Trump Unhappy w/ Job His Generals Did in Afghanistan

‘I said ‘Why don’t you let them fight? Why are we getting in the middle of it?’…

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Donald Trump and James Mattis/Photo by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

(The Epoch Times) In his first cabinet meeting of 2019, President Donald Trump expressed his dissatisfaction with the performance of U.S. military generals in Afghanistan, revealing he “essentially” fired Defense Secretary Jim Mattis—just days after the four-star general left his Pentagon post.

Speaking to reporters for almost two hours on Jan. 2, Trump lamented the situation in the Middle East and the conduct of his top military aides.

“I gave our generals all the money they wanted, they didn’t do such a great job in Afghanistan. They’ve been fighting in Afghanistan for 19 years,” Trump said.

The president described one case where he was frustrated about a general’s decision to keep U.S. troops fighting in the middle of two enemy forces.


“So the Taliban is our enemy, ISIS is our enemy. We have an area that I brought up with our generals four or five weeks ago where Taliban is here, ISIS is here, and they are fighting each other. I said ‘Why don’t you let them fight? Why are we getting in the middle of it?’ I said let them fight, they are both our enemies,” Trump said.

“They go in and they end up fighting both of them. It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. I think I would have been a good general, but who knows,” he continued…Original Source