer, Luis Humberto Gonzales, last November, California Globe reported.

“You have no idea the hell I have endured the last three months learning about his release. No one should feel unprotected and betrayed by their government. I am mentally and emotionally drained,” Gibboney said.  “I deserve justice to have Gonzalez detained by ICE.“


California’s government refused to notify ICE about the time of Gonzalez’s release, and it is unclear whether Gonzalez remains at large.

Teddy Daniels, a Republican candidate for Pennsylvania’s 8th district, lost his mother in 2001 when an illegal alien, who was drunk, crashed into her vehicle and killed her.

Gibboney’s family fled from Soviet-controlled communist Hungary in 1956, when she was a young girl, according to her website. Her family emigrated to Brazil, where they waited 13 years to emigrate to the United States.

Shortly after coming to America, her family became permanent legal residents.

“This was the country that had become home to her immediate family, and Agnes was eager to join her son as a citizen of the United States,” the website said. “The day Agnes passed her citizenship test with a perfect score and was sworn in as a naturalized citizen was an occasion of personal and family pride.”

Daniels is a Pennsylvania-born-and-raised combat veteran, Purple Heart recipient and retired police officer, according to his campaign website.

He describes himself as a pr0-Trump conservative who is not a career politician.

When he announced his candidacy in August 2016, he said he is “100% pro-second amendment, pro-life, pro-economy, pro-immigration reform and I believe that Americans need to come first,” PoliticsPA reported.

“The Democrat Party to me is no longer a legitimate party,” Daniels said. “They have forgotten the hard working men and women. They have forgotten about the people who sit at night and worry about putting food on the table or paying bills.”

Gibboney, who hopes to represent the San Bernadino area just north of the US-Mexico border, has placed illegal immigration at the top of her priorities.

She opposes California’s sanctuary laws and opposition to federal immigration enforcement.

“Men and women of ICE God bless them. They are working hard to protect our borders and safety of our nation,” Gibboney said. “Politicians today are going against the Constitution, the federal government and their oath of office. If Gavin Newsom’s job is to endanger and weaken California, he is doing a damn good job at it. He cares only for emotional well being of illegals.”

As an émigré from a communist nation, she opposes socialism, communism and “runaway spending,” while supports the Consitituon, the Bill of Rights, terms limits for Congress, and America’s military.

Like Gibboney, Daniels supports Trump’s border and immigration policies and rejects radical open-borders policies that reward illegal aliens.

“Help me fight for you to make this country better for blue-collar families, for the steelworkers, the cops, the firemen, the veterans, for everybody out there who looks at their paycheck and they look at the taxes coming out and then they see all the illegals coming across the border getting everything handed to them for free,” Daniels said. “It’s not right and as an American, it’s time to take a stand.”