Trump on Twitter Says Only ‘Fools’ See Good Relationship With Russia as Bad

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(Bloomberg) Facing calls to strike back at Russia for what U.S. intelligence agencies have termed Moscow’s interference with the 2016 U.S. presidential election campaign, Donald Trump instead suggested warmer relations between the two countries.

The president-elect took to Twitter on Saturday to discuss the potential U.S.-Russia relationship under his administration, a day after U.S. spy chiefs briefed him on the Russian measures they said were directed by President Vladimir Putin.

Read the full report here (PDF).

“Having a good relationship with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing,” Trump said in a series of three tweets. “Only ‘stupid’ people, or fools, would think it is bad! We have enough problems around the world without yet another one.”

“When I am President, Russia will respect us far more than they do now,” Trump assured his 19 million Twitter followers.

On Friday, top U.S. intelligence officials met with the president-elect at Trump Tower in New York to present evidence that Putin personally ordered cyber and disinformation attacks on the U.S. campaign.

Putin developed “a clear preference” for Trump to win, the agencies said in a declassified summary of their findings. The agencies said they “assess Putin and the Russian government aspired to help President-elect Trump’s election chances when possible by discrediting Secretary Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him,” according to the report…

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  • Vera Seiber

    Well as far as that Wall goes, I have never understood how it will stop Illegals from climbing it, unless it’s electrified. That is not a good thing either. But what I don’t understand is, how it will work. Can’t they just go around it? Unless he builds it all the way around the United States, They are already balking at funding this thing. But all the way around? Good luck with that one. And I am not against Trump. But just can’t see this WALL. I think there is better things to do with our Money, at least for the time being. There is another thing. How is it that Obama can give himself a whopping raise, as has been reported? I thought Congress or the Senate or others that has to be voted on?

    • Aline

      Wake up and smell the coffee, Vera, and don’t you worry, Trump is not an idiot! He WILL built A WALL!!!, so, if I were you, I wouldn’t loose sleep over it. It WILL be done!

      • Gloria D.

        YES…TRUMP will get it done!

      • john vieira

        Actually, a wall is useless…a simple chain link fence topped with razor wire is more than sufficient…there’s boats and such….the REAL WALL has to be immigration and naturalization services/enforcement…and prosecution of those who ‘break the law’ by hiring ‘illegals’ etc.,.

        • Richard cianfrone

          Only an idiot would disagree ! Utilize all measures first, if that doesn’t work then build the wall.

        • Rick

          The chain link fence has proven to be inefficient because the fence itself could be cut and also burrowed under. Trump is proposing a wall several feet wide (enough for a security vehicle to drive on) several feet tall as well as several feet deep (to thwart burrowing). It will have sensors that will detect any underground activity as well as above ground sensors that will detect any activity between the observation stations on the wall that will be about a hundred yards apart from one another. There will be drones patrolling overhead as well to monitor the whole area. In the beginning the wall will be built in the most heavily used entry points by the illegals and it will eventually expand from there. The savings alone from deporting all of the illegals that are in this country living on our tax dollars would more than pay for the wall as well as the savings from putting an end to the “drop babies” that cost this country enormous amounts of money (send the mothers and their babies back to where they originated from). Also Netanyahu is right, Canada is a very friendly towards the Muslims, the protection of our northern borders need some deep considerations.

          • john vieira

            The Chinese beat you to it by hundreds of years…and they are flourishing….in many ways. In a way it is sad that these things are made necessary, but the same corruption and graft that is consuming the political establishment in Washington…is rife in Mexico and a major cause of the Mexican exodus. The muslim ‘infiltration’ represents failed policies by the last four/five administrations and their counterparts in NATO that ‘created’ a ‘bogus’ refugee crisis…and looking back over recent history and the connection with Saudi Arabia…it is beginning to appear to have been planned….so build your wall and hang on to your 2nd Amendment….the terms of which should be afforded only to full citizens….by the way you must realize that Obama pretty well drove a ‘terrorist’ truck loaded with TNT right through your 1st Amendment with his ‘propaganda bill’…Canada, Germany, France and others were QUICK to jump on the ‘hacking bandwagon’ and unless I am sorely mistaken we are witnessing the advent of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth….1984 IS NOW OFFICIALLY HERE!!!

