Trump Said to Cause Mental Health Problems for Illegals, Muslims & Transgenders

Donald Trump photo

Photo by Gage Skidmore

(Breitbart) President-elect Donald Trump is causing mental health problems for young people in California. That’s according to claims by “advocates, educators and mental health providers” who say Californian youth are troubled by Trump’s policies towards illegal immigration, and that they feel targeted by “hate crimes” attributed — rightly or wrongly — to Trump’s supporters.

Jocelyn Wiener of Kaiser Health News, via the East Bay Times, reports: “Around the country, children and adolescents who are undocumented immigrants or who have undocumented family members, are experiencing a surge in stress, depression and anxiety, according to advocates, educators and mental health providers. The same is true for young people belonging to other groups targeted by threats or hate crimes, including Muslim and transgender youth.”

No actual proof is offered, however, either by the “advocates” or Wiener herself.

“Reports of these mental health concerns remain mostly anecdotal so far,” she admits. But she quotes a professor at Stanford University — an avowedly anti-Trump academic named Keith Humphreys, whose political sentiments she declines to mention — who tells readers that “Muslims, Jews, Latinos, African-Americans and women and victims of sexual assault” are now, thanks to Trump’s victory and the “hateful rhetoric” attributed thereto, “uncertain whom they can trust.”

Wiener also prints the “fake news” claim that “During his campaign, Donald Trump announced plans to create a Muslim registry.” As Breitbart News noted at the time, and again today, Trump never made that suggestion, which was entirely created by the mainstream media out of its own totalitarian fantasies in an effort to help Trump’s political rivals…

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  • Donald Emery

    Really Breaks my Heart. Not

  • vietnam6871

    AWWW! The poor snowflakes.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    they already have mental problems in cal. it’s called drug addiction,

    • Dave from San Antonio

      …or…too many liberals…which is worse.

    • Americans Wake Up

      They suffer from the worst mental disease ever set upon humanity- liberalism!

    • Fed up!

      Yep biggest moon beam is Brown
      They voted the piece of ? Back in. Wait so did the derelicts with Obama. Well that time is over sorry suckers. Richard can we place California in a lock box.

      • Richard Bagenstose

        just give it back to mexico, the gold rush is over , nothing left there but illegals

        • Kent2012

          and the druggies in hollow woody making B movies..

          • John E Strom Jr.

            And Pornographic movies

        • Richard Daugherty

          You could do that. Then they would all want into Nevada!!

          • OldSilk

            If the upcoming Calexit vote succeeds we could just extend the wall along border all the way up and across Oregon.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            No, just get rid of liberals.

        • John E Strom Jr.

          NO! California is beautiful – it’s just illegals, gang bangers and liberals that spoil it.

          End California (and every other state) “vote by mail” and require EVERYONE to go to the polls, present ID proving citizenship and dip their thumb in black ink. To lazy to go to the polls? Then don’t vote.

    • John E Strom Jr.

      Drug addiction and sexual perversion.

  • M.A.Rue

    “…children and adolescents who are undocumented immigrants or who have undocumented family members…” Then these ILLEGALS need to place the blame directly on who is responsible, their parents or whoever brought them here ILLEGALLY.

    • DENISE

      NO MORE ASYLUM! Y should OUR CHILDREN DIE in the name of tolerance? MAKE the Saudis take their own people already & AMERICAN FAMILIES & CHILDREN FIRST!

      • savetheRepublic2017

        They’ve been coached on exactly what to say to get asylum. Reject all except maybe the Christians from the middle east who actually are being persecuted.

        • john vieira

          Agreed 100%

          • ken

            Agreed 1000%.!!!

    • cgretired

      Starting at the top, POTUS!

      • Wildflowers52

        Eleven more days!!!!’

        • William Markey


          • wornhall

            Nine, and counting down.

          • ken


  • kotoc

    Wow…. Trump isn’t even in office yet, and he’s already making improvements! LMAO!!

    • Kent2012

      he is doing GREAT things…now if a number of the democrapo clowns would commit hari kari and the rest would move to Indonesia (hope it does not “tip over”) the USA would be a better place…would not be making as meany movies and there would be fewer “news” shows on TB, but what the hey…

      • Tome

        I thought it was Guam that we had to worry about tipping over. And they re elected Colman!

        • melville1

          It was U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson (D) who made that ludicrous remark about Guam in an open hearing on Capitol Hill.

          • Kent2012

            yes, but the moron has about 200 million mirror images breathing out there in the USA…and they voted for the ho clintoney…

          • Tome

            I thought I read it was Coleman! Could be wrong. Almost too old to breathe! According to Obama I am!

          • Kent2012

            it was that dildo johnson…the old saying “if their brains were gunpowder….just imagine if these jekoffskies were joined by 3 or 4 hundred more folks of the same mental capability the roooshans and the chinkees could simply fly over on chinkee wavetop airways to take over the USA…no need for an army..

          • wandamurline

            No, the guy was from N.Carolina….Colman.

          • blogengeezer

            Browse “Guam tip over” and it shows several links to Hank Johnson… YouTube

          • Barry thinks that Guam is the 57th state.

          • marshmil

            And Rick let us all note that there are voters out there who
            supported the Kenyan foreign student who obviously flunked the course on American citizenship yet was given the Presidential Oath of Office. How stupid can things get?
            We have not had a President since “W” left office. Therefore
            Donald J. Trump will actually be the 44th.

        • Kent2012

          I think that the mental midgets would think that an entire continent could flip over….they may be right…the idiots would all settle on one coast or the other…..oh wait just a cotton picking minute now…that is exactly what has happened in the USA….oh my God….hang on….oh the humanity of it all….hang on…

          • Bob W

            Thanks for the chuckle. That was GREAT! Lol

          • Kissingfan

            Kent, you may have just created a new theory for our environmentalists to consider. The number of earthquakes and the shrinking shoreline in California is because there are too many liberals all in one place! lol

          • marshmil

            THAT finally explains it Kissingfan. It’s political, not geological. Now let’s anticipate some geological fault cracking up in the Northeast. The mental midgets demand the Presidency be held by someone representing two mobs of airheads, not the whole Nation. Thanks to the Founders and the Electoral College more of the Nation can be represented.

          • marshmil

            Thanks Kent2012 and Kissingfan. Now we might have an explanation why the Left Coast geofault is cracking…the airhead liberals like Dianne, Nancy and the “Hollywood” elite congregate there.

        • wandamurline

          Yeah, don’t know what this guys sniffs, but it must be pretty stout.

        • Kissingfan

          In Guam they would be entertained by the gooney birds!

      • Not Represented

        For them to commit “seppuku” they must have had honor…which they do not have. They do not have a true warrior spirit. It would be much better that you simply ask them to kill themselves. Same ending, but theirs would be shameful.

        • blogengeezer

          According to links associated with studies, Hispanics are far more prone to “Suicide themselves”, no matter who is potus.

    • Evan

      Yes he is and I am happy about it!
      GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • blogengeezer

      Keith Ellison served in Obama White house administration for one year, as an adviser. Sort of explains his comments. Especially those that record “Hispanics, as far more likely to commit suicide”, among society… regardless of who is potus..

    • marshmil

      Proves how bad the Kenyan imposter has been over the past eight years.

    • marshmil

      Donald Trump, a successful businessman, knows how to be a CEO. He has not started out griping about the mess he will inherit. Barack Obama merely replied. “I inherited all this mess”. Maybe he had a magic wand back in 2009 that would mysteriously clean up any mess. Looks like he not only did NOT straighten out whatever he considered to be a “mess” but he failed to keep things from getting worse than they allegedly were.

    • marshmil

      ketoc that is because Donald J. Trump is a LEADER. He didn’t get where he’s at standing on street corners running his mouth off about organizing communities. He went to work and created thousands of jobs
      with his enterprises. Amazing what one person can accomplish in the free enterprise system. Now let’s all pitch in and work toward making our wonderful Nation, under God, great again. Eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty. Soli Deo Gloria — to God Alone the Glory.

  • clearmorning7

    another excuse to get freebies, that they are “disabled” because of their fear

  • J. Fannin

    Build a bridge and get over it you idiots…………………. you live in California where the governor is a stone cold idiot and Pelosi is a Senator………………and you goofs elected them………….. Hillary Clinton is a frigging crook, and Obama is a traitor…………. That’s all folks…………….

