Trump Budget Signals Tougher Approach to UN ‘Social Club’

(The Daily Signal) The Trump administration is promising to reconsider America’s relationship with the United Nations, with the White House aiming to limit U.S. financial contributions to the global body, and to enact reforms.

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In his first action suggesting a new approach to the international organization, President Donald Trump released a budget proposal Wednesday night that would reduce funding for U.N. peacekeeping operations and eliminate climate change programs.

Trump, before he was inaugurated, signaled a harder-line approach when he sharply criticized a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israel’s construction of new settlements—a vote the Obama administration abstained from.

As president-elect, Trump questioned the effectiveness of the U.N., describing it as an outdated social club to which the U.S. contributes a disproportionate amount of money.

“The U.S. has used extreme tough love in the past, and the U.N. could use tough love right now,” said Mark Lagon, a former foreign policy adviser to the late Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C., who in the 1990s tried to withhold portions of U.S. dues to the U.N. in exchange for reforms.

“But what’s most important is being a constructive skeptic,” Lagon told The Daily Signal in an interview.

Lagon says he’s learned lessons from his experience with Helms, which ended with the North Carolina Republican’s partnering with then-Sen. Joe Biden D-Del., to pass legislation—signed by President Bill Clinton—restoring U.S. funding to the U.N. in exchange for a compromise on reforms.

“The U.S. is in a more convincing position to bring about reform if it fulfills its commitments,” Lagon said….

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  • Louie Rey

    The UN no longer serves its initially intended objectives. Therefore, do away with it.

    • AKLady

      The primary intent was to prevent wars.
      Admittedly,. it has not been able to prevent the U.S. from engaging in many wars around the globe.

      • M.A.Rue

        And they have prevented wars the US is not involved in when & where?

        • AKLady

          And they have prevented how many in third-world countries?

          Only you can prevent U.S. involvement in wars.
          Only Congress can declare war.
          Only Congress can fund war.

          You elect Congress.
          Maybe you need to make better choices?

          • bob laford

            Tell that to Libia

          • AKLady

            Why is Libya an American problem?

          • Daniel from TN

            Why do you sound like Smokey the Bear?

          • AKLady

            Maybe because he was law enforcement?

      • roger dodger

        Yeah, yeah, yeah, well dem leech, soon we cut off all funding to them and the sand fleas there won’t be smart enough to keep their mouth shut and PRESIDENT Trump will give them a year to find a new home, maybe you can go with them liberal trash.

        • AKLady

          If you are going to insult our government, please learn English.
          If you are going to insult Americans, please learn English.
          Your pidgin has a very limited vocabulary and is becoming more incomprehensible by the post.

  • Gerald Mitchell

    Our Congress is in the Social Club as well as the E. U.

    • AKLady

      You elect Congress.
      Suggest you make better choices in the future.
      Maybe, you could even bother to find the time to vote.

      • Jim

        They are being replaced as was the case in 2010 when democrats lost a large number of seats due to Obama’s unpopularity.

        • AKLady

          If you’re going to insult someone’s intelligence, at least have the decency to fully learn English first.

          • Jim

            “fully learn English first”? And you are questioning my literary capabilities?

          • AKLady

            Yes, Jim, and your most recent post further demonstrates your need to do so. Maybe you should invest in grammar checking software?

          • Jim

            Wrong. It should be “learn English.” The fully is redundant.

          • bob laford

            There isn’t any use in talking sense to a Libtard Demorat like AKLADY! she is from the same senseless mind warped ilk as Nuncy P. Hiderbeast C. & B H Obummer. They think know better than any other one.

          • AKLady

            You could also use a return to 5thgrade English Class.
            Developing some maturity would also be a plus.

          • AKLady

            You have learned some of the language.
            Your knowledge is incomplete, as in impartial.
            I suggest you use your Internet connection to further your education.

          • CJ

            Not if you are trying to make a point to a simpleton

      • roger dodger

        We are gpoing to make better choices liberal dem bloodsucking parasite, perhaps you notice compost heap the Republicans control the House, Senate and presidency, you ersatz liber life forms will be weeping on Pennsylvania Ave soon

        • AKLady

          Please, if you are going to insult our government, at least learn how to write in English. If you’re going to insult someone’s intelligence, at least have the decency to fully learn English first.

