Trump Threatens Funds to Nations That Oppose U.S. at the U.N.

‘Let them vote against us. We’ll save a lot…’

Trump’s HHS Pick Shows Admin Still Focused on Repeal

Donald Trump/PHOTO:

(AFP) President Donald Trump threatened to cut funding Wednesday to countries that vote against the United States on a motion at the United Nations condemning Washington’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

“All these nations that take our money and then vote against us at the Security Council and they vote against us potentially at the Assembly,” Trump said at the White House.

“They take hundreds of millions of dollars and even billions of dollars and then they vote against us. Well, we’re watching those votes,” he continued.

“Let them vote against us. We’ll save a lot. We don’t care.”


Nikki Haley, Washington’s UN envoy, had warned countries Tuesday that she would report back to Trump with the names of those who supported a draft resolution rejecting the US recognition.

“Nikki, that was the right message,” Trump said.

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki accused Washington of “threatening” member countries of the UN General Assembly ahead of Thursday’s vote.

Republished with permission from AFP via iCopyright license.

  • David Ciambrone

    It’s about time someone did this.

  • dprato

    Long over due and should quite UN and let them take it elsewhere.
    We pay them to be anti American. Tell them to take a hike.

    • Sharon McGriff

      I agree but learn to spell QUIT not QUITE.

    • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

      You can’t pay people to like you, but they will respect you if you stand for your own principles, even if you don’t give them money.

  • jackcandobutwont

    Why in the WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS is the US giving millions to countries that hate, when we are $20 TRILLION in debt..

    And POTUS Trump needs to tell the UN to pound sand and relocate to Baghdad or Tehran!!

    • MajorMajor411

      Because we’ve had idiot corrupt politicians running the nation for so long is the reason we’ve been giving other nations money.



    • 906 Sparky

      Ask Obama!

      • jackcandobutwont

        bush and clinton will handing out dollars like they were candy too!!

        But ya, bobo upped the game….
        Liberals LOVE to give other people’s money away….it makes them feel loved and needed!!!

    • Maria

      Yes! Have them move To another country.

    • Ron Hill

      You’re absolutely right. I have been waiting for years and years for a president to have the guts to cut off foreign aid to enemy countries. We have just been supporting their military and politicians. You don’t think any of that money trickles down to the people it is supposed to help, do you?

      • Born Again Southern Pride

        Cut off all aid to all countries…

        • Sue Bradshaw

          Except God’s Chosen Nation of ISRAEL, who is the only other real democracy in the world. That’s WHY the nations hate us and Israel so much.

          • John N. Reiter

            AGREE !!

          • taliesin319

            Israel and the USA are the only 2 Nations that on the day of their Founding in both ancient and Modern Israel and the USA on the day Of Washington’s innaugurationentered convenants with God.

          • Inga Johansson

            Stupid idiot.

      • jackcandobutwont



  • SA Ander

    Do it and stop talking about it!

  • Al

    Thank you Mr. President. How about those who shout “Death to America”? Cut them off now.

    • 906 Sparky

      We could cut off most universities in the USA too!

      • Robert Ives

        Cut them OFF!!!

        • Xntryk

          At the knees

          • Lee Martinsen

            NOT at the knees, AT THE NECK

          • Xntryk

            Either way way works, I just prefer deeper cuts.

      • Maria

        I agree 100%

      • pappy450

        Excellent IDEA! Perhaps we ALL should “tweet” the President and make the “suggestion”, AND cut off ALL federal funds to the “sanctuary states” too.

        • Gerry Costa

          Got my vote !!

          • David Atherton

            Ditto 1000%

        • John N. Reiter

          Correct !!

        • Rev. Phillip Meacham

          very good idea

      • Ms. Sam Haddock

        so? if you can’t afford children, raising them and educating them, then don’t have them in the first place. I’m not responsible for their education, I have my own kids to support and get through college.

        • Farte’

          Darn I only had 2 children. I didnt know the Gov’t would pay me to keep having them!

