Trump’s State Dept Refuses to Look for Hillary’s Emails

(Washington Examiner) Judicial Watch was hoping that “Team Trump” would also mean team transparency. But the conservative watchdog group was disappointed Monday after State Department lawyers were still insisting — even under their new President Trump-appointed leadership — that they have no intention of trying to find any potential as-yet uncovered Hillary Clinton emails from her time at the department.

Given that Trump once joked that Russia should find Hillary’s missing emails, it’s an ironic twist for Judicial Watch that it can’t get Trump’s own State Department to cooperate.

At a hearing in Washington on Monday at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, the State Department said it will continue to seek a dismissal of Judicial Watch’s case attempting to force them to locate Clinton’s emails…

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    That’s one of the reasons Americans voted for Trump. We want Obama and Hillary held accountable for over reaching power.

  • Crazy Barry

    There’s still allot of democrat snakes and alligators in that part of the Washington swamp (DOS). I hope President Trump gets the pumps up and running soon to start draining it.