          • roger dodger

            And why would you want me to speak english cretin?
            You speak only pidgin liberal dem bloodsucker and you would not be able to understand it.

          • AKLady

            Thank you.

          • roger dodger

            You are welcome cretin,, enjoy helping my challenged brethern.

          • AKLady

            Again, thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          • roger dodger

            No thanks necessary, cretin, all of us try to help the mentally challenged.

          • CJ

            You sound like a broken record.

          • roger dodger

            What else can you say to a cretin, liberal dem bloodsucker?

          • AKLady

            Again, thank you.
            Your input is always welcome
            It says so much about you.

          • roger dodger

            C’mon cretin think of the USA , kill yourself.

          • AKLady

            You are way out of bounds.

          • roger dodger

            What’s your point, scrub, you have been out of bounds for the totality of your existence

          • CJ

            If he wasn’t so sadly ridiculous his comments would be laughable

          • AKLady

            Amen. Stay around, it is nice to see intelligence on the blog.

          • CJ

            Made you point didn’t he? Just give em enough rope & they hang themselves nicely

          • AKLady

            Exactly. Thank you.

        • jackieray

          yes the Republicans control all three but still can’t get anything done be cause they are used to doing what the Democrats want

      • Will

        We voted. We don’t get to vote on congress persons from other states, unfortunately.

  • FAITH47


    • AKLady

      If we ask nicely, do you think God could give you the education our schools apparently failed at? “These” is plural, it requires a plural object.

      • cabowabo78727


        • AKLady

          If we ask nicely, do you think God could give you the education our schools apparently failed at?

  • John

    The UN is filled with a bunch of backstabbing ingrates ,jealous pinheads, anti democracratic leftists and terrorists backers.

    • Amos10

      But, they think they are the Cream if the Earth and the Fruit of the Loom.

      • harold

        One correction they are ‘The fruit cakes of the loom.”

    • cabowabo78727

      Inbred perverts all!

    • Sylvia Avila

      Right! These people only care for the money these countries give them! Very greedy! Don’t care for anyone but their selves!

  • AKLady

    Why hasn’t impeachment action taken place yet>
    Trump is endangering America.
    Trump is endangering our allies.

    • Jim

      Exactly how is he endangering America? By controlling the borders? By getting our allies to pay their fare share for the protection we provide? By not allowing the UN socialists to bully a key democratic partner of the US? By seeking to shut down sanctuary cities that harbor criminals and illegals? By not forcing working citizens to pay for the healthcare of illegals and many who are too lazy to work? Please elaborate.

      • M.A.Rue

        Don’t hold your breath for the troll to elaborate.

        • AKLady

          Name calling, so very impressive.
          Is it evidenced of immaturity or senility?

      • AKLady

        You seem to have a very limited scope of vision.
        Suggest you pay more attention to international issues.
        The Mexican border is simply a distraction.

    • Jim

      And it should be “the impeachment process. ” Perhaps you also need to get your GED first before participating.

    • M.A.Rue

      Oh give it a rest. Just because you don’t like Trump is absolutely no reason for impeachment. Do you libs EVER listen to yourselves. You are the ones who are embarrassing yourselves & the USA.

      • AKLady

        1. White House press secretary Sean Spicer falsely claimed the crowd on the National Mall was “largest audience to ever witness an inauguration.” (Jan. 21)

        2.Trump falsely claimed that the crowd for his swearing-in stretched down the National Mall to the Washington Monument and totaled more than 1 million people. (Jan. 21)

        3.As Trump fondly recalled his Inauguration Day, he said it stopped raining “immediately” when he began his speech. A light rain continued to fall throughout the address. (Jan. 21)

        4.During his speech at CIA headquarters, Trump claimed the media made up his feud with the agency. In fact, he started it by comparing the intelligence community to “Nazi Germany.” (Jan. 21)

        5.During his speech at CIA headquarters, Trump repeated the claim that he “didn’t want to go into Iraq.” He told Howard Stern in 2002 that he supported the Iraq War. (Jan. 21)

        6.During his speech at CIA headquarters, Trump said he had the “all-time record in the history of Time Magazine. … I’ve been on it for 15 times this year.” Trump had been featured on the magazine a total of 11 times. (Jan. 21)

        7.Trump claimed that his inauguration drew 11 million more viewers than Barack Obama’s in 2013. It didn’t, and viewership for Obama’s first inauguration, in 2009, was even higher. (Jan. 22)