    • cgretired

      Pelosi is a congress woman. She is in the house of representatives, not that it matters a bit. She is a twit no matter where she resides.

      • raffaelecafagna

        Oh that puke Pelosi .

      • Wildflowers52

        California is doomed,with Bimbo Brown as gov. And Feinstein still hanging on, she’s been a senator here, forever. I mean forever. All the nutcases hide out in our once beautiful San Francisco, our schools, colleges and universities are overrun by socialists. Sick refugees are pouring in to Los Angeles, infecting our kids with measles and TB. God help us.

    • Tome

      You Missed Fienstien!

      • jong

        I think she just got out. Although her replacement is surely no better

        • Karen Trujillo

          Who is it….Ellison?
          Ladies start choosing the color of your body wrap…

        • John E Strom Jr.

          Feinstein is still stinking up the senate. Barbara Boxer, the other left wing mutant, retired. Thank God,

          • jong

            Thank you for that correction. I will make it so.

      • raffaelecafagna

        Oh yes that Frankenstein

    • Evan

      Well said!

    • Wildflowers52

      I live here, and you’re RIGHT! We are outnumbered and Bimbo Brown made sure of that.

  • Dave from San Antonio

    Oh, my…the poor little entitled snowflakes…or should I say just…”flakes”. Anything to blame “their”, self inflicted or imaginary, problems on someone else. Living in California…right now…is enough to cause “mental problems” in otherwise ‘sane’ individuals. I know there are at least some intelligent people who live there, but they are definitely in the minority…right along with “legal” citizens being a minority…and they really should move out…at least for their children’s sake and safety.

    • Mathew Molk

      Word on the street the working people in Cali ARE getting out, ,,in hordes.

  • Mike Tanco


    • Kent2012

      you forgot Reagan…the older mental midgets blame Ronald as well

    • Defend America

      They might would grow up because they would finally have to work for a living and would not have so much time to dream up these outrageous fairy tales. Oops I forgot working is the the culprit.

    • Wildflowers52

      Over $10BILLION to Iran since 2013!

  • Joy

    Trump did say that he wants to provide a better mental health care system. Obama and Hitlary caused me mental anxiety. Better them than me!!

  • John Centonze

    And who gives a sh.t?! I originally wrote the entire word but I guess they were afraid it would make the little pansies have even more stress and deleted it!

    • Mathew Molk

      No sweat GI we get it. PC is DEAD!

    • Wildflowers52

      I hate it when that happens; our new violation of the 1st Amendment, as per the Liberal corruption…..fake news!

  • Wmichaelmic

    Hold on folks, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

  • Roy Hobbs

    The only comment regarding anyone who was transgender that I recall Trump making was that “Kaitlyn Jenner can use any bathroom she wants in Trump Tower”. What evidence is there that Trump anti-trans?
    As for illegal immigrants feeling stress—–imagine the stress LEGAL U.S. citizens have been feeling that millions of people are here against the law, milking the government assistance funds that legal U.S. taxpayers contribute to their entire adult lives. I’m sure Ted Bundy felt stress when he was finally going to be held to the legal standard. Too flipping bad, folks.

  • HopeandChange2016

    Non-Americans and sexual perverts are stressed.

    Answer is simple.
    1. If you are illegal, leave.
    2. If you are muslim, comply with our Judeo-Christian system of laws, or leave.
    3. If you are a sexual pervert, stop your perversion or leave.

    Stress goes away.

    • abilgin

      How about the mentally retarded as your own self???

      • HopeandChange2016

        Typical Hollywood response.
        Nobody cares about you.

      • Kent2012

        get to wally world, your dildo batteries are dead…

      • Wildflowers52

        Smarkey. Me go to school.

    • Mathew Molk

      Works for me.

    • Richard Bagenstose

      you forgot , if you hate america leave

      • HopeandChange2016

        Good point.
        That would be approximately 47% of the current population.
        Those who vote for the communist/socialist/progressive party.

      • John E Strom Jr.

        and….if you are a Hollywood liberal, leave. Quickly! Take Obama with you.

        • dirtflyer

          They gotta hurry, the last flight is waiting.

          • John E Strom Jr.

            Au contraire, we’re throwing in Air Force One so there will be plenty of room for those malcontents – ONE WAY – to Kenya with ALL of them.

    • Pat Enery

      The word Judeo-Christian is an oxymoron. Read your Bible & see what Jesus has to say about this, then read the Talmud & see what Jews have to say about Jesus. Don’t forget about sexual perversions that are allowed. An eye opener. BTW, our original system of laws were English Protestant Christian. They have long been changed by lawyers & Jews.

      • Wildflowers52

        Malarkey. So not true!
        Read some of the genius historian, David Barton’s articles before insulting someone who knows TRUE American history, not what the socialists teach.

    • Wildflowers52

      Yay! This is the truth! Thanks, H&C2016, great post!

    • john vieira

      So simple…but I think some ‘coercion’ may be required.

  • tammy

    They will just come up with any excuse. America is tried of their whining

    • Mathew Molk

      2 words for all of them
      GET OUT

  • pi2r2

    This phenomenon is just the beginning of payment for sins and the forming of redemption, the turning of souls back to God.

  • janniefay

    That is what happens when you bring it on your self. Go home and come back the right way.

    • Tome

      I am one of them Damn Irish men. We had to go through the hoops to get here! If you want to be here do it the right way! Not crossing the border or having our Muslim in Chief flying you in!

  • Cornville

    All illegals need to be registered immediately. They then should apply for citizenship by going through the normal channels and procedures. Nothing magical about obeying the law. Once registered, then then can lead normal lives like every other person residing in the USA. The laws of the USA must be obeyed if we all want to live in a civilized country. English is our main language, and everyone is expected to learn English. Has anyone noticed that when you go to Mexico, everything is in Spanish. Gee…I wonder why that is? Drivers Manuals, Street Signs, and just about everything else, must be printed in English. Share if you agree…

    • Mathew Molk

      I got a better idea. The commicrats say we cannot round up and deport 14 million of them…..The round up and deport 7 million. or one million.

      It’s like the judge told the old mafioso we he said “Your honor, I cant do 20 years” The judge replied with, “Then just do as many as you can”


      all do respect, but freedom of speech, why it should be in english? theyr happy reading SPANISH….. why Britons are so stupid to teach everyone ENGiLSH and not learning others lang,…..

  • Jr1776

    They had those problems long before Trump, Liberalism is a disease.

  • GrizzMann

    He’s not causing the problem. They are just now recognizance their long existing problems.

  • Nicodemus

    By their very nature, the trannies had mental problems to begin with! From the terrorist attacks all over the world, I’d say ditto for many Muslims. Illegals….well, by definition they are criminals….it’s understandable that some of them might have mental issues as well. Why is all that Trump’s fault?!

    • john vieira

      Of course it IS Trump’s fault…would you not be ‘edgy’ if your free meal ticket may be rescinded and in the case of wannabe terrorists that you may be deported before you can get a crack at your 72 virgins…Think how unsettling that would be…

      • Nicodemus

        Especially once you realize anyone who’s still a virgin in the afterlife must look like Susan Boyle! Historical note: with the rape epidemic going on in Europe, why do you suppose Bath-House Barry decided to take Andrew Jackson off the $20 bill? Because he’s the American Hero who finally defeated the Barbary Pirates…you know, the Muslims on boats who would kidnap white women, rape them, and sell them into slavery…..not PC for anyone named Hussein or Mohammed or Bin something-or-other….

        • john vieira

          “From the Halls of Montezuma….to the shores of Tripoli”…remember a speech Obama gave stating that ‘muslims’ contributed to America’s development….and that was the ONLY contribution that came to mind…anyway, we may soon be shut down…re Obama’s anti propaganda bill, which effectively drives a ‘terrorist’ truck RIGHT through your 1st Amendment….Canada, France Germany and others have jumped on this to fortify their CONTROL over WHAT their citizens are ‘exposed’ to and the respective Ministries of TRUTH will now tell us WHAT WE SHOULD KNOW…and STIFLE ALL DISSENT. Poor Voltaire…he tried…but Like Buddha and Jesus and many good influences of yore ,they are being cast aside for WHAT???…these characters are intent on COMPLETE MIND CONTROL…they have been doing it for years surreptitiously via mainstream media but now they can be OVERT without recrimination. Last 10 days taking a long time….

          • Nicodemus

            Replied to you….somehow it skipped up a few paragraphs. Anyway, I’m with you….and I’ve had a copy of Candide on my bookshelf since high school!

