Trump Vows to ‘Destroy’ LBJ Rule Barring Churches from Political Activity

Photo by manhhai

Photo by manhhai

(Washington Times) President Trump told religious leaders Thursday that he wants to “destroy” the Johnson Amendment, a longstanding legal barrier that prevents churches and charitable groups from endorsing political candidates.

“I will get rid of and totally destroy the Johnson Amendment and allow our representatives of faith to speak freely and without fear of retribution,” Mr. Trump said at the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington.

The 1954 IRS provision prevents tax-exempt organizations from campaigning for or endorsing any political candidates. Some Republican lawmakers want to repeal it, and Mr. Trump had promised during his campaign to get rid of the measure.

The president did not elaborate on how he intends to carry out the proposed move. But two House Republican lawmakers and Sen. James Lankford, Oklahoma Republican, introduced legislation Wednesday that would amend the tax code to “restore free speech” for churches and nonprofits as long as the speech takes place “in the ordinary course” of the organization’s activities, and related expenses are minimal.

“For too long, the IRS has used the Johnson Amendment to silence and threaten religious institutions and charitable entities,” said Rep. Jody Hice, Georgia Republican. “As a minister who has experienced intimidation from the IRS firsthand, I know just how important it is to ensure that our churches and nonprofit organizations are allowed the same fundamental rights as every citizen of this great nation.”

Mr. Hice said he is eager to work with Mr. Trump “to make repeal a reality.”

Rabbi Jack Moline, president of the Interfaith Alliance, said repealing the Johnson Amendment “would undermine religious freedom by plunging houses of worship into partisan politics and inviting the rewards and punishments of patronage.”

“We strongly urge Congress to oppose the effort to undermine the Johnson Amendment, which has nothing to do with religious freedom and everything to do with grabbing power for the religious right,” Rabbi Moline said….

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  • Harvey Mitterdorf

    Rebubs need to think this one through. It would not be a good idea for churches to start endorsing political candidates. Stick to the articles of your faith and let the members decide for themselves.

    • Brooke Pass

      Horrible times and you are concerned with the Christian faith?

      The ACLU, SPLC, ADL, with the help of cowardly congress and president has put up walls of protection and preferential treatment for every group of people except “white Christians”. We are the only ones capable of committing “hate” crimes.

      Muslims just strap bombs on their children and send them out to blow up people…occasionally they celebrate and roast one or two.

      Five blacks torture a couple of white UT students over several days before killing them…the torture used against these two students would make Al-Qaeda look like beginners. The acts of these blacks must be looked at as an everyday occurrence and not news worthy…and I suppose Al Sharpton, the NAACP and the news media are in a position to know. Illegal immigrants are so protected and given such preferential treatment they don’t have to work, nor pay for their crimes. They are free to murder, rape, drive drunk, steal and draw unlimited government subsidies.

      Christians are forbidden the right to utter a prayer in public places but Muslims are provided foot bowls, prayer rooms and special bathroom arrangements. I have come to the conclusion that the majority of the white race is looked at as the strongest race on earth and the only way to totally control or destroy us is through legislating away all our rights and declaring us hate mongers. While we work and pay taxes we must learn to succumb to every degrading remark and intolerant act that can be heaped on our backs. If we don’t succumb?…we are easily tracked through our legal social security numbers, IRS records, licenses, insurance policies, property titles and every other form of our legal activities.

      • Harvey Mitterdorf

        I was just pointing out that having churches endorse political candidates is a step down a path that they do not wish to go down. I know the end result of that one. It is not what they think. To paraphrase: as it was in the days of Jesus, so shall it be in the days of the Son of man.

      • AbdulCrunch

        Child of God first, I’m an American, not “Aryan”, a descendent of Crusader Normans, Mamluk white
        slaves of Muslim Turks, and Powhatten Natives. I can’t choose Ancestor
        DNA, but fight battles of Faith where I am.

    • independent thinker

      If the ban on political activity on churches is to remain then enforce it on ALL churches. The black churches have endorsed democrats for decades with nothing being said by the IRS.

  • Joe Cobl

    Louis Farrakhan, (muslim) and rev. Jeremiah Wright, (supposed Baptist) have been preaching political positions for decades, but because they are mulattoes they can do what they want. Another example of black privilege, the IRS can shove it!!!!!