          • Rev. Phillip Meacham

            this is why the cost of wel-fare cost all most as much as it cost to protect the country with our military

          • carpkiller

            Thats why dems support all these welfare programs. They take credit for helping them out is how they put it and everyone that is legal pays for it.

        • larry harvey

          Scrooge has spoken and just in time for Christmas.

          • IMSweetOlBob

            The people affected by cutting of our enemies money, dont believe in Christmas.
            If you think PRESIDENT TRUMP is being a “Scrooge”, why not send them your own money for “Christmas”. Put your money where your mouth is.
            Go ahead ! Get that warm, fuzzy feeling in your tummy !

          • larry harvey

            IM–My scrooge remark was directed to those who disapprove of tax payer money being used to educate “someone else’s children”. I strongly condemn Trump’s threats to other nations who do not do what he wants. Threat tactics are almost always self defeating and anger those whom they are directed against. Instead, charm and friendly negotiation should be used. Trump is the school boy bully not the polished world leader.

          • Xntryk

            Witholding money is not bullying. No countries are entitled to our money period. Let them stand on their own, or fall on their own!

          • gingergirl

            Well, Larry, can you give me one good reason why we are giving money to countries that hate us?? Just one reason . . . . Our money should be going to US citizens, not hateful countries, not illegals, not “refugees”! Idiot!

          • Ron Oliphant

            Yeah, our ‘charm and friendly’ gifts of Billion$ over the years has really paid off, Huh? They take our money and vote against us on all things!

          • Rev. Phillip Meacham

            larry you are a fool if you think these people are going to listen to any thing but strength and power . These evil wicked nations dont believe in the God that we worship and they dont have the moral convictions that most Americans have . And the fact that you want someone else to pay the bill for your responsibilities shows your mind set of wanting every thing free and being too stupid to realize like obama that someone has to pay , so work and pay for what you get and stop being a leach

          • Jim Hall

            We end up actually funding and feeding those who desire our way of life be eliminated from the face of the earth. Before capitalism, the world was starving and raiding the next village to survive… At the very least, if a country needs and desires help, they need to learn not to bite the hand that feeds them…

          • larry harvey

            Jim–Nations are not going to become puppets of Donald Trump as a condition of receiving aid..

          • Jim Hall

            The real question is why have our politicians ever allowed us to be paying all of these countries in the first place?

          • Lee Martinsen

            Yes you have, MORON.

      • Gerry Costa

        Great idea !!!

      • bendecido

        That could also run into the billions.

      • henryknox

        Why are we subsidizing universities in the first place? Most of them are anti-American and preach Socialism/Communism/Fascism.

        • larry harvey

          Henry–It is obvious you never went to college. Universities are not anti-American and they do not brainwash students into becoming communists. You write nonsense. Colleges train students how to analyze and think for themselves and they encourage original thought. They also expose students to knowledge they will need in their future fields of endeavor.

          • IMSweetOlBob

            Sure they do ! As long as the original thought doesn’t disagree with their liberal, progressive mind set.
            How many conservative speakers have been shouted down by these “trained original thinkers” ?
            Oh but, excuse me ! The “original thinkers” are just analyzing, not shouting, aren’t they ?
            Whata bullslip spewing jerk ! !

          • larry harvey

            IMS– Though it is is true that bigots and racists are not popular on most campus, still you should not confuse a few isolated but high profile events with the normal college activites.

          • IMSweetOlBob

            So shouting down or refusing to allow some INVITED individuals to speak is not being bigoted or racist ? That makes the definitions of being bigoted or racist about as narrow as the minds of the shouters. They can’t take the chance the speakers might say something some of them may agree with.

          • larry harvey

            IMS-I do not subscribe to shouting down or refusing individuals with unpopular ideas from speaking as long as they do not peddle hate or violence.

          • William Konrad

            Bigots and racists in your opinion. In a university of free ideas there should be no limitations. Let all voices be heard and accepted or let them fall of their own biased weight. Is your position so fragile that it cannot withstand
            counter opinions and ideas? You are no different than a white supremacist you just don’t realize it.