        8.Spicer said during his first press briefing that there has been a “dramatic expansion of the federal workforce in recent years.” This is false. (Jan. 23)

        9.While pushing back against the notion of a rift between the CIA and Trump, Spicer claimed the president had received a “five-minute standing ovation” at the agency’s headquarters. He did not. The attendees were also never asked to sit down. (Jan. 23)

        10.Spicer claimed that “tens of millions of people” watched the inauguration online. In fact, about 4.6 million did. (Jan. 23)

        11.Trump told CBN News that 84 percent Cuban-Americans voted for him. It’s not clear where Trump got that number. According to the Pew Research Center, 54 percent of Cuban-Americans in Florida voted for him. (Jan. 23)

        12.While meeting with congressional leaders, Trump repeated a debunked claim that he only lost the national popular vote because of widespread voter fraud. (Jan. 24)

        13.In remarks with business leaders at the White House, Trump said, “I’m a very big person when it comes to the environment. I have received awards on the environment.” There is no evidence that Trump has received such awards. (Jan. 24)

        14.In signing an executive memo ordering the construction of the Keystone pipeline, Trump said the project would create 28,000 construction jobs. According to The Washington Post Fact Checker, the pipeline would create an estimated 16,000 jobs, most of which are not construction jobs. (Jan. 25)

        15.Spicer said in a press briefing that Trump received more electoral votes than any Republican since Ronald Reagan. George H.W. Bush won 426 electoral votes in 1988, more than Trump’s 304. (Jan. 24)

        16.In remarks he gave at the Homeland Security Department, Trump said Immigration and Customs Enforcement and border patrol agents “unanimously endorsed me for president.” That’s not true. (Jan. 25)

        17.Spicer said during a press briefing that a draft executive order on CIA prisons was not a “White House document.” Citing three administration officials, The New York Times reported that the White House had circulated the draft order among national security staff members. (Jan. 25)

        18.In an interview with ABC, Trump again claimed he “had the biggest audience in the history of inaugural speeches.” False. (Jan. 25)

        19.Trump claimed during an interview with ABC that the applause he received at CIA headquarters “was the biggest standing ovation since Peyton Manning had won the Super Bowl.” It wasn’t even a standing ovation. (Jan. 25)

        20.In an interview with ABC, Trump attacked the Affordable Care Act and said there are “millions of people that now aren’t insured anymore.” Twenty million people have gained health coverage because of the law so far. The estimated 2 million people who did not qualify under the law received waivers that kept the plans going until the end of 2017. (Jan. 25)

        21.At the GOP retreat in Philadelphia, Trump claimed he and the president of Mexico “agreed” to cancel their scheduled meeting. Enrique Peña Nieto said he had decided to cancel it. (Jan. 26)

        22.At the GOP retreat in Philadelphia, Trump said the national homicide rate was “horribly increasing.” It is down significantly. (Jan. 26)

        23.On Twitter, Trump repeated his false claim that 3 million votes were illegal during the election. (Jan. 27)

        24.In an interview on “Good Morning America,” Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway said Tiffany Trump, the president’s daughter, had told her she was “not registered to vote in two states.” A local election official confirmed to NBC News twice that the younger Trump indeed was. (Jan. 27)

        25.Trump said he predicted the so-called “Brexit” when he was in Scotland the day before the vote. He was actually there the day after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. (Jan. 27)

        26.Trump claimed The New York Times lost subscribers “because their readers even like me.” The Times experienced a sharp uptick in subscribers after Election Day. (Jan. 27)

        27.Trump claimed two people were fatally shot in Chicago during Obama’s last speech as president. That didn’t happen. (Jan. 27)

        28.Trump claimed that under previous administrations, “if you were a Muslim you could come in, but if you were a Christian, it was almost impossible.” In fact, almost as many Christian refugees were admitted to the U.S. as Muslim refugees in fiscal year 2016. (Jan. 27)

        29.Trump defended the swiftness of his immigration order on the grounds that terrorists would have rushed into the country if he had given the world a week’s notice. Even if terrorists wanted to infiltrate the refugee program or the visa program, they would have had to wait months or even years while being vetted to get into the country. (Jan. 30)

        30.The White House maintained that Trump’s immigration order did not apply to green card holders and that was “the guidance from the beginning.” Initially, the White House said the order did include green card holders. (Jan. 30)

