Trump to SC for Primary: ‘Maybe I Am’ Trolling the Dems

Defeated Clinton by more than 14 percentage points in 2016…

Trump to SC for Primary: 'Maybe I Am' Trolling the Dems

Attendees gather outside a campaign rally for President Donald Trump in North Charleston, S.C. / PHOTO: Associated Press

(Associated Press) President Donald Trump will look to energize supporters and upstage his Democratic challengers on the eve of South Carolina’s presidential primary.

Trump has held rallies in each of the four early voting states for the presidential nomination. He went to Nevada last week even though Republicans had canceled their presidential caucus to show allegiance to the president. Likewise, South Carolina GOP officials opted not to hold a primary this year.

But that’s not stopping Trump, who has reveled in poking his challengers in the run-up to their contests.

“Some people say I’m trolling the Democrats and maybe I am,” Trump said at the White House.


Unlike the three earlier voting states, South Carolina is not considered a swing state. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in South Carolina by more than 14 percentage points in 2016.

Following Saturday’s contest, more than a dozen states vote next week in Super Tuesday contests.