Trump’s Labor Secretary Keeps Obama’s Pro-Illegals Policies

POWERLINE: Alex Acosta has done little to protect American workers…

Trump's Labor Dept Continues Obama Threats Over Forced Unionization 1

Alexander Acosta/Photo by US Department of Labor (CC)

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) President Barack Obama appointed Tom Perez as U.S. Secretary of Labor in 2013.

He implemented policies to support and defend illegal immigrants against U.S. laws.

President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta was appointed to correct the pro-illegal immigrant policies of his predecessor.

Powerline, a conservative blog, on Monday described how Acosta has refused to make any substantive changes at the Department of Labor.

Paul Mirengoff wrote the article titled, “Alex Acosta refuses to disturb Obama/Perez pro-illegal immigrant policies.

Mirengoff described three policies that Perez began.

First, he said the DOL, the Equal Employment Opportunity Board, the National Labor Relations Board, and the Department of Homeland Security cooperated to prevent Immigration and Customs Enforcement from detaining or deporting illegal immigrants.

When the DOL, EEOC, or the NLRB have an ongoing investigation into someone, ICE cannot enforce immigration laws against them.

He describes this policy as a DOL “sanctuary city.”

Second, Mirengoff wrote that the DOL uses scarce resources investigating wage violations committed against illegal immigrants.

The DOL tries to collect back wages — the amount of money employers underpay their employees — for illegal immigrants.

“By devoting resources to seeking back wages for illegal immigrants, the DOL is short-changing victims of pay act violations who are in this country legally, including American citizens,” Mirengoff wrote.

Third, he said the U.S. government has tried to increase the number of complaints made by illegal immigrants against their employers.

“The DOL has entered a number of partnerships with Central American, South American, and Asian Pacific Government to facilitate complaints against employers by their citizens, regardless of immigration status,” Mirengoff wrote. “I don’t think our government should be devoting resources to encouraging complaints by illegal immigrants that apparently may immunize them from visits by ICE to their workplaces.”

Acosta hasn’t overturned any of the policies that Perez put in place to protect illegal immigrants.

All of the policies take resources from the DOL that could be spent to protect American workers and instead spend them on illegal immigrants.

“At both the Justice Department and the DOL, Acosta has been unwilling to take action that would alienate leftists,” Mirengoff wrote. “He has raised inaction to an art form.”

Mirengoff’s last complaint against Acosta is that he has not removed Perez’s appointees from the Administrative Review Board, “the influential body that issues final agency decisions for the Secretary of Labor in cases arising under a wide range of worker protection laws.”