TRUMP: North Korea a Threat Because Clinton, Bush, Obama Failed

(Daily Caller News Foundation) President Donald Trump warned Friday night that the U.S. must find a way to stop North Korea because “we can’t have mad men out there shooting rockets all over the place.”

“Rocket man should have been handled a long time ago,” the president said at a rally in Alabama, appearing to suggest that past American presidents — Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Barack Obama — should have dealt with the North Korea threat before it got to this point.

Trump has also called out Hillary Clinton in response to her criticisms of his North Korea policy, accusing her of failing to act as Secretary of State while North Korea developed nuclear weapons.

Clinton tried to pay the regime in exchange for a nuclear freeze while North Korea secretly processed nuclear material, Bush labeled North Korea part of the axis of evil damaging relations beyond repair, and Obama pursued a policy of strategic patience while North Korea conducted four nuclear tests and dozens of missile tests.

Trump did not identify Bush by name; rather, he said that he wouldn’t mention the Republican. Under Bush, North Korea tested its first nuclear weapon, although the weapon was limited in its explosive power.

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North Korea has twice successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile, fired intermediate-range ballistic missiles over Japan, and tested a suspected hydrogen bomb. The North Korean foreign minister suggested Thursday that the rogue regime, in response to Trump’s threat to “totally destroy” North Korea at the United Nations General Assembly, might detonate a staged thermonuclear weapon in the Pacific.

“I’m sure he’s listening,” Trump said Friday of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who personally responded to the president’s U.N. speech, threatening to rein in Trump “with fire.”

“Maybe something gets worked out and maybe it doesn’t,” Trump explained.

Earlier Friday, the president called Kim a madman, vowing to take the young dictator to task.

Trump and Kim are locked in a battle, a war of words, with each holding nuclear weapons capable of killing millions of people. The threat is becoming more alarming with each rhetorical exchange.

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  • Paul Williamson

    Why not blame Truman, Eisenhower. Kennedy. Nixon, Ford, Johnson, Reagan and Bush Sr. as well? After all, North Korea has been a threat since 1952, sixty-five years ago.MacArthur was right.

    • Ronnie Cowlishaw

      My thoughts exactly, so the left slam the president for standing up for the people pretty lame on their part, then again that is what I expect from them!

  • Rolpho Signetti

    All this numb skull is try to do is to extort money from the West. Like his dad did, like his dad’s did, and so forth!

    Maybe we finally got a Prez with some guts to say NO MORE! This idiot will back down! He has to… what does he have? A couple fire crackers, compared to us. Plus, how reliable is his guidance system? Just point it in the general direction. Maybe they will hit something!

    Plus I cannot believe that the US does not have some kind of an electrical pulse counter weapon to jam that baby up! You know they do! Why do you think they are sending ships in the area!

    Kim jungbunghole would make an EXCELLANT DEMOCRATIC! All talk, no action! Bring it on Rocket Boy!

  • Janet Bosley

    hey daffy drumpf you Vietnam draft dodging coward ,socialist (Communist ) pathological lying democrat ,you supported ,funded and praised liberal democrats clintons and obama . but you bashed President Repubican Bush who quickly put your islamic blood thirsty muslim friends and your commie friends in their place.Your in power now you loser ,you’re being a draft dodging coward alone makes you a loser and your being Anti-Christian ,Anti-Conservative , Anti-Constitution makes you the worse of the worse .

    • Lmcyber

      That is a nonsensical, uninformed comment that is just all emotion, no intellect.

  • Fred Amirault

    No, Dumbass Donald. You buddy Vladamir Putin has been arming North Korea. The same with Iran do not think that Clinton, and Obama had demanded that Putin arm either of those. While you ignore to even Mention Putin. Maybe it is so you have a place to flee when Mueller is about to get you impeached.

    • Lmcyber

      Totally agree, along with China!!! China and Russia have been the ones arming North Korea. They want North Korea armed to the hilt. It protects their interests, not ours.

      • Fred Amirault

        All of this is coinciding with the advancements of the Russia investigation. that tells me that this is Trump’s out Start a war, and flee to Moscow with all of Fort Knox’s riches