        31.Trump said his immigration order was “similar to what President Obama did in 2011 when he banned visas for refugees from Iraq for six months.” Obama’s policy slowed resettlement of refugees from Iraq, but did not keep them from entering the country. Moreover, it flagged the seven countries included in Trump’s order as places the U.S. considered dangerous to visit. (Jan. 30)

        32.Spicer said that “by and large,” Trump has been “praised” for his statement commemorating the Holocaust. Every major Jewish organization, including the Republican Jewish Coalition, criticized it for omitting any specific references to the Jewish people or anti-Semitism. (Jan. 30)

        33.A Trump administration official called the implementation of Trump’s travel ban a “massive success story.” Not true ? young children, elderly people and U.S. green card holders were detained for hours. Some were deported upon landing in the U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) even criticized the rollout as “confusing.” (Jan. 30)

        34.Spicer equated White House adviser Steve Bannon’s appointment to the National Security Council Principals Committee with Obama adviser David Axelrod attending meetings pertaining to foreign policy. Axelrod, however, never sat on the Principals Committee. (Jan. 30)

        35.Spicer said people would have “flooded” into the country with advance notice of Trump’s immigration order. Not true. (Jan. 30)

        36.Spicer insisted that only 109 travelers were detained because of Trump’s immigration order. More than 1,000 legal permanent residents had to get waivers before entering the U.S. An estimated 90,000 people in total were affected by the ban. (Jan. 30)

        37.Trump tweeted the false claim that “only 109 people out of 325,000 were detained and held for questioning.” (Jan. 30)

        38.Trump took credit for cutting $600 million from the F-35 program. But Lockheed Martin already had planned for the cost reductions for the next generation fighter plane. (Jan. 31)

        39.Trump accused China of manipulating its currency by playing “the money market. They play the devaluation market, and we sit there like a bunch of dummies.” According to The Washington Post, the United States is no longer being hurt by China’s currency manipulation, and China is no longer devaluing its currency. (Jan. 31)

        40.In defending the GOP’s blockade of Merrick Garland, Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Spicer said no president had ever nominated a justice “so late” in his term. It previously happened three times. (Jan. 31)

        41.Spicer repeatedly insisted during a press conference that Trump’s executive order on immigration was “not a ban.” During a Q&A event the night before, however, Spicer himself referred to the order as a “ban.” So did the president. (Jan. 31)

        42.White House officials denied reports that Trump told Peña Nieto that U.S. forces would handle the “bad hombres down there” if the Mexican authorities don’t. It confirmed the conversation the next day, maintaining the remark was meant to be “lighthearted.” (Jan. 31)

        43.Trump claimed that Delta, protesters and the tears of Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) were to blame for the problems over his travel ban. In fact, his administration was widely considered to blame for problems associated with its rollout. (Jan. 31)

        44.Trump said the Obama administration “agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia.” The deal actually involved 1,250 refugees. (Feb. 1)

        45.Trump said the U.S. “has the most generous immigration system in the world.” Not really. (Feb. 2)

        46.Trump said the U.S. was giving Iran $150 billion for “nothing” under the Iranian nuclear deal. The money was already Iran’s to begin with, and the deal blocks Iran from building a nuclear bomb. (Feb. 2)

        47.Spicer called a U.S. raid in Yemen “very, very well thought out and executed effort” and described it as a “successful operation by all standards.” U.S. military officials told Reuters the operation was approved “without sufficient intelligence, ground support, or adequate backup preparations.” (Feb. 2)

        48.Spicer said that Iran had attacked a U.S. naval vessel, as part of his argument defending the administration’s bellicose announcement that Iran is “on notice.” In fact, a suspected Houthi rebel ship attacked a Saudi vessel. (Feb. 2)

        49.In his meeting with union leaders at the White House, Trump claimed he won union households. He actually only won white union households. (Feb. 2)

        50.Conway cited the “Bowling Green massacre” to defend Trump’s travel ban. It never happened. (Feb. 3)

        51.Conway said citing the nonexistent “Bowling Green massacre” to defend Trump’s immigration order was an accidental “slip.” But she had mentioned it twice prior to that interview. (Feb. 3)

        52.Trump approvingly shared a story on his official Facebook page which claimed that Kuwait issued a visa ban for five Muslim-majority countries. Kuwait issued a statement categorically denying it. (Feb. 3)

