Tucker Asks ‘Why the Outrage?’ for Trump’s ‘S%*thole’ Comments

“We’ve gotten to a place where no one can be honest about anything” – Tucker Carlson…

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article contains profanity.

Tucker Carlson photo

Tucker Carlson/photo by Gage Skidmore (CC)

(Nick Givas, Daily Caller News Foundation) Fox News host Tucker Carlson defended President Donald Trump’s Thursday comments about immigrants coming to America from “shithole” countries, and said the media’s visceral outrage over the story was preposterous.

Carlson was speaking with Jose Parra, the Latin communications director for former President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, and said he had visited Haiti and doesn’t understand why people were offended by Trump’s accurate characterization.

“The idea that you are not allowed to say that they’re pretty crummy countries, Haiti for example or El Salvador, I’ve been in both of them — that’s why people are leaving them to come here,” Carlson said. “So I don’t understand what the sin is. You’re not allowed to point out that other countries aren’t as good places to live as America?”

“I think the outrage here is about the insult and the expletive that is attached to the people who come from these countries,” Parra said.

Carlson pointed out how immigrants are fleeing places like Haiti and Mexico to come to the U.S., and questioned why people should have to lie about it.

“The people who left those countries, some of them rode trains all the way through Mexico or they hid in the wheel well of a plane to leave, they would agree with that. So why the outrage?” he asked. “You have to lie and pretend.”

“We’ve gotten to a place where no one can be honest about anything,” Carlson added.

He then cited the United Nations, which that claims Norway is the most developed country in the world, while Haiti is the “poorest place in the hemisphere.”

“People are actually staying this country right now legally because Haiti is so bad, we don’t think they should have to return. So if you say Norway is a better place to live, and Haiti is kind of a hole — anyone who has been to those countries or has lived in them would agree. But we’re jumping up and down — Oh you can’t say that — why can’t you say that?” he asked.

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Parra said it was a “question of values,” and accused Carlson of attaching negative labels to people who come from “predominately brown countries.”

Carlson said the characterization of Haiti being a disheveled country was true, and called out MSNBC for playing the race card.

“If you can’t even say that out loud without being called a racist by people like you and the morons over on MSNBC … anybody who says that’s a racist statement should explain how it is, and you can’t,” Carlson said. “We overwhelmingly give advantage to very poor countries and it’s an honest question, not a racist one.”

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  • metalchristian

    They are shitholes!

    • unageek

      Some are two holers.

    • Lmcyber

      Wrong!! Most immigrants who come from Africa are much better educated than Americans are. Bachelor degree or higher – 43% for African immigrants vs 33% for Americans. You don’t know what you are talking about, period!

      • ProudPatriot

        If they’re so educated, why can they not properly run their countries? The majority of African nations are in poverty or civil war or depend on the UN for funding.

        • jason

          It takes an educated person to understand that!

          • Francisco Machado

            What good is “understanding” that if they’re here and not there? Did they come here because they understood that? Most African countries are impoverished exactly because of the way they are run.

      • robin

        If they are so well educated, why do they want to come over here, Lmcyber??? If they are so well educated, why aren’t they trying to improve their own country?? Why come here?? It’s a very simple question Lmcyber, give an answer to this.

        • kabulgeorge

          That is simple. If they mounted opposition to the thieves and criminals stealing any and everything while in power, they would die or wish they were dead.

      • Teresa Barrett

        You are a moron! Trump wasn’t talking about the the people of every African nation! He was referring to those that are on the terrorist watch list or those that have been involved in civil wars for years, or run by corrupt dictators. And he was referring to the COUNTRIES, NOT THE CITIZENS!
        I would expect that even brain dead liberals would know the difference, but I guess I was wrong!

        • Francisco Machado

          We don’t actually know that he said what’s been reported.

      • Somanywhiners

        Most immigrant from Africa do NOT have a better education. The journalist who reported this created this fabrication just to have a story. He had NO proof.

      • Carlene Wendel

        Why are they coming here if they are so much better there..???

      • Phanor M Carline

        They don’t know that.

      • mkenya halisi

        Yes.They might be educated but why do they come to the US if those countries are so great? Iam an immigrant.We come to America with our degrees because Africa has been mismanaged for decades. The riches in Africa only help those in power there. The poor continue in their poverty while the elites continue to loot these countries. Trump is right. Call a spade a spade NOT a big spoon!

