TRUMP JR.: Dems Have Nothing to Run On in 2018

LEAKS: ‘The real problem is the double standard…If the Democrats do it, oh it’s okay…’

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Donald Trump Jr./Photo by Gage Skidmore (CC)

(Daily Caller News Foundation) Donald Trump Jr. said Democrats are headed for collapse in 2018 and have nothing substantial to run on in the upcoming midterms, Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.”

“[Democrats] have nothing else. In ’18 what are they going to run on? The economy? What are they going to run on, jobs?

“They’ve got nothing,” Trump Jr. said. “They have obstructionism.”

Trump Jr. also expressed concerns over the double standard applied to Democrats when they leak classified information and said the GOP must start to fight fire with fire.


“The real problem is the double standard and how those things are prosecuted,” Trump Jr. said. “If the Democrats do it, oh it’s okay. It’s not a big deal it doesn’t matter.

“If a Republican does it, I mean, can you imagine the outcry. The outrage. They’d be on there going crazy. Honestly as Republicans what we have to do is we have to start fighting the game like them.”


“I’m all for fair fights,” he concluded. “But we sort of take this high ground while they’re running all over us.

“While they are lying and pushing it and leaking. We have to start playing the game like they do. Until they get back into normalcy, until they start playing fairly.”

Watch the interview here.

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