        53.Trump claimed people are “pouring in” after his immigration order was temporarily suspended. Travelers and refugees cannot simply rush into the U.S. without extensive and lengthy vetting. (Feb. 5)

        54.After a judge halted his immigration ban, Trump claimed that “anyone, even with bad intentions, can now come into the U.S.” Not true. (Feb. 5)

        55.Spicer said nationwide protests of Trump are not like protests the tea party held, and called them “a very paid AstroTurf-type movement.” Although Democrats have capitalized on the backlash against Trump by organizing, the massive rallies across dozens of cities across the country ? which in some cases have been spontaneous ? suggests they are part of an organic phenomenon. (Feb. 6)

        56.During an interview with Fox News before the Super Bowl, Trump repeated his debunked claim of widespread voter fraud during the presidential election. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Republican and Democratic state officials have said so, as have Trump’s own campaign attorneys. (Feb. 6)

        57.During an interview with Fox News before the Super Bowl, Trump repeated his false claim that he has “been against the war in Iraq from the beginning.” (Feb. 6)

        58.Conway said she would not appear on CNN’s “State of the Union” because of “family” reasons. CNN, however, said the White House offered Conway as an alternative to Vice President Mike Pence and that the network had “passed” because of concerns about her “credibility.” (Feb. 6)

        59.Spicer claimed CNN “retracted” its explanation of why it declined to take Conway for a Sunday show appearance. CNN said it never did so. (Feb. 6)

        60.Trump cited attacks in Boston, Paris, Orlando, Florida, and Nice, France, as examples of terrorism the media has not covered adequately. “In many cases, the very, very dishonest press doesn’t want to report it,” he said at CENTCOM. Those attacks garnered wall-to-wall television coverage, as well as thousands of news articles in print and online. (Feb. 6)

        61.The White House released a more expansive list of terrorist attacks it believed “did not receive adequate attention from Western media sources.” Again, the list includes attacks that were widely covered by the media. (Feb. 6)

        62.Trump said sanctuary cities “breed crime.” FBI data indicates that crime in sanctuary cities is generally lower than in nonsanctuary cities. (Feb. 6)

        63.Trump claimed The New York Times was “forced to apologize to its subscribers for the poor reporting it did on my election win.” The paper has not issued such an apology. (Feb. 6)

        64.Trump claimed the murder rate is the highest it’s been in 47 years. The murder rate rose 10.8 percent across the United States in 2015, but it’s far lower than it was 30 to 40 years ago. (Feb. 7)

        65.Spicer explained that the delay in repealing Obamacare was a result of the White House wanting to work with Congress. Unlike during the Obama administration, he asserted, the legislature ? not the White House ? was taking the lead on health care. Various congressional committees worked on drafting multiple versions of the bill that would become the Affordable Care Act ? a lengthy process that took over a year. (Feb. 7)

        66.Trump accused Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) of misrepresenting “what Judge Neil Gorsuch told him” in response to the president’s attacks against the judiciary. Gorsuch called Trump’s tweets attacking federal judges “demoralizing.” A spokesman for Gorsuch confirmed the judge’s remarks. (Feb. 9)

        67.Trump has repeatedly said he doesn’t watch CNN. But he had to in order to see and offer and opinion on the network’s interview with Blumenthal. (Feb. 9)

        68.Former national security adviser Michael Flynn has said that phone calls he made to Russia prior to Trump’s inauguration were not related to sanctions. According to a Washington Post report, however, Flynn held private discussions with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador, before Trump took office, suggesting that sanctions against Moscow would be eased by the incoming administration. (Feb. 9)

        69.Trump took credit for Ford’s decision not to open an auto factory in Mexico and instead expand its Michigan plant. The company said Trump was not responsible for its decision. (Feb. 9)

        70.Trump told a room full of politicians that “thousands” of “illegal” voters had been driven into New Hampshire to cast ballots. There is no evidence of such a claim. (Feb. 11)

        71.During an interview with ABC’s “This Week,” White House senior policy aide Stephen Miller falsely said the “issue of busing voters into New Hampshire is widely known by anyone who’s worked in New Hampshire politics.” Again, not true. (Feb. 11)

        72.Miller cited the “astonishing” statistic that 14 percent of noncitizens are registered to vote. The study the stat is based on has been highly contested. (Feb. 11)