        • andnowyoudont

          If you are a legal immigrant– Welcome and I hope you prosper in this amazing country of opportunity for all who are willing to work hard and assimilate into the “melting pot”.

      • Francisco Machado

        The reference is to the countries. There is a reason that people with an education leave them, why many want to come here. The issue is the necessity for controlling immigration.

      • Maddawg

        You are full of crap.. Maybe the odd 0.001 % are educated; most coming from Africa and the Middle East are educated to just about the 6th grade level– in a foreign language, which means jack here to begin with.

      • Lynn Johnston

        You need to PAUSE, & re-evaluate YOUR comment! And….How did that happen for them?

        • Lynn Johnston


  • J. C. Smith

    I travel to those countries on business all the time. S—-hole is an accurate description.

    • Ken

      Really? You call them s—holes yet love their money. You’re as despicable as Trump.

      • Somanywhiners

        How do you live with your ignorant attitude. Calling J.C. Smith and our President despicable , show you lack of ethics and morality.

      • Charles Lagioia


    • Francisco Machado

      I haven’t been in Cuba since 1960. There are reasons people risked death to leave there. One of them was they risked death if they stayed there. Some countries deserve the epithet, and the mass killings in some African countries support that.

    • kabulgeorge

      J.C. we should organized some field trips for college and high school liberals to oh maybe Mali, Mauritania, Burkina Faso. Drop them off in the middle of town and say, ‘Enjoy your visit, see you in two days.’ I wonder if they might gain a respect for what they have in America, that is if they even survive! There ae beautiful places in all those countries but the corruption and evil makes them as Trump stated ShitteHoles.

      • rennyangel2

        Also, send some to Uganda (bleeding eye sictness), Chad and Somalia (run by war lords), or Venezuela, where they are rioting over food and starving to death.

      • Louie Rey

        You’re giving these liberal students way too much credit. It’s as if you’re assuming that they’d actually understand what they’re confronted with. I was sent an e-mail recently about an incident that took place in Purdue University no less. It was in a political science class. The professor was explaining the requirements that anyone running for president needed to satisfy. He said, among other things, that the person had to be at least 35 years old, a natural born American citizen, etc. A girl in the class felt that those stipulations were exclusionary. The professor asked what was something that was required that she felt was unfair. She said that she couldn’t understand why only a natural born citizen could be president and not one born through Caesarian section. I rest my case.
        That moron votes.

        • kabulgeorge

          gonna be popping out useful idiots one day too!

          • Louie Rey

            Yeah, exactly. Sterilization anyone?

        • Lynn Johnston

          I think I coughed myself to death laughing

          • Louie Rey

            The good news is that I’m glad you got a laugh (a lot of laughs?) out of my post. The bad news is that this actually took place. Funny and scary at the same time.

    • Falcon Aviator

      The irony is that he chose for S** Hole Countries to do Business! !!!
      This is beyond common understanding? ??
      Do Businesses with S***!!

    • slk5

      don’t forget the shuthole of a media thats stirring this all up!!!

  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    Remember, liberals can’t see anything but race. You have to spell it out to them in very clear terms: we are not talking about race; we are talking about the economy.

  • delow24

    In reality, the President was actually being kind in his adjectives for those countries.

  • Mark Thomas

    Yes, the alternative universe of the left rises again to try and tell us all to believe the exact opposite of what we know to be true. Like when Obama tried to nullify American Exceptionalism in one of his speeches. In his mind, Americans think they are exceptional just as Haitians must think they are exceptional. Right!

    • Lmcyber

      This has nothing to do with politics!!! This has to do with pure human decency!

    • james.m.heller

      I think there is some work to be done there!

  • Lmcyber

    Carlson should be fired for his unbelievable IGNORANT comments. People who have come from these countries , on average are more educated and more accomplished than even in America. There are way more Ethiopian Doctors than there are in America on average proportionately. . 43% of immigrants from Africa hold a Bachelors degree or higher while only 33% of Americans do. The ignorance of this president and Carlson is unbelievable. It was a purely racist comment by this ignorant president.

    All this does is make us less safe as it supports the argument that trump made that fuels what trump just voiced. Again, Carlson is totally ignorant and should be fired. Trump is just a racist ignorant man in the throes of dementia. He needs to ushered out of this office as he is turning America into a s—hole country!!

