Tlaib Caves After Legal Threat for Blocking Conservative Follower on Twitter

‘These people live as though they’re above the law…’

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Rashida Tlaib / IMAGE: MSNBC via Youtube

(Dan E. Way, Liberty Headlines) Fresh off her foiled stunt to embarrass Israel on the national stage, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., was dealt another setback. She was forced to abandon her unlawful effort to restrict public access to her Twitter account.

As reported by The Blaze, the firebrand freshman congresswoman, blocked Blaze Media host Steven Crowder from accessing her account. She quickly learned what’s good for the presidential goose is good for the socialist gadfly.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan in July upheld a lower court decision that President Donald Trump engaged in “viewpoint discrimination” when he blocked people including liberal author Stephen King from his Twitter account because they held opinions and positions contrary to his own.

“The First Amendment does not permit a public official who utilizes a social media account for all manner of official purposes to exclude persons from an otherwise‐open online dialogue because they expressed views with which the official disagrees,” a three-judge panel ruled.


The Blaze said Crowder’s lawyer, Bill Richmond, notified Tlaib’s office of her social media misbehavior in an email message that said:

Pursuant to recent federal legal precedent, my client requests that you immediately unblock his access via @scrowder to your Twitter account @Rashida Tlaib (the “Account”). The Account is used almost daily for government communications, including those related to your service on the House Committee on Financial Services and House Committee on Oversight and Reform.

Your use of the Account has made it a direct source of government information that my client has repeatedly attempted to access and now is forced to obtain indirectly through other sources. Accordingly, my client is entitled to direct access to the Account, which should be accomplished by immediately unblocking his account access.

Crowder, a comedian who also hosts the popular YouTube show “Louder With Crowder,” was unblocked within two hours of Tlaib receiving the lawyer’s warning.

“Know your rights,” Crowder said in summing up the Twitter transgression, while taking a shot at lawmakers who want to trample constitutional rights. “These people live as though they’re above the law.”

Tlaib’s House colleague and fellow ‘Squad‘ member Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, also is embroiled in a Twitter-blocking lawsuit. Unlike Tlaib, she is fighting back, asking the court to dismiss the case against her.