Trump Nominees Languish in GOP-Controlled Senate

(The Daily Signal) Fewer than half of President Donald Trump’s executive branch and judicial nominees have been confirmed by the Senate—the lowest number of confirmations in the past four administrations at comparable points in their presidencies.

The dismal numbers—a total of 223 confirmations of 519 nominees—were circulated by the White House amid complaints of unprecedented Democratic obstruction and the Senate’s lax schedule.

Nominations Bush 1989 Clinton 1993 Bush 2001 Obama 2009 Trump 2017
Received in Senate 463 545 783 581 519
Confirmed 341 406 451 394 223
% Confirmed 74% 74% 58% 68% 43%
Cloture Votes 0 6 0 5 51
Voice Votes 321 398 413 366 146
Roll Call Votes 20 8 38 28 77

Source:, via White House

Trump has 175 pending nominees awaiting action from Senate committees and another 101 on the Senate calendar awaiting a confirmation vote, according to the White House.

“Personnel is policy. In delaying the confirmation of President Trump’s appointees, the Senate is directly limiting the president’s effectiveness,” the Conservative Action Project argued in an Oct. 10 letter.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., has used delaying tactics, such as the maximum of 30 hours of debate on nominees, to slow down the confirmation process of Trump picks. That glacial pace means as few as two to five nominees are getting roll-call votes each week.

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“If this continues, it will take us more than 11 years to confirm the remaining presidential appointment[s],” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said earlier this year.

Democrats forced more than eight times as many cloture votes in the Senate at this point in the first year of a presidency than any other Senate minority going back to President George H.W. Bush’s tenure in 1989. Further, the 51 cloture votes for Trump nominees is more than all of the past four predecessors combined through their entire administrations.

Senate Democrats have even used procedures to block non-controversial nominees. Six of the cloture votes were required to get votes on nominees who passed on the Senate floor with more than 90 votes, two with more than 85 votes, and one with 79 votes.

While those tactics have slowed the confirmation process, Democrats alone aren’t the problem, according to the Conservative Action Project, which released a letter last month imploring the Senate to move more quickly.

“The slow pace of Senate confirmations is exacerbated by the Senate’s continued insistence on working no more than 2 ½ days a week—arriving on Monday evening for a handful of votes, and departing, on average, by 2:30 p.m. each Thursday afternoon,” wrote the 133 conservative leaders who signed the letter. “Previous Senates worked harder.”

The short Senate workweeks and Schumer’s delaying tactics have resulted in 118 fewer conformations for Trump than the next closest administration, dating back to 1989. Three of Trump’s four predecessors had more than 65 percent of their nominees confirmed by this point in their presidency, while Trump has just 43 percent confirmed.

Dating to 1989, only President George H.W. Bush saw the Senate receive fewer nominations by this point in the first year of an administration. However, the first Bush had a much higher confirmation rate.

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The Senate has received 519 nominations from Trump and confirmed 223.

By this point in 2009, the Senate received 581 nominees from President Barack Obama and confirmed 394, or 68 percent. President George W. Bush made 783 nominations by this point in 2001 and had 451 confirmations, or 58 percent. President Bill Clinton sent 545 nominees to the Senate by November 1993, with a 74 percent success rate of 406 confirmations.

George H.W. Bush got the same 74 percent confirmation rate by November 1989, getting 341 confirmations out of 463 nominations through the Senate.

For the entire single four-year term of George H.W. Bush, the Senate had only one cloture vote for a nomination. George W. Bush saw only four cloture votes during his eight years in office.

The Senate cast 10 clotures votes for Clinton nominees and 17 on Obama nominees, both two-term presidents, according to White House statistics.

Just 146 of Trump’s nominees were confirmed by the Senate with a voice vote. George H.W. Bush’s nominees passed by a voice vote 321 times; 398 for Clinton; 413 for George W. Bush; and 366 for Obama.

The signers of the Conservative Action Project letter urged McConnell to challenge the Democrats’ tactics by staying in session longer.

“[I]f Democrats are going to insist on all post-cloture time to be run, Majority Leader McConnell can easily make this painful for them by forcing continuous session overnight and through the weekend,” they wrote. “If the Senate stayed in session continuously for a week (including the weekend), they could confirm up to five nominees every week even if Democrats made them run the full post-cloture time on each nomination.”

Republished with permission from The Daily Signal via iCopyright license.

  • Steve G.

    This is border line treasonous. How you can block a President’s constitutional authority with Senate rules. Just another example of the deep swamp state. Lazy Senators who either obstruct or ignore Presidential authority.

    • Brenda Shanabarger

      The “Swamp runneth over” but it was supposed to be drained? Have not heard anymore of the campaign promise of “limited terms” seems everyone has forgotten that “Very Important Issue”????