    • metalchristian

      You should be fired, but you probably don’t work. Libtard!

      • Bob Hill

        Why attack him for speaking up? Take you blinders off. I’m glad he spoke out. Silence in this case should never be an option.

        • jason

          Why attack him for speaking up?

      • G.David Lawrence

        Ha Ha! Funny, metalchristian! To Lmcyber, 43%+57% out of the entire population of Africa? How many are left that want to get out of there? Are they qualified? Your comparison is off-balance. Does HLS know about you?

    • jason

      Repeating yourself over and over will not convince anyone but yourself!

  • George Matyas

    The real question should be as what education level should an immigrant have, do they speak English, what kind of work can they do? Lets face it NAFTA moved most of the entry level jobs to foreign countries so we have very few, we need many entry level jobs for Americans, so they can get the skills that are needed to move to better jobs. If they have no skills, how are they going to function in the USA. Robots are replacing unskilled workers, so different solution are needed, and no members of congress are addressing that.

    • Lmcyber

      The immigrants who come from Africa are better educated than Americans are. You people making these racist comments without looking up the statistics are just plain racists. 43% of immigrants from Africa have a Bachelors degree or better, while only 33% of Americans do. Trust me, they are not taking the dumb a– jobs that the unskilled, uneducated Americans don’t want in the first place. Your problem with automation is affecting American workers far more than it is affecting immigrants. In fact, most of the high tech companies have an unbelievable need for highly educated Visa candidates as Americans did not get the education they needed in anywhere near the amounts that are needed in this country.

      There are currently 6.5 million jobs unfilled in the US, most of them in the higher levels such as engineers. That is where many of these immigrants are filling a drastic need for our economy. When Americans decide they want to go out and get 4 year degrees in the sciences and math fields, then the picture might be different. It isn’t right now and will not change drastically for a couple of decades. What Trump is doing with immigration will hurt our GDP and actually encourage companies to outsource even more just to be able to find the high skilled labor these companies need.

      Trump is ignorant about any other business entity but real estate, that’s it.

      • metalchristian

        You are delusional. These people aren’t even smart enough to grow their own food. Why don’t you go live there since you think Americans are so stupid. If it is so great over there why do they leave and come here illegally?

        • james.m.heller

          good reply

      • George Matyas

        You missed the whole point that I was making!!!!!! We have a problem here in the USA, That is not enough or the wrong degrees are being granted period, solution is not to import help when we have more than enough people here that can be trained to fill those position, you solution is to create more welfare, whether it be American or foreigners. The Tech industries have the money and the requirements that are needed to solve this problem, let them do it. Second problem is that green card workers are paid less, which leads industry to hire more foreign workers, which doesn’t solve anything. The last problem is simple, there are too many government that are not improving all there citizens lives, and that is what should be corrected. also there are no jobs for their graduates.

        • G.David Lawrence

          You’re spot on, George. I started reading the replies and wondered if I had warped into something else! I hear in Kentucky the governor just passed a bill to require any able bodied person on Medicaid to get a job. I agree.

          • jason

            That bill is a step in the right direction!

      • omikehawk

        Ha ha, good one!

      • jason

        So all those uneducated illegal immigrants are going to fill those jobs? You are the typical mindf*$cked libtard that thinks they know what’s going on because CNN told you. Educated people come the proper, legal way because they won’t have to worry about immigration and they know they are needed.

      • Barbara Combs


      • kabulgeorge

        and what is 33% of 316,000,000 and 43% of heck for round numbers 100,000.000 but not sure is any African country has 100,000,000 population other than Nigeria. And when that refers to 43% of a number of immigrants from Africa, well, it is just another talking point that doesn’t really matter now does it. I am glad that you admit that or education system has been dumbing down for decades and it will take decades to repair this disaster. Before you go all BLM on me. I am friends and have worked with an engineer from Burkina Faso that was educated in Walla Walla, Washington in Afghanistan and Macedonia and he was qualified and hard working, spoke better English than my Texican! since you are a statistician, how many immigrants are there from Africa the time period that was used to show how many, what percentage, were college educated, Bachelor or higher.