  • cgretired

    No actual proof is offered, however, either by the “advocates” or Wiener herself.

    “Reports of these mental health concerns remain mostly anecdotal so far,” she admits. But she quotes a professor at Stanford University — an avowedly anti-Trump academic named Keith Humphreys, whose political sentiments she declines to mention — who tells readers that “Muslims, Jews, Latinos, African-Americans and women and victims of sexual assault” are now, thanks to Trump’s victory and the “hateful rhetoric” attributed thereto, “uncertain whom they can trust.”

    Then why even talk about if if there is actually no proof offered? This is just another attempt by these jerks to get both attention to their loss in the election and to the fact that they are basically insecure to begin with.

    You didn’t see this sort of behavior 8 years ago, did you? I certainly did not and I hated the fact that the “messiah” won that election.

    There are an awful lot of children in California that need to grow up, both adolescent and adult children.


      Most never grow up

  • Enchanted

    My advice: suck it up buttercups.

  • Christina Hutson

    He is not causing nothing with these illegials they shouldnt of came here and use all of things they got for free. You should of worked your way up and not be free loaders on the US for you should of done it the correct way and you wouldnt be in this situation you brought on yourselves. So buck up and leave and start the procedure from where you live if you want the American Dream. Again Mr. Trump has done nothing to you so grow up and do the right thing. That is the real reason you are crying now cause your bout ready to loose what you think you should have for free ITS NOT HOW IT WORKS BUCK UP AND DO THE RIGHT PATH TO BE HERE. GOD BLESS PEACE OUT.

  • Defend America

    God help us all. Liberals are already Looney enough now even more so.

    Hey Looney tunes we went threw 8 years of having no one we could trust. We lived threw it so get over it, go back to your own country are just plain grow up it is your choice.

  • art persky

    They all should be stressed, they have broken the Law !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill Mac

    They ALREADY had mental illnesses and problems BEFORE TRUMP was elected. The left is just using that because the light is now shed on them.

  • Jmanjo

    Sine they are illegal it should not be the problem of advocates, educators or mental health providers! They should be returned from whence they came dolt! This Jocelyn Wiener is exactly as her name announces! She sounds like she needs her head examined. What a stupid assumption but then that is what the media puts out right! California is the home to many imbeciles and she belongs.

  • Fed up!

    All the little snowflakes are having a melt down. If they have a problem now Trump not in office yet ??

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    Illegals are scared and unhappy. No problem, go back to where you came from.

  • Alan

    So where were these “advocates” when Christians, conservatives, and NRA members were being attacked and villified by Obama and the MSM?
    This group is made up of average Americans just trying to get along and make a living, but where was the support for them(us)?
    Oh that’s right, WE’RE the ones at fault, right?
    The most put upon and villified group in America is the Christian conservative working class.
    I’m agnostic, BTW. So I can see this very clearly.
    This is another whiney put up piece by liberal sore losers, nothing more.

  • Estoban

    “advocates, educators and mental health providers”from California have their own mental health problems. They all refuse to accept reality. They should all be fired and replaced by normal Americans.

  • Loving America

    These People were mentally ill before Trump appeared and when he did appear they knew that their
    butts were hung…….NO More Trash dumped on the Legals of America……NO More dumped on the
    Christians or the Straights…..It is over with gay misfits of America!

  • Daisy

    Sorry, but they had ‘issues’ way before they ever heard of Donald Trump!

    • Wildflowers52

      Ahhahahahahohoheeee you got THAT right, and I live here!

  • Mary

    Why can’t, instead of having a total melt-down, people just wait and see just what President Trump does do? These people are like my mother used to be, getting worried about something before it even happens. Once it happens, THEN you can start getting concerned. Why live with such stress before something actually happens?

    • john vieira

      Chicken Little syndrome!!! The SKY is falling!!!

  • Tome

    Illegals are illegal! They should have stress! Muslims are nuts and want to kill us. What can you say about a transgendered person. They have to be nuts in the first place! I can’t see where Trump has anything to do for any of them! Illegals should go back where ever they are from. Muslims should go back to their sand boxes and keep killing each other. Trangenders should stay in Sanfrancisco! Or just California that is a great place for them!

    • tCotUS

      Very Good…. Tome.

      • Tome

        Thank you! Some think I am harsh. But I think I am right!

        • tCotUS

          Harsh is sometimes what America needs to wake up from it’s 8 year stupor.

          • john vieira

            The ‘western’ stupor was being ‘engineered’ for quite a long time…it was fast forward in the last 8 years….things were coming to fruition and the next term or two would have been IT…Why do you think that ALL the living Presidents were against Trump and the mainstream media, which is nothing more than a propaganda tool for the ‘establishment/CIA’ attacked and continue to attack him…and are hurling vitriol at Russia, hoping for an ignition???

          • tCotUS

            Don’t watch the hand they want you to watch….”Smoke & Mirrors” with a stench of the CIA.

    • Evan

      Great post! Thanks!

  • patriot1

    Hillary obtained mental problems after her brain was hacked into by the Russians.

  • Laxmom2

    These “victims” of president-elect Trump’s victory were mentally unstable before the election…now, we just know who they are.

  • Al Chemist

    The illegals evidently don’t feel stressed enough to go home to their own countries.

  • Rocketman

    You can blame the Democrats for all of their stresses, they allowed the illegal immigration to happen with a blind eye. It 100% their fault not the incoming president, he just wants to uphold existing laws. Once again Distort, Deny, LIE LIE LIE, until they believe it themselves.

    • temporary guest

      Amen to that.

    • john vieira

      It is called the BIG lie!!! Goebbels/McCarthy had it down pat…and if you are backed up by a bought and sold mainstream media, you pretty well got it made…

  • this is an indicator we are on the Right track (pun intended)


    • Kent2012

      waiting for the morons on TB to begin to commit hari kari live….would be a great help to the gene pool.

  • temporary guest

    How smart do you have to be to know that the left is going to double down and hammer down on false accusation, obstruction, hypocrisy, hatred, name calling and insanity after getting their political clock cleaned in an election landslide that was so great all their efforts to lie, cheat and steal proved useless.

    Being hateful and hypocritical is essential to being a “progressive” “liberal”

    This article proves what I’ve been saying for years: If it weren’t for blame shifting and guilt transference, there would be no Democrat party.

  • Mathew Molk

    That breaks my heart, but I got a better one for you. My oldest son is a union electrician (Who are almost universally Trump supporters) but he is pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering at night school at Cleveland State.. At any rate he has contact with many snowflakes and commie professors. I hope you are ready for a good laugh. – The Marxists and cupcakes are spreading a rumor that slavery is coming back . The best part is the snowflakes. are actually believing it!

    There is no doubt the undesirables are incapable of logic or original thought and are in full panic mode but they are going WAY beyond the free canyons, Play Dough, and Dog in their safe zones.

    We all know liberalism is a mental disorder but this proves it beyond a doubt. – Not that the Trannies, Muzzies and Illegals are having problems, but their nut case Marxist handlers got to be nuts ir they think we will actually buy this BS.

    Looks like a few parasites are looking for a federal grant to study this new “disorder”.- Guess they didn’t get the word those days are over.

    and God bless President Trump.

    • temporary guest

      “The Marxists and cupcakes are spreading a rumor that slavery is coming back.”

      I seem to remember that during the Reagan years, the rumor was that Reagan, Gingrich and “their ilk” were distributing heroin and guns to the black community to get them to kill themselves off, and the ones who survived were going to be put on a mother ship in outer space and transported to a slave planet. I’m NOT kidding, those were the actual rumors.

      Other rumors:

      Jesus was a black man.

      The ancient pyramids in Egypt were built by winged blacks who flew around them in peace and serenity until the white Europeans came and shot them all down.

      “Ebonics” (how black on the street talk) is a “genetic language”. If I remember correctly, this is the line that was used by a California school district in order to label it’s self “bilingual” and thereby collect extra federal subsidies from the tax payers.

    • john vieira

      Actually SLAVERY WAS COMING has been in the works and the idiots were making it easy for the perpetrators ..the 1% were heading that way…still are…damn good thing there are defectors like Trump.

