Trump Judge: I’m Not REALLY a Friend of George Soros

‘When he asked Judge Wood to perform his wedding, she did so…’

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George Soros/Photo by boellstiftung

(Daily Mail) The judge deciding what happens to evidence seized by the FBI from Donald Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen issued a rare public statement Thursday distancing herself from George Soros, the billionaire liberal mega-donor.

Judge Kimba Wood was revealed to have conducted the 2012 marriage of Soros – the 87-year-old financier who has called Trump’s administration ‘a danger to the world’ – and his third wife Tamiko Bolton, who is 41 years his junior.

The 2012 ceremony took place in his Caramoor estate in Bedford, upstate New York, and other guests included Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic house minority leader and Gavin Newsom, then the Democratic lieutenant governor of California who is now running for governor.

Wood conducted the ceremony, which was attended only by members of Soros’s family, including his five children from his previous marriages, and Bolton’s family.

Her husband, financier Frank Richardson, once served on an investment advisory committee for a company owned by Soros.

Critics had noted that Wood, a Democrat appointed to the bench by Republican President Ronald Reagan, had officiated at the wedding of a major Democratic donor.


Edward Friedland, the district court’s top executive, said in a statement that Wood’s relationship with Soros was limited.

‘From time to time, but rarely, Judge Wood and her husband came across George Soros at large social gatherings that had nothing to do with politics,’ he said.

‘When he asked Judge Wood to perform his wedding, she did so. Judge Wood has performed over 40 marriage ceremonies during her time as a judge,’ Friedland wrote…Original Source