      • dorcus

        How can he drain the swamp when he can’t get the people he needs to be confirmed that would help him drain it! He can’t just say “you’re fired”! That’s what the deep state is, all deeply embedded Obama people who are protected by the civil service unions! ALL RINO’s and any other whiners need to be VOTED out! Mc Connell won’t do his job! We need stronger people to run for office! Congress is the only one that can change the term limits and approve the positions for the president! The president has authority over these people, once they have been confirmed! IF they don’t do the job we sent them to do, then it is OUR turn to do our duty by VOTING THEM OUT!

      • Thepolymathis

        The Senate has taken a page out of the evil health insurance providers handbook. When a health insurance provider doesn’t want to pay for services a Doctor has requested, instead of rejecting the request they claim it’s under review. As long as it’s under review, the patient is left in limbo. The patient can’t appeal a decision because a decision will never be made. There aren’t any restrictions on how quickly adecision must be made and there are many documented accounts where patients have died waiting for a decision. The ACA supposedly made it illegal for the insurance providers to do this “BUT”, I have never seen any insurance provider use this kind of delaying tactic as effectively as the U.S. Senate is doing to stop President Trump’s nominations.

      • slk5

        they didn’t forget, but many of the congressmen have to get on board…a few just won’t do much!!!

      • jaybird

        The President has no control over the terms of the Congressman or Senators. If someone happens to put it forth, do you really think it will be brought forth for a vote?????

      • sweetqueen777

        With McConnell making the decisions as to what issue comes up before the Senate, you can BET that issue, even if sent through the House, would NEVER get an actual Vote. Who is going to vote to end their own cushy gravy train job??

        • Janelle

          Kentucky needs to get rid of him. Dang, for a state that breeds beautiful horses and produces fine bourbon, this cluck is an embarrassment.

    • Lili J
    • Richard Wittauer

      I really agree with you. Hope that everyone reads this message you wrote, and to write their senators and reps to get them to get the Dem’s and the Rinos on the write track before we vote them out of office for blocking the President every way in which they are doing.

    • The Redhawk

      Mitch=STATUS QUO…..and that’s his PROBLEM that labels him a DO NOTHING RINO

    • NPC

      No they’re not lazy, just maintaining their place on the dole.
      And I don’t mean welfare, theirs is like the old gravy train, that thing has been chugging for many many years. We can stop it but there are not enough of us with gonads and a spine, just talk the talk, but won’t take the walk.

    • slk5

      the anti trumpers are destroying their own party…after trump, i won’t vote unless new blood arrives!!!

    • sweetqueen777

      Because, Mitch McConnell is the ONE PERSON who determines which items come up on the agenda. He is NO FAN of Donald Trump. This is passive-aggressive tantrum behavior. He needs to get with the program. I wish he would get DIS-ELECTED by his state. I am SICK of these Establishment Congresspeople who think they are the wise, all knowing, parental figures for America. They have been there so long, that they have FORGOTTEN who works for who.

  • Naval Lint

    Didn’t these useless parasites recently give themselves a raise? Just what, pray tell, was the justification for said raise?
    “We need higher pay so we can enjoy working less?”….

    • Brenda Shanabarger

      The raise should be voted on by the voting public based on attendance & job performance! Many are absent way too many days but have nothing to lose by being absent like a normal American worker has!

      • Naval Lint

        And that’s why citizens are starting to push for a Convention of States. We need these thing codified into our Constitution!!!!

    • ipsd48

      Yup. They approved a 2.4% increase to all members of congress, but are still arguing about that 2% increase to the military and retirees

  • Lili J

    America voted to Make America Great Again and this is how you treat us Congress?

    Here is how you contact your idiotic Senators and Congressman. Tell them to get to work NOW!

  • Paul Williamson

    The reason confirmation of these nominees are that 95% of them are completely unqualified. Dump is going out under the bridges to get the homeless and the uneducated, asking them if they will pledge and be loyal to Trump, and if they say yes, he proposes them as Undersecretary of Destruction and Fascism.

    • dorcus

      WOW! What does that make your dope smoking, radical community organizer, who George Soros cleaned up and made into his puppet president! Sounds like you need to do BIG RESEARCH on your communist democrat party! By the way that goes for the republican RINO’s (republican in name only) also! In case you don’t know over 70 democrats are named on the Communist own website!

    • ipsd48

      As opposed to Obama putting a 2nd rate comedian in HIS cabinet?

