‘Today’ Spins Gun Control Rally to ‘Teach the Grown-Ups a Lesson’

More than 800 marches are planned for Saturday…

(News Busters) Don’t expect any balance or objectivity in how the media will cover Saturday’s March for Our Lives rally.

What is actually a call for massive gun control was portrayed by NBC’s Today show on Friday as a collective “protest voice” to “teach the grown-ups a lesson.”

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With no mention of any of the Parkland students who support the Second Amendment, guest co-host Craig Melvin spun: “It’s an anti-gun violence rally organized by students impacted by the Parkland school shooting and endorsed by a growing number of celebrities.”


Reporter Kerry Sanders again used the preferred language: “This morning, as many as a half million teenagers preparing to March against gun violence in Washington, D.C.” Even though the rally has a heavy Democratic presence, Sanders offered a childeren-will-lead-us description:

“More than 800 marches are planned.. children [are] now taking on a very adult topic, politics, and hoping they can teach the grown-ups a lesson…”

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