          • larry harvey

            William–I love counter opinions. There is nothing more boring than “yes” people. I love it when someone comes up with a good counter argument.
            It exercises the brain to respond. Good Universities thrive on diversity where all points of view are accepted. It is called “the market place of ideas”. What is not accepted are calls to violence and ethnic, racial or religious bigotry.

          • Michael Valerio

            tell me why communists troll campuses ? communism is not original thinking and Americans future fields of endevor dont include embellishing communism USA all the way

          • henryknox

            If it makes you feel better to assume that I ‘never went to college’ then go ahead. Truth is however, I earned 2 Masters Degrees. People are obviously letting you know in the comments about the huge bias in academia. This is long established fact and we need to deal with it before it destroys America.

          • William Konrad

            Proving once again that some people don’t have a clue. College kids are the most impressionable
            and easiest to manipulate. Some are fortunate enough to escape this manipulation
            but most aren’t. The biased professors will teach their bias and most students will think, boy this guy really knows what he’s talking about. The bias will escape them completely.

          • William Konrad

            Yes that’s their stated purpose but almost every one of them teaches a left wing bias, or is this too hard to believe. Do just a little research and learn the truth about our so called universities. Ever heard of Berkley? They won’t allow conservative speakers on campus, do some researching. If the students at Berkley don’t agree with you, you don’t get to speak there, it’s called democracy, get it?

      • John N. Reiter

        YES !!

    • Jackalyn Morrison

      You are Absolutely right

    • Frank W Brown

      obummer already gave them a lifetime supply of money so that wouldn’t help.

      • Daniel F. Melton

        Running uranium enrichment plants and training and equipping terrorists costs lots of money. Everything “o”boy gave ’em is spent.

      • Ronnie Cowlishaw

        He is only feeding his family lol….

    • And the islamics that would just assume kill Christians, are heard by the un and to what purpose? Cut them all off.

      • John N. Reiter

        Start it now !!

      • larry harvey

        All Muslims are NOT the same any more than all Christians are the same.

        • Michael Valerio

          no you are so fn wrong, all Christians are the same to all Muslims , infidels I think that is what they call us , and what does the Koran say about infidels ? it says to –what? KILL the infidels, may the fleas of a thousand camels fly up your nose you fake assed agitator .

        • Don 2

          Hatred for the sake of Allah and love for the sake of Allah is called Al Walaa wa al Baraa, a fundamental principle of Islamic ethics and Sharia. A Muslim is to hate what Allah hates and love what Allah loves. Allah hates the Kafir, therefore, a Muslim is to act accordingly.

          40:35 They [Kafirs] who dispute the signs [Koran verses] of Allah without authority having reached them are greatly hated by Allah and the believers [Muslims]. So Allah seals up every arrogant, disdainful heart.

        • Don 2

          A Muslim is not the friend of a Kafir-
          3:28 Believers should not take Kafirs as friends in preference to other believers. Those who do this will have none of Allah’s protection and will only have themselves as guards. Allah warns you to fear Him for all will return to Him.

          A Kafir is evil-
          23:97 And say: Oh my Lord! I seek refuge with You from the suggestions of the evil ones [Kafirs. And I seek refuge with you, my Lord, from their presence.

        • Poor uninformed Larry. I’ve got a page containing a message from a muslim cleric that teachs at Tenn. state university if you can believe that, which I wish I could send you. It would change your mind the minute you read it.

    • jcrawdad

      You are right , The ones that are agents us does not deserve owe Gratitude of getting owe money .THAT COULD ALSO INCLUDE BLM

    • slidenglide

      The UN may have seemed like a good idea at some time, but now they’ve outlived their usefulness. They are anti-American. The USA is the one country that supports them the most. They walk all over this Country and should have ALL funding cut. By the way they should be kicked out of our wonderful country. Another good way to save our taxpayers moneys. Go to it Mr. President.

      • John N. Reiter

        Yes , their anti-Americanism is well past it’s boundaries … let’s shut them down id they will not reform themselves as a world organization !!

      • taliesin319

        For what we get from them we need to just get out of there and then tell them to find another city to rob. Port o prince might be a start.