      • Bob Marks

        Lmcyber – Suffering from a case or cranial rectal inversion??? You most certainly sound like it. Either that or you are a left wing commie who wants to turn America into a Shithole by bringing America to her knees.

    • james.m.heller

      George you are one smart person, what do you recall about all the money that was sent to Haiti only to have a large amount taken right off the top (admin costs)

  • 615GEJ1

    Right on, Tucker!

  • Mark V

    Obama said the same thing about Libya and no one was outraged!

    • Ken

      Different situation, different meaning, but, as a true Trump worshiping wingnut lying is just what you do.


        Whats so different?

        • jason

          It’s not Ken like all racist liberals are hypocrites.

          • Ken

            Trump said that the only difference between him and white trash is that he has more money. You, obviously, are a minimum wage guy.

          • jason

            Different situation, different meaning!

          • Lynn Johnston

            Wow, And I mean, WOW, It is Astonishing what you listen to… from THE quack ars press…..they have totally lost their Morals

  • Leroy Mosley

    I guess Tucker’s and Hitler Trump’s mothers didn’t teach them to have nice manners.

    • dk1xley

      Trump has manners!

    • Teresa Barrett

      Apparently your mother didn’t either. To call Trump “hitler”, is not only rude, but just shows how ignorant you actually are! You don’t know the first thing about Hilter OR TRUMP!

  • ADRoberts

    It would not have mattered if he had used nice words. The outrage would have been the same. It does not matter what he does. They will always find fault . Just like Pelosi’s criticism of how he has handled N. Korea. Now it is proving that IT WORKED. And Pelosi is silent. Dont expect that she will not be screaming at the VERY NEXT decision he makes. it is part of the mindset. They refuse to accept that THEY LOST.

    • Ken

      It worked??!! Kim’s latest statement was that all his nuclear missiles are aimed at the U.S and you called that…….worked?

      • Somanywhiners

        Try again, you are getting major false news.

      • ADRoberts

        Ah. I see a guy who believes that no matter what Trump does or says, it is wrong
        How about YOU admit that for the first time in decades North Korea is wanting to talk to South Korea. NO? I guess you believe that we can do nothing to stop him and that we must bow down and lick his shoes the way the Democrats have done with THE WHOLE WORLD.
        As I was told today. The world does not admire or respect or fear a coward like Obama who apologizes to everyone. YOU are just such.
        I just read a bunch of you posts to other. The ONLY thing you ever say is smears, insults and lies.

        • slk5

          sorry had you wrong!!!

      • Rory Fahy

        Kim’s nuclear missiles don’t have the capability of reaching the U.S. A standard missile could reach the U.S but launching a nuclear missile long distance is a whole other process. Trump’s motivation in his saber-rattling with North Korea is to push them to the negotiating table the same way Reagan did with Soviet Russia in the 1980’s and it worked.

    • Somanywhiners

      President Trump will be criticized no matter what. Even when they have nothing,the Democrats will lie and make something like this up. That is what Richard Durbin did; he lied about what President Trump said, he is passing his own thoughts off as President Trump’s words.

    • GBarry

      Pelosi is a dried up old prune/hag that has nothing to talk about now that the Mueller investigation is going nowhere. Trump is right about many third world countries, and they don’t like the reference. The people that immigrate do not want to be Americans, refuse to learn English, adapt our culture and bring their problems with them. Why let them in?

      • ADRoberts

        The word now is that Soros is going for 25 for 45.

  • dk1xley

    Trump is telling it like it is.. He is nor a racist. These libertards can’t see past the nose on their face.

    President Trump does not want our great nation to look like a third world country,
    President Trump is not talking about racism, he is talking about the health and welfare of the United States of America..
    God Bless America!

  • chris VN

    ” “predominately brown countries.” don’t really need to say anything else?

  • Guillermo Narvaez

    Maybe President Trump should have called them what they really are. …marxist utopias !!

  • Thepolymathis

    Did trump actually say this publicly, tweet it or is it another White House leak?

    • Sherissky

      In a closed door meeting with a few congress members. Trump said he used tough language, not exactly what they are claiming??

  • Sherissky

    Obama calls Libya a sh*tshow nobody is bothered. Trump says something negative about a county not the people & he’s racist and should be impeached, are fn kidding me? The left has really lost their grip on reality! Why would people risk their lives to come here if, where they are leaving is so wonderful?
    Political correctness has to end! The blind hate fueling the left is making them look ridiculous, that can continue, it will only help in November.
    Bashing Trump and other nations in our news daily, is only hurting America. Get a grip all you anti-american commies, you LOST, get over it already.

