Dems ‘Anti-Jewish,’ ‘Wasting Everybody’s Time’ w/ Investigations, Trump Says

‘I  have no idea about the Mueller report…’

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Donald Trump/IMAGE: YouTube

(John T. Bennett, CQ-Roll Call) President Donald Trump on Friday contended he does not know when special counsel Robert S. Mueller III will deliver his Russia election meddling report to Attorney General William Barr, and said Democrats are “wasting” time investigating him.

“This is a continuation of the same witch hunt,” he said as he left the White House for his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

“They ought to go to work (and) get a lot of things done instead of wasting everybody’s time,” he added, referring to House Democrats.

Washington has been abuzz in recent days over scuttlebutt that Mueller and his team could be wrapping up their investigation.

But, so far, Mueller has not reported his findings to Barr, who will decide whether to release parts of the former FBI director’s conclusions — or keep them under wraps.

“I have no idea about the Mueller report,” Trump said Friday of the timing of its delivery to the AG.

Trump ripped House and Senate Democrats again over Israel, saying Friday he believes they collectively are “anti-Jewish.”

He has been critical since freshman Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar suggested politicians are overly influenced by Israeli donors’ campaign contributions.

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