        • Louis Whitestone

          Better clear that with Hillary. LOL

    • R. T.

      Defiantly the first to be cut off .

    • richjack4

      Obviously the UN is not stoked with men and women of high IQ!! Like the NFL, they do not understand the ramifications of biting the hand that feeds you! On top of that, claiming we are “threatening” the council is ludicrous as these members constantly threaten us with their prejudicial votes!

    • MacZ

      Iran and the Palestinians would not be funded? Heavens to Betsy! How dare he!

  • Bill Meeker

    Yes! Absolutely, after years of contributing millions of dollars in aid to arm people who hate Americans and our Allies, now is the time to stop the foolishness. We have a lot better things to do with the money.

  • Ribert Koonce

    It’s about time, let those who oppose do it for free, no reason to pay for a no vote. We can get that for free too. I do agree that thise who shout death to America, should never see a dollar again, unless it’s as some one else is spending one.

  • Ken

    That is like supporting people who try to murder us. Oops I guess we do that too, in prison. There is no way on God’s green earth I would give money to nations (people) that hate us. But, we have been doing that for many years, and, yes, our debt is 20 trillion and growing by the second. It makes us look like we just fell off the turnip truck. IOW, bad.

    • Sharon McGriff

      The money we save should go to our debt. In fact NO country should be given AMERICAN money until we are debt free and then only under disasterous circumstances. We give $ to countries for their poor when we have poor Americans right here. I believe Congress is getting kick backs. REALLY!
      That is the reason they vote the way they do. Bloodsuckers all.

      • Ken

        It isn’t against the law to get ‘kick backs’. Just look at what Hillary got for giving our uranium to Russia. Most of Congress is in it for the power and the money. Many go to Congress middle class, but few come back that way.

  • Todd

    President Trump how about cutting all aid to universities that support this white man syndrome of hatred of whites. All states that support or aid “sanctuary cities, how about cutting all aid to states like Mexifornia that have shown complete contempt for our country and its founding principles.

    • Jackalyn Morrison


    • Maria

      Well said, I agree

    • John N. Reiter

      Thanks, Todd – your on the right track !!

    • William Konrad

      You can’t do that. The democrats would have no voting base.

      • Todd


  • monongahela

    Lets just throw the UN out of America it was the UN that got us in the longest war in our history, /Korea and their little fat leader threatens to destroy us

    • Sue Bradshaw

      When the U.N. was first established in 1947 and built in NYC, we knew that trouble was coming our way. It DID, It HAS, and IT WILLl. Remove it out of our United States of AMERICA.

    • John N. Reiter

      Right On !!



  • 906 Sparky

    If Obama would have given me $150 billion like he gave Iran, I could have done wonders with it for our country!

  • Larry Mace

    We should simply defund the UN, in its entirety, and usher its members out of the country — OUR country, which isn’t theirs.

    • John N. Reiter

      Well said !!

  • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

    yEA, I was so dumb when I was dating that I sent roses to the girls who would then go out with the other guys……..Little did I know that I was being trained for the George Soros international diplomacy.

    why give money to people who will fund terrorists, like the billions we gave to Iran?……If they start to develop bombs and nuclear stuff, bomb them to infinity. Just like the Japanese who wouldn’t give in.
    Remember the old Beatle song: “Can’t buy me love” Just like trying to shake hands with someone who has a gun on you.

  • Dorothy Wolfgang

    If you say death to Americans or burn our flag, then you don’t get one cent.. well maybe we can give you a bullet.

    • Jackalyn Morrison

      Love your thinking

      • Dorothy Wolfgang

        I remember working with a lot of foreigners and they would tell me that they don’t have to do that in their country, so I told them that I didn’t realize that they weren’t planning on stay here. lol They changed their mind and altered their behavior.

        • William Konrad

          When you immigrate to another country, you should leave your baggage where you came from.

          • Dorothy Wolfgang

            This is probably why all the foreigners had to work with me first, before they could start the job they were hired for. The VP knew that I would tell them.

    • John N. Reiter

      Yes !!

