Texas Lt. Gov. Fights Harder for HB2 Than NC Does

(The Chesser Files) While NC Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore ran scared from the LGBT gaystapo bullies and attempted to repeal House Bill 2 (the transgender bathroom check-your-plumbing law) in December, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is delivering a hearty defense of NC, HB2 and a similar bill he is running in his state.

Texas Lt. Gov. Fights Harder for HB2 Than NC Does

Dan Patrick/IMAGE: YouTube

It’s possible that Patrick is more aggressive in support of North Carolina, in the face of economic attacks from the likes of Human Rights Campaign, Bruce Springsteen and Deutsche Bank, than even solid supporter Dan Forest, our own Lt. Governor. Patrick has been outspoken in response to criticism of a Lone Star State version of HB2, as reported this week by The Texas Tribune:

“Every report of North Carolina shows that they have the second-strongest economy in the country or the second-best place to do business, the second best-place where executives want to move their companies to,” Patrick said in an interview with Texas Tribune CEO Evan Smith. “It’s having no effect…”

…He disputed the idea that North Carolina’s bathroom bill recently led to the defeat of its governor, Pat McCrory, saying it was Lt. Gov. Dan Forest who championed the bill in the state’s legislature, while McCrory “sat on the sidelines until the very end.”


“If anyone should’ve lost an election, it was Dan Forest,” Patrick said. “He got more votes than anyone on the ticket.”…

…”Does anyone in here who has grandchildren, have a granddaughter who’s 8 or 9, want them to walk into a bathroom with a man?” Patrick asked (a) downtown Austin audience.

It is expected that Berger and Moore plan to run another repeal effort early in this year’s legislative session, betraying the NC voters who returned them to supermajorities. Does anyone reading this blog want to trade a couple of apparently neutered NC legislative leaders for a Texas political leader with significant fortitude?