Trump Celebrates House Dems’ Mueller Debacle: ‘We Had a Very Good Day Today’

‘The Democrats lost so BIG today. Their Party is in shambles right now…’

(AFP) President Donald Trump declared Wednesday that Robert Mueller‘s high-stakes testimony in Congress had been a win for the White House—and a “disaster” for his Democratic opponents.

“We had a very good day today,” Trump told reporters, once more slamming the special counsel’s investigation into Russian election meddling as a “witch hunt.”


“There was no defense to this ridiculous hoax,” Trump charged.

“So this was a very big day for our country. This was a very big day for the Republican Party. And you could say it was a great day for me.”

Asked about the fact Mueller denied having exonerated him of obstructing the two-year probe into Russian election meddling, Trump that the special counsel “didn’t have the right to exonerate.”

During seven hours of nationally-televised hearings, Mueller denied Trump’s charge that his two-year investigation was a “witch hunt” led by anti-Trump Democrats.

However, Mueller also fumbled through much of the testimony, denying the partisan Left what it desperately had sought: a television spectacle that would give new life to their impeachment efforts.

Trump dismissed Mueller’s performance before two congressional committees—during which he largely stuck to the script of his massive report—as “obviously not very good.”

“He had a lot of problems,” Trump said. “But what he showed more than anything else is that this whole thing has been three years of embarrassment and waste of time for our country.”

“This has been a disaster for the Democrats,” he added.

On Twitter, the jubilant president continued to sound off, tweeting videos that showed the Mueller investigation by the numbers, as well as a clip of Fox News’s Jesse Waters discussing what he said was the “Media’s Mueller Meltdown” in reaction to the testimony.

Nonplussed by the failure, leading Democrats such as Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, vowed to press forward with their investigations, justifying the effort by saying that Mueller’s lack of answers underscored the need to continue.

Liberty Headlines’ Ben Sellers contributed to this report.

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