Steyer Blasts Dems with $1M Ad Buy Because They Won’t Impeach Trump

‘Our founding fathers expected you—Congress—to hold a lawless president accountable. And you’re doing nothing…’

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Tom Steyer, a billionaire Democratic donor who considered running for president, yearns to impeach President Donald Trump so strongly that he has resorted to attacking his Democrat friends who don’t support the measure.

“Need to Impeach,” a group funded by Steyer, plans to buy $1 million worth of cable news air time in Iowa and New Hampshire to run an advertisement that calls for impeachment, NBC News reported.

The brunt of the video advertisement falls on Democrats, not the president, as Washington Post opinions writer Greg Sargent observed.

“This is a message for leaders of the Democratic Party. For over two years, this president has broken the law, and nothing happened,” people in the ad say. “You told us to wait for the Mueller investigation. And when he showed obstruction of justice, nothing happened.”

Pelosi reunited the Democratic Congressional Caucus on Wednesday, telling them to focus on policy and forget impeachment before the 2020 election.

Steyer continues to tread his own path.

“There’s no way to describe the broader strategy that Democrats have adopted on the impeachment question as a success,” Sargent, who opposes Trump, wrote. “It’s been a muddled mess.”

As the advertisement continues, the mocking tone swells.

“Now you tell us to wait for the next election? Really? Really? Really? This is why we volunteered. Raised money. Went door to door. And voted in the last election,” people in the ad say. “Our founding fathers expected you—Congress—to hold a lawless president accountable. And you’re doing nothing. He broke his oath of office. He’s defying you. He’s laughing at you. And he’s getting away with it.”

Sargent said he does not see a clear path to proceed for Democrats.

They argue that Mueller’s “damning” findings of “corruption” and “misconduct” clearly warrant impeachment, but they have not acted.

“If Democrats do believe an impeachment inquiry is merited, it’s not clear there’s any magic key to credibly arguing their way out of not launching one,” Sargent wrote.