  • Katie Spurlock

    What these people don’t get is Trump is trying to save the future for families. Look at the other countries that allowed these people in whether muslim or and other illegal people. Their women and children are being raped and beaten. How many times have you heard someone say they lost their jobs and were replaced by hispanics? I lost my job in 2011 and was replaced by 3 mexican girls. How many times have you heard someone say they are taking our jobs for cheap labor? You can’t blame Trump for all of the wrongs obama put in place. Trump has done more good in the 2 months he’s been elected than obama did in 8 years. He has already begun to drain the swamp. If you’re doing something you shouldn’t then be worried. Give the man a chance for pity sakes.

  • temporary guest

    Now that the left has decided that Donald Trump is to blame for every “evil” under the sun (evil being anything that doesn’t favor their rhetoric and their agendas), I’ll Bet George W. Bush is really enjoying the break. He’s probably waiting to see not if, but how the left is going to turn back the clock, re-write history, and blame Donald Trump for causing hurricane Katrina.

  • David Girard


  • george briar

    nobody would care if all three left. with a little luck maybe California will break away and float out into the pacific ocean to become an island, nothing there but jerkoffs and frauds.

  • These people’s problem isn’t mental it is spiritual. A liberal’s worldview prohibits them from calling evil what it is. When I say Islam is Satan’s religion and point out “thighing” as an example of what they allow, liberals will not say “thighing” is evil. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the evil that Islam accepts as normal. Since Muhammad started “thighing” of Aisha, it becomes a capital offense to say pedophilia is wrong. This sets aside throwing homosexuals off buildings and even PC gays will not call Islam evil. Our government will say that jihadist makes Islam, a peace loving religion, look bad but consider everywhere Muslims go turns into a “no go zone” that non-Muslims are raped, beaten or killed. These “no go zones” are created by the so called “peace loving Muslims”. This video shows what these Muslims are doing all over the world with the help and support of the Pope, UN, EU and the US Congress.

  • Anna K

    They are following Obama’s example well, blame someone else for a situation you yourself created. They are here ‘illegally’, duh! Get them out and then let them complain to their own government; they won’t get far!

  • lmorgan138

    If you are here illegally and are experiencing stress…GOOD! You shouldn’t be here anyway. If you are a muslim and you believe in Sharia law and hate American values and you are stressed….GOOD! And for all the other groups, you are just a bunch of whiners. As for the African-Americans, what in the world are you worried about. He wants to help you and your communities. How is that bad? Oh, unless you want to live off of the government.
    America will be great again and thank the lord Trump won. Quit your damn bellyaching and grow a spine.

  • Rodney Allen Furr

    get rid of them too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stoney

    Criminals generally do have a higher stress level.

  • Jan Kolacy

    First we need to get rid of those teachers who teach their own viewpoints and bend the truth to fit them. They have young people who,listen and believe every word they say. This is developing a whole generation of unrest. Left views, do not belong in the class rooms. Start there, to make a difference.

  • rocky49

    These poor people are suffering from Trump Anger Resentment Disorder or TARD and they are looking for a cure 😉

  • cheeseburger

    Most Americans like Jews and hate Muslims. When was the last time a Jew blew up a strip mall in America or anywhere else?

  • Daniel Yingling

    Trump will get blamed for everything that isn’t perfect for the rest of his tenure. The left is completely unable to digest that the American people spoke and told the Progressives that America will no longer stand for the progressive ideals and agenda which include having a dictator running the country by ignoring any other forms of government like Congress and tfe,Supreme court. Simply write executive ordersummary all day long and illegally change laws that were written and passed legislation into law. It’s unconstitutional what Obama was doing and get by being an expert attorney on the constitution. Hundreds of executive orders are set to hit the chopping Block on January 20th.
    By by Mr. Dicktator.

  • Louie Rey

    No, his existence isn’t CAUSING mental problems among these groups he’s just CONFIRMING their mental problems. Big difference.

  • comanchewill

    these articles lump all the minorities into one big group saying we do not support Donald Trump…I am full blood Native American and I have been aboard the Trump Train since day one….

    • Kent2012

      Wiil I personally believe the reason that Trump was nominated and then elected lies with the mistakes that the elitist establishment in DC and all over the USA in state house after state house have made for many years. Their arrogance and greed has finally reached the overflowing point…and the next step will be very strong anger and words followed by actions if the GOP majority do not get down to work….throwing out what that african has done along with his democrapo allies and the rinos in order to restore sanity, stabilize and grow the economy, and put America back on top in the global pecking order…I am personally disgusted by how kenyan boyo conducted himself in all circumstances foreign and domestic…Medal…yes he needs a medal :: “Ahole for the Ages”……

  • George E. LeFebvre

    I have absolutely no problem with Mexicans and South Americans or wherever, they come from working here on a green card, when it expires, get a new one or pack your bags at least until your in position to apply for citizenship. However, when I see young Mexican kids defacing the American Flag and Flying a Mexican flag I draw the line. If caught doing these acts, they should be deported right then. Until they can respect our Nations Symbol, we don’t need them here. As for the farmers needing laborers, how about hiring young teenagers from within. When we were kids in Connecticut, many of the teens would work in the tobacco fields picking the leaves and mostly girls would hang them in the barns to dry. Of course they had to get up at the crack of dawn, ride buses to the fields and come home needing an immediate baths/showers. But in those days, our mom and dads didn’t have money to just hand out to the kids, if we wanted something, you found a way to earn it before you got it. And, in many homes our parents would get your pay and dole out some to you, the rest went to help pay for what was needed to survive. As for these kids and illegals being traumatized, I say get over it and do what you can to be legal.

  • millerstwo

    This crap is out of control, these children of law breakers blaming Trump for their ‘mental stress’ is akin to the children of convicts in a penitentiary blaming the Warden for their woes !
    Once again the biased left wing media is making up the news to suite their purpose, what’s wrong with this picture? I’ve been reading about this dishonesty regarding the press for months yet like most questionable events pertaining to the Marxists nothing will be done!

  • GR Arnold

    I hope Trump causes every problem imaginable for all illegal aliens and Muslims. There should be no reprieve of mercy on any of them whatsoever. The transgendered are absolute FREAKS and should be forced to keep to themselves. Our nation is NOT obligated to accommodate LGBT at all.

  • johnz

    Yes, this is a good thing, I think the working American taxpayers are fed up with the neocon journos
    promoting those that want to destroy civilization and America’s culture. For their globalist masters.

  • gerald Hughes

    My, so the criminal aliens, their aiding and abetting families are feeling troubled?
    Then, the rapist , killer Muslims are feeling troubled?
    Get your mangy fannies out of our county, you won’t have that problem.

    • Kent2012

      they need a safe room…..I have it…zimbabwe…there you go…

  • psycho1979

    Put these folks in a padded room, with a therapy dog, some crayons, coloring book and some soft soothing music! They’re too be pitied, poor little things.

  • Rob

    Sounds good to me. Time for illegals to run for that border and they have 10 days to get out! Obama had a muslim registry he just destroyed so whats the big deal. Cant help it that sissies are scared of us for no reason.

  • Diana Sloan


  • Either there is something in the water and air in California or there is too much incestuous relationships going on out there. How else can you explain the growing insanity in California? Even the medical and mental health agencies are run and staffed by full blown lunatics.

  • jefz

    Not our problem. Let the illegals return to their country of origin to care for their “mental health problems” These are self inflicted injuries and we should not be burdened, nor support, law breakers.

  • 2 parrots and a dog

    Give me a break.

  • disqus_rEWjgfyzIp

    Go figure its out of CA, seems to be some thing in the water there. “Around the country, children and adolescents who are undocumented
    immigrants or who have undocumented family members, are experiencing a
    surge in stress, depression and anxiety”, well yes as they know their golden ticket is about to be stamped void. Get it right the muslims dont seem to be the victims of hate crimes as much as some of them are causing them. As to hate crimes against the muslims it would be” no you cant have your demanded prayer room in collage”. Do like the swiss, if they cant adjust to the American way of life, which is why they may have come here in the first place, revoke their status for citizenship and send them home. As to the LGT group life was easier for all before they fell out of the closet. Some dumba*s democrat opened the closet door with political correctness and now every one suffers. is amazing that a gays tantrum looks so much like a democrat that lost with the hillary campaign or isnt getting their way.

  • unclealfie

    Too effing bad!

  • Derek

    No worries freaks America will soon be a stress free safe place as a whole. Just not for you!!! Lok

  • Ron

    My advice to the liberals is this…if you don’t like it here, by all means leave and make yourselves happy. I hear real estate is very cheap in Syria, as a matter of fact, you could probably go and “squat” in one of the thousands of houses that are vacant. There you can set up your own “liberal” community and live the rest of your life in liberal bliss.