    • AbdulCrunch

      I agree only on the point that ANY Leftist, Democrat,
      Fasco-Marxist, Atheist, and
      Anarchist groups use laws,
      Acts & amendments as a lever to subvert freedom. Marxists manipulated MLK & civil rights groups with LBJ’s scheme to create a voter bloc of Blacks, and the so-called Party shift supposedly drove Dixiecrat
      Politicians to the GOP. Just hearing VP Joe Biden and Sen. Harry Reid say racist statements, & Media look the other way proves the exact opposite. LBJ said outrageous racist opinions
      & he was a hero!

    • Gary Smith

      what about Sharpton and Jackson?

  • Big Iron

    LBJ was a …….!

    Part of the responsibility of the Church is to help their congregations understand what is actually going on; if they fail to do that then they fail their “flocks”. The 501c3 non-profit status was designed to create fear that the church property will be stolen from them by the government if they attempt to educate their congregations on the real issues involved. Ministers who fail to educate their flocks have sacrificed their duty both to God and man by their failure to act.

  • Robert

    Dear Patriots,

    The history and precepts of our Constitutional Republic’s foundation was formed from Christian beliefs and the revelations of G-d’s Holy Word. The lifestyles of most of our Founding Fathers were based on their own experience with the unchangeable Wisdom, Truth and Guidance of our Eternal L-rd. For the most part, the Covenant with the Almighty they lived was paramount to the continuance of our Liberties, as each individual was accountable to G-d for his own self-discipline, that self-government which is so lacking in our world today.

    At the heart of our countries beginning was a daily dependance upon The Living relationship with our Fathers Love and Comforting Care. They did not have the excess of privileges that are afforded to our modern society. They were prey to surviving in the wilderness of our newly found continent. They were subject each day to their own vulnerability to survive, that they knew for certain what was dependable and true as opposed to what was known to fail. They did not have the leisure of depending on support from an inflated and deceptive government, for it did not exist for them as it does today. When
    G-d’s Word spoke that, “he who does not work, does not eat,” that was part of the reality of life. Our Republic, our social attitude toward being controlled by a foreign sovereign, these and other base dynamics of life itself were conveyed from within the Houses of Worship, the communication hub of that day. Founders like Jefferson, Franklin and others wrote and spoke of the demise of our Freedoms if we became a democracy.

    We who have seen the media’s counter revolution to President Trump must realize that this liberal agenda has infiltrated our society in all areas. Most of the negative comments we are seeing, even here within this blog is a result of the “programming” of the receptive minds of the searching young of our citizenry. This form of “propaganda” has been used by tyrants such as Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and others who must dispose of the Truth in order to rule the subjects of their Empires. The Eternal Truth that stands forever is shown to us by our Creator to set us free from the enslavement of lies and deception. Our Father G-d has laced this knowledge of The Truth into each individual. It is then given by Him the Freedom to individually choose to follow these Truth into Liberty or selfishly deny them and by doing so becoming ruled by the passive whims of the base philosophies of mankind. There is no greater Liberty than to know and live by the Truth and Wisdom of G-d Almighty. Everything else may be as beautiful as flowers, which all to soon whither and die.

    The Church in its Truest sense is not a building, but instead the gathering together of those who have indeed, surrendered their own mortal souls to the immortality that our Savior offers to each individual to let His Holy Spirit to change them into individuals after the Character of the Ancient of Days. As such, we enter into a Divine Relationship with The L-rd of Lovingkindness, the Originator of Eternal Liberty and Justice for any who decide to return from the failure fall of Adam and Eve’s from G-d’s Presence, back into His Guiding them daily into The Way of Truth and Life.

    This is what the collection of those who profess to be the Bride of Christ must do to be Saved from the ignorance and intolerance of this final age of mankind. This is what the True Christian, Known and Covenanted by G-d Himself must do to redeem oneself and the community of the society their born into to regain access to The Powers and Promises of The Almighty. This is where we will drink of Living Water and feed on The Bread of Life Eternal.

    This Liberty and our Constitutional Republic was Inspired by such Christian Ethics our Forefathers lived. We may only see the greatness of America restored when we bring ourselves to bow to The Sovreignty of the Author of Life itself. From Him Alone, have we been set FREE.