        73.Trump said Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was “cut off” on CNN for “using the term fake news the describe the network.” The senator was joking and he was not cut off. (Feb. 12)

        74.Trump accused the media of refusing to report on “big crowds of enthusiastic supporters lining the road” in Florida. There were a few supporters, but they were vastly outnumbered by hundreds of protesters. (Feb. 12)

        75.White House officials told reporters that Flynn decided on his own to resign. However, Spicer said during a press briefing that the president asked Flynn to resign. (Feb. 13)

        76.Trump denied in a January interview that he or anyone on his campaign had any contact with Russia prior to the election. However, The New York Times and CNN both reported that Trump campaign officials and associates “had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials” before Nov. 8. (Feb. 15)

        77.Spicer denied in a daily briefing that anyone on the Trump campaign had had any contact with Russian officials. (Feb. 15)

        78.Trump complained he “inherited a mess” upon being elected to office. The stock market is experiencing record highs, the economy is stable and growing, and unemployment is low. (Feb. 16)

        79.Trump disputed the notion that his administration is experiencing turmoil, telling reporters it is working like a “fine-tuned machine.” His poorly executed travel ban has been suspended by the courts, a Cabinet nominee was forced to withdraw his nomination, and Trump’s national security adviser resigned after less than four weeks on the job. (Feb. 16)

        80.Trump said his 306 Electoral College votes was the biggest electoral votes victory since Ronald Reagan. Obama got 332 votes in 2012. (Feb. 16)

        81.Trump said his first weeks in office “represented an unprecedented month of action.” Obama accomplished much more during his first weeks in office. (Feb. 16)

        82.Defending himself from charges of hypocrisy on the matter of leaks ? which he frequently celebrated when they pertained to his campaign opposition but now denounces ? Trump said that WikiLeaks does not publicize “classified information.” It does, often anonymously. (Feb. 16)

        83.Trump repeated his claim that Hillary Clinton gave 20 percent of American uranium to the Russians in a deal during her tenure as secretary of state. Not true. (Feb. 16)

        84.Trump said drugs are “becoming cheaper than a candy bar.” They are not. (Feb. 16)

        85.Trump said his administration had a “very smooth rollout of the travel ban.” His immigration caused chaos at the nation’s airports and has been suspended by the courts. (Feb. 16)

        86.Trump said the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is in “chaos” and “turmoil.” It is not. (Feb. 16)

        87.Flynn lied to FBI investigators in a Jan. 24 interview about whether he discussed sanctions with Russian officials prior to Trump’s inauguration, according to The Washington Post. (Feb. 6)

        88.Trump falsely suggested at a Florida rally that Sweden had suffered a terror attack the night before his speech. It had not, and Trump was likely referring to a Fox News segment on crime in Sweden. (Feb. 18)

        89.During his Florida rally, Trump repeated his false claim that the United States has already let in thousands of people who “there was no way to vet.” Refugees undergo the most rigorous vetting process of any immigrants admitted to the United States, often waiting upwards of two years to be cleared for entry. (Feb. 18)

        90.White House chief of staff Reince Priebus said in a “Fox News Sunday” interview that Trump “has accomplished more in the first 30 days than people can remember.” Obama accomplished much more during his first weeks in office. (Feb. 19)

        91.Trump said during his campaign that he would only play golf with heads of state and business leaders, not friends and celebrities like Obama did. Trump has golfed with world leaders like Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Most recently, however, he hit the links with golf pro Rory McIlroy, International Sports Management’s Nick Mullen and his friend Rich Levine. (Feb. 19)

        92.A White House spokesperson told reporters that Trump only played a “couple” of holes at his golf resort in Florida. A day later, as reports came out saying the president had played 18 holes with Mcllroy, the White House admitted he played “longer.” (Feb. 19)

        93.Trump said the media is “trying to say large scale immigration in Sweden is working out just beautifully. NOT!” Sweden’s crime rate has fallen in recent years, and experts there do not think its immigration policies are linked to crime. (Feb. 20)

        94.Spicer said Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) asked for a meeting with Trump at the White House. John Weaver, a former campaign aide of the governor, said the president asked for the meeting. (Feb. 21)

        95.Vice President Mike Pence called Obamacare a “job killer.” Overall, job growth has been steady since it was signed into law. And the number of unwilling part-time jobs has also gone down, contrary to GOP claims. (Feb. 22)

