‘The View’ Gripes That Men Don’t Get Accused of Bitchy Behavior Like Klobuchar Did

Minnesota Senator has had the highest annual staff turnover of any in the Senate…

(Joshua Paladino, Liberty Headlines) Former staffers for Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minnesota—a likely presidential candidate—said the senator was “habitually demeaning” to them, according to a Huffington Post report on Wednesday.

Despite their political disagreements, the four women on ABC’s “The View” could all agree on one thing: the allegations against Klobuchar were probably just the sinister result of sexism.

Co-host Joy Behar dismissed the accusations, shifting the conversation to men rather than dealing with the allegations on their own terms.

“Do men get accused of this type of bitchy behavior? I don’t think so.” Behar said.


Co-host Sunny Hostin described her experience clerking for a male judge.

She said he returned a report with a red line through the front page with the words, “try again.”

“If it’s the worst, then it’s the worst,” Hostin said.

Klobuchar allegedly would hand back work, dismissively calling it “the worst” she had ever seen.

“To me, some of these snowflakes can’t take it,” she said. “You think it’s such a big deal. If you want to work in politics, you can’t take it from the Senator of Minnesota who says this report is ‘the worst.’”

“If that’s the worst they can come up with, she’s gonna be okay,” said guest co-host Ana Navarro.

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Amy Klobuchar/IMAGE: NBC via YouTube

Meghan McCain provided data revealing that from 2001 to 2016, Klobuchar had the “highest annual staff turnover in the Senate of any Senator.”

“There’s something, someplace to this because having a high turnover in any business, anything that you’re running…is not a great sign,” she said.

McCain then injected the argument of sexism again.

“I will say, I would be curious if she was a man, if saying this is ‘the worst ‘would be interpreted this way,” she said.

McCain then talked about President Lyndon Johnson’s horrible and demeaning antics toward his staff, such as forcing them to talk to him while he defecated and exposing his private parts to them.

“Is it because he was a president? Is it because he was a man?” McCain asked. “I don’t know.”

Navarro then talked about how women running for president have so many more obstacles than men.

“Have you noticed though that all these women in particular who are coming out and running on the Democratic side—I’m not saying it’s because it’s a woman—but I’m saying there is this opposition research ready to go the minute they start thinking about it,” Navarro said. “Elizabeth Warren and the bar card from Texas. Tulsi Gabbard and Assad.”