Tlaib Complains ‘Right Wing Media’ is Targeting Her Sister

‘She may be one of the reasons I fight back so hard against racist policies, but she doesn’t deserve being harassed…’

(Kaylee McGhee, Liberty Headlines) Leftist Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., claimed the “right wing media” is harassing her younger sister and violating her rights by calling her personal cell phone and camping out at her workplace.

But instead of helping her sister keep a low profile, Tlaib disingenuously tweeted a photo of her sister and her three kids, while plugging her literary aspirations and advocacy work.


Tlaib did not name specific media outlets, but in a later interview, Tlaib said reporters called Layla to ask whether she had been on the nation’s no-fly list.

Tlaib has attracted a lot of national attention to herself, by profanely vowing to impeach President Donald Trump and demanding Congress reject its normal trip to Israel for one to Palestine instead.

Shortly after being sworn into office, Tlaib told supporters at a bar that she and other Democrats would “go in there and impeach the motherf—er.”

Tlaib gave a half-hearted apology for causing a “distraction,” but made clear that she was only apologizing for the uproar her comments caused—not for the expletives she used to describe the president.

“What I can tell you is that I am a person that is authentically me,” Tlaib told NBC News. “I’m very passionate about fighting for all of us, and the use of that language, you know, was a teachable moment for me. And I understand I am a member of Congress, and I don’t want anything that I do or say to distract us. And that’s the only thing I will apologize for, is that it was a distraction.”