        96.Trump claimed that he negotiated $1 billion in savings to develop two new Boeing Co. jets to serve as the next Air Force One. The Air Force can’t account for that number. (Feb. 22)

        97.During a meeting with the nation’s CEOs at the White House, Trump claimed his new economic adviser Gary Cohn “paid $200 million in tax” to take a job at the White House. Cohn didn’t have to pay taxes, he had to sell more than $200 million of Goldman Sachs stock. (Feb. 23)

        98.Trump claimed there were “six blocks” worth of people waiting to get into the Conservative Political Action Conference to see him. People filled only three overflow rooms. (Feb. 24)

        99.At CPAC, Trump said that Obamacare covers “very few people.” Nearly 20 million people have gotten health insurance under the law. (Feb. 24)

        100.At CPAC, Trump said companies like Intel were making business investments in the United States because of his election. The company planned their new investments before the election. (Feb. 24)

        • xeriscapelady

          Did you get all those lies from the DNC playbook??? Looks like you did. Traitor, leave America. My ancestors founded this country and we don’t want people like you that America to stay here.

          • AKLady

            My ancestors were also Founders, one of the signed the Declaration of Independence.

            I don’t need anyone to identify Traitor Trump’s lies.
            I can take the measure of a person’s honesty without the need for help.
            Lies are not that hard to identify.

            You worship a liar, yet you tell others to leave the country.
            Traitor Trump would lobe that.

        • George

          You can’t argue with individuals that refuse to allow the facts to cloud their misinformed opinions.
          Fact: Mr. Trump also stated that H.R.C. would be jailed during his first week in office.
          Follow up: None. (The law doesn’t apply to the elites)
          Fact: Plenty of hot air.
          Action: Nothing meaningful, just more hot air.

          • AKLady

            The lies keep rolling off Trump’s tongue,
            every time he opens his mouth.

    • xeriscapelady

      You are an evil person I think. And I bet you are a member of the mosque that is trying to stop TRUMP from defending America in that ban…the SAME ban by the way that Obama used. You people make me sick.

      • AKLady

        I support the Constitution.
        One does not need to be a Muslim to support America.
        One does not need to be a Muslim to support all Americans.
        Apparently, you do none of the above.

    • cabowabo78727

      You are dumber than hammered sh*t.

      • AKLady

        Are you dumb enough to hammer feces?
        You are obviously enamored with fecal matter.
        Apparently, it turns you on.

    • Daniel from TN

      Strange!!! I didn’t read your demands to impeach obama when he was doing worse. I didn’t read your demands to impeach obama as he racked up over 400 violations of the Constitution and U.S. law.

      • AKLady

        Obama did not violate the Constitution 400 times.
        Are you ignorant, uninformed, or simply a programed robot?

  • dux nobis28

    Cut OFF ALL funding to the UN recall Nikki Halley her parents need help at the 7 11 and threw them out of Ny , convert NY UN hbiilding into housing for Veterans !

  • M.A.Rue

    Tell me again exactly WHAT the UN has done for the USA, except squat on US soil & take billions of $$$ every single year from US taxpayers? Don’t just nickel & dime funding away, cease it completely & give them 30 days to vacate the USA.

    So very sick & tired of the USA funding countries who hate us, entities like the UN, paying for unacceptable research on the life cycle of a tsetse fly, etc. etc. Way past time to draw the line NOW.

    • Amos10

      30 days??? 3 days!

      • kbfallon

        Turn off all electric and water and have people set up surveying equipment all around it.

    • Fed up!

      Amen Brother U.N. Is nothing more than a anti-American Gang of thugs. 30days not 31 days or we send in our military to remove them.

      • cabowabo78727

        Choo Choo Baby!

    • Sylvia Avila

      Right you are! I just hope the repercussions will not be to bad! UN very tuff people!

      • kbfallon

        Yeah…we see what the UN troops do to the women in some countries.

      • CJ

        Right, UN, REAL tough! Excuse me while I have a laugh or 2 at that comment by Sylvia

        • Sylvia Avila

          in case you don’t know the UN is owned by the elite! They are the ones controlling the UN! UN by it’s self has no power!

    • chock

      Sucked up our money while breaking the constitution and laws.

