Mass Hiring of Immigration Judges to Reduce Obama’s Case Backlog

SESSIONS: ‘This situation is unacceptable. It cannot continue…’

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(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) The Obama administration created an insurmountable immigration case backlog that guarantees illegal aliens will not face deportation for many years, but the Trump administration seeks to reverse this trend and quickly put illegal immigrants on trial.

The Executive Office for Immigration Review hired 46 immigration judges to help reduce the backlog, according to a Department of Justice press release.

“At this point in history your work is vitally important.  The case backlog has reached more than 760,000. Great effort is surely needed,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the investiture on Friday, Sept. 28. “This situation is unacceptable. It cannot continue. Our nation’s chief executive supports you and all who strive to make our immigration system work.”

September’s class size surpassed the record for the largest class of judges hired.


This is the second month in a row in which the incoming class was larger than all those previously.

“EOIR continues to make great progress in hiring the immigration judges needed to reduce a backlog of pending immigration court cases,” said James McHenry, director of EOIR. “Alongside our efforts to improve immigration judge productivity and modernize our information technology systems, growing our immigration judge corps remains a top agency priority.”

Sessions announced a “streamlined hiring plan” in 2017 that has reduced EOIR’s time from application to investiture by 74 percent.

This has resulted in EOIR’s hiring of 128 judges since January 2017.

“EOIR now has 395 immigration judges, an increase of 30 percent since January 2017,” said McHenry. “While we are pleased to welcome this historic class of judges, we are not done and expect additional hiring before the end of this year.”