    • AbdulCrunch

      Awesome sermon! Glory to the Ancient of Days, the Lamb that was slain for our trangressions.

    • Man on the street

      The Muslim terror around the world cannot be prevented without preventing the radical ideologies. Freedom of religion must be reinterpreted to say : NO FREEDOM TO ANY RELIGION THAT TEACHES HATE AND VIOLENCE AGAINST OTHER RELIGIONS. Once such concept is understood by the stupid unwashed, there will be no bs about freedom of religion, especially savage religions! Again, here to prevent libturds from saying Islamophobe; millions of Muslims are not approving of crazy Hadith that teaches killing of the infidels, but, even if all the one billion Muslims believed in killing the infidels, then it is safe to say WE WILL MAKE ISLAM ILLIGAL, AND WILL PREVENT ALL MUSLIMS WHO INSIST ON SUCH SAVAGE DOGMA FROM ENTERING THE US, AND WE WILL DEPORT ALL MUSLIMS WHO INSIST ON SUCH DOGMA, AND WE WILL ARREST ALL NATIVE MUSLIM CITIZENS WHO INSIST ON SUCH DOGMA. You don’t have to blow up a car to get arrested, once you think that blowing up a car is good jihadi work, then you will be arrested for THINKING AND BELIEVING IN SUCH.

  • Gomer Wumphf

    “Progressives” will get all upset about allowing Christian leaders from endorsing candidates. But guess what – they clearly feel it’s OK for Muslim clerics to endorse candidates.

    • socialsavvy

      How do you know how people feel. No, you are wrong on this. It is important to keep separation of church and state. Or we might have the Church over take the state. In that case, whose Church.? Separation of church and state protects all of us. I don’t need for a preacher to direct my voting, nor to influence my thinking regarding some jerk who is running for office saying all kinds of things that he thinks people will like to get the church vote. The concept that churches always know what is best regarding politics is with out merit. Maybe we would have a Catholic government. Maybe we would get a Pentecostal government. Maybe a Muslim government. If our government is founded on Christian beliefs, leave it that way before it gets infiltrated with people who want to change the religion of the entire nation.

      • Gomer Wumphf

        Study Islam and you’ll find out under Islam the Mosque is the state – there is no separation for religion and state.

        • socialsavvy

          You are absolutely correct. Any religion, whether Christian by name or by separate denomination could work the same way should it become involved in politics other than just a reference to a political party of choice for voting purposes. To me it is a dangerous step. Johnson did the nation a favor by keeping church and state separate. This is the same principal followed by not having prayer in school. I am speaking of the morning everyday prayer, not particularly for events. This is a small and actually non-effective at the time. In grade school, which was also with the high-school back in the dark ages, actually the 50’s our school got a new principal. He made many advancements in the school. One was a school cafeteria. I realize that seems odd for the present time, however, my point is he was Catholic as were his children. There was one other catholic in this small country school. at the time the Catholics observed no meat on Fridays. The cafeteria was instructed and followed through by having no meat on Friday’s. I happened to know the information because my mother was school secretary. Most probably did not notice and not that it hurt anyone. The point is the same, however, public schools with religious observances can be influenced by the ones who run it. I found that I did not need an observance of prayer to do things in my life. Just pray if you so desire but do not involve others faith into yours, or cause them to follow your faith. What if everyone had to do what the Muslim Principal does…….that is a possibility. Keep church and state separate. At all costs to preserve the sanctity of the Christian religion.

  • Alan

    Muslim clerics get away with preaching totalitarian government mixed with their brand of religion, so canceling LBJ’s amendment makes a lot of sense with regard to parity.

  • Raymond Miller

    I am in favor of barring political speak from the Pulpit, a lot of Ministers, Priests, Rabbis are liberal socialists. Look at the present Pope, if he’s not one I don’t know who is. Go on the United Methodist web site and read their opinions.
    I am a Methodist and I don’t want my Democrat Minister telling me who I should vote for. The last 3 ministers we’ve had have been democrats and we have no real choice as to who is appointed to our church, as the process is rigged.

  • David Carpenter

    Seems I remember numerous pastors, ministers publicly endorse Trump during this past election cycle. Does this mean that their church is not a 501c3 organization or were they taking a chance that the IRS wasn’t paying attention?