  • Darby2

    Shut off money to All countries. No more hand outs.

  • 6’snake in the garden

    DEFUND the UN. It is outdated and served its purpose after WWII. It is IRRELEVANT for the USA. Most of the karap is happening in the middle east where muslim fundamentalists are taking each other out. Send the UN to the desert here it belongs.

  • 6’snake in the garden

    DEFUND the UN. It is outdated and served its purpose after WWII. It is IRRELEVANT for the USA. Most of the karap is happening in the middle east where muslim fundamentalists are taking each other out. Send the UN to the desert here it belongs.

  • 6’snake in the garden

    DEFUND the UN. It is outdated and served its purpose after WWII. It is IRRELEVANT for the USA. Most of the karap is happening in the middle east where muslim fundamentalists are taking each other out. Send the UN to the desert here it belongs.

    • John N. Reiter

      Great Idea !

  • 6’snake in the garden

    DEFUND the UN. It is outdated and served its purpose after WWII. It is IRRELEVANT for the USA. Most of the karap is happening in the middle east where muslim fundamentalists are taking each other out. Send the UN to the desert here it belongs.

  • Robert Ives

    My wishes are finally realized!!! I freaking LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I would hope that Trump is not just threatening. We can always use those funds for our own use.

  • James Pidd

    Make it a promise not a threat. Then maybe the little Paki jerk will get the message.

  • Jack Scarpon



      Iron balls to go with his iron brain. Naming Jerusalem as the capitol of the Jews will down in history as very stupid move.

      • disqus_7EcB0kPDrU

        Jerusalem has been the capitol of Israel since 1949. We’ve just now got the balls to say it. Congress and both former Presidents agreed to this but didn’t follow through.

        • Jack Scarpon


      • Jack Scarpon


  • John Wirts

    Withdraw the U.S.from the U.N. totally! Kick U.N. HQ out of the U.S.. Withdraw all Aid to countries which do not support the U.S., Any alliance we participate in the members need to pay their fair share, and need to support each other. If not we need to withdraw! How is ISIS getting U.S weapons 3-4 months after the U.S. purchased them????

  • voldemort

    Chase the UN into Africa. You do know obozo is the patron saint of isis, etal?


    always seemed a little odd — to be so anxious to give funds to countries that hate us….
    like mr. o b a m a was so good at doing.

  • My country

    I hope he takes America completely out of the UN .We have been keeping them up for years with money and our soldiers .Plus I would like to see him stop the so called humanitarian aid to Yem .This is money being that is being used by our enemies to kill us not feed the poor .Heck we have millions of Americans who could stop living on the streets with that money . This is at the amount of $758 million . I am sick amd tired of bleeding hearts giving to other countries especially those that hate us .When we have legal Americans who are being run over by these ridiculous politicians giving away America .

  • Maria

    Well done President Trump, well done, not a penny!!

  • Does any American give a flying f*** what any palestinian gives a s*** about? The answer is no except for any palestinians in America. Cut these countries off at the knees Donald.

  • Joan Freda

    This should have been done a long time ago. Go get ’em Mr. President!!! And thank you……………….Merry Christmas……………..

  • pappy450

    THAT is the BEST idea I have heard in YEARS! Cut the bastards off, and put the money back where it belongs (the deficit). AMERICA FIRST!

  • JWB

    The American taxpayers; past , present and future, because it would take several “generations”, if all expenditures stopped today, to “payoff” the incurred debt; have funded the “global government”, aka the United Nations, whose sole purpose is the redistribution of “our” wealth, limitlessly and without restraint. This makes President Trumps “approach” refreshing and favorably “embraced”, but his recommendations are just that, recommendations, proposed by budget consideration, only coming to fruition by the congress of the United States, namely “your” Representatives, thus requiring “your” participation in bolstering his position.

  • just care

    Now that is why we hired you Mr.Trump !

  • Barformer

    MAGA ! ! Cut-em off.

  • Estell Newton

    If they are against us then they shouldn’t be getting our money. We need to kick the UN out of our country.

    • Mountain_Dew_518

      AMEN to that!!!