    • Hope

      Dream on. The reason they haven’t been confirmed is because they will work toward implement Trump’s agenda and neither the RINOs or the dems want him to be successful (and they know his economic plan will MAGA)

    • margaret


  • srw

    McConnell and the rest of the “swells” in the Repub party are nothing more than yes men to Geo Soros and the Dems. McConnell has no back bone…. He is the road block. What does he care about this country.. what happens.. standing up for the people . Mc Connell has stopped us from getting people into the Senate .. House. Pulled the $$$$$$$$$$$$. Sent in 3rd party candidates to take away votes from who the people actually wanted in the primaries. When COCKER WAS helping push Obumo’s messes thru… one deal netted McConnell over $11 million. Boehner $7 million. Just recently Boehner badmouthed Repub who spoke up for the people/country…. he called them a bunch of bad dressers.. They did not get the $$$$Millions like Boehner. Ryan got 4 Million $$$$$$$$$$$. Now we get to hear… the Repubs will get the taxes, healthcare , etc.. in 2018. This is all from people who do not worry about being re-elected in 2018 … they are safe for 4-6 years. McConnell is one. McMad is another… Losers all. Dems can sit back and let Mc Connell and his “swells” put the Dem agenda thru… or just keep all the crap Obumo got in.

  • Gregg Parker

    At one point in history we used to be able to identify liberals by their party. Now it is clear you tell them by the fact they are in the seats of power throughout the Capital…. for a little while longer…

  • Yarbles

    Globalist Plan. RINO execution.

  • Kelly McIntyre

    Yes. And Roy Moore needs to step down, as well as Mr. Hero in the White House.

    • Hope

      No way! Who did you vote for – the Clinton criminal enterprise?

      • Kelly McIntyre

        Why would you think that? Number 1, there was no “criminal enterprise” running. There was one person. Number 2, she is the solitary reason Donnie boy won, and not even the popular vote.

        You cannot honestly, in public, admit you support him. Come on, now…

        • Hope

          The Clinton Foundation is pretty much a money laundering enterprise. There is a ton of evidence showing this and if we ever get an AG with a backbone that will appoint a special counsel, we know an investigation will prove that. As far as Trump goes, he won on his own. The majority of legal voters wanted a person that loves this country, understands business, and wants to do what’s best for America and it’s citizens. No, I’m not embarrassed to say I support him as most of the successful business people I know support him as well. It’s nice to have a president greeted with such respect in other nations, especially since he doesn’t cowtow to them. It’s also nice to know that, if the Senate would just get out of the way, his economic plan will bring this country back into an age of prosperity. Sorry, he’s not your traditional politician and his candidacy and presidency have exposed the corruption on the part is the left and the RINOs. And I’m sure there’s more to come out.

        • margaret


          • Kelly McIntyre

            You do know illegals can’t vote, right?

        • nocbsfan

          I honestly in public honor and support Mr Trump as the best and most honest President this country ever had. Now Kelly I want hear you say you honestly support the most dishonest illegal President this country ever had One who has done more harm trying to make this a muslim country so women as yourself can made lower than a dog Let me hear you say in public you support him weather honest or not

          • Kelly McIntyre

            Who is it you are wanting me to say I support? If it’s Obama, I’d vote for him again if only he could run. And what do you mean about trying to make this country Muslim? Do you get your news anywhere other than Breitbart?
            And as far as Trump being honest, the only time he is lying is when his mouth is moving.

          • Janelle

            Fan, what did you expect from this person? Reason? Logic?

          • nocbsfan

            I don’t know, sometimes I think people should come to their senses but there are those who are from some other planets Thanks for the help

    • margaret


  • Kelly McIntyre

    By the way, I love how when these guys stand up and act like adults, you yayhoos call them dems and say they need to step down.

    • ipsd48

      How is obstruction the action of an adult?

      • Kelly McIntyre

        Expecting pedos to pay the price is obstruction to you? Are you actually, honestly, defending this disgusting character?

        • Janelle

          If you have proof, please step up and present it.

  • Mike

    this is unprecedented, but of course we have never had as incompetent a president as we have in our toddler in chief trump.

    • margaret


      • Mike

        oh sorry no the toddler in chief trump is far and away the most incompetent and unfit person to be President. congratulations though on voting in a person who has no business leading this nation.

  • Kmat

    I am beginning to think the Democrats are correct, the Republican in Congress are a bunch of obstructionists who do little to nothing. The Republicans in Congress promised for 8 years then when the rubber hit the road they put on the breaks.

  • John Rountree

    People, if the GOP elected ones don’t get with the program I will not be voting GOP again. I just can’t vote for deception and stupid again.

    • Hope

      We just have to vote for true conservatives. We can’t let the libs take over if we don’t want to be “fundamentally transformed” into a dictatorship

  • RealAmerican407

    They are Republicans in name only. Democrats have ZERO leverage yet these clowns appease them every chance they can.

