Tlaib Faces Ethics Probe for Paying Herself Illegally After Campaign

‘Tlaib stopped being a candidate halfway through this period, but it appears that she kept collecting her full salary…’

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Rashida Tlaib / IMAGE: Late Show with Seth Meyers via Youtube

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) The House Ethics Committee announced it is launching an ethics probe into Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., for a possible campaign finance violation.

The Office of Congressional Ethics recommended an investigation into claims that Tlaib used money from her 2018 congressional campaign to reimburse herself for personal expenses, even after the election had concluded.

Tlaib insists that she did not misuse funds, arguing that she “fully complied with the law and acted in good faith at all times,” her spokesman, Denzel McCampbell, said in a statement to Politico.

“Representative Tlaib has cooperated completely with the Committee to resolve the referral, which involves the same claims over her publicly disclosed salary during the campaign that conservative groups pressed back in March,” McCampbell said.


After the election, Tlaib is alleged to have paid herself a total of $17,500 over two payments dated Nov. 16 and Dec. 1.

Tlaib also paid herself a total of $28,000 from her campaign committee funds during last year’s race, from May 7 until the general election on Nov. 6.

The Federal Election Commission said a candidate can reimburse herself up until the day of the election. Any spending after the fact cannot be reimbursed.

“On its face, it looks like the $2,000 payment on Nov. 16 might be for the candidate’s salary for the first two weeks of November,” an election law and government ethics lawyer told the Washington Free Beacon.

“Tlaib stopped being a candidate halfway through this period, but it appears that she kept collecting her full salary as if she was still a candidate throughout the full first two weeks of November.

The Free Beacon also reported that Tlaib collected more than $200,000 from the Open Society Foundation, an organization funded by George Soros. In her campaign finance forms, she did not credit Soros’s organization, which she is legally required to do.

The House now has 45 days to announce whether it will officially launch a full investigation.