  • depaz

    Oh, I think the “mental problems” were already there; they’ve just bubbled to the surface. Any “relation” to the election of Donald J. Trump is purely coincidental. . . .

  • Benji0804

    Honestly I don’t have one bit of a problem with law breakers being scared.

  • jong

    Very simple. They were clinically insane to begin with. Take a look where they live and what they are taught. Which would get anyone else either arrested, committed or both.

  • Far Right and Proud Nativist

    Boo hoo hoo

  • Antogeny

    Libtards are and have long been causing me a surge in stress, depression and anxiety. Turnabout is fair play.

  • Far Right and Proud Nativist

    Idiots…california please leave the united states…please!!!

  • Phoebe Isley

    That a way you whining Liberals…blame everything and everyone else other than yourselves. Grow up and do what all we grown ups do…be held liable for your own words and actions. Sorry Trump is no puppeteer so no one is pulling your strings or making you say or do anything you don’t allow YOURSELF to do. Geesh

  • LucMilLin

    GREAT news.

  • georgethorvat

    The easy cure for these mental disorders is a one way ticket back to where they belong.

  • ernst

    What a pile of crap! It is no surprise that criminals and social outcasts should feel stress. Maybe if the illegal immigrants were not illegal, they would not feel so stressed. Maybe they should go home.

  • Pat Enery

    Don’t jump the gun, people. No actual proof is offered, however, either by the “advocates” or Wiener herself.

  • wandamurline

    They can go back to Mexico or where ever and get in line …. that is the right way to do it….and stop the freebies and some will self-deport.

  • Daniel Gray

    Ok since she has her knickers in a knot, maybe she can explain the difference between this that she CLAIMS is happening, and then people who refuse to accept these, are being fined and driven out of existence by laws thus forcing other people to have the same problems that she is complaining about?

  • Nihle65

    If they don’t like TRUMP then they should get the fk out of my country. The best way to get rid of them when TRUMP gets in office is to take away ALL there free money, housing, ebt and anything else they get. They would leave AMERICA on there own. We wouldn’t have to waste money on deporting them…

  • Bob

    Good maybe the muslims will go to muslim countries, the USA and our Constitution are not compatible with islam. The rest can get the mental health treatment they severely need!

  • Larry Brule


  • Rick D.

    You gotta’ be S***ing me!! What a bunch of pampered, pansy-ass sissies!! Grow up, folks!! First of all, those no evidence to support your claims, and secondly, why don’t you take responsibility for your actions if you’re an illegal immigrant and pursue steps to become a citizen LEGALLY!!! As for trans, you’ve got enough protection already in place for you. Just learn to deal with reality.

  • Evan

    Who cares! They should NOT be here!
    Deport them all! We owe them NOTHING!

  • Cora Bird

    What about the stress that the presence of these illegals causes those of us who aren’t here illegally? Not to mention the financial stress of our tax dollars being spent on them. What part of ILLEGAL do they not understand?

  • Richard cianfrone

    Jocelin Weiner has Anthony’s Weiner in her treasonous brain ! Keith’s who ? Two more satanic sewer rats ! The filthy demonic disgusting scumbags don’t care about the 8700 families ruined for life because of the cockroaches murdering their loved ones ! Or the drunk driving undocumented illegal scumbags !
    Trump should have all their names broadcasted and a day of prayer for the families of the ones killed by these vermin.

  • Jeff Z

    Trump didn’t cause their mental issues……they were all nuts when they crawled out of the patch.

    Otherwise they wouldn’t BE illegals, rag heads, or deviates.

  • carlton goodson

    Easy to solve stop breaking the law and go back to your home country!

  • Gerry Costa

    Poor little princesses !!!!!!! When our fraud president obozo, sec. of state and all his minion puppets put all of America in danger — did we whine cry and behave like 3 year olds —NO WE DID NOT — the mature adults just do the right thing and accumulate the articles it takes to protect ourselves, families and property. This generation of college infants and young people who have been completely brainwashed by scum bags posing as educators need to get a grip on real life or they will vanish because they have zero knowledge of how to survive on their own. They whine and cry and expect our government to take care of the.

  • Timothy Brewster

    Yes its so sad to even listen to this as being a real problem in our county. These individuals are guilty as charged as for the trannies maybe this is a come to Jesus eye opener. The sherrif is in town now looks like he is going his job. Semper Fi!!! Right is right and wrong is wrong sooner or later we all answer for our faults. Including myself

  • OldSilk

    Disappointment over losing an election suddenly spawns mental illness? What the heck?

  • calhar

    B.S.That’s an inherited trait with most people.>>>>>

  • PJ

    Liberalism…..the facts regarding the behavior of liberals…..

    1. Will not accept any “reality” but the “reality” they perceive (for whatever reason they perceive it)
    2. Will engage in a discussion, but will not listen to any opinion or concept that differs from their perceive reality and will vehemently shut down the person of persons that disagree with them
    3. Will not acknowledge any facts that differ from their perceived reality no matter how conclusive or specific the evidence is supporting said facts
    4. If an individual disagrees with a liberal, the immediate response is to label that individual a bigot, racist or something worse
    5. Believes that they have the right to express their opinion at any venue, at any time, no matter how inappropriate
    6. Justifies any violent acts they commit by the perceived injustice they think they are fighting for

    The list goes on, but this should suffice to make my point. This is behavior contrary to reality, anti-social and in many instances psychotic.

    Liberalism has morphed from an ideology to correct injustices (a long time ago) into a mental disorder.

    • Nevadavoter1

      We have very good friends who are liberals… this describes them exactly! In order to maintain our friendship, we have all agreed not to discuss these issues rather talk about children or the weather. I had no idea that I was a racist bigot until
      Obama became President… now I know!

  • Kenny Moss

    They should go home then no one feels sorry for a freeloader

  • Just Wondering

    I’m sure they are going out of their minds with the idea that their free ride is coming to an end and they are going to be joining their fellow countrymen in their own country as it should be. Thank you President TRUMP.



  • Butch Miller


  • Jerry McMains

    The groups mentioned all had these
    ‘problems” WAY before Trump was elected!
    Go back under the rock or wherever you crawled out of!!!

  • Trump is speaking out on national security and has called for bans on some because he recognizes that government does not vet people adequately. The Florida shooting is a classic example of that failure. Unfortunately liberal media has distorted what Trump has said and caused the panic that ensued. I blame the press for what has happened and certainly Muslims and transgenders are worried. as for mental health, we are a long way from solving the mental health issues and it should not be a worry as there are no clear definition on various parts of mental health understanding. The magic missed word by the liberal press is the word, “UNTIL”. In the case of mental health, that “until” is a long way off.

  • Patriot47

    The listed groups already had mental problems. Gubmint calling it normal doesn’t make it normal.

  • Ronda O’Bryant

    Seriously? LOL!!!!

  • donl

    Mental health problems? BS! This is a Communist ploy to make you think it’s Trumps fault. Well it’s not! We will continue to see these fake news stories for the next 4 years.

  • raffaelecafagna

    Illegals get out of my land

  • doc

    Can’t trust Trump?? And ,yet trust Baxter,Polusi,Fienstien? Must have a bad head problem. Or so used to the swamp., Can’t see straight !!

  • Ron C

    Well Jocelyn Wiener needs to just come out and tell the truth. The in the tank, to the democrat party, MSM and their constant lie telling has got the democrat constituencies all tied in knots…The MSM need to come clean to the democrat and tell them, that they are propagandist, and not journalists.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Oh well.

  • cunning

    A nice spin but it didn’t work. Now the real story.

    According to claims by “advocates, educators and mental health providers” American citizen children and adolescents & including transgender youth.” are troubled by Obamas policies towards the invasion of illegal Muslim immigration, that they feel targeted by “hate crimes” including rape and killings attributed to undocumented Muslim immigrants and there undocumented family members.

    • Libs R Loons

      The mass-shooting at a gay nightclub in Florida by a muslim is a perfect case-in-point.


    What a butch of bullshit.

  • blogengeezer

    Browse ‘Keith Humphreys’ and you will see the nest, of ‘Education’, from which this spew excretes.

