Twitter SHUTS DOWN Kamala’s Attempt to Censor Trump

‘Trump has again shown he is irresponsible and endangering others with his tweets…’

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) Twitter rejected a demand from Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., to shut down President Donald Trump’s account, arguing that its policies aren’t “binary” and must allow for some flexibility.

Harris has made Trump’s Twitter account a key part of her presidential campaign, claiming during the fourth primary debate that Trump must be held accountable for his words.

“The words of a president matter,” Harris said. “Trump has again shown he is irresponsible and endangering others with his tweets. He should lose the privilege to be on Twitter.”

She even wrote Twitter a formal letter citing the platform’s guidelines that prohibit speech used to “target and harass.”

Twitter disagreed with Harris’s characterization: “We reviewed the Tweets you cite in your letter, and they do not violate our policies against abusive behavior, targeted harassment, or violence on the service,” Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s trust and safety teams chief, wrote back to Harris’s campaign.

“We understand the desire for our decisions to be ‘yes/no’ binaries, but it is not that simple,” he said.

In response, the Harris campaign reiterated that Twitter has failed to hold “Donald Trump accountable for abusing their platform to threat people and incite and inspire violent behavior,” reported CNN.

“As Donald Trump uses his tweets to incite violence, threaten witnesses and investigators, obstruct justice, and inspire mass shooters and pipe bombers, this response is inadequate,” said Harris’s national press secretary, Ian Sams.

“Twitter is admitting that their rules are a mess and that they have one set of standards for Donald Trump and another for the rest of us,” Sams continued. “Trump’s abuse of their platform is dangerous.”