  • Born Again Southern Pride

    UN out of US, US out of UN

  • Howlingmad

    Giving those fools money in the first place, is COMPLETELY STUPID anyway . . . Its like giving someone “Bullets”, to shoot AT YOU WITH ! . . .

  • Tome

    We have been paying these countries for ever to hate us. We need to let them hate us on their own dime! We should not pay them to do it! I have not seen the U.N. do us any good. We pretty well support the U.N. for what? What have they done for us? It is just another Pig at the teat! Wean them!

  • Ms. Sam Haddock

    YES, YES, YES!! It’s about time to cut these freeloaders off. America FIRST!

  • Gerry Costa

    That ol’ al-malki is our perogative. We give billions in aid to foreign countries who either hate us or go against us — which is past time to come to a screeching halt. You can whine and cry all you want — I’m sure that your country does not give aid to your enemy countries. so if you don’t like it tough donkey dung — WE NOW HAVE A LEADER — Way to go PRESIDENT TRUMP !!!!!

  • carl

    UNexit !

  • Barbedwire

    I wish any one of these past presidents or long-time members in Congress: could please tell us taxpayers, WHY WE WOULD BE JUST HANDING MONEY OVER TO OTHER COUNTRIES??? What have we gotten in exchange?? Congress had better cooperate with Pres. Trump, as it’s about time a representative PAID BY TAXPAYERS, actually acts with the taxpayers’ best interests in mind. We will remember that in 2018.

    • fog donkey

      I don’t think it’s what we have gotten in exchange for handing money over to other countries but what past Presidents and members of Congress have gotten.

  • Wayne

    Hey al-Malki you terrorist sponsor, you’re right, we are threatening member countries that want our money, but do not like our stand on things that we have a great interest in. If you want our money, pull you heads out of where ever they are and pay attention. Either that or hope you can learn to turn sand into food.

  • Daniel F. Melton

    Why wait? We already have their past votes against our interests.
    Arrest everybody that has anything to do with the u.n., seal the building and send in intel teams to harvest all the evidence within. Prosecute as necessary.

    • Mountain_Dew_518

      America needs to get out of the UN & stop supporting the UN. Give them 1-week to get out of the America & if they are not out start arresting them & confiscate their belonging. The building can be used for the homeless veterans & other homeless that will take care of the building and not destroy it. No illegals allowed & no drug addicts should be allowed to live there. Only good law abiding citizens should be allowed to live their. Since it is a huge building with plenty of room, just think how many homeless could live peacefully there once the building is modified for apartments.

      • Daniel F. Melton

        Good idea, but I think that every type of data storage should be examined to discover what our enemies are plotting.

        • Mountain_Dew_518

          I definitely agree with you



  • Kimberly

    MAGA BABY!!!

  • Lazer

    We could save enough to fund and update our own military for a change without more taxpayer input. How many countries do we pay millions to each year – and for what? Waging more wars? Ditto on the sanctuary states as well – they are breaking the law.

  • MIKE6080

    and since we have no allies in europe except Poland , what about NATO. We have been protecting them since WW2

  • 23cowboy

    I have been saying this for years, either you countries support the US in the UN, or get your money elsewhere. Why should America pay other countries that hate us. Stop all funding for this communist/terrorist organization called UN. They also should be kicked out of America and take their thieves and spys to other countries. We don’t need then at all….Period..

  • 191145

    It’s about time a president told these blood suckers just where to get off. They’ve been bleeding us dry for decades. Thank you president Trump.


    I can not wait to sea a list publish by LIBERTY showing the names of all our friends.

  • Bobby johnson

    Expect US base closures around the world soon.

  • Aunt Nonnie S

    It’s about time we stopped paying these countries just because they “need” help. If we get no return, not even respect or political support, stop the checks now!!

  • Gary Southers

    It’s about time we stop giving to those who spit in our face.

  • Yosemite Sam

    President Donald J Trump is a true leader. Nikki Haley, American envoy to UN fired the warning shot, followed with President Trump flanking these enemy regimes with a solid promise of stripping away all US welfare payments to every ingrate nation. The free gravy train days are over. Screw em’ all . . . MAGA!