  • Sylvia Avila

    I believe these group of people all ready have mental problems they don’t need any help. Their third world crazies! As for the Advocates and educators they are all liberal liars, who believes them! They all need to look in the mirror and STOP the blame game. It is so easy to blame some else for your problems, but it takes inner strength to accept that it’s your own doing!! WAKE-UP

  • ariane Dolgah

    It is the world in reverse. Shall we care about illegals ? What part of the word illegal is confusing ? Stop the freebies at school, or free clinics mostly used by illegals that sometimes make as much money as you or me but do not pay taxes. Illegal cleaning ladies in California make $20 to $30 an hour. How many Americans make that kind of money. Illegals give birth in the USA creating anchor babies that later would give them citizenship and make it a chain migration bringing 20 more of their relatives. Immigration needs a serious look at and be reformed by the Trump administration.
    And California should be anexed from the rest of the USA so they can slowy die in their liberal vomit.

  • Standandfight

    Sensor it if you want . The fact Of is yournews^for is what formiswhatmakestheselitttlepussy RUN.

  • omikehawk

    My butt bleeds for these poor tortured ILLEGALS! I am a disabled senior citizen and I am stuggling to survive on SSI, and these illegal termites are stressed out? Send them all back as far as I am concerned!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    The mental problems were always there; Trump, by his very existence, has simply allowed them to come to the surface.

  • marshmil

    Liberals are tops at blaming everyone for their personal problems except themselves. It’s always somebody else’s fault when their kindergarten level minds get them into binds. Suggestion to liberals/progressives: GROW UP!

  • Jerry Kimbro

    Does that mean the illegal felons who kill Americans can now plead insanity?

  • Yeah well illegals cause mental distress on Americans.

  • CP

    I notice that when ever these people make these claims they have no proof to back it up. I live in California and the only harassment I see happening is harrassmwnt towards Trump supporters. My 27 year old daughter went to a comedy show and when the comedian ask the people to raise their hands if they were Trump xupporters her and her three friends wouldn’t do it because they were afraid that what happened to that man that got the crap kicked out of him would happen to them. I have two millennials living in my home both who voted for Trump, but they are afraid to admit it. These people try to make us out to be the dangerous ones but they are the ones who try to hurt us.

  • Jesusprotectus

    We the People want President Trump to deport all illegals and their illegal anchors who got citizenship ILLEGALLY !



    And we need to get rid of that ‘press 2 for spanglish’

    • Isaac January

      How true, company called me in twice for a job interview, the 2nd interview they asked me if I speak Spanish. I have to learn Spanish to get a job in an English speaking country. One of the things all immigrants are suppose to learn is English. But since we don’t enforce our laws.
      We must learn Spanish. I am an election judge, the ballots use to be all in English, now they are in Spanish. What next are all the street signs going to be made in Spanish? They come here and learn our language forget all this pushbutton for English or Spanish,

      • Jesusprotectus

        I wrote you a response, but I guess I got censored. You should not have to learn Spanish to get a job in this country! After the Inauguration, censorship MUST stop!
        Til then….peace!

        • Isaac January

          Thanks, Have congress declare a national emergency and move the Inauguration day up.

          • Jesusprotectus

            Lol, America will survive…and we will be better as a result!

      • Jesusprotectus

        I wrote back twice. I agree with you. Lets see if they allow that.

  • Maria

    Oh my, the cupcakes, snowflakes and such are so worried, well if you are here illegally and to boot have commited a crime you should be worried, if not you have nothing to worry about. I’m so sick and tired of those who all they do is cry and protest. I had to put up with Obozo for 8 years and didn’t go bananas, I dislike him intensely but had no other choice than to suck it up and take it, now it’s the others turn. Get over it already, you may try to undo the majority of the votes but you can’t, Trump will be our president come Jan 20th and thank God for that.

  • Ben

    Trump and most of the rest of us do not support transgender youth. Supporting them would be legitimizing perversion. California youth are usually the children of extremely weak parents. Children of illegal immigrant should ask their parents why they broke–and continue to break the law. Muslims should start reading about job opportunities and for-rent ads in other countries.

  • James Bryant

    This is a joke. Blaming Trump for their so called plight? Really? Then go home if you feel so bad. Stop biting the hands that feeds you – a bunch of ungrateful whiners and cry babies.

  • Nohwhat

    So now people that have been breaking the law are Worried and under Stress, Maybe they should have never broken Our Laws…..

  • kev

    once again the rhetoric from the left is still a marxist dialectic and nothing more..

  • J.B. Young

    These people already had mental health problems. And, ask us if we care.

  • dux nobis28

    All illegal aliens not just the ones convicted of crimes must be deported at once ! As to the other groups mentioned they are welcome to go or stay as they please but everyone must obey the law!

  • Jeff Kleven

    laws that control the immigration process are needed ,or our country will have a dysfunctional population and declining life style ,the corporate world are the ones promoting illegal immigration ,as they prosper from employing these people , at wages less than the american citizen is currently recieving,example! RIVER VIEW FARMS ,MORRIS ,MINNESOTA !

    • gpo1913

      They don’t have to swear allegiance to the United States anymore. That’s why America is becoming dysfunctional.

      • wornhall

        Thanks to Owebama.

    • Libs R Loons

      We already have immigration laws, all of which Obama and his ilk simply chose to ignore.

  • Dannyboy

    Seriously, all these categories already have mental problems

  • jgfsmf

    Illegals – So what.
    Muslims – So What
    Transgenders – They already have a mental health problem
    Illegals, muslims, transgenders = snowflakes

  • William McNamara

    I would say that Trump is doing his job well, then. These illegal aliens should be afraid. Be very afraid. They spit in the face of Unites States law and sovereignty and they complain because they are afraid of being punished for their crimes? Boo-hoo-hoo. Cry me a river. Get out or get arrested. Your choice.

  • Dennis

    The groups talked about of are of their own doing. Live in the sludge you created but don’t blame anyone but yourselves for your mental instability. It was already in place before ANY election. It is a mental disorder you possess and you need help from a good psychiatrist, but don’t blame everyone else for your shortcomings.

  • Edgar Skinner

    They might want to get ready to start eating Mexican food.

  • Old Salt

    Remember the juvenile delinquent who swore he’d get even with the judge and the cops for bringing him to justice? A lot of them gave that goal up after a prison chaplain showed them the love of Christ. Today, if the delinquent has a good reason for being an A$$hole he should be rewarded with some kind of clemency or forgiveness, without the necessary element of repentance on his part and praying in Jesus name is discouraged by political correctness. Dr. Spock was wrong and a couple generations of spoiled brats are the results.

    • Libs R Loons

      Dr. Spock took the power away from the parents and gave it to the little 5-year-old tyrants.
      Another thing…..Dr. Spock had a son who committed suicide.

  • Gerald

    I make a lot of comments about deporting the muslims. I would like to correct this to Islamic muslims. Their is nothing wrong with the curds of Sunni.

  • freepetta

    They can have mental problems in their own countries. The problems happened long before Trump came onto the scene.

    Terrorists, and illegals need to be dealt with accordingly. The violent aspect needs to be thrown out of here and never let back in!!

  • Motorhead

    It didn’t take much…which tells me they were born like that!!God bless America and the 82nd Airborne!

  • Sharrell Burcham

    I have no compassion for any of you. Get out and good riddance .

  • robert sanders


  • gpo1913

    What part of ILLEGAL don’t you understand?

  • dirtflyer

    They should put the Blame where it belongs, on, “Obamba, for suckering them with a Muslim LIe to jump the Fence. As well as all the treasonous Democrats,(mostly), who have not enforced our Immigration Laws, and have encouraged ilegall migration to U.S. Not to mention the Farmers , who wanted cheap labor., and now days the giants,Walt Disney,Boeing, Unions -like teachers. Time to get back to Law and Order. TRUMP. Mental problems????, yeah, what about Americans dumped onto the streets , to accommodate ilegalls? Start with W.H. all Muslims, out.

  • Libs R Loons

    LOL….Trump isn’t causing a mental condition that’s not already there.

    • Wildflowers52

      Love the name

  • kev

    the real issue is the lefts disregard for common sense for years. transgender male bathrooms for mentally disabled men-boys who can’t make up their mind if they want to wear pants or pant suits. Obama foisted this crap on all of us citizens and now it’s all come out as someone else’s fault. Never take the blame- sor of reminds me of the ex ex sec. of state who killed off 4 men- had a private server- DNC hacked and yes blame the russians when it is still not proven.