  • Thepolymathis

    We don’t have any issues with legal immigration but I have a big problem with illegal immigration and an even greater problem with people legal or not trying to colonize America.

  • Somanywhiners

    The problem is that President Trump did not say this, Richard Durbin did and then started saying President Trump said it. No one else heard President Trump say this so it was only spoken by Durbin.

  • james.m.heller


  • graylens

    If El Salvador was such a paradise then why have 200,000 people, who were admitted to the US on an emergency basis 16+ years ago, refused to go home? Why have 100,000s of Haitians also admitted after an emergency refused to return to their homes? Even though so many hate the US and blame the US of bigotry people do not want to leave the US . Doesn’t that say something about the US that is good and better than their home countries

  • Sean Rickmin

    Why is it bad to tell the truth anymore.These [email protected]$tholes hate us,but still take our dollars.They are [email protected]%tholes,cut out the foreign aid and maybe they will wake up and get their [email protected]$t together.

  • Henry Gregg Nash

    Hey People, if the truth hurts, do something about it! Of all of the money that the U.S. has given to these “CRAP COUNTRIES”, they would have great things, but the damn dictator squandered it away and yet they blame us for their squalor.
    I say, “Sleep in the bed you made”!

  • Buddy Howard

    Obama referred to Libya as a “s— show” in 2016 and in 2012 called Mitt Romney a “bull*hitter”. Nobody even commented. Now the democrats and Mexico’s president are butt hurt? Anyone complaining about Trump’s language should be ashamed of themselves and should be ridiculed for their herd mentality and double standard.

  • Erik V Johnson

    ” Last year, the insurance company FM Global ranked Haiti as the worst place to do business out of 130 countries it surveyed, because of factors that include corruption and natural hazards.”

  • Carlosinator

    Yosemite Sam…Right On!

  • melvin johns

    President Trump says that all you liberals can k!ss his*ss.

  • Maddawg

    And you can keep your doctor if you want to; and you will save $2500 per year on health insurance… All lies, just from the DNC & their politicians though..

  • Maddawg

    I’ve been to Haiti.. Deployed back in 1994 with a few thousand other GI’s.. It was a crap hole back then, and hasn’t changed since.. From my understanding, it became a crap hole shortly after its management was handed back to the “natives” .. Everything that was left for them the “natives” left to rot or rust. Where ever such people go, they bring their habits from their native countries and often don’t desire but to turn their new homes into the same third world crap holes that they left from. They’ll even elect the same sort of politicians into office as they had back in their original country to ensure that their new home becomes as screwed up as the old one. Turn a first world country into a third world country..

  • Mark V

    And who was responsible for causing the downfall of Gaddafi- Obama and Clinton which makes Obama’s statement all the more arrogant to me.

  • rennyangel2

    Yes, the Clintons milked Haiti like a cow and left it in the same condition after spending MILLIONS of OUR money. It all went to favored “contractors” or the freaking Foundation.

  • Joseph111

    Here’s why Tucker – classic liberal tactic …
    When you can’t attack the message, attack the messenger

  • Sylvia Avila

    Dems have lost all sense of reality! Thanks to Evil Obama who promoted hate for 8yrs! That is all he did in office,except use W.H as his personal money tree! Obama big time criminal! Works for NWO elite gang!

  • Louie Rey

    The only people that can be “honest” about anything are those in the lamestream media that specialize in fake news and say whatever they want and get away with it. Whether the actual language is deemed appropriate or not, if President Trump says something (or is it anything?) that the lamestream media find (or pretend to make) offensive then the s**t hits the fan.

  • Murphmeister

    It’s not a comment about race, rather one about culture ( and all the factors that make up culture ). There are clearly superior and inferior cultures. that’s undeniable. The only offense is that it requires the use of judgment which people erroneously call being judgmental.

  • Lynn Johnston

    I 2nd you on that!!

  • Angela

    You’re right about the left and the F word. Go back and watch clips of crazy Uncle Joe Biden. He used it in front of a bunch of kids when Obama was signing the Obamacare bill into law.