Trump Says Pelosi ‘Deserves’ House Speakership

Tweet marks a dramatic shift for President…

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) President Trump said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi “deserves” to be the new Speaker of the House, and suggested Republicans would vote to ensure she gained the leadership position.

The president called Pelosi on Tuesday night after Democrats took control of the House to acknowledge the need for bipartisanship moving forward.


“We do want to strive for bipartisanship. Infrastructure’s never been partisan — except, of course, when President Obama wanted to do it and Republicans wanted to obstruct him,” Pelosi said during her victory speech. “But it’s always been something we’ve worked together on. So that’s what we’re trying to find: What are the unifying issues that bring us together?”

Pelosi has made clear that she wants the House Speakership, but members of her own party have distanced themselves from Pelosi.

“I’m not sure why you would call Nancy Pelosi, considering a lot of members of her own party have said they wouldn’t support her,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump’s press secretary, said of Trump’s call.

The tweet marks a dramatic shift for Trump, who has vocally opposed Pelosi for impeding his agenda.

Kellyanne Conway said Pelosi did not once mention the Democrats’ new subpoena power during her conversation with the president, though.

The president warned Democratic leadership against abusing this power in an earlier tweet on Wednesday.