Trump Wants Vietnam to Buy U.S. Military Gear to Fix Trade Imbalance

(CNS News) After thanking Vietnam’s prime minister for his warm welcome by “happy” people waving in the streets “by the tens of thousands,” President Donald Trump turned to the issue of trade.

He urged Vietnam to “buy your equipment,” including “military gear” and missiles, from the United States:

Important to me is trade, because right now we have a very substantial trade imbalance with Vietnam — approximately $32 billion, which is a tremendous amount of money. And we have to take care of our American companies and we have to take care of American workers.

And perhaps the administrations previous to me didn’t like the subject, understand the subject — something was wrong — because there are so many problems having to do with trade imbalance. So we want to get that straightened out very quickly.

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We would like you to buy your equipment from the United States. We make the best equipment, we make the best military gear and planes and anything you can name. The missiles are in a category that nobody even comes close.

…We make the greatest missiles in the world, greatest planes in the world, greatest commercial aircraft in the world.

So we would like Vietnam to buy from us, and we have to get rid of the trade imbalance. We can’t have the trade imbalance. Other than that, I think we’re going to have a fantastic relationship, and I look forward to it for many years to come…

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  • Bronwyn Tillman

    America are hypocrites in this matter! for years there was a TRADE EMBARGO on Vietnam because the US didn’t like the fact that they LOST the war

    • raleigh292

      That was the Deep state/Political Establishment. Trump is not part of the political establishment. Why do you think both parties hate him so much?