  • ForrestByers

    To ridicule the late John Lennon,”Give God A Chance”.In the words Of President Donald J Trump,”What have you got to lose ?” The eternal list creates perplexity as to where to start with the improvement!

  • dolittle


  • I have no desire for churches to get involved in politics except on moral issues. We now have plenty of those. But churches have a First Amendment right to speak out on issues involving morality and to speak out on what the Bible says. That does not mean that churches can go overboard on questionable issues.

  • Louie Rey

    Isn’t that called separation of Church and State? Didn’t we, or weren’t we, supposed to have that already? Just asking.

  • Kidsplay

    Since LBJ got this passed to help him win election in Texas back in the day it is time to admend the tax code BIG TIME.

  • Rick D.

    This is long overdue!! It’s a shame that pastors who preach the Word of God have to be guarded when it comes to pointing out the differences between candidates’ character and their adherence to spiritual teachings. This is particularly disturbing when radical “so-called, self-proclaimed leaders” -e.g. Jesse Jackson., Farrakhan, J.Wright, & Al Sharpton- can spew their vitriolic hatred views.

  • 1quickdraw

    You might want to read your history. The separation of church and state is intended to keep the Government from telling people what church they MUST attend as well as telling the churches what they can and can’t do. But many people have been brain washed into believing whatever they are told. You know, tell someone something long enough and they will believe it. Your welcome. God bless America & God bless our President Donald Trump.

  • Jeff Z

    “Rabbi Jack Moline”…..gave an expected response.

    If you want to know what they’re up to…..listen to what they accuse youof.

  • minefinder624

    PAC’s are tax exempt are they not ?? 100% political output. Muslims follow Sharia and it is preached in their mosques and schools (tax exempt)-Sharia is both law and political.. What’s the problem with tossing this provision ? They should also toss any “hate-speech” penalties. Up here in Canada the left-wing liberals are trying to impose even more free speech restrictions. Shamefully- the so-called Conservatives are wimping out on challenging these impositions to free speech.

  • Vince

    Have the church pay taxes then they can say what they want.

    • socialsavvy

      They do anyway in some cases. The fastest way to cause fights among the members who have ability to think on their own is to support one or another candidates. It is no one’s business whom I vote for unless, I decide to say who it is.

  • Dan Menard

    The point of free speech is that all sides, Pros & Cons get to have their say. It dose not instill one side over the other but is dose give all sides a chance to be heard no matter the venue. Certainly people of faith will be listening to their church officials but so too will the folks of no or marginal faith be listening to those they choose to hear. That is after all the intent of the first amendment and the situations that our founding fathers themselves experienced during our nations foundation. There is ample historical documentation that they attended places of worship that spoke out on both sides of their political issues. It is time to bring this unfair legislation by LBJ to its end.

  • therealworld

    Being able to discuss politics in a church setting is a good idea and shouldn’t be restricted. It’s a form of Free Speech….

  • Bill Mac

    Trump supporter BUT having religion being able to endorse candidates and letting them loose in the political arena CAUSES ME CONCERN because in Christian churches the word of God is already being watered down to their flocks and now having them impose their position in politics will only water things down more.

    As a Black person going to church on Sunday I see where the BLACK CHURCH is really another ARM of the Democrat Party. It’s awful. Hard to ignore. Sad that Black Churches are really nothing more than Democrqat Party preachers. Preaching Gods word and being Part of the Democrat Party is heinous because the Word of God forbids abortion, homosexuality, etc. YET Black Churches are in TOTAL BED with the Democrat Party.

    I’m sure White Protestant and Catholic churches have their druthers but not from the pulpits like Black Churches,.

    We already know the Jews except most orthodox are another ARM of the Democrats too. And yet the Democrats under OBUMMER got kicked in the A$$ over UN abstention over Israel.

  • Mark

    YES…please keep your vow against the LBJ travesty.

  • Mark

    This may be the single most important thing Trump can do. Let’s pray like we’ve never prayed before, that Trump will keep this critical vow.

  • Cecilia Robarge

    All those preachers who preach hate are under God’s wrath and under His watch. Be careful with your words for God records everything and soon boom, disaster strikes… Then you will ask why??? Your’e doomed as a person of the Word…amen