    • Mary Patten

      With more and more sharks moving north in the oceans am not to worried about swimmers there. And the coast guard and navy with satellite tracking can cover the boats. But we do need a wall between us and Canada as well because flying from Mexico to Canada and then come back down is a very real possibility.
      As for Russia. They are part of our world neighborhood. Personally do not want to go back to supporting Russia again as we did during the cold war until President Reagan said no more money to Russia.
      God bless

      • 1064nm

        How many illegals can afford a plane ticket to Canada?

        • bendecido

          Haven’t you heard? They commit a crime to steal the money.

        • Rick

          They get there the same way that they got to his country.

      • mike

        working with them is not necessarily supporting them,same as the Saudis.

    • Eilia Ariana

      A Riley Boone Said earlier,
      “The wall will cost a lot less than the “freebies” that we pass on to these illegals (and their progeny) every day.” Thank you Riley!

    • Richard cianfrone

      Exactly, what an idiot ! Build a wall around f#$% Canada !!!
      No, use the $$$ for all the disenfranchised Americans out of work because of scumbags like Bush, Obama and Clinton’s,
      E.verify, jail the employers and all illegal aliens killing hang them like Mussolini.

    • CCblogging




    • tony

      About Russia! Nobody mentions ever that if we go to the ISS (International Space Station) we take a taxi with Russian License-plates. Out and Back. Time and again. Very safe with very friendly drivers indeed. Trump is right. We have enough other foes.

  • Riley Boone

    The wall will cost a lot less than the “freebies” that we pass on to these illegals (and their progeny) every day.

    • Rocketman

      And their babies they have by the dozens to get more checks, more babies more checks…

  • Butch Miller


  • Riley Boone

    to only that, but I don’t believe the Russians did it, but whoever did exposed Billery could not have done as they did if there had not been anything for them to expose!! They did us a HUGE favor!

    • CP

      I don’t believe it either. I think Hillary is just looking for someone to blame and the Obama administration is trying to protect his legacy. It was their own stupidity that caused this to happen anyway. They kept doing nothing when we were getting hacked even when it affected the American people, it only started bothering them so much when it affected them. The Democrat party is corrupt and finally people are starting to see it.

  • Leibe ist reise

    But…but..queen Hilliary was sooo looking forward to starting a war with Russia. And just imagine what a limited niclear exchange could do for getting the slave population down to a controllable size?
    How many actually realize just what a big bullet we dodged?

    • john vieira

      Not dodged yet!!! The ‘codes’ are NOT transferred until the 20th inst!!!

    • Rick

      But but but, to be on the safe side the old lying sniper dodger had the “Reset Button” option, or so she claimed.

  • Mary Patten

    Build the wall as fast as we can on both borders. Bible tells us the attack will come from the North. Ah yes. England’s Canada. Praying we get them built soon. God bless

  • Lawrence Eppard

    Anyone that thinks countrys don’t try cyber attacks on the other Is living In obammy land. Nothing new.We do It.They do It. Today,tomorrow, and later on. Hillary was just simply an Idiot to use personal computers that were not secure. Onething led to another and they want to complain how unfair It Is. I’m sorry but It’s laughable how childish the democrats are. Stand and own It! Your darn fault. You brought It on yourself. And let’s for a moment agree that Putin favored Trump. So what! Back to the democrats. Your e-mails nailed you.Humas husband hurt you.And you want to cry foul.Don’t be so foul then.It a given. All hillary and billy boy wanted was the cash deposited In their money laundering foundation for years to come.Selling America out along the way. Why has the money dried up? Could It just possibly be no future access AKA selling out America. If and that Is a BIG IF Trump were to fail as a president.He would still even In failure have been a better choice than hillary. One huge and noticable reason why Is he has shown a love for his country.

    • getitrightusa

      Nice piece; very well put! I simply agree to your every point!!

  • Skyhawk

    Trump is absolutely right and Barry, Kerry and Hillery are 100% wrong. Does anyone remember U-2s and SR71s?. We overflew Russia for years gathering data. Now it is satellites and cyber. Every country monitors every other country to the best of their ability. Russia was once our ally and should be again. The Russian people were never our enemy and we were at peace with most of the world. Communism took hold of Russia and the Islamics started expanding again.After many attempts an Islamic/Communist started attacking America. from inside and started turning the rest of the world against us. Israel hung fast but he did everything he could to damage them also. Now there is a light at the end of the tunnel. But the swamp has to be drained. All of the corruption and criminal activity that is being condoned must be stopped.