  • KYRepublican

    All the money we have given to the UN has NOT resulted in any peace he world. The mid East is a mess and many of the leaders there in the mid east have taken much money for their families and enhanced their own personal wealth. STOP it NOW

  • Jerry Kimbro

    The UN is worthless, kick them out and make a veterans home out of the building.

    • Amos10

      It must be fumigated first.

    • Fed up!

      Good idea!

    • Daniel from TN

      A veterans home and job training center.

      • Jerry Kimbro

        Right on!

  • Amos10

    These comments should serve as a wakeup call to the RINOS, Leftists and Democrats. There is an anger in the electorate that these subversives are yet to experience. An historical struggle is in the making. The election of Trump is only the beginning of the Democrats, RINOS and Leftist angst.

    • Fed up!

      Democraps IQ is to low, Rinos IQ is right close to Democraps IQ. 2018 let’s vote out both Democraps and Rinos.

  • Ray C Carter

    Thank you Mr. President for finally waking everyone up to the fact that the UN is nothing more than a bunch of leaches. Living high on American dollars.

    • Will

      The U.N. is a lot worse than just a bunch of leaches. They are largely overwhelmed by islamic terrorist countries. It was initially founded to be the mouthpiece of the global government. It is a low-life, anti-American operation from top to bottom. Kicking them out and selling off the building would be a decent real step. Or, Jerry Kimbro’s veterans home would work well too. Just get the anti-Americans OUT!

      • chris VN

        Islamic leeches, who have a lot more money than the US, let them pay for it, they seem to be running it now??

        • CJ

          Thank heavens the president has the cahones to stand up to the UN. If the USA didn’t support various countries of the world, they’d HAVE to start helping themselves.

  • xeriscapelady

    Over 50 years ago my Daddy said it is nothing but a cover for communism. I think it is WORSE than that and we should get out as Newt was going to do if he had been president in 2012. Hope TRUMP gets us out. We need to defend Israel and no other. Save our money to defend America.

    • Warren

      I agree! Just an follow up to the League of Nations Banker Controlled Storefront .
      We have to pull out completely !!

  • harold

    Withdraw from one of the enemy organizations that is in the USA. It has cost the American tax payer billions of dollars to pay for their stabbing us in the back.

  • George

    The U.N. is the governing body of the NWO and in imminent threat to the sovereignty of our country.
    It would benefit our tax paying citizens to to cease any further funding of this organization.
    However, we could charge them rent in the amount equivalent to our national deficit. They could either pay up or leave our shores.

  • liberty49

    Out, Out Damned Spot!

  • Garrett Auman

    STOP funding the UN & get them out of the United States all together !!!!
    STOP ALL foreign aid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kendall Stephenson

    I have an idea. How about limiting our tax dollars to only be shared with nations and entities to abide by the principles of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. NO exceptions, NO excuses, and NO compromise. It is absurd to give aid to criminals that happen to be heads of state.

  • usn

    Does anybody know what they do .

  • Jim

    The UN should be paying the United States. They make rules and then depend on the U.S.A. TO CARRY THEM OUT! STAND ON THE LINE BESIDE US, OR PAY US!

  • Charles L. Richman

    Why is it that the first letter in the word United is a ‘U’ and the first letter in the second word Nations is an ‘N’?
    When we see these two letters together most people assume it stands for the United Nations. Could it be that the UN stands for the Unjust, UNreasonable, UNacceptable, UNspeakable, UNdesirable, UNfair, UNbearable, UNforgivable, UNtrue, and finally the UN (the United Nations), is UNnecessry? When it comes to the USA and Israel the UN is all these negatives and more. Take your UN building out of the USA and put it in the Artic, where the cold hearted UN leaders should be transported. Sorry you good people now living in the Artic, you can immigrate here to the USA.

  • Bella Gray

    This is nothing but bullsh*t. We need to withdraw totally from the U.N. and let them rot in h🔥ll. They are the Globalists who are trying to destroy us and the entire free world. They are who is causing the spread of evil throughout the world.

  • Terry

    Everything I have seen of the UN overseas has been their “pease keeping” forest showing up after all the killing is done or standing around watching things happen and saying they cannot take action unless they are fired upon. Therefore I agree with president Trump. We can find better use of our money right here at home.

  • Terry

    One thing that Obama has let them do is ship a lot of their equipment here to the US, just wondering why and where it is being stored?

  • sandra mccormick

    Un is against,more than one nation, and it really does nothing’s,America should leave it,and stop funding,un