  • baitmando

    Trump and Nikki are the most awesome forces against the hate America UN. Ef the Un. Defund these anti-American countries, and every anti-America UN program until this piss-ant organization is dead.

  • myfordtruck

    Cut them all off

  • KindBear

    Cut all foreign aid and use that money to help the poor in our country. How long are we going to continue begin the stupid clown to kick around. Enough is enough.

  • John N. Reiter

    Let’s finally identify the “Death to America” crowd & cut them off !!

  • denis

    Money has a loud voice to a lot of these third world countries whose leaders survive on the largesse of American generosity. How much money does America give to the Palestinians. Some, a lot maybe none I don’t know and how much to so many other countries as humanitarian gifts billions I guess. Maybe time to cut these apron strings and let them go it alone. Damn. Forgot, USA out Russia and China and maybe Iran and the Saudi’s in. Tough decision.

  • Lakshmi

    With a $ 20 TRILLION “debt”, how can the USA give any money to any other nation? It does not make any sense at all. The USA borrows money so the USA can give it away??? Insanity, pure insanity.
    How much of that “debt” is a result of the counterfeit money that the Federal Reserve prints up @ 2 1/2 cents per bill, loans it AT FACE VALUE to the government and charges the FULL FACE VALUE PLUS INTEREST to the government which gets charged to the taxpayers. WHAT A RACKET!!!
    ABOLISH the 2 criminal UNconstitutional ILLEGAL ORGANIZED CRIME RIP-OFF ORGANIZATIONS known as the Federal Reserve and the IRS. Free the American people from economic tyranny and plunder by getting rid of the Federal Reserve and the IRS and other rip-off bureaucracies.

  • Lakshmi

    Illegal immigration costs USA taxpayers $134.9 BILLION a year.

  • fog donkey

    It’s great to have a President that uses common sense and stands up for America. As a taxpayer, I’m against giving hard earned money to other nations when they are anti-American. Not really wild about giving money to other nations in any case other than starvation or natural disaster.

  • Janet

    I believe it was 1990 that Congress voted that Jerusalem the Capital of Israel. Was it 1999 that Clinton stated that Jerusalem was the Capital of Israel. Please check the dates. It was Jordan that possessed part of Jerusalem, not Palestine.
    Palestine voted themselves in possession of the west bank. Was that ever affirmed? Suppose your next door neighbor voted himself owner of half your property Liberals. He, the neighbor knocks on your door and says ” I, the neighbor have decided I own half your property” Would you be stupid enough to give it to him. Being Liberal, I guess you would.
    Old agreements were with Jordan, not Palestine. Please check my facts.
    And Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel, whether we want to believe it or not.

  • Wenda Kennedy

    Good show. I LOVE Nikki Haley and the job she is doing. We should cut off every dollar that we were sending anyone who votes against us. Go Trump!

  • Erik V Johnson

    BETTER YET…MAKE EVERY Country That OWE the USA $$$, to PAY US BACK !!!

    • Chi Sam

      The correct word is owes, stupid…and the look-at-me theatrics makes it appear that you are boasting of your incompetence.

  • The Old Ranger

    I have never understood our foreign policy of sending money to so many different countries when we can’t take care of our own, and then so many of those countries work directly against the US in so many different areas. We allow illegals to flood our country, demonstrate in the streets against our policies to protect ourselves, take our money so they can continue to break our laws, etc… libtards are the epitome of stupidity and insanity… doing the same thing over and over, and then expect different results each time.

  • therealworld

    If they Hate Us, why do we continue to befriend them, CUT THEM OFF………………………………………

  • taliesin319

    The only thing he is threatening them with is the promise that if everyone hates us so much we will be happy to muddle through without their support, but will content ourselves with the bitter palliative of increased wealth both personnally and Nationally. In short the New Globel Order can pound sand.

  • larry harvey

    Trump is using his usual bully tactics to get his way. Other nations are not going to be threatened or intimidated by his words but they are going to become angry and hostile. Trump has a knack of turning friends into foes as U.S. continues to lose its respect under his leadership.