  • The Help

    Any person that believes that there can actually be a good relationship with a country that is the polar opposite of ours is a moron that will be taken advantage of.

    • Floridajan

      What do you mean? Saudi Arabia and so called friendly Muslim nations and china are very similar to us and not Russia? In fact according to late Mr.Andy Rooney of 60 minutes program, Russian people have so much in common with the western world.They love to live and have fun like the westerners unlike other cultures who believe in oppressing every one.

      • The Help

        No but the Russians are a real military threat not the Arabs or other Muslim nations. I would be very happy if the U.S. stopped providing money and weapons to this area of the world. The U.S. is now providing money and training to another Middle East Kurdish force that will when all is said and done attack Americans. We never learn just rinse and repeat.

        • Pat

          Well said. I agree, the money has gone to not areas, but hopefully the bank that has been supplying that cash flow, will soon close.

        • john vieira

          Why do you think the Middle East/North Africa was ‘destabilized’ and the refugee crisis ‘engineered’….and millions of mainly male military aged muslims ( as the by product of destabilization, ISIS/ISIL whom they armed, aided and abetted took care of the ‘infidels’ – genocide.) were directed North to Europe ( re invasion after a millennia) and tens of thousands resettled ‘strategically’ across North America…..

        • Floridajan

          Well, that is what the globalist war mongers want you to believe. There is a group of elites from both parties want conventional war to boost defense economy while exporting other consumer related manufacturing to china and rest of the world with forcing lot of regulations on the American manufacturers, because they stand to gain a lot from it financially. You can’t fight Islamic terrorists the conventional way. That leaves Russia for attack. Russia is no longer the world power. They are trying to improve their people’s standard of living.they may be acquiring arms for their own defense against Islamic and various other threats.

    • Pat

      I @ guess I qualify. I may be a moron, but, as uneducated as I may be, still when you have someone that could be either an asset or a grievance, if you have a common enemy, why not make it into an asset.

      • The Help

        Unless we are at World War with China, Russia will never allow itself to be used as an asset of the U.S. . Putin is in power because he and his cronies did not like the relationship the U.S. had with Rissia from Gorbachev until he (Putin) became President of Russia.

    • Richard cianfrone

      Shut up your treasonous bathhouse Barry loving pos ! Hypocrite ! Saudis are the worst scumbags and f$$%& China ! Not Russia you idiot.

  • Mariann Pepitone

    Aline: Instead of Adolph Trump considering a wall he should have all the Muslims living in this country rounded up and sent back. If Trump wants the wall Mexico said they would not pay for it and I agree. What was Trump thinking. He’s the one who wants it. Yes, Illegals should be rounded up and sent back but not only Mexican’s.

    • john vieira

      Amen on ‘returnees’!!!

  • Bill Meeker

    Nothing surprising here. If Trump indicated he was considering harsh treatment of Russia the Dems would accuse him of starting a WW III.

  • Jack Scarpon


    • Rick

      That is as about as “In your face” as “In your face can get” towards Obama and his minions. Great move President Trump !!!

  • Mere Marlo

    I know the liberals try to play innocent and ignorant — well maybe ignorant fits — they know we are guilty of the same crimes. In fact, the present administration did all kind of trickery to influence Israel’s election. If you live in a glass house don’t throw stones.

  • barnjoer

    Lawrence is correct!! Why is it Ok for the US to spy on others & not Ok for them to spy on us?
    Keep your friends close & your enemies even closer!!!!

  • Sabid Amad Bacchus

    Late President Ronald Reagan is turning in his Grave;Dem.said Reagan cannot be a Leader,Late Reagan not only being one the best Leader,but he brought Peace with Russia and united Germany;today we voted for Barack Hussain Obama for President.Eight Years Obama brought hate and make enemies with most Countries and especially Russia.Obama’s SoS HillaryRClinton as one of the most worst aid to see Obama Legacy;HillaryRClinton used her Office to get BillClinton to make monies by giving Lectureships and collected monies for Clinton Hedge-Funds.ObamaClintons really thinks Americans are uneducated.
    Donald J.Trump is a Businessman,but Donald shall make a better President for America, Obama not tell me Donald.You will know in Jew Course.We started Big Manufacturers are re-turning.
    Obama please shutup and keep quiet and leave on the noon 20th January 2017
    Did you learn by now,Trump has over 2/3 of Americans Votes
    Where is the evidences of Russian’s Hacking,where it happened; when it happened;How it happened andwhy it happened;where were the Election Workers,Polling Agents,Observers,Politicians and others.You now failed your 8yrs rein.