    • Wildflowers52


  • kev

    The parents are taking over the White house and the Teenagers are being told to go to their rooms.

    • Wildflowers52

      EXCELLENT! The CHILDREN, the playdough users, coloring book colorers, the thumb suckers, the rioters, the BABIES are FINALLY being told to go to their rooms.

  • JT1964

    With these groups, the mental problems were there waaayyy before Trump ever entered the scene. Also, the only incidents of REAL, verifiable hate crimes committed, have been perpetrated by those who supported Hillary and Big O.

    • john vieira

      Absolutely TRUE !!!

  • Wildflowers52

    Exactly. It’s a violation of our 1st Amendment rights. Plain and simple.

  • June71

    Mental problems? Obama has caused mental problems and depression for many Americans because we have to work our middle class butts off to pay for these illegals, lazy, whining libs, and for his extavagant vacations which also included his family. Go back to your countries and get a job! As for Obama and family, it’s time to leave this country that you have no respect for. Take your celebrity friends with you.

  • ken Wolfe

    It’s about time someone acted responsibly for all real Americans.

  • Wildflowers52

    I’ve got it! How about all of us conservatives put our heads together and get a petition going about how we want reparation because these past eight years have caused us mental duress! Give em a taste of their own medicine.

  • Wildflowers52

    Yes!!!! Thank You

  • Bob

    Our youth has become so dumbed down and adults turning into shallow star buck
    sipping putty brained PC puppets. Our enemy’s are laughing at us. Our govornment is being run by billionaires with no connection to real life and the struggles of normal sane moral Americans. The lieing liberal media could not tell the truth if they had to because it would not fit their PC agenda. Human Cockroachs like George Soros behind the scenes promoting racist gangs like BLM and the Islamic brotherhood terrorist. Obama was just a Trojan horse Islamic infiltrator. Let’s hope Trump will stop patting himself on the back and slinging his arms around and get to work on what needs to be done to correct all that the Obama/ Hillary/ Holder / SPLC and ACLU has done to weaken America.

    • Wildflowers52

      Good points

  • Beverly Bogunovich

    When you live against nature, you are subject to mental health issues. If you are here in this nation illegally, then I suggest you get legal. Ha Ha…get legal in a system that is lawless? Bend over for the hagrites and become legal… jail.

  • I wonder what the difference is between a gun registry and a Muslim registry. They say one is wrong and they advocate 24/7 for the other. Why do liberals insist on want to alter our way of life so badly?

  • Denver Girl

    Illegal is Illegal period. Just like you are not a little pregnant. If they are that concerned they should go back to their Countries. You cannot go to mexico and be there illegally, you will be deported and or go to jail. WE THE PEOPLE NEED OUR COUNTRY BACK.

  • Howlingmad

    They SHOULD be “Worried” . . . were going to CATCH ALL OF THEM, then “Ship their Azzs” OUTTA HERE ! Their days of doing “Whatever they Want”, ANY TIME THEY WANT . . . are “Over” !

  • Ray Mooneyham

    What a bunch of ‘numb nuts”. No proof, lot of BS and phony tears.

  • Erik V Johnson

    What We Are DOING to Them…What About What Their DOING to US and the USA !!! just sayin…I Can’t Imagine What Would Happen to US If We Were Down There !!!

  • James Ruddy

    Yeah, I know exactly how they feel…it’s exactly how I felt with the shadow of Hillary hanging over the prospect of winning the election. Thankful for Trump winning and now I’m all better.

  • ReaperHD

    It’s time for all these mental midgets to pack their bags and get out yourreally not wanted here as the PARASITES you are STEALING from the AMERICAN TAX PAYERS. You’re all nothing more than CRIMINALS who should be deported or locked up.

  • Raymond Mars

    Awww poor snowflakes, they need to get over it. If they are here illegally, they can apply for citizenship at the U.S. Consulate in their parents country of origin. If they are Muslims they can just pack up their prayer rugs, goats and child brides and go back to Islamic country’s. If they are Trannies or Gays, they can get mental health help.

  • savetheRepublic2017

    All illegal aliens and visa overstays should be afraid. Afraid because they have broken the law. Once in office President Trump should start deporting ALL illegal aliens. No more catch and release, no more putting them into holding pens, immediately deport anyone caught illegally entering the country with the warning come back and its 20 yrs in a tent city at hard labor.

  • Missourian

    It seems all of California needs to be a safe space!

  • Two points:
    1.] Every practicing Islamist must be subjugated to the Koran and Sharia Law … That clearly means that Islamists must annihilate (by whatever means and however long it takes), reject (not obey) any set of laws (our country’s Constitution, laws and the legislative and enforcement systems) and all non-Islamic entities not subjugated as they are.
    To do so, all forms of lying, cheating, subterfuge, breaking of contracts, deception, murder, killings, terrorism and any anti-Biblical means that brings honor and glory to Allah (Satan) are praiseworthy to all Islamist. Hence Obama (a not so covert Muslim) and his peers will never critique or condemn those actions unless it is a form of deception to pretend they are offended while inwardly rejoicing and supporting such actions.
    Simply put, while many may deny it, every Islamist is a warrior and at war (to some degree) with every non-Islamist. There will be no Islamic immigration issue if our legislature and administration understood, explains and upheld the intent of public law 414 Immigration and Nationality Act (McCarran-Walter Act).
    2.] Building the Border Wall is a smart and great investment even without repayment by Mexico. The 2011 Martin & Ruark “The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on US Taxpayers” “estimates the annual costs of illegal immigration at the federal, state and local level to be about $113 Billion; nearly $29 Billion at the federal level and $84 Billion at the state and local level”. Today’s and future costs are significantly greater and the $113 Billion which did not include the cost impact of humans and illicit drugs trafficking, lost US citizen’s wages, the society’s cost of drug users and crime victims nor other benefit factors such as less crime from repeat deported criminals, safer streets and communities.
    The Washington Post’s fact checker estimated the wall cost could be as high as $25 Billion for the entire border length.
    If the Wall would reduce those annual costs by 10%, the worse-case Washington Post Wall Cost would be repaid within 2 years. When did any government make such an investment with a 50% return within the first year and then had such an annuity for life? It would be just a bonus if Mexico made any repayment,

  • kev

    Maybe Nancy “without a message “Pelosi can offer herself up to the lgbtq freak show to manage their depression and the anti Trump rhetoric Mob who need a SJW mob leader. Where is Hillary with all the mob sentiment going on? She could at least use her foundation $$$$$$ to buy all of them playdoh for comfort. Zombie politics

  • loony1975

    aaawwwww, poor little babies, do you want your binky….hahahahahahaha…

  • Kissingfan

    That “professor” Keith Humphreys at Stanford appears to be one that is causing the trauma that the students are feeling. That liberal school does more to promote the liberal agenda than teaching reality and how to apply theory to practical uses. The problem is that they feed these kids with the liberal garbage that does more too hurt the students than to help them.

    These liberal colleges are teaching Political Correctness without the background history to what it is really about. Political Correctness began back in the Western European nations before Hitler came to power. It was created by Marxists to control the people. Today they encourage PC to include anything that offends another person. It’s time to throw this PC garbage out the window with the professors who still teach it.

  • john vieira

    Agree !!!

  • Ed

    Come on people, grow up! All us Baby Boomers didn’t have the kind of services you crybabies have today! We learned to deal with adversity the best way we knew how! We didn’t go to sociologists and psychologists because we couldn’t deal with peer pressure and yet still made it to a ripe old age! Now we have generation “Y”! Y do I have to work? Y are you picking on me? Y can’t I have this? Y, Y, Y,? Wake up and take control of your life!

  • cutterguy

    They are calipornios. Screw them, they are going to secede anyway.

  • JINH

    President Donald Trump is causing mental health problems for young people in California? Are they claiming these “illnesses” because it gives them a chance to get more welfare, get on SS disability, get more for doing nothing? They shouldn’t be here in the first place. Unlike the exiting administration, we now have leadership that minds they are here illegally. They elected a president who promised to clean our country of illegals because Americans have had enough! They’ve been able to hide here for many years. It’s time to go home….. you have 11 days!

  • Robert Wayne

    They were all batshit crazy way before President Trump arrived on the scene.

  • AKLady2015

    American ignorance, hate and bigotry — on display for the world to witness.
    Many of these haters also claim to be Christian.

  • William Markey

    Boxer has retired.