  • IMSweetOlBob

    Mr. Pesident:
    Don’t threaten those people. DO IT !
    Not one penny of United States money to those who damn and vote against us while sucking our money.
    Let them be friends or let them fend for themselves !

  • 6’snake in the garden

    DEFUND the UN. It is outdated and served its purpose after WWII. It is IRRELEVANT for the USA. Most of the karap is happening in the middle east where muslim fundamentalists are taking each other out. Send the UN to the desert here it belongs.

  • william murphy

    Start by taking away aid to Israel-12 billion a year-WTF. What is Israel -an US welfare state. ENOUGH. Israel has national healthcare – the US doesn’t. Time to let Israel stand on their own.

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Here is a better idea, Cut off all funding for the Useless Nations. kick them out of the USA. France loves refugees maybe they can go to Paris. Cut off all foreign aid until the US debt is eliminated, then consider aid on a case by case basis with oversight so it goes to the people it should be helping instead of lining foreign official’s pockets.

  • Yosemite Sam

    The time is long overdue to disband the UN. Israel remains America’s best friend and ally in the Middle East. The disgraceful UN, enemy to the US and Israel.

  • 1vanessasherry1

    Gunn-ho President Trump

  • crazybarry

    Yes!!!! About time. Cut them all off. No support – No Money.

  • Louie Rey

    President Trump is constantly demonized for his “America First” policies. The liberals and the media all claim that his approach is fascist and separatist. All that that proves is that those that oppose him are the dumbest people that exist. You tell me, what country on this planet does NOT take that same approach? What country says my neighbor country first and then us? They ALL take the exact same approach yet he’s demonized for it. Did I mention how incredibly stupid these people are?

  • MacZ

    Wonderful and about time!

  • theronald

    Why are we even still in the U.N. ??? Talk about a uuuuge waste of money.
    They won’t even enforce their own resolutions.

  • minefinder624

    Finally !!!

  • J.B. Young

    Cut all funding to all countries. We do not owe these people anything. When we are in debt by 20 trillion, we cannot afford to give away money.

  • phxgeo

    It is beyond time we take this action. Thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP! charity begins at home. Trying to buy someone loyalty NEVER pay off. The US contribution should be cut in half until the UN fixes it’s direction over the next 18 months. If they do not then cut it in half again. Continue to do so until the contribution gets as close to $0 as possible.

  • Dale P Patterson

    Cut them all off now.
    Withdraw all our special forces from these ungrateful nations and bomb them.
    Close down our military bases abroad and bring our troops home.
    Pull out of the free trade agreements and levy steep import tariffs.
    And when someone needs help only provide it if it serves us.
    DO NOT TALK TO NORTH KOREA, all they want is freebies and issue threats in return. IGNORE THEM !
    The rest of the world either hates the Palestinians, and Israel more or doesn’t care. While President Trump has stirred up a hornets nest, it will bring resolution to the issue sooner then the party’s concerned have done so far and that is what both sides need and want.

  • William Konrad

    Follow the golden rule: He who has the gold makes the rules. That my dear friend John is the way of the world, like it or not.

  • William Konrad

    Better to cause future deaths in the good old
    U.S. of A, Good thinking.

  • Washington Watchdog

    So nice to have a president that doesn’t take B.S. from anyone.

  • Tony Anthony

    this so called person is insane what he is doing is acting like north korea he wants to be a dictator in usa

  • calhou

    Good. Cut them off and apply to the national debt. They obviously do not need or appreciate our aid and assistance.

  • proudV

    Its time to say goodbye, The U.N. is a joke.

  • Walkin O’Shea

    Well said Mr. President. Sometimes the only way to a country’s co-operation is through their pocketbook. If they don’t play, we don’t pay!

  • meddah4

    Oppose America? Yeah. Tell’em to take a hike.

  • Phyllis Handkins

    It would do these “allies” well to remember WWII.

  • Mad Scientist

    Money talks. And that money should be talking here at home.