    • Richard cianfrone

      Reagan destroyed central America, Reagan allowed millions of illegal aliens into America, never said anything against the f$%%&globalists ! Drug war propaganda by hypocritical Reagan was disgusting !! Reagan wasn’t evil like Bush’s, Clinton’s and Obama but he’s no Trump.

  • Richard cianfrone

    Discredit secretary Huma aberdin wahabbi witch of Anthony’s Weiner ? This is most disgusting lie the Sodomite perverts hauled yet !
    W war 3 with Russia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Watch the devils seed disappear in every plague they induce.
    Matthew 2:10.

  • CCblogging

    Oh yea, the Obama controlled CIA, FBI, unintelligence agencies and Corporate media’s are doing their best to start a damn war. If Obama’s so called intelligence flunkies told me that my butt was on fire, I wouldn’t even look backwards. Ignore them, they are all BS.

  • CCblogging


    Barack Jihad Obama and Hillary Benghazi Clinton used Obama’s CIA to interfere with Israel’s election. However the dims failed to elect Bibi’s opposition, which was their goal. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton also used Obama’s CIA to interfere with Egypt’s election. President Jihad’s CIA and Hillary Clinton’s state dept promoted and backed the Muslim terror group, The Muslim Brotherhood. For that treachery, Egypt has issued arrest warrants for both Obama and Hillary. Also, Obama’s and Hillary’s Globalist puppet master George Soros has an arrest warrant waiting for him if he ever steps foot in Russia. I understand that it is a dead or alive warrant. Those are facts……

    • Rocketman

      I buy the ticket for them to go to Egypt and stand trial, Soros to Russia as well.

      • CCblogging

        I would chip in on that too Rocket Man

  • johnz

    Yep, He’s right war is only good for the global elite that fund it, and bankrupt Nations with the interest paid on the national debt they incur. Most of any nations destruction begins within, by stupid elected deviate clowns pandering to the loud month goons around them, and then diverting the ignorant to look elsewhere.

  • Diane

    I see that my very rational post has been taken down. So, what kind of forum is this? I will tell you…..a censored one is what it is. Any first amendment fans in this group or is this just a group of malcontents smelling each other’s farts? I dare you to take this one down and prove me right.

  • Mariann Pepitone

    Lawrence: What love? He wants to run America like Adolph Hitler ran Germany making drastic changes. Threatening the Ford Dealer who was going to have some cars made in Mexico. No previous president ever did that. If Adolph Trump wasn’t campaigning against Hillary for president Comey would not have investigated her. Comey is a republican that’s why he had a hacker he knew hack Hillary’s emails. Yes, Putin had a hand in Trump winning the election. They are close friends and no doubt called each other. There’s an old saying: you reap what you sow. I believe that Trump is going to do some reaping . .

    • Mary Patten

      Leveling a import fee is something that past presidents have used or not used to boost our economy since we won our independence from England.

    • Mary Patten

      You truly believe that Hillary was innocent of her emails miss handling? And it was not Russia that did the hacks. It was her own disgruntled DNC worker who leaked the emails plus Anthony Weiner. Please try to keep up with the current news. Plus Putin did not get Trump elected. Clinton was going down long before the leaks because of the 4 deaths when she was Secretary of State not to mention her time from the Governor’s mansion to first lady. Do you seriously think all Americans are that stupid to vote her in with her political tract record setting aside the emails.

  • heinlein

    Trumps’s bromance with Putin is illustrated by the most foolish series of statements any president elect has ever uttered.

  • heinlein

    Again, if the Democrats had used “Millions” of illegal votes, don’t you think Hillary would now be the President elect?

  • Cecilia Robarge

    It is good to have working relationships with many nations, but not be push over for other nations. We need respect from them and we need to feel secure eith a mighty defense. amen