  • Darlene Deeb

    This is so wrong. They are trying in any way shape or form to block our president.
    I wholeheartedly agree that the senate needs to continue to work…day in, day out…nite in, night out across the boatd until they get er done. This is ridiculous.
    They are making enough money to get this done. If they have to pull a few all nighters or overnighters, I guess its too bad for them.
    They were voted in to do a job…NOW DO IT!!

    • Michael Lloyd

      They are jobbing us.

  • SA Ander

    Time to put screws to the Senators, they all have something they dont want the public to know. Nothing wrong with scratching the Prez’s back or him kicking the Senators backside.

    • Teresa Barrett

      Any citizen can call the Capitol switchboard and ask for their representatives number to be connected. You can leave messages, and also get their fax numbers and emails. Maybe if they get inundated with “hate” mail and our demands, something might get rolling.

      Call your representatives, people, and demand action!!!

  • Thepolymathis

    Isn’t there some law against deliberately interfering with the smooth transition of power between one administration and the other?

    • Michael Lloyd

      If so, Sessions is already ignoring and recused himself.

  • iprazhm

    The Republican party is long gone. It’s now the New Democrat party. The Democrat party is long gone. It’s now the New Socialist party. The old Socialist party should merge.
    Conservatives, having no representation, need to form or join an existing third party that supports and defends conservatism and the Constitution.
    Our ideology is shackled.

  • Kenny Albert

    Mcconnell and every democrat have to go.

    • Michael Lloyd

      McConnell needs to take some RINOs with him upon exit. Round them up and get them out.


    Come on reTHUGlicans (RINO) get behind the PRESIDENT or you will find out you have no place in the congress at your next reelection bid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess that oblamo was correct when he called you “republicans” obstructionists, you have forgotten the voters sent you there to support the republican PRESIDENT and to DO your job to UNDO oblamo’s leftist, libTURD democRAT agenda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have only 12 months to turn away from your TREASONOUS actions and SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP or lose your “jobs”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • margaret


  • WhiteFalcon

    In many ways, the Republican party with all its RINOS is just as bad as the Democrap party. We need to do a lot of swamp draining in 2018.

  • Michael Lloyd

    Yeah, like McConnell is in any hurry or of any help. Schumer and his pack of rats are a POS of monstrous proportion but McConnel and his merry band of RINO slugs are not by any means a smaller pile.

  • chris VN

    Imagine if they had to stay in session until the nominee was appointed, ( or not )????

  • SheriffJon

    Chuck Schumer is a disgrace and an idiot. Pathological liar also comes to mind. His removal by any means would be a big plus in cleaning up our government.

  • John

    Much of the house and senate needs an enema to get rid of the unresponsive “representatives” of the people. Far too many forget about us when they get to D.C.. I hope that 2018 sees a turnover as new republicans win elections in seats currently held by Dem and lame GOP .
    McConnell has to go!!!!
    In the meantime, during the next recess I hope POTUS goes into overdrive with recess appointments. One way or another the POTUS deserves the ability to stock the Executive branch with his own people wh will help him carry out his agenda.

  • Bearcat

    If the democrats and the Trump haters would get of their back sides and approve the people that President trump has nominated then he would have 90% of his work done they have block him in every way that they can It makes it hard to get your agenda done

  • SAM the Fan

    We have the best government system ever in the world but these swamp f**kers have figured out how to destroy it. Hopefully, the people will come around to reason soon and vote these rotten parasites out of office before it is too late!

  • ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial

    The stinkin’ rinos are no better than the dems.

  • Louie Rey

    This current version of the GOP, which at one time stood for Grand Old Party, is now known as another GOP, Goof Off Party. These are RINOs pure and simple. It’s further proof of what Rush Limbaugh said a little over a month ago. The topic was the over the top resistance that President Trump is up against with regard to the Left, the Hollywood elite and the mainstream media. He also said that there are quite few Republicans that want to see him fail as well. And that’s because if he succeeds it’ll just be further proof of how ineffectual and feckless the Republicans have been for well over thirty years. They all have to go.

  • Teresa Barrett

    How can these imbeciles only work 2.5 days in a week and still get paid for doing an alleged full time job? This is absolutely shameful and we, the people deserve better from our elected officials. Plus the cost to travel to and from their home districts has to be astronomical! My frustration at how our government is abusing their power and giving us the finger while they do It! I’m pretty sure this is how the French Revolution started!

  • Teresa Barrett

    That’s a great idea! They’re being paid for full time work and we have a right to demand it. At this stage, they owe us so much in back time, they should work 24/7 until EASTER!!!

    • John Wirts