  • NukeWaste

    Instead of sitting around worrying, they should be packing to leave!

  • Nicodemus

    Lies and Deception are O’Vomit’s legacy. Trump was the victim of a LOT of Fake Polls and other Fake News during the campaign and all the jobs he’s bringing back certainly makes him appear sincere about draining the swamp and making America great again…and domestic spying and Joseph Goebbel’s-style propaganda doesn’t fit with that (or today’s DHS control of the elections? That won’t fly either…unless the plan is to assassinate Trump and install Jeb Bush as president…). If that happens the USA is toast anyway, so I’ll just hope that doesn’t happen! I’m sticking to my belief that Trump is going to nix the MINISTRY OF TRUTH and remember it was Wikileaks, Breitback, Infowars and others that defeated Hitlery and won him the election!

  • Brent

    I didn’t have to go any farther than the first sentence. Californians are rife with mental problems. Being indoctrinated into progressivism will do that to a person. It’s not that hard to understand.

    Also…any stress/anxiety felt by children of illegals is due solely to the choices of their parents. Once again, not hard to understand.

    If they were here legally, it wouldn’t be an issue. Quit whining about the results of your bad choices. Sorry, but children are frequently punished for the mistakes of their parents.

  • teamsbill

    Non at all keep giving out free stuff this is what you get

    • Mike & Linda

      True! Everyone waits for the free stuff.

  • cae973

    simple solution…deport them!

  • john vieira

    With you on the boycott…I do appreciate the odd well acted play/movie…but always considered them superfluous.

  • solog

    Haha…that is funny! Only in the Great U.S. of America!

  • ctroop

    Hmmm! I supported Trump all through the campaign, and voted for him. And even now with just DAYS before he takes the oath of office, I have not, even once, had any kind of compulsive desire to travel to California to harass, intimidate or attack illegals, mulslims, or LGBTs … or even Qs! The only thing that could possibly be causing their mass anxiety is their own guilt. Nothing else makes any sense what so ever. And the only possible cause for all the bull-shit coming from these over educated college professors is their obvious stupidity.

  • ctroop

    I hope after all the “vetting” is over, and all the new cabinet members are appointed and the new administration takes over … we will be able to get a rock-solid rule in place whereby ALL applicants for entry into the United States whose beliefs (religious or otherwise) are contrary to the rights and freedoms protected by the United States Constitution … will NOT (ever) be allowed to come into our country!

    Example: IF a foreign applicant’s religion requires them to “pray” six or seven times a day (with special “prayer rooms” and prayer times to be provided by their employers) then they should NOT be allowed into this country!

    Most American companies here will (and do) make some accommodations for religious beliefs (Jewish people and Seventh Day Adventists being exempt from mandatory overtime on Saturdays for instance), but no business or public school (or even a private school) should EVER have to provide special prayer rooms, meeting places or prayer times at the school’s or employer’s expense!

    And whatever religious beliefs are banned from schools (or anyplace else) must apply to ALL religious beliefs! NO EXCEPTIONS!

    How’s THAT for getting the point across without “singling out” any particular religion?

  • Carl Looney

    People who break the law are troubled by other people not treating them kindly. Pardon me, zero-head, but people should not treat murderers, thieves, muggers, and others who break the law as victims. The victims are the others who have to pay for their crimes. People who come here illegally are breaking our law and costing our governments money that should be going to our own citizens. People who break laws should go to jail. They chose to break our laws.

  • Marie Firsching


  • abilgin

    Sorry to remind you but they are in your country because you were in theirs to grab their oil! How is that for a fact?

    • wornhall

      What a canard! Though we “won” the war in Iraq, we never got a gallon from them, and it wasn’t our intention to do so. Your claim is just another libtard fantasy lie.

      • marshmil

        Thank you wornhall. Abilgin just relinquished his/her citizenship in the USA IF she/he is an American. Just gave aid and comfort to enemies of the USA. Ergo—-TREASON. In the 16th. Century we could have decapitated that fool.

      • abilgin

        Who paid for the war spending in Iraq? Ask your own experts. It’s because of imbecils like you that biggots like Trump emerge in the US.

    • marshmil

      We know whose side you are on. Please leave the USA and move to Iran. NOW!!!

      • abilgin

        See what a biggot you are! You first told me to leave (the US I suppose). I am not even in the US! You told me to go to Iran, what have I got do with Iran? But I will tell you this: I WAS in in the US when I was studying for my PhD, I left the US as aoon as I got my degree mainly because fascists like you. Unfortunately that did no help because the US government and its accomplices in Europe spread their hate all around the world. Guess who is a precious friend of the most in human and primitive

        • marshmil

          You are really filled with hate. Sorry you have to be that way. Christianity is not your Faith. It’s interesting you selected the USA to get your doctorate. Obviously no other place offered such quality. I really feel sorry for you that you obviously live a very uncomfortable life. May God have mercy on your soul.

          • abilgin

            First of all thanks for your prayer for me. Actually may God have mercy on all our souls in this age. But who gives you the right to use Christianity as a weapon to defend a certain line of earthly politics? Who is full of hate me or you who said to me “leave NOW” ? Suppose an American Indian said this to you or Trump, would this be fair? Tell me where your ancestors came from? Don’t you know that America has always been and will be a nation of immigrants.
            Yes, America excelled in science but not because of people like you. Yes America has been a succesful nation but not because of people like you but in spite of people like you. I am not a Christian but I do not belıng to any other religion but I respect the humane beliefs of decent people of all religions. May God endow you with more intelligence!

          • marshmil

            Very strange commentary. You reject Christianity and claim to belong to no religion which is a confession of atheism yet you posted, “First of all thanks for your prayer for me. Actually may God have mercy on all our souls in this age”. That is oxymoronic. You should take a Logic 101 course then confess the error of your thinking. I will not participate in mental masturbation. Find someone else to play with.

          • abilgin

            Man you are sick! If I knew this before I would not have said a single word to you. So good-bye

          • POTPA

            Hey idiot , Indians did not build the system we have and neither did ANY ILLEGAL ALIEN. Nor did any MOOSLUM !!! But they sure have tried to destroy it.

      • abilgin

        Ideas have no nationality!

        • marshmil

          You’re a good liberal. You folks will not answer direct questions.

  • ken

    All these Poor Snow Flakes SHOULD feel Depressed, cause if they are Not Here Legally or Do Not want to Assimilate into Our Culture and Mind their Own Business, instead of Poking Around where they Don’t Belong, or want to Disrupt Our Freedoms and Not Live in Peace, Well Then, They Absolutely Deserve to Be Removed from this Country…Civil Rights are Reserved for American Citizens and Legal Immigrants, Not Someone who the First Thing they Do when they Come Here, is to Break Our Laws or Cause Harm to Legal Citizens…Get Ready to Pack Your Bags, when Trump Takes the Oath of Office, Our Laws will Then BE ENFORCED, for a Change…As It SHOULD Be.!!!

  • ken

    To INCLUDE This Country, Why Can’t they Get Through their Thick Skulls that American Patriots are Sick and Tired of being Screwed Over by Democratic Incompetence and Policies that are At Odds with Our Constitution.??? Obama had his 8 Years and was a Total Failure in Every Thing that he Touched, as was Hillary…I’d Say that We are Finished with Corrupt Politicians and their Assinine Rhetoric.!!! Time for Democrats to GO.!!!

    • marshmil

      AMEN! ken. Some of us have the same spirit as did the “Founders” who were fed up with the likes of George III and stood up and said “Enough is enough!”. Down with progressive tyranny! We won in the 18th. Century and again 240 years later. May God Bless our wonderful Land and help us make it great again.

  • wornhall

    They aren’t immigrants, they are illegal aliens; they have not gone through the immigration process and thoroughly deserve to be tossed out.

  • abilgin

    What are going to do with the more than 30 million African Americans, put them in gas chambers? What a xenophobic idiot you are!
    I can’t believe America has produced creatures like you! Actually you are not even worth addressing!

  • Richard

    all they are doing is setting themselves up for disability claims . When I was young and was faced with a situation I ‘ dealt ‘ with it.

  • gerald Hughes

    Good, may I suggest suicide?

  • parthenon1

    Keep Up The Good Work Mr. Prsident Elect we need more leaders who will cause these idiots all the problems we can then maybe they will leave the US and go to the rest of their type in Cuba or Venesula !

  • Wildflowers52

